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He’ll eat you alive, Arkillo

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Happy Halloween everyone! I thought I would bring a truly scary tale about the drill sergant of the Sinestro Corps and Kilowog’s oppisite number, Arkillo. This guy is so scary that if you are a drop out of the corps, he’ll eat you. If you refuse to work, he’ll eat you. If he defeats you in battle… you get the pictures. Behold, Arkillo: Arkillo is recruited by Sinestro to join the “Sinestro Corps” which is based in the anti-matter universe on the planet of Qward. Much like Kilowog, he is the drill sergeant of the new corps where, according to Wizard Magazine, he consumes any of the Corps’ weak members.
In Green Lantern Corps #15-16, he battled Kilowog on Mogo, only to be buried under falling rubble. He faced Kilowog again in Green Lantern Corps #17, wherein Kilowog defeated him by throwing an aircraft carrier at him. Kilowog then removed his ring (and whole finger) from him, ending his threat for the foreseeable future.

There he is, one scary guy. He’s one of my top favorites in the Sinestro Corps, however there are still some truly scary members and you will read about them in the days to come. Next up: Kryb.


Sinestro, burn with his might.

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So, begins my look at the Sinestro Corps, starting with the leader and namesake himsekf, Sinestro of Korugar. Ah, it feels like yesterday that I saw this evil villain light up the TV screens with his yellow power ring when I was growing up. He became one of my all time favorite Green Lantern villains outside of Black Hand. I’ve always been a fan of evil oppisites of super heroes but what made Sinestro so cool was because he was basically the Darth Vader of the Green Lantern Corps. He was considered the best until his let his own arrogance and view on how order should be achieve get the better of himself.

A native of the planet Korugar in space sector 1417 (as the Guardians designate space), Sinestro was initially considered to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns, but as the years passed, he became more and more fixated not simply on protecting the magenta-skinned Korugarians, but on preserving order in their society. Eventually he concluded that the best way to accomplish this was to conquer them, and to rule the planet as a dictator. When Hal Jordan joined the Corps, Sinestro was assigned to be his instructor. Jordan was horrified at the way Sinestro ruled his people like a dictator, though Sinestro maintained that his iron-fisted rule was necessary to protect his people from alien forces. As such, while repelling the alien warlords known as the Khunds from attacking the planet, the Korugarians rebelled. When Jordan called for help from the other Green Lanterns, Sinestro’s dictatorship was exposed and he was forced before the Guardians for punishment. Katma Tui, the leader of the rebellion who had felt that Sinestro’s “protection” kept her people from growing as a society through contact with other alien races, was recruited as his replacement. The Guardians decided to punish Sinestro by banishing him to the “antimatter universe”, in particular, the alien world of Qward. Their motive for doing so was to humble Sinestro, by exiling him to a world ruled by evil and in particular, beings who hated the Guardians and the Green Lanterns. This would be a major miscalculation, as Sinestro instead was taken in by the Weaponers of Qward. The Weaponers were a group of warrior and scientists who hated the Guardians as much as Sinestro did and the two became allies, with the Weaponers offering to help Sinestro gain revenge on the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians. Creating a yellow power ring for him to use, they sent him back to his home universe to seek his revenge. Sinestro quickly became a powerful nemesis toward the Green Lantern Corps, partially due to the fact that their power rings cannot directly affect anything yellow. Despite this, skilled Green Lanterns like Jordan always found ways to defeat him. Before the Guardians took a leave of absence from their universe to attempt mating with their counterparts the Zamarons, they constructed an inescapable prison for Sinestro and thousands of others on Oa. However, Sinestro’s cunning prevailed once again and he managed to free himself through the mental manipulation of the Mad God of Sector 3600. Now wielding nearly unlimited power, Sinestro murdered entire star systems until he was finally subdued by the Green Lantern Corps of Earth. Now guilty of multiple acts of genocide, Sinestro was put on trial again by the assembled membership of the Green Lantern Corps. Finding him guilty, they condemned him to death and executed him, not realizing this activated a failsafe system within the Central Power Battery on Oa that caused it to be destroyed should ever a Korugarian male be killed by a Guardian or their agents (the failsafe was created by the Guardians after their mates, the Zamarons left them to live with Korugarians, a fact that they told no one out of jealousy and shame). Ironically, Sinestro’s death then resulted (temporarily at least) in what he sought to achieve in life; the destruction of the Corps. He had also managed to cheat death itself by transferring his consciousness into the Central Power Battery, where he made a startling discovery about the ancient Yellow Impurity within the Green Lantern’s light. The yellow impurity turned out to be a sentient entity known as Parallax and the two merged as Hal Jordan entered the battery to desperately try and save the few remaining Green Lanterns, whose power rings had not been rendered powerless by the death of Sinestro. Jordan ultimately defeated Sinestro, whose spirit was condemned to remain trapped inside the power battery for eternity.

But for Sinestro, his was a victory that was greater: not only had he decimated the Green Lantern Corps, but through him, the yellow impurity entity Parallax had successfully infected Hal’s mind, setting up Sinestro’s ultimate triumph. In the meantime, the return of the Guardians resulted in the Corps being re-established, only to be attacked and annihilated by Jordan himself when he was possessed by the Parallax entity, and taking its name. Driven mad with grief by the destruction of his home city and the apathy of the Guardians towards his plight, the yellow impurity pushed Hal towards a Parallax-induced homicidal rampage that left scores of Green Lanterns dead or maimed as Parallax sought to absorb the Central Power Battery’s energies into his being. Sinestro was then revived by the Guardians and sent to stop Hal only to be murdered by his enemy. But Sinestro’s death was not as it appeared, as he would later imply that the being that Jordan killed was a construct made by Parallax and unknowingly extracted from the Central Power Battery. Hal Jordan promptly finished off the Green Lantern Corps by absorbing the Central Power Battery’s energies into himself. How Sinestro escaped remains unexplained, but he survived and went into hiding as he watched Hal become what Sinestro had become: a traitor and a murderer reviled by his friends and his allies. Sinestro eventually revealed the charade when Kyle Rayner discovered the existence of Parallax and revealed it to Green Arrow and the Justice League. Nearly killing the two heroes, Sinestro was stopped by the newly resurrected Hal Jordan, who reclaimed his ring and was purged of Parallax’s influence. The two fought to a draw, with Sinestro escaping to the anti-matter universe when his ring was damaged by Hal during the fight. Sinestro also has engaged in other sinister schemes. With the Green Lantern Corps restarted with the return of Hal Jordan, Sinestro has decided to found the Sinestro Corps, offering yellow power rings and a role in the Corps to the most feared and savage warriors of the universe. The size and scope of this new organization has yet to be revealed but stands to be a major threat for the Green Lantern Corps in the near future. He is also revealed to have masterminded the death of Kyle Rayner’s mother by having the sentient virus Despotellis invade her as part of a plot of break Kyle’s will so that he can become Parallax’s latest host. As the Sinestro Corps continue to attack Green Lanterns across space, Sinestro himself returns to Korugar to confront his successor, Soranik Natu. Sinestro defeats her, but spares her life, calculating that this will force her to stay on Korugar to fulfill her responsibilities as “the Savior of Korugar.” Sinestro then returns to Qward to join the battle occurring there, and demands to know where Jordan is.
Sinestro, upon returning to Qward, confronts Earth’s Green Lanterns, and upon their escape, follow them toward Earth; the Sinestro Corps’ real target. Hal Jordan calls for backup, and upon their arrival, the Sinestro Corps begin attacking Earth. Sinestro reveals to Hal, Guy, and John, that he intends to turn Earth into the new homeworld for the Sinestro Corps, and the site of the new Coast City into a mass graveyard.

I have to say I can’t wait to see how the Sinestro Corps War ends. We all know that even when it’s all finished and done, Sinestro and his corps will still be out there. I think the best is said by Lyssa Drak at the end of the Sinestro Corps Annual. “He might still be the greatest Green Lantern again. Even if he doesn’t know it.” Could this lead to “The Blackest Night”, which will be the “Return of the Jedi” story coming up after the Final Crisis? Could Sinestro like Darth Vader still be the hero and sacrifice himself for the greater good? What ever it is, I’ll be right here ready to read it.

The Sinestro Corps

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It begins. As we near the completion to the Sinestro Corps War in Green Lantern. I’m gearing up to review all members. From the man himself, Sinestro of Korgur to the Anti-monitor. So, in the mean time enjoy this little fan made video.

Green Lantern Corps #17 Review

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The story begins as the Guardians of the Universe reflect on the fact that the Sinestro Corps intends to destroy Earth, the center of the Multi-verse. Once that happens, the other 51 universes will be destroyed and only the Antimatter universe will remain. Leaving the Anti-monitor to rule over all. Just like he intended to do during the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Guardians come to the decision that they must reassigned the Ion power to a new host before it’s too late. Meanwhile, the Green Lantern Corps finally arrives on Earth, recharged and ready for battle against the Sinestro Corps. Just before they launch their counter strike, Soranik Natu finally arrives ready to settle the score with Sinestro and finally bring his reign of terror to an end.

As the GLC launches their attack on the Sinestro Corps, now able to use lethal force killing several members. Kilowog faces off against Arkillo in the middle of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Kilowog and Arkillo’s battle rages through out the fleet until Kilowog gets the upper hand and drops an aircraft carrier on Arkillo but not killing him. Soon, Salaak arrives but Kilowog admits he won’t kill Arkillo but he forcibly removes Arkillo’s finger with his ring on it. While in New York City, the Anti-monitor finally emerges from War world ready to stake his claim with Sinestro and Superman-Prime. Natu and several other Green Lanterns along with Sadam Yat attack the Anti-monitor but he ends up killing everyone but Natu and Yat. As Natu tries to treat Yat, she discovers that he is unharmed. Yat then goes after the Anti-monitor again and again but the Anti-monitor just tosses him to the side repeatedly.

While Natu continues to treat Yat she learns that his Daxamite origins are keeping him alive but that breaks when an image of Sinestro appears telling Natu she has betrayed everything but then Iolande quickly arrives intending to help her partner defeat Sinestro. However, the Anti-monitor reappears intending on killing all of them but then the Guardians appear and give Sadam the power of Ion leaving him to battle Superman-Prime.

What can I say? This was a great story, the Green Lantern Corps is in full effect and they kick ass and take names. However, the best parts are with Kilowog and Guy Gardner showing that while the rule book has change allowing the Green Lanterns to kill. They won’t betray their morals. It’s a very powerful moment that David Gibbons delivers nicely. However, this book severely suffers from five artists and six inkers. The artwork is very inconsistent. It goes from nice to hard to look at to finally giving you a headache. The story works great with the rest of the Sinestro Corps War. However, they didn’t need that many artists. Especially when Green Lantern #25 is going to be two weeks late and Green Lanterns Corps #18 will show the fight between Sadam Yat and Superman-Prime.

Hey Poozers, it’s Kilowog

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Before I get to my first Green Lantern comic book reviews this week. I thought I would take a look at one of my favorite Green Lantern Corps with none other than drill instructor, Kilowog. I remember when I saw this pink alien and I thought he was one of the coolest things I had every seen. Really, I thought he was just plane cool. He didn’t take any crap and he was such a good pal to Hal Jordan and was one of the few corps members that really got Guy Gardner outside of the Guardians. Here’s his story: A towering alien with a brutish and porcine appearance, Kilowog is renowned throughout the Green Lantern Corps as the primary trainer of the Corps’ newest recruits. The Guardians of the Universe recruited Kilowog, a gifted genetic scientist, from the planet Bolovax Vik, located in Space Sector 674. In addition to serving with distinction as the Green Lantern of that sector, Kilowog also began to spend extensive periods of time on the Green Lantern Corps’ home planet of Oa instructing new recruits on how to handle and best utilize their power rings. In this capacity, Kilowog acted as the first trainer to a young Hal Jordan, the ring-recruited successor to the slain Abin Sur of Ungara, the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Kilowog and his new recruit helped the Guardians confront Abin Sur’s murderer, the hive mind interstellar malefactor known as Legion.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Bolovax Vik was destroyed. This was a powerful blow to the giant Green Lantern, as his race lived a highly communal lifestyle, and to be alone was one of the worst things imaginable. Owing somehow to this genetic similarity to and affinity for each other that all Bolovax Vikians possessed, Kilowog was able to rescue the entire population of his homeworld (billions of beings) by storing their collective life essences within his ring upon that world’s annihilation.
The Crisis saw the immortal Guardians ethically divided (a faction of six Guardians broke away from the majority, deciding to follow the example of their estranged brethren The Controllers and create their own Green Lanterns to directly combat the Anti-Monitor, but five of them were killed shortly after they chose their first and only recruit, Guy Gardner of Earth) and their ranks depleted for the first time in millions of years (only 22 of the 36 Guardians survived). The Corps as well suffered hundreds of casualties. The Guardians then decided to end their direct leadership of the Corps, and left for another dimension with their former mates, the Zamarons.

Before leaving, the Guardians informed the remaining GLs that the Corps was now theirs to administer; they were no longer bound by their former assignment to one particular Space Sector and could deploy themselves as they saw fit. Adrift following the destruction of his Sector and the end of his role training new GLs for the Guardians, Kilowog relocated to Earth with his former pupil Jordan and the group of GLs that had decided to make their base there. They ultimately became the Green Lantern Corps of Earth. While his appearance at first frightend most humans, Kilowog briefly became a celebrity following his defeat of the villain Black Hand on live television in a battle over Anaheim Stadium.
This goodwill was soon squandered, though, when he was approached by a KGB agent and invited to live in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as the society of Bolovax Vik was somewhat similar to a communist system. During his time in the USSR, Kilowog was instrumental in the creation of the Soviet Union’s first super-powered force, the Rocket Red Brigade. Kilowog ultimately became disenchanted with the U.S.S.R. and the flawed communist nations of Earth.
While adventuring with the GLC of Earth, Kilowog found a world in Space Sector 872 which would make a suitable “Bolovax Vik II”. Moved to action, he tapped into his ring and reconstituted the entire population of his world, some 16 billion beings. No sooner had he done this, though, than the world was obliterated by the renegade Green Lantern Sinestro, and all 16 billion Bolovax Vikians were permanently killed. The trauma of this drove Kilowog temporarily insane, but he was helped back to his senses by fellow GL Arisia, to whom he confessed his love. He was also supported by other Green Lanterns, who made an effort to be near him, as they knew Kilowog’s race enjoyed being in crowds.
Shortly after this adventure, the Corps was finally and completely destroyed when they voted as a body to execute the captured Sinestro for crimes against the universe; this set in motion a chain of events that led to the dissolution of almost all power rings and the near-extinguishment of the Great Power Battery of Oa. Kilowog returned to Earth with Jordan and wound up working with Maxwell Lord’s Justice League International as a handyman/repairman. He tended to construct many amazing devices and/or security systems in an astonishingly small amount of time. He also became friends with Mitch Wacky and attempted to help the man erase the destruction of his alternate Earth. This did not go well.

When the Corps began to expand again, Kilowog returned to Oa to train the new generation of Green Lanterns. During the Emerald Twilight arc, numerous Green Lanterns were sent to stop the supposedly insane Hal Jordan (who was actually possessed by the demonic entity Parallax). The very last GL to oppose Jordan was Kilowog himself, on Oa. He attempted to prevent his old pupil from entering and absorbing the power of the Great Battery itself, which would (and did) once again destroy the Corps. Kilowog was disintegrated with a blast by Jordan’s ring, leaving nothing but a seared skull and ashes, and a shaken but undeterred Jordan stole the energies of the Great Battery and slew all but one of the Guardians – Ganthet. The enigmatic being known as Dark Lantern seemed strangely familiar to those closely acquainted with the legacy of the Green Lantern Corps when he first made his presence known on Earth.
He was created by some of the remaining Green Lanterns who had lost their rings when Hal Jordan went mad. Based on Xudar, they called themselves the “Brotherhood of the Cold Flame”. Boodikka was one of their number. They tapped into arcane forces and based on the unusual nature of the Bolovax Vik afterlife, they converted the soul of Kilowog into the Dark Lantern in order to send him after Jordan.
When Jordan became the Spectre, he convinced his old friend Tom Kalmaku to help correct his sins against the Green Lantern Corps. Kalmaku used Hal’s old power ring to rebuild Oa and the Great Battery as shown in Green Lantern Legacy: The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan. This allowed the vengeful spirit of Kilowog to rest. Soon after this, though, his spirit was recalled to life by Kyle Rayner and Ganthet in Green Lantern v3 # 169. Recently, the Guardians have been reconstituted and have reformed the Corps once more.

There is a lot going on with Kilowog these days, he has shown up almost the main co-star in several comics such as Superman/Batman, Teen Titans, Action Comics and Justice League of America. His future looks bright and with Kilowog finally meeting his evil self in Arkillo of the Sinestro Corps. The green flame is still shining for Kilowog.

Kyle Rayner, the torch bearer

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Here it is, the end of the Earth based Green Lanterns, with none other than Kyle Rayner himself. Oh, Kyle where to begin. I’ll start with my first encounter with him. I read Green Lantern on and off when I got back into comics back in the early 90’s. I liked the character but I hated the fact that Hal was just swepted under the rug, made evil and the Corps was gone. However, while a majority of people hated Kyle with a burning passion and believe me, I could relate. I liked him and over the next few years I went from reading about him on and off to regularly. I grew to love Kyle and his cast but when it was revealed that Hal was going to return, I just wanted Kyle to stay alive. I got my wish and the character continued to evolve and not be forgotten. So, without further ado. Let’s get it on.

Kyle Rayner’s father is a supposed Mexican-American CIA agent named Gabriel Vasquez (Green Lantern vol. 3, #150), who has worked under various codenames including Aaron Rayner and currently the identity of Raymond Hauser. When Gabriel’s deep-cover work threatened his wife and infant son, he was forced to sever all traceable ties with them, and even conspired with Maura Rayner in fabricating a false domestic violence incident to explain their abrupt separation. To Gabriel’s regret, the resulting absence from his family’s life and lack of his financial support forced Kyle and his mother into a rather modest lifestyle.
Before he acquired a Green Lantern power ring, Kyle Rayner was a struggling-but-gifted freelance graphic artist. He lived and worked in Los Angeles initially. After Hal Jordan, grief-stricken over the destruction of his home town of Coast City, went on a mad rampage, killing or depowering the members of the Green Lantern Corps, including most of the Guardians of the Universe, who oversee the Corps, Rayner was found by Ganthet, the last surviving Guardian, and given the last GL power ring, the powerful weapon wielded by each Green Lantern that allows them to conjure any form of matter or energy through sheer force of will. Ganthet’s reasons for choosing Kyle to bear the ring have never been made completely apparent, aside from Rayner having been in the right place at the right time. Rayner then moved to New York City.
His girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, helped Kyle train for his new role as a superhero, but was later murdered by the supervillain Major Force. Kyle developed relationships with Donna Troy, and later Jade, the daughter of Alan Scott.
Kyle grew up enamored with Superman and Batman, though had only a passing knowledge of Earth’s various Green Lanterns. This soon changed, and he found that the Green Lantern ring was the ultimate expression of his imagination. While in battle, he often used the ring’s power to create constructs of just about anything his artistic mind could imagine: other superheroes, anime characters, mystical characters, mechas, futuristic weapons and original characters from his comic books. While some questioned the practicality of those constructs, they often made Kyle an unpredictable opponent.

Rayner joined the superhero group the Titans for a brief time, during which he dated Donna Troy, but eventually became a member of the Justice League (JLA). He initially clashed with the Flash (Wally West) early in his career. West had grown up with Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern and he had reservations about Kyle replacing Jordan, but he eventually became one of Rayner’s best friends and biggest supporters. Surprisingly, another of Kyle’s biggest supporters amongst the League was Batman, who often treated him with more respect than he showed certain other League members. Rayner also formed friendships with the Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Scott’s daughter Jade, Green Arrow (Connor Hawke), and Green Lantern (John Stewart). During the 5 Week Event “Circle of Fire,” it was discovered that a cosmic entity named Oblivion is the embodiment of Kyle’s fear, unknowingly created when he first received the ring. It wasn’t until later that Oblivion came to “merge” with Kyle. The Justice League tried to stop Oblivion, but during the battle, Kyle was sent back to Earth to get reinforcements. When he reached Earth, Kyle recruited Power Girl, The Atom, Firestorm, Adam Strange, and the Circle of Fire — ostensibly a group of Green Lanterns from alternate realities and different time periods. In reality, Kyle created all of these Green Lanterns. The Circle of Fire consisted of Kyle’s late girlfriend Alex (who, in an alternate timeline had received the power ring instead of Kyle), a pair of juvenile siblings, a descendant of Wally West and Kyle Rayner who possessed both the Flash and Green Lantern’s powers but could only use one of those powers a day, a reprogrammed Manhunter robot, and a Green Lantern from the Middle Ages.
This group was split up to handle different crises caused by Oblivion, or in some cases to search for a way to defeat him. Eventually they all realized that Kyle had created the Circle of Fire because he needed help. When they realized this, they decided that the created Green Lanterns should return to Kyle’s mind. Doing so made Kyle unlock more power from the ring that he hadn’t used before. In a confrontation with Kyle, Oblivion revealed that he was a distillation of Kyle’s doubts and darker impulses, made manifest through the power of the ring. After facing up to this, Kyle was able to defeat Oblivion and restore the Justice League.

For a brief period, Kyle achieved godhood as Ion. This was after he absorbed the energy Hal Jordan had left in Earth’s sun during the Final Night incident, energy which had merged and grown with energies released after Oblivion’s defeat. With his new powers, Kyle could bend time, space, and reality. Kyle could even be in many places at once. Kyle’s trans-godlike powers had drawbacks: Ion was one with everything, but Kyle Rayner could no longer sleep or separate himself from the overwhelming responsibilities. Rather than sacrifice his humanity, Kyle abandoned omnipotence, bleeding off the vast power, recharging the Central Power Battery on the planet Oa (the headquarters of the Guardians), and helping to create a new group of Guardians in the process. Before he purged all of the power, though, he modified his ring. Once again limited only by his willpower and imagination, Rayner’s ring can still affect yellow, does not have a set time limit on its power, and is keyed directly to him. Kyle modified the ring so that it would always return to him, and so that it would always have a lifeline of power available (although the ring still required charging to get up to full power).
After the brutal beating of his young assistant and friend Terry Berg, Kyle went on a lengthy self-imposed exile into space. Before leaving, he placed John Stewart, recently recovered from his paraplegia and given a new power ring, into his spot in the Justice League. On his return, he discovered that Jade had begun seeing someone new, and was doing so in his own apartment. He left New York and spent some time trying once again to find his place on Earth, and ended up staying with his mother for a brief time. fter being tricked into believing his mother had been murdered by Major Force, Kyle fought with the villain. Knowing Major Force was essentially immortal, Kyle decapitated him and shot his head off into space. Feeling that he was a danger to those he cared for, Rayner once again left for the far reaches of space. During the events of Rebirth, he returned with Jordan’s corpse and insight into the true nature of Parallax, risking his life to save Jordan when everyone else had practically given up on him – an action that, according to Jordan, proved that Kyle was worthy of the mantle of Green Lantern, whatever the likes of Sinestro claimed. This also established a close bond between the two, as Jordan took Kyle to Edwards Air Force Base after their fight with Parallax for a joy ride with one of the base’s jets. With Hal’s resurrection, Kyle no longer operates on Earth. He was given his first official Green Lantern Corps assignment from Kilowog just before Infinite Crisis during the Rann/Thanagar War, and met with the Guardians later, along with Guy Gardner, about his role in the Corps. There, he is given special status amongst the Guardians, who consider him the “Torch-Bearer,” the Green Lantern who carried the legacy through the Corps’ darkest period. In Infinite Crisis, Alexander Luthor reveals that had the Multiverse continued to exist after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Rayner would have been a native of Earth-Eight. When Jade dies during the Infinite Crisis Rann/Thanagar War Special, she transfers her power to Rayner, catalyzing his transformation into Ion.
In the series Ion: Guardian of the Universe, Ion seemingly destroys a fleet of starships and violently attacks two Green Lanterns, but Kyle has no memory of the destruction and only learns of his possible role in it after being attacked by a bounty hunter. Upon visiting the fleet’s wreckage, Kyle loses control and finds himself near the sentient planet Mogo, also a Green Lantern. Once there, Kyle converses with former girlfriends Alex, Donna, and Jade and fights Major Force. Kyle realizes that as Ion, he is able to channel the green energy of both the Starheart and the Central Power Battery. This new energy is called the “Ion Power”. It was revealed during the Sinestro War that Ion is the manifestation of willpower in the same way Parallax is fear.
The Guardians forbid the Green Lanterns to leave Oa to help Kyle but do not mention those off-world. Kilowog contacts Hal Jordan to check on Kyle. Jordan finds Ion destroying a planet and after scanning him with his ring, he discovers that the rampaging Ion is in fact Alexander Nero. Kyle catches up with Jordan, and Nero claims that his connection with Kyle and new powers are the result of a third party’s interference.
With Nero in tow, Kyle confronts the Guardians and asks what they knew about his becoming Ion, why Nero was wreaking havoc as Ion, and why they ordered the Green Lantern Corps to not assist him. The Guardians claim they ordered the other Green Lanterns not to help because he needed to pass one final test for them to be sure he can handle his power. They explain that they had planned for Kyle to hold an honored position among Green Lanterns as their Torchbearer, the next evolution of Lanterns, but that he now possesses the power to revive the Green Lantern Corps, should it ever be destroyed again. The Guardians tell Kyle that he will no longer be required to patrol, but will be called in during situations that the Corps cannot handle by themselves. The Guardians admit that they only know that some unforeseen enemy has set Nero on a path of destruction to Oa. Nero unleashes a massive amount of energy, but Kyle dissipates the energy into what is presumed to be a “pocket universe”.
Back on Earth, Kyle is met by a mysterious Monitor, who tells him that he is supposed to be dead. Kyle discovers that other enemies, like his old nemesis Effigy, are being put on his tracks. The captured Effigy could only say that Kyle’s location was given to him in a subliminal way, and, as the Guardians discover while interrogating Nero, the knowledge of the enemy himself was expunged by his minions’ mind.
Kyle returns to the planet scorched by Nero while using his name, and clears his reputation. Later Guy Gardner meets him to tell “bad news” about his mother who’s in a hospital dying with no known medical cause. After comforting her, Kyle is once again contacted by a Guardian who tells him he must return to Oa at once. Before leaving Earth, he is assaulted by two superpowered individuals, a male and female who claim to be the Atom and the Flash respectively (both are characters from DC’s Tangent Comics event). After a brief fight, “Atom” gains the upper hand and knocks Kyle out. They then place the Lantern previously seen at the end of Infinite Crisis on his chest. After a brief flash, the Tangent Universe’s Green Lantern appears, holding the Lantern.
Kyle awakens in “the Bleed,” encountering the two children that found the Tangent Comics’ lantern, as well as aiding Captain Atom, who is still sporting the Monarch armor, in a battle against Daemonites. Kyle enlists Captain Atom’s help in escaping the Bleed, re-absorbs the Tangent Comics’ superheroes back into the lantern, and returns to the Guardians of the Universe, who send him on a mission to sector 3888.
At a satellite base inside of an asteroid in sector 3888, Kyle discovers a number of dead Qwardian Weaponers, as well as an alive Donna Troy. Able to find Grayven, and battle him, but unable to make him confess anything on the mysterious conspiration, he’s again faced by one of the Monitors, and once again spared, his future to be reconsidered again.
Returned home, he tries to reanimate his mother’s dead corpse using his powers, but after a tearful farewell she refuses, asking Kyle to let her pass. He agrees, and he is left again in mourning in his new home, unable to sort out his life and the mysteries surrounding his recent encounters.

Sinestro reveals to Kyle that he was responsible for his mother’s death and infected her with the sentient virus Despotellis and killed her in a plot to break Kyle’s will so that he could serve as Parallax’s new host. Sinestro also reveals that Ion is actually a benevolent energy entity, similar to Parallax, that thrives on willpower and that Kyle was unknowingly its current host.
The Sinestro Corps confront Kyle, who has his powers drained out of him by Sinestro himself, and is immediately taken over by Parallax. Parallax then clothes itself in a new uniform which appears as a combination of the Sinestro Corps’ uniform, Kyle’s original Green Lantern costume, and the armor Hal Jordan wore as Parallax. Parallax’s possession also turns the hair on top of Kyle’s head gray, just as it turned the hair on Hal Jordan’s temples. Parallax returns to Qward with the Sinestro Corps and is inducted into their ranks, becoming one of the Anti-Monitor’s heralds.
In Kyle’s body, Parallax captured Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart and brought them to Qward. Before bringing them, Parallax made Hal relive one of the only times he ever felt fear: when his father died. Parallax also elaborated that since invading Kyle’s mind, he now has nearly infinite creativity to call upon in his deeds. During the battle with the Green Lantern Corps, who arrives to Qward to rescue the captured Lanterns, Parallax murders Jack T. Chance and crushes his Power Ring before it can find a replacement. During his fight with the Earth Green Lanterns, Parallax revealed that Kyle Rayner’s “twisted desire” was to be the last Green Lantern again and special. He is stopped from murdering Guy Gardner by the intervention of the surviving Lost Lanterns and the Ion entity. The Embodiment of Fear is now leading an advance group of the Sinestro Corps, readying to attack Coast City. It is also suggested by the Guardians of the Universe that Kyle is no longer destined to be Ion following his being taken over by Parallax.
As seen in the one shot “Parallax” issue (released September 19, 2007) Kyle is currently trapped within his own mind. He is able to witness all that Parallax says and does from a third person perspective, but is unable to stop it. Kyle’s personality watches Parallax’s actions from inside the prison that his own imagination has constructed: his mother’s empty house. The only fixture in the house is an old painting of uncertain origin and authorship that had belonged to Kyle’s mother. As Kyle watches Parallax battle Hal Jordan and the Lost Lanterns a manifestation of the fear enity comes to pay him a visit. In the realm of his imagination Kyle is able to “transform” into Ion, and engage the parasite in battle. After being blasted back by Parallax and losing his Ion form, Kyle forms a power ring, places it on his finger, and appears in his original costume. Although he puts up a valiant fight, Parallax is too much for him and Kyle is defeated. Parallax taunts Kyle with his deepest fear: failing the people who depend on him, especially the women in his life. Many of the women in Kyle’s life have died or come to harm because of their association with him and this causes Kyle to struggle with feelings of guilt and responsibility. The latest to die was Kyle’s mother, killed by the sentient virus Despotellis on the orders of Sinestro. It was the grief and guilt that this revelation caused Kyle that allowed the Parallax entity to posess him. Sneering, Parallax mocks Kyle’s helplessness and turns to depart but the enraged artist grabs a pencil and stabs the creature in the eye with it. Parallax, unfazed and unhurt, taunts Kyle once more with the hopelessness of his position and disappears. Left alone, Kyle is about to smash the painting in frustration when he notices his mother’s signature in the bottom corner and realizes that she secretly painted it years ago. This deep and unexpected connection with his mother gives Kyle hope, the very thing he most needs to overcome his fear. With renewed faith in himself, Kyle walks into the painting and ends up in a field walking towards a bright, green star. After threatening his brother and family in Coast City, Parallax is confronted by Hal Jordan. Surprisingly, Jordan actually manages to beat Parallax consistently, but loses the charge in his ring before he’s able to defeat him completely. While visibly weakened, Jordan becomes absorbed by Parallax in addition to Rayner, and Parallax takes a new physical form with a bright yellow costume; a sign that he is a creature of powerful fear induction.
Meanwhile, fellow Lantern John Stewart orders Honor Guard Lantern Guy Gardner to retrieve the painting that Kyle had discussed in the Sinestro Corps Special, as well as the Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax one-shot: the one of a little boy in a field, hanging in his dead mother’s house. As Guy returns and shows the painting to Parallax, it visibly shifts his demeanor. Jordan, the beacon of green light that had come to Kyle inside his mind, assists Rayner in fighting Parallax exhaustively until they finally break free from the fear embodiment’s grip.
Just as the now-separated Parallax creature counterattacks the Lanterns, ousted Guardians Ganthet and Sayd arrive with four Lantern Power Batteries, and they proceed to entrap Parallax within them all. Ganthet explains that his final act as a Guardian is to make Rayner a new power ring. The Guardian asks Rayner if he is willing to downgrade himself to a regulation Green Lantern after serving as host to Ion for so long. Kyle quickly agrees. The four officers then take their batteries, recite the oath, and recharge. Back in a Green Lantern uniform, Kyle says the word that he had also said immediately following his possession by Parallax:

In Countdown, Weeks 49-47, Kyle Rayner is among those ‘anomalies’ listed by the Monitors as being dangerous to the Universe, and so he is on their list for termination. Also on the list are Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, and Jason Todd.
Kyle briefly appears in All-New Atom #15, once again carrying a Green Lantern ring (through his narration, Rayner makes it clear that he is no longer Ion, stating that he “has to change [his] business cards”). He now joins Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Bob the Monitor, and the Jokester in the Search for Ray Palmer. This story takes place after the events of the Sinestro Corps War, though it was started while the war was still ongoing in the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps comics. Kyle’s new uniform is an amalgamation of his previous Lantern uniform and his original one.
Rayner and Todd have a stand-offish relationship, mostly due to Kyle thinking Jason is trying to get romantically involved with Donna, and vice versa.
So far, the group has traveled to the WildStorm universe and a new version of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika’s universe, and will soon enter the Superman: Red Son universe, where Superman crash landed in Russia instead of America.

A round of applause for the people at Wiki for keeping up on Kyle. I have to say without them a lot of us comic fans would be lost or look like we were writing a thesis on this stuff. As you can see Kyle is still going strong and has a lot in store for him, crab mask and all. I wish Kyle the best of luck and we’ll be talking about him again in the near future.

Guy Gardner, beware his might

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Since I’ve been having a little me time around the house lately and since John Stewert was only shown in two pages in Justice League this month. I decided to go ahead and talk about Guy Gardner. Now, truth be told I found Guy kind of annoying in the mid 80’s. Keep in mind I was young and Justice League International wasn’t really in my mind set yet. However, that changed when I got back into comics in the early 90’s. I ended up catching back up with the character and I kind of found his Vuldarian DNA powers cool. However, I wanted his classic Green Lantern powers back. That had to wait about another 14 years. Am I happy with Guy being back to how I first read him now that I’m older can understand his characterization? You bet. So, let’s step back and let the good people at Wiki, the the rest.

Gardner’s roots lie in Baltimore, where he was raised by his parents, Roland (“Rolly”) Gardner and Peggy Gardner. Rolly was an abusive alcoholic who beat Gardner repeatedly. Gardner worked very hard in school to try to win his father’s approval, yet all his achievements were dismissed out of hand. Instead, Rolly lavished attention and compliments upon Gardner’s older brother Mace, who, it seemed to Gardner, could do no wrong in their father’s eyes. Gardner’s only escape at this time was General Glory comic books, even modeling his bowl haircut on Glory’s sidekick, Ernie.
During his mid-teens, Gardner finally decided that nothing he ever did was going to be good enough to win his father’s affection, and as a young boy became a juvenile delinquent. Gardner was straightened out from his downward spiral by his older brother, who had become a police officer. Mace’s pressure and advice knocked some sense into Gardner, and Gardner then went to college, working his way through to support himself, and emerging from Michigan University with bachelor’s degrees in education and psychology. One of his closest friends at U of M was John Henry Irons. During his time at Michigan University, he also became a nationally renowned football hero, but had to abandon that career due to injuries.
After college, Gardner worked as a social welfare caseworker, dealing with prison inmates and their rehabilitation. He abandoned this line of work, however, fearing it brought out his innate more aggressive nature. Moving on, he became a teacher for children with disabilities. When the alien Green Lantern Abin Sur crashlanded on Earth after being mortally wounded by the villain Legion, he commanded his power ring to find a man honest and fearless enough to pass his power on to. The ring found two suitable candidates: Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan. Because Jordan was the closer of the two at the time (mostly due to a time-travelling Booster Gold convincing Guy to visit his dying father), he was chosen over Gardner as the one to receive the ring. Gardner was relegated to backup status should anything happen to Jordan.
Jordan later became aware of Guy’s status as his backup, and went out of his way to set up a chance meeting with Gardner and the two became friends, with Gardner originally naive to Jordan’s secret identity, but eventually assisting Jordan during his adventures.
During an earthquake, Gardner was seriously injured in his capacity as a physical education teacher, hit by a bus while attempting to rescue one of his students. Gardner surprised everyone, however, by recuperating from this debilitating injury, which was credited greatly to his already excellent physical fitness level.
Eventually Gardner was trapped in the Phantom Zone after Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern Power Battery exploded in his face during a period where Gardner was acting as his backup. Jordan, believing Guy dead, began a relationship with Guy’s then girlfriend Kari Limbo, who herself turned to Jordan for consolation. Eventually, this relationship went as far as a wedding, which Guy managed to interrupt by somehow contacting Kari telepathically. This alerted both Superman and Jordan to his whereabouts.
Unfortunately, the explosion, subsequent torture at the hands of residents of the Phantom Zone, and witnessing his friend Hal Jordan steal his girlfriend had caused Gardner’s already fragile mind to twist even further, Gardner was rescued from the Phantom Zone, but suffered brain damage and was rendered comatose for a number of years. As a result, the Guardians instead recruited John Stewart to be Jordan’s new backup Lantern.Several years later, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Guardians of the Universe split into two factions over how to confront the Crisis. A minority faction of six Guardians decided to emulate their former brethren, the Controllers by recruiting a Green Lantern to directly attack and destroy the forces of the anti-matter universe. For unknown reasons, they chose Gardner as their Green Lantern. Gardner was revived by the renegade Guardians, given a power ring not tied to the Central Power Battery on Oa, and given a mission to recruit and command the deadliest most powerful criminals in the universe to launch a strike against the home base of the Anti-Monitor.
Guy believed himself to be “the last true Green Lantern” and the superior of all other GLs, particularly Jordan.
Gardner’s brain damage manifested itself in the form of an arrogant, violent, unstable, and often childish new personality. Five of the six renegade Guardians were slain by a wave of anti-matter. (the sixth eventually reconciled with the rest of the Guardians) In the meantime, Gardner succeeded in his task of recruiting powerful villains, his new personality frightening even Hector Hammond and The Shark into obedience.
The mission failed, however, after both Hal Jordan and John Stewart had stopped Gardner from finishing his mission, which would have made things worse and ultimately ended up in the universe being destroyed.
Following the Crisis Guy was placed under the care of the Guardian turned mortal, Appa Ali Apsa (who later went on to become the Mad Guardian) for training and to temper his mind. Guy, believing himself to be the last true Green Lantern, resented this, and frequently escaped to Earth to cause trouble for the Green Lanterns there. After the Guardians’ departure from Oa, Guy was one of the last Green Lanterns remaining with a working power ring. Eventually Hal Jordan took responsibility for Guy, and Guy was free to do as he pleased on Earth.

During his tenure as Earth’s Green Lantern, Gardner became a founding member of the Justice League International after the original JLA disbanded during the DC Universe-wide crossover, Legends. In a famous sequence, Gardner challenged Batman’s position as League chairman; Stating he didn’t need his power ring to deal with Batman, he removed his ring and prepared to strike, however Batman, annoyed by Gardner’s taunts, quickly punched him in the face and knocked him out with a single blow. This became a long standing joke and method of controlling Gardner’s ego, as all his Justice League teammates were more than happy to use it against him when necessary.
A recurring joke involved Gardner trying to assume the leadership of the Justice League only to be passed over in favor of another character. His longtime rivalry with Hal Jordan is also a recurrent theme. Gardner’s subsequent annoyance with Batman has also spilled over into a general, ultimately good natured, Green Lantern/Batman feud. Gardner will go out of his way to deride and ridicule Batman, even mooning him from space.
During his Justice League tenure, Gardner’s personality would fluctuate greatly as a result of a blow to the head, and for a while he became the polar opposite of his normal self: kind, loving, generous, boyishly innocent, and politically correct to a fault. It became a running gag with the writers; one sequence shows him hitting his head on the underside of a table, regaining his old persona, and then hitting his head a second time as he stands up and reverting back again. He also started an on-again, off-again relationship with the superheroine Ice, their dates being some of the most memorable of the series. The relationship presumably ended with her death at the hands of the Overmaster. It is shown in his own series that Guy had actually taken the time to learn some rudimentary Norwegian.Eventually, forced to forfeit his Green Lantern ring after a grudge fight with Jordan, Gardner set out on a quest to regain his power and identity. After tricking Lobo into assisting him, they first invaded Qward, then with the armies of Qward to Oa, where Gardner acquired the yellow power ring of Sinestro from Oa’s Crypt of the Green Lantern Corps (Guy Gardner Reborn #1–3), and his own comic series began with him using that ring. The yellow ring didn’t use a battery to recharge, instead needing to be used against Green Lanterns’ power rings to restore its power, which Gardner discovered by accident when a member of the Corps fought him while his ring was powerless.
As the yellow ring of Sinestro spoke Sinestro’s native language (Korugarian) Gardner was unable to communicate with the ring, which was a recurring joke in the series, though it seemed to somehow understand him, translating alien languages into English.
Unfortunately for Gardner, the finicky ring frequently cut out on him when he needed it, forcing him to rely on his mind to get out of scrapes. During this period, Guy managed to stop a mysterious alien hive mind known as the draal from taking over the Green Lantern corps by creating clones of various members. Unfortunately, the process of cloning him forced him to relive his life. Gardner managed to taint this process by planting false memories into the clone. Strangely, after this process was complete, Gardner’s personality seemed more subdued and evidence of his original personality came through. Guy ended up stopping the clone, but had only worn the yellow ring for a short while before it was destroyed and absorbed by Hal Jordan, who had become infected by the entity known as Parallax, during the Emerald Twilight storyline.
In the JLA Classified-based miniseries “I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Justice League”, Guy assisted the Super Buddies and was revealed to have kept his yellow ring which created some difficulties, due to the conflict with Gardner having no ring in Green Lantern: Rebirth.

When Hal Jordan, under the influence of Parallax, destroyed the Green Lantern Corps and becomes Parallax, Guy Gardner led a group of heroes to Oa to find out what had happened. In battling Parallax, Guy Gardner’s ring is destroyed and he was forced to find an alternate means to acquire power.
On Earth, Ganthet first came to Guy Gardner to offer him the last Green Lantern power ring. When Gardner refused, Ganthet decided to entrust it to Kyle Rayner. (Green Lantern: Secret Files & Origins #1) On an expedition to the Amazon with a rich entrepreneur, Gardner finds a chalice in a cave. He drinks from it, and becomes Warrior. Gardner discovers that his past was not what he thought it was. He is apparently the descendant of a space-traveling race called the Vuldarians. This discovery eventually leads him to discover new powers within himself. These powers allow him to resume his role as a superhero. He also establishes a superhero theme bar called Warrior’s as both a source of income and a base between his adventures.
His early days as Warrior saw him struggling with his newfound powers. He had difficulty changing his body into any weapon, and his transformations often caused him pain. After a breakdown that led to a confrontation with Superman and Supergirl, with some soul-searching help from his supposed ancestor, Gardner was finally able to use his new powers to form most non-energy-based weapon from his body, as well as absorb some forms of energy and redirect them through his various ‘weapons’. Another ability, his capability to use the knowledge of warriors from across space and time, was rarely used and mostly forgotten.
It is during this time that Gardner fought against Dementor, also claimed to be a product of Vuldarian breeding. Dementor’s father had raped a Vuldarian woman. Dementor was eventually sent to Hell, where he eventually revealed that he was the one responsible for Gardner’s constant personality shifts (in a sense, retconning Gardner’s history, explaining why his personality changed drastically over the years). In the last issues he finally dealt with his “family”, as well as revealing another side of his Vuldarian powers, the ability to heal mortal wounds.
After the “Warrior” series was cancelled, Gardner continued to appear in the DC Universe; most notably as a recurring character in the Green Lantern book during Kyle Rayner’s run. It was thought he was killed during the Our Worlds At War crossover. However, he was later discovered to be trapped in a pocket of Hell in General Zod’s country of Pokolistan. After freeing himself, his Warrior powers were apparently enhanced. He declared it his job to do less ethical things heroes like Superman couldn’t. However, this new direction was short lived. During the 2005 miniseries Green Lantern: Rebirth, Gardner’s Vuldarian DNA is strangely overwritten by his human DNA when Parallax possesses Gardner and several Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan’s ring splits in two and Gardner’s ring is restored to him. Eventually, Parallax is defeated by the combined effort of all five active Green Lanterns, including Gardner. The Guardians then select Gardner as one of the senior officers of the new Green Lantern Corps.
In the 2005–2006 miniseries Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (written by Dave Gibbons), the Guardians assign Gardner to be one of the Corps’ three main instructors, along with Kilowog and Kyle Rayner. The trio is responsible for the training of the new Corps, to which the Guardians intend to name 7,200 members. Gardner is not at all appreciative of his new role, and when he complains to the Guardians, they tell him that success in training new recruits could lead to him being given a new position.
Gardner plays a significant role in defeating the Spider Guild attack on Oa in the 2005–2006 miniseries Green Lantern Corps: Recharge. Discovering that trainee Soranik Natu has disappeared into the forbidden Vega star system, which the Guardians’ pact with the Psions of Vega forbids Green Lanterns from entering, Gardner and Kyle Rayner lead a rescue mission in direct violation of Oan policy. Once there, the Lanterns discover the Spider Guild Nest and determine that its next target is the Oan sun. Returning just as the attack commences, Gardner gathers the frightened trainee Green Lanterns and rallies them with a speech that impresses even his long time rival, Hal Jordan. Gardner’s performance in repelling the attack results in his promotion to Lantern #1 of the Green Lantern Honor Guard, a position of authority over other Lanterns. In this new role, Gardner is expected to “think outside the box” and “do the jobs other Lanterns can’t”, a function well-suited to his irascible personality.
In his new role as Lantern #1, Guy leads the Corps in the defense of Oa against Superboy-Prime, creating a wall of energy to slow the rampaging teen and calling a “code 54”, authorizing the use of extreme force. Guy supervises the final capture and imprisonment of Superboy-Prime, locking him in a red Sun-Eater provided by Donna Troy and organizing a constant watch of fifty Lanterns to keep him imprisoned. After serving for one year following the assaults of Superboy-Prime and the Spider Guild, then assisting lantern Soranik Natu on a dangerous mission, Guy was finally granted shore leave. (Though he is infrequently seen on Earth in the 52 weekly limited series, it should be assumed he has sneaked away from the Guardian’s watch) Unfortunately, his relaxation was cut short when he was tracked down by Bolphunga the Unrelenting and forced to defend himself without the aid of his ring.
Around the same time, Guy assisted Hal Jordan on an unsanctioned mission to the Manhunter homeworld, Biot. Through Hal and Guy’s efforts, several long-lost lanterns (including Arisia, Chaselon, Jack T. Chance, Graf Toren, Hannu, KE’Haan, Laira, and Boodikka) were freed from imprisonment by the Cyborg Superman. Upon returning from the mission, Guy was punished by the Guardians and forced to endure one month as one of the fifty Lanterns on “Prime Duty.” This entails guarding Superboy-Prime’s special cell with “…no reading, no eating, no talking, no ring messaging, no Sudoku, no yelling, no chewing gum… and no drinking.” While on guard, Guy’s ring will even take care of his necessary sustenance and waste removal. Lanterns of the Honor Guard, like Guy, are allowed to break the rules three times before expulsion. After this, Guy was briefly part of the Corps’ black-ops division. Dubbed “The Corpse”, members foresake their rings for stealthier powers provided by the Guardians. Guy took part in one mission as part of this secretive unit. He was tasked with locating Von Daggle, a Durlan who was formerly in charge of the Corpse. Gardner relayed a message from the Guardians, informing Daggle that he was reinstated. From there, Daggle took command of Gardner, leading him to the homeworld of the Dominators, a race of superscientists with a grudge against Earth. Together, they defeated a super-evolved Dominator, though the Corpse’s use of lethal force did not sit well with Guy. Gardner informed Daggle that he couldn’t be a part of his crew and Daggle wiped his memory, musing that “humans never make the cut.”

Talk about a character with depth, put through the wringer, long neglected and finally back to why people fell in love with him in the first place. Or like me and kind of put off until finally realizing just what a cool guy, Guy really is. I’m going to get more into Guy Gardner down the line. I want to look at his gun-ho attitude and what happened with yellow ring days. For now, just enjoy his history and we’ll be seeing Guy Gardner really soon.

John Stewart is the man

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I decided to jump the gun a day early since my beautiful fiancée isn’t feeling to well and I’ve been laying around the house most of the day. Here is the man himself, John Stewart. Now John has been a favorite of mine for a number of years. Long before Justice League Unlimited decided to cement him on the cartoon airwaves. Something I had a problem with is how they made him handicap a little over 10 years ago. I didn’t have a real problem with it but it felt like there could be so much more done with the character then just have him in a wheel chair. Enter Judd Widnick and he not only made John’s character 3 dimensional again but he eventually moved him from being in the chair to being a Green Lantern again.

John Stewart was selected to act as alternate Green Lantern of space sector 2814 should Hal Jordan become incapacitated. Idealistic, John championed the oppressed, eventually given full status in the Green Lantern Corps by the Guardians of the Universe. Sadly, John’s career would be rife with tragedy, including the death of his wife Katma Tui at the hands of Star Sapphire, and the destruction of the planet Xanshi, a result of John’s overconfidence. As part of his self imposed penance John accepted the commission to unite alien cities stolen by a mad Guardian, which became Oa’s “Mosaic.” After the Corps disbanded, John began a tenure as leader of the Darkstars galactic peacekeeping force until he was crippled while defending the planet Rann. In a final act of friendship, Hal Jordan visited John and healed his injuries before sacrificing himself to heal Earth’s sun or so it was thought. He was still unable to walk until Kyle Rayner after first recieving the powers of Ion was able to remove the energy block on his spine but revealed that John’s inability to walk was mental and not pyshical. Eventually John sought out a shrink and John revealed that when he was a teen he stole a car and ended up killing his younger sister in the process. John felt that he needed to punish himself until he finally faced the death of his sister. In doing so, John regained his ability to walk. Soon afterwards, he accepted a new ring entrusted to Kyle Rayner by a time-lost Hal Jordan and joined the Justice League.

ith the return of Hal Jordan and the Guardians, the Corps has been reorganized. Each sector of space now has two Green Lanterns assigned to it, and Stewart and Jordan now share the responsibilities for Earth’s sector, 2814. After the dissolution of the Justice League in the aftermath of the events depicted in the 2004 miniseries Identity Crisis, and the destruction of their Watchtower headquarters on the moon, Stewart has begun playing a larger role in metahuman affairs, working with many former Justice Leaguers.During the opening “One Year Later” storyline of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan tells Green Arrow that John Stewart is on an off-world undercover mission. The details concerning this mission were revealed in Green Lantern #17. John Stewart disguised himself as “Hunger Dog” to investigate in Europe. When John hears that Hal Jordan is being held captive by Amon Sur and Loragg, he goes off to rescue him. This leads to a confrontation with Amon Sur, who turns out to be the son of their predecessor, Abin Sur. During the fight, Amon receives a ring from the Sinestro Corps and vanishes.
In Justice League of America #7 Vol. 2, he and Wonder Woman designed one of the League’s new headquarters, The Hall.

John continues to be a favorite of mine even if there has been debate of either he or Hal Jordan should be on the Justice League. I”m fine with either, I just wish some fans and even writers would get off John being the “black Green Lantern”. He’s just a Green lantern period and it’s who he is that makes him a well rounded and loved character. Not the color of his skin. I want to see John the man, not John the black man.

Hal Jordan, the best of the best

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So, here we are, the first entry on Hal Jordan. Expect to see a lot of these, Hal Jordan was the original man without fear. The first Green Lantern I ever knew about and after 40 years he’s still the best. Let’s give his little history shall we? When the dying Abin Sur crash-landed on Earth and ordered his power ring to seek out a suitable successor as Green Lantern of space sector 2814, test pilot Hal Jordan met the requirements of being both honest and without fear. Hal was one of the first of a new age of costumed adventurers, defending his home town of Coast City as well as the world from villains and menaces both earthbound and alien. Hal united with the Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Black Canary to form the Justice League of America. As a ring wielder, Hal was a member of the 3,600-strong Green Lantern Corps and was trained in part by Sinestro, who would become a renegade and one of his greatest foes. The Corps were the universe’s most revered peacekeepers, and it was not long before his bravery earned Hal the respect of both his peers and the Guardians of the Universe, who created the Corps. He heroically championed the Guardians’ goal to preserve order throughout the galaxies, even when their orders ran contrary to Hal’s own rigid sense of morality. Yet, Hal was not above confronting the Guardians or quitting the Corps in order to pursue his own ideals, but he always returned to the fold. Hal was perhaps the Oans’ and the Corps’ greatest champion. Ironically, Hal would also be their undoing. When Coast City was decimated by Mongul and the Cyborg Superman, Hal was denied the power to resurrect the city and its inhabitants by the Guardians. He set out for Oa to gain the power to set things right. The Guardians set the Corps against him, including the reconstituted Sinestro, whom he killed. Hal entered the Central Power Battery and absorbed its emerald energies, and then renamed himself Parallax. Hal then attempted to amend the great wrong by changing the time-space continuum, but was thwarted by Earth’s heroes, including new Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who would clash with Parallax several times. In the end, however, Hal proved he had not strayed from the path of the hero. During Earth’s final night, Hal used all his energies to reignite Earth’s sun, redeeming himself in death. The Spectre is the Wrath of God incarnate. The Spectre force is immensely powerful and acts, allegedly, as the hand of God. A short time ago, the Spectre was bonded to the soul of Hal Jordan. As the Spectre, Jordan helps to preserve the universe and to dispense vengeance and redemption. However, the job of the Spectre has begun to wear Hal out and he is questioning whether or not he should even be the Spectre, or if anything in his life should have turned out the way it did. It has been discovered that Sinestro manipulated Hal, who was infected by the Parallax, and caused him to go mad and destroy the Green lantern Corps. He was recently revived and resurrected, free of the Parallax entity. Hal Jordan has moved back into Coast City and is dedicated to protecting his home planet, Earth, from all dangers. Following the end of the Infinite Crisis, Hal was taken prisoner during a failed mission against terorrists without his ring to help him. Following his escape and return back to the US, Hal fell back into his old ways of constant dating and annoying world governments for going after criminals in restricted countries under the Freedom of Powers Treaty. A situation that had a bounty put on his head for unknown reasons. During a celebration of Hal and his teams return from being P.O.W.s, Tomar-Tu appeared at the ceremony alive and well leading Hal and Guy Gardner to find other missing Lanterns that he believed he killed on the Manhunter homeworld of Biot. There he found the Cyborg-Superman had taken over as Grandmaster and had upgraded the Manhunters and intended to use them eliminate life in the Universe and bring his type of order to the cosmos. Hal freed the trapped Green Lanterns who turned on him thinking that no time had passed since Jordan almost killed by as Paralaxx. It was General Kreon who stopped his fellow captured Lanterns from killing Hal and they discovered other trapped Lanterns believed to be dead and Hal’s ex, Arisia. Hal didn’t have much time to react when the rest of the Manhunters attacked with their Highmaster counterparts using Guy Gardner and other Green Lanterns as power sources.

Cyborg-Superman threaten to kill Arisia permantely in from of him before Jordan lashed out and freed Arisia. The two along with the rest of the Lanterns fought back and freed their captured allies before Hal and Arisia were trapped inside a Highmaster themselves. They then took control of it and destroyed Biot and returned to OA. It was there that Hal made a truce with the lost Green Lanterns that they would move forward with their lives but not forget especially after General Kreon was killed by the Highmasters. After a brief kiss with Arisia, Hal returned back to Earth. After returning to Earth, Hal is then attacked in Russia by a series of bounty hunters (including brainwashed Global Guardians under the Faceless Hunter’s control) in an attempt by Amon Sur, son of Abin Sur, to reclaim his father’s power ring. The attack results in the death of 23 people; in response, the Rocket Red Brigade attack Hal. When they fight each other to a standstill, the Justice League of America and Alan Scott arrive at the scene and resolve the conflict. (“Green Lantern” vol. 4, #14 and #15). After Hal rescues his fellow pilot Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman from her attacker, she recognizes the hero as her fellow pilot and friend. As they are about to share a passionate kiss, Hal is captured by Amon Sur, and forced to exhume Abin Sur’s remains. John Stewart arrives to rescue Hal, leading to a confrontation with Amon Sur, who turns out to be the son of their predecessor, Abin Sur. During the fight, Amon receives a ring from the Sinestro Corps and vanishes. Hal brings Abin’s body home and reinters him with a new tombstone. After Hal leaves, a yellow light appears in the sky; presumably Amon has arrived to visit his father’s grave.

Hal visits Jillian in her room at the base hospital, where she is being treated for injuries she has suffered. Before he leaves, she tells Hal that they need to talk about his double life and their feelings for each other.
After a few days, Jillian recovers enough to leave the hospital, and joins Hal on a date at Pancho’s, a bar outside Edwards Air Force Base. At the same time, Star Sapphire, still obsessed with making Hal her mate, possesses Carol Ferris again, knowing Carol’s history as Hal’s former love. She attacks Hal at the bar, and during the fight, senses Hal’s affection for Jillian. Star Sapphire leaves Carol’s body to possess Jillian.
Carol joins Hal in an attempt to rescue Jillian from Star Sapphire, and the two manage to defeat it and free Jillian. However, the Zamarons appear, demanding that Hal choose a mate. Thinking quickly, pretends to passionately kiss one of Zamarons, leading the gem to immediately possess her. The Zamarons retreat to their world in order to free their sister, after which they take the Star Sapphire and forge it into a “sapphire” power ring. The next 2 page spread shows the Zamarons in a room with a green, a yellow, and a “sapphire” lantern. Each lantern is displayed on one of three pedestals; a fourth stands empty. This may have undetermined future implications. Meanwhile, Hal visits Ferris Air and he finds out from Tom that Carol has divorced her husband Gil.
Aside from his own monthly title, Jordan is also a character of focus in the new Justice League of America series as a charter member of the revamped JLA. He is also involved in the first plotline of the Brave and the Bold monthly series, teaming up first with Batman and later Supergirl. His relationship with Batman appears to have fully recovered from his turbulent history, as the two are very professional and respectful of each other. When teamed with the fledgling Supergirl, Hal is very impressed with her cleverness, although he finds her flirtatious behaviour somewhat unnerving.

I’ll stop there since the rest deals with the current Sinestro Corps War and that will get it’s own entry and weeks of looks on it after the storyline wraps up next month. It’s hard to believe after all that, that Hal Jordan could endure so much (and the fans for that matter). I remember back in the early 90’s when Hal went bad and became Parallax. I was like: “What the hell is this?” I enjoyed Kyle Rayner but like millions of other fans I was pretty pissed. They took this wonderful character and turned him into a murdering bad guy with gray tempals. Even after he sacrificed himself and became the Spectre, it was like Hal still couldn’t get a break. Thank God for Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Scrier returning Hal back to greatness and showing just how great of a character he is. Since Rebirth, Hal has been finally treated the way he should have been and his “botched” handling before then just seems like a thing of the past but they aren’t trying to act like it didn’t happen. Hal Jordan’s “turn to the dark side”, his death and rebirth are all great chapters in the character’s rich history. I can’t tell you how every month I can’t wait to pick up Green Lantern to read about Hal and how each issue just makes me smile. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed the character this much since I was a wee lad watching him on TV and having my mom read me his stories. He’s come so far in the last 40 years and I know it can only continue to be good.

The first and brightest, Alan Scott

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I’m going to kick off this blog with a look at the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Who is this guy you might ask? Well, I’ll let the good people at Wiki tell us. The original Green Lantern was created by young struggling artist Martin Nodell, who was inspired by the sight of a New York Subway employee waving a red lantern to stop a train for track work and a green lantern once the track was clear. With the name in hand and borrowing heavily from the story of Aladdin, Nodell created a mystical crimefighter who got his powers from the flame of a strange lamp.
Nodell was teamed with writer Bill Finger, who wrote the scripts for stories, which were often drawn by Martin Nodell and sometimes by ghost artists such as Irwin Hasen.
The character made his debut in All-American Comics #16 (July 1940). The art was credited to Nodell via his pseudonym “Mart Dellon”. Like many creators of the time, Nodell hoped to keep the stigma of comic books from tarnishing his career in commercial illustration.
According to Mordecai Richler, “there is no doubt… that The Green Lantern has its origin in Hassidic mythology”. However, Richler gives no reasons for saying this. Creator Martin Nodell has written that he originally intended to name the character Alan Ladd, after Aladdin, but changed the name to avoid confusion with the movie actor of the same name. Nodell mentions Richard Wagner’s opera cycle The Ring of the Nibelungen and the sight of a trainman’s green railway lantern as inspirations.
Scott was a charter member of the Justice Society of America, beginning in All Star Comics #3 (Winter 1940). He served as the team’s second chairman, in #7, but departed following that issue and returned a few years later. He has been a key member of the group ever since, appearing in all three titles bearing the teams’ name.

I remember growing up in the 80’s, the only Green Lanterns I knew about was Hal Jordan (thanks to the Superfriends series). John Stewert and of course Guy Gardner. I didn’t know anything about the Green Lantern Corps, Guardians or even Kilowog yet. Now, the funny thing was my grandfather told me there was another one he just couldn’t remember his name. My grandfather just after he came back from the second world war. Worked on a railroad not to far from where we lived. Since Alan was originally railroad engineer. So, there was a picture of him hanging around some where in the break room holding his ring and lantern up. I thought it was cool but I really didn’t really learn more about Alan until about 12 years later. That’s when I got the characters history.

Thousands of years ago, a mystical “green flame” fell to Earth. The voice of the flame prophesied that it would act three times: once to bring death, once to bring life, and once to bring power. By 1940, after having already fulfilled the first two-thirds of this prophecy, the flame had been fashioned into a metal lantern, which fell into the hands of Alan Scott, a young railroad engineer. Following a railroad bridge collapse, the flame instructs Scott in how to fashion a ring from its metal, to give him fantastic powers as the superhero Green Lantern. He adopts a colorful costume (setting himself apart from his successors, as he wore both red and purple in his outfit, besides the standard green) and becomes a crimefighter.
Scott uses his ring to fly, to walk through solid objects (by “moving through the fourth dimension”),[3] to paralyze or blind people temporarily, to create rays of energy, to melt metal as with a blowtorch, and to cause dangerous objects to glow, among other things. Occasionally uses it to create solid objects and force fields in the manner usually associated with fellow Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and to read minds. His ring could protect him against any object made of metal, but would not protect him against any wood or plant based objects. This was said to be because the green flame was an incarnation of the strength of “green, growing things”.
During the 1940s, Green Lantern seemed to alternate between serious adventure – particularly when his arch-nemesis, Solomon Grundy, appeared – and light comedy, usually involving his sidekick Doiby Dickles. Toward the end of his Golden Age adventures, he was even reduced to the role of a sidekick to Streak the Wonder Dog, a heroic canine cut from the mold of Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie.

Scott was a member of the JSA in 1951 when the team was investigated by the “Joint Congressional Un-American Activities Committee,” a fictional organization based on the real-life House Un-American Activities Committee but stated to have been created after the death of Senator Joseph McCarthy on Earth-2. They were accused of possible Communist sympathies and asked to reveal their identities. The JSA declined, and most of the membership retired in the 1950s.
One piece of retroactive continuity fills out Scott’s early history: All-Star Squadron Annual #3 states that the JSA fought a being named Ian Karkull who imbued them with energy that retarded their aging, allowing Scott and many others (as well as their spouses) to remain active into the late 20th century without infirmity. The events of that incident also led to his taking a leave of absence from the JSA, explaining why the character vanished from the roster for a time.
Also, during this period, he and his friend Jay Garrick (also known as the Flash) had an encounter with Abin Sur, the Green Lantern who preceded Hal Jordan; tracking a criminal to Earth, Sur’s ring is immobilised by his foe forming a yellow barrier around the ring. Sur then secretly borrows Alan’s ring after he and Jay were knocked unconscious. With the new ring, which lacks a weakness to yellow, Sur was able to take his foe by surprise and defeat him, before returning the ring to Alan and leaving Earth.
The team re-formed in the 1960s with Scott as a member, though little is known of their adventures during this time save for their team-ups with the Justice League of America, of the parallel world Earth-1, and a few cross-universe adventures Scott shared with Earth-1’s Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.
From the late 1940s to the 1970s, Scott runs the Gotham Broadcasting Company (GBC). The company ends up ruined by creditors. The Psycho Pirate temporarily drives Alan mad and the rest of the JSA help him recover. Jay Garrick helps him start a new career as a scientist, although he eventually regains control of the GBC and is still running it to this day.
It was eventually revealed that in the late 1950s or early 1960s, Scott marries the woman with the dual identity Rose and Thorn, and the two had a pair of children who would grow up to become the superheroes Jade and Obsidian of the team Infinity Inc..
In the 1980s, Scott married his longtime nemesis (now reformed) Molly Mayne, also known as The Harlequin, and reconciles with his son and daughter. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, which merged all parallel realities into one, the source of Scott’s power would be retconned to be the mystical “Starheart”, the gathered magical characteristics of the Earth-1 Universe by the Oan Guardians of the Universe. This collective force was hidden in the heart of a star and became sentient. The force also helps retard Scott’s aging process. Another story implied a connection to Yalan Gur, an ancient member of the Green Lantern Corps.
Also following the Crisis was the one-shot Last Days of the Justice Society of America Special (1986). This told how Adolph Hitler (in 1945) causes a massive wave of destructive energy to erupt yet, time-displaced, it appears over the post-Crisis earth. Scott and the JSA, fresh from burying their Earth-Two comrades Robin and Huntress, enter into a limbo dimension in order to fight an eternally recurring Ragnarok.

Through the machinations of Waverider the JSA teammates are able to leave limbo and begin living in the post-Crisis earth which they had fought to save (Armageddon: Inferno 1992). That mini-series is followed by Justice Society of America (1992-1993) which shows how Alan Scott adjusts to his new world. In the short-lived series the JSA fight the newest incarnation of the Ultra-Humanite as well as Pol St. Germain and Kulak the Sorcerer. Scott reconnects with his wife and children, in issue #1 he states that Molly “is pretty much handling things at the company…” and of Jade and Obsidian, “They’re fine — off doing their own thing in Hollywood. Not too interested in being super-heroes.” The series ends with issue #10, not with the team disbanding but with the members gathered together at their first formal meeting after returning home. The JSA continues crimefighting activity until a disastrous battle with the villain Extant, during which Scott is physically aged to a point closer to his actual age, prompting him to semi-retirement. Extant also kills three of Scott’s friends, Hourman, Atom and Dr. Mid-Nite.
For a time, the Starheart became part of Scott’s body and he adopts the name Sentinel, becoming a founding member of a new JSA. Thanks to the rejuvenative properties of the Starheart, Scott’s physical body was again temporarily revitalized so that he resembles a man in his 30s or early 40s. This drives his wife Molly, who has not been affected, to sell her soul to the demon Neron in exchange for youth. Alan enters a demonic realm, with help from entities such as the Phantom Stranger and Zatanna. He manages to win Molly’s soul back.
He has since been physically altered again so that he more closely resembles his true chronological age. He returns to using the name Green Lantern during the JSA’s battle with Mordru. He continues to fight crime in his original costumed identity, using a ring again, serving as an elder statesman to the JSA and to the superhero community in general.
During the Rann-Thanagar War, Kyle Rayner’s power ring revealed that Scott is an honorary member of the Green Lantern Corps.

During the Infinite Crisis, Scott and his daughter Jade, along with many others, traveled with Donna Troy to the center of the universe to save the universe from an unknown threat; later revealed to be Alexander Luthor, Jr.. Jade died on that mission. One Year Later, Scott appears to be still active, still relatively youthful in comparison to his true age, but now wears an eye-patch due to losing his eye in a Zeta beam transporter accident while returning from space. Even though Scott lost his daughter he states to Kyle Rayner that he still has family both by relation and close friendship among which he counts Kyle.
During the missing year, Scott has joined Checkmate at the rank of White King. Scott assigned his JSA teammate Mister Terrific as his bishop. Scott soon finds himself in a moral conflict with Black Queen Sasha Bordeaux over the violent nature of Checkmate, particularly after Bordeaux and her team slaughter dozens of Kobra operatives during a raid on a facility. Bordeaux contends that the ends justify the means, while Scott adheres to the principle that heroes should not kill unless absolutely necessary; Bordeaux responds to this by suggesting that Scott resign. Concurrent with this internal conflict, Scott and “White Queen” Amanda Waller are trying to keep the organization from being discontinued by political forces.
The fourth issue of the 52 maxi-series reveals that Scott lost his left eye during a period when he and several other superheroes had been declared missing (approximately 11 months prior to the events of Checkmate #1). The Zeta Beam that Adam Strange was hoping to use for teleporting the heroes in space away from the time-space ripple caused by Alexander Luthor, Jr. actions was splintered by the ripple itself, mutilating the heroes in various ways. His missing eye was later replaced by a portion of his daughter Jade’s mystic green energy. After being put into a comatose state during an attack by the Gentleman Ghost, Jade appeared to him, told him goodbye and granted him another portion of her green energy. His missing eye is currently replaced by a green glowing orb that, due to its mystical origins and connection to Jade, allows him to track astral and mystical energy forms such as ghosts.

Wow! Talk about a travel down history with Alan Scott. For a character who has been around for over 60 years, he’s had a lot of crap dealt his way by both the writers, company and artists. I actually got to meet artist Martin Nodell a few times in Chicago during the Wizard World Comic Convention. He was a very nice guy and sad to say I never had a piece of paper for him to draw a sketch for me. Lesson learned there, always have a sketch book on you at all times at a convention. Alan went from being an unknown to me to being one of my favorite characters to read monthly in Justice Society of America and before that his occassional appearances in DC Comics during the early 90’s. No matter what, he truly is the first and brightest.

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