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The Cyborg-Superman

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Finally moving to the other dark Superman of the Sinestro Corps, Hank Henshaw. He’s been a personal favorite of mine since he first showed up. Like I’ve said in the past, I love dark oppisites of super heroes. While Bizarro was the first and Superman-Prime has been a close second in the last couple of years. I have to say that Henshaw brings his own version of evil to the table. He’s been through so much push and pull over the last decade that it’s hard to really write him off as a threat or just a wannabe.

Hank Henshaw first appeared as a crew member of the doomed LexCorp space shuttle Excalibur. Hank and the other three members of the Excalibur crew (including his wife, Terri) were exposed to cosmic radiation, resulting in the crash of their shuttle. As a result of the radiation exposure, the human bodies of two crew members were destroyed. However, their minds survived and they were able to construct new bodies out of pure cosmic radiation and bits of earth and the shuttle. Initially, Henshaw and his wife suffered no ill effects from the radiation and the crew travelled to Metropolis, in the hope of using LexCorp facilities to cure their transformed crewmates. During a brief battle with Superman, the crew member now composed of radiation became unhinged and flew into the sun. By this time, Henshaw’s body had begun to rapidly decay while his wife was beginning to phase into an alternate dimension. With Superman’s help, Henshaw was able to use the LexCorp facilities to save Terri, but died immediately afterwards. The remaining member of the shuttle crew committed suicide using an MRI booth. However, Hank Henshaw had not truly died. Though his physical body had expired, he was able to transfer his consciousness into the LexCorp’s mainframe. Now able to control technology, Henshaw appeared to his wife in a robotic body; the shock of the shuttle accident, Henshaw’s death and his bizarre rebirth was too much for Terri and eventually led to her insanity and death. By this point, Henshaw’s electronic consciousness had begun to disrupt Earth’s communications networks. Using NASA communications equipment, Henshaw beamed his mind into the ‘birthing Matrix’ which had carried Superman from Krypton to Earth as an infant. Henshaw crafted a small exploration craft from the birthing matrix and departed the planet. Henshaw spent some time travelling between planets; bonding with local lifeforms to learn about the culture and history of various worlds. Over time, Henshaw became delusional and paranoid, believing that Superman had caused the deaths of himself and his wife, then driven him from the Earth. Arriving on a planet controlled by alien overlord (and Superman nemesis) Mongul, Henshaw learned of the Warworld and forcibly recruited Mongul as part of a plan for revenge against Superman. With Superman dead after his battle with Doomsday, Henshaw was unable to directly seek revenge against his enemy and instead sought to destroy Superman’s reputation. To that end, the Cyborg claimed to be Superman reborn; using knowledge obtained from the birthing matrix to construct a cybernetic body with organic portions genetically identical to Superman and technological components built with Kryptonian alloys. Along with destroying a Superman memorial plaque in front of the Daily Planet, the Cyborg exiled Doomsday into space and defended the President of the United States from an assassination attempt. As a result of the latter incident, the White House endorsed the Cyborg as the ‘true’ Superman and he provided the President with a communications device. When confronted by Lois Lane, the Cyborg claimed his memory was “blurry” but he could see a “spaceship on a farm. The name ‘Kent'”, suggesting Henshaw may be aware of Superman’s secret identity. When an alien ship appeared over Coast City, the Cyborg revealed his true intentions, attacking and severely injuring the Eradicator as Mongul’s craft destroyed the city, killing millions. The Cyborg was then able to convince the White House and the public that the Eradicator had been responsible for the destruction of Coast City, turning the public against the Kryptonian. After tricking and defeating Superboy, Henshaw set about preparing to launch a warhead that would convert Metropolis into a second Engine City. However, Superboy was able to escape and warn the resurrected true Superman, John Henry Irons and Supergirl of the Cyborg’s plans. The quartet traveled to the site of the former Coast City where Superman, Supergirl and Steel confronted Mongul and the Cyborg while Superboy stopped the missile from destroying Metropolis. While Green Lantern defeated Mongul, the Cyborg lured Superman and the Eradicator to the Engine City main reactor and attempted to kill Superman with the kryptonite that powered the engine. Henshaw attempted to kill Superman using a concentrated blast of kryptonite radiation, but the Eradicator intercepted the blast at the expense of his own life. However, as the Kryptonite energy passed through the Eradicator, the radiation was altered and acted to restore Superman’s powers. Superman was then able to easily defeat the Cyborg (partially due to the kryptonite weakening the Cyborg’s Kryptonian form) by vibrating Henshaw’s body to pieces. Before exiling Doomsday into space, Henshaw had installed a device on the monster to allow him to detect if Doomsday were to ever escape. After the destruction of his ‘Cyborg Superman’ body, Henshaw transferred his consciousness into this device, as Doomsday was “the safest place in the galaxy” for the Cyborg to hide. Doomsday was eventually brought on board a space cruiser and managed to escape, landing on Apokolips. Henshaw re-emerged once again, reconfiguring an exo-armored Apokoliptian trooper into a new body, establishing his standard appearance with long hair and red armor, and began to lay siege to Apokolips alongside Doomsday (although the Henshaw’s body possessed Superman’s Kryptonian DNA, Doomsday did not seem to perceive the Cyborg as a threat). The Cyborg successfully took over most of Apokolips, but was destroyed by Darkseid’s Omega Beams after a short battle with Superman. Darkseid’s attack did not kill the Cyborg; rather, the Omega Effect had stored Henshaw’s consciousness in a small orb, with Darkseid planning to use the Cyborg against Superman at a later date. Darkseid eventually freed Henshaw, with the understanding that Henshaw was to leave Apokolips and never return. The Cyborg eventually aligned himself with an intergalactic ‘tribunal’, which was seeking to bring Superman to trial for the crimes of his ancestors. Henshaw assisted the tribunal in capturing Superboy, Supergirl, Steel and Alpha Centurion, who had been preparing to rescue Superman. However, the Cyborg betrayed the tribunal and attempted to conquer their planet for conversion into a new Warworld. Superman and his allies stopped the Cyborg’s plan and, when Henshaw’s involvement in the destruction of Coast City was brought to the attention of the tribunal, they found the Cyborg guilty of genocide and sentenced him to death. As an electronic consciousness, Henshaw could not be killed by normal means and was transported beyond the event horizon of a black hole, where not even energy could escape from the gravity. Rather than being destroyed, the Cyborg was transported to the Marvel Universe, as seen at the beginning of the Green Lantern/Silver Surfer crossover. The Cyborg destroyed a planet in another attempt to recreate Warworld, attracting the attention of the Silver Surfer.

Their short battle was interrupted by the arrival of Parallax, who had been tracking the Cyborg for some time, seeking vengeance for the destruction of Coast City. In the confusion, Henshaw managed to escape and was returned to the DC Universe by the end of the story. The Cyborg would again encounter Hal Jordan[6], at the very brim of the Godwave, a nexus of statues that flow forth energy vital to the preservation of the Fourth World. Parallax used his powers to generate representations of the victims of Coast City, who tore the Cyborg’s body apart. Jordan than dispersed Henshaw’s consciousness into the Godwave and the Cyborg was once again seemingly destroyed. During a crisis involving the Godwave, Superman (wearing at the time his “Blue Energy Costume” travelled to New Genesis, and encountered Henshaw again, Henshadw had become part of the Godwave’s structure and had crafted a small world comprised of his memories, which he used to taunt Superman, after seemingly being defeated. However, unknown to Superman, the Cyborg stored his own consciousness in Superman’s technological containment suit. After Superman returned to Earth, Henshaw escaped and eventually constructed a new body, posing as a substitute high school teacher in an attempt to become human again (even managing to convince Asbury Armstrong that he possessed some goodness). However, in a fit of rage, Henshaw revealed his true identity as the Cyborg and this body was destroyed in a short fight with Superman. To escape detection, Henshaw stored his consciousness in a toy. This toy was later stolen by the Toyman, leading the two villains to join forces to kill Superman. To this end, the Cyborg designed a machine that would break Superman’s energy form down into multiple components and beam them to different points in the galaxy, preventing Superman from reforming. A malfunction in the machine caused Superman to split into Superman Blue and Superman Red, the latter of whom eventually defeated and captured the Cyborg. In a firm sense of irony, Henshaw shared with Superman a crossover encounter with the Fantastic Four, convincing Superman that Galactus was the true ravager of Krypton for a time, the result transformed Superman into the herald of the world devourer for a while. Galactus transformed Henshaw into an inanimate slab of metal after Henshaw demanded he be made his heir, and be made “perfect”, since he was half-human, his reduction to this state, void of all human matter, was as perfect as the merciless Galactus could perceive. He later attempted to take over Kandor, but this failed when he was defeated by Superman and sent to the Phantom Zone. Shortly after Y2K, Henshaw escaped the Phantom Zone and attacked Superman, who was suffering from Kryptonite poisoning at the time. He was defeated with the help of the Kandorians and sent back to the Phantom Zone, swearing revenge. However, he was not encountered on subsequent visits to the Zone and was instead freed and left to die at the ege of the Universe where he found the Manhunter Homeworld of Biot and named himself the new “Grandmaster” of the Manhunters inteading to rebuild the Manhunters and control the Universe under their order. During the battle with the captured Green Laterns, Henshaw finally revealed to Hal Jordan that his wife used to live in Coast City and the place reminded him to much of his past life and why he helped Mongul destroy it. After doing so, he imprisoned both Hal Jordan and Arisia in a Highmaster but the two were able to take control the Highmaster and used it to destroy Biot causing the Cyborg-Superman’s body to be destroyed in the process.

Henshaw’s head is taken by the Sinestro Corps after their invasion of Oa and taken back to Qward. Henshaw is later seen as a herald of the newly returned Anti-Monitor. He reconstructs his cyborg body and replaces the S-symbol on his chest with the symbol of the Sinestro Corps. He now wields ten Qwardian power rings. It is revealed that Henshaw has joined the Sinestro Corps so that the Anti-Monitor can later kill him and allow him to rest in peace.
Henshaw and his Manhunters head to Earth to assist the Sinestro Corps in their attack. En route, Henshaw stops leading the Manhunters, which continue to their preprogrammed destinations. As he watches them go, he remembers everything that has happened to him; from their dreadful shuttle accident to his wife’s suicide when she sees him in his robot form. He finishes this journey of his mind by going to his wife’s grave. He digs her corpse out and rips it into two, shouting that all he wants is not to be with her, but for these memories to fade.
Meanwhile, Manhunters start attacking to the JLA satellite. Hawkgirl, Black Lightning and Red Arrow retaliate; however, they all get put out of action when Henshaw assists in the attack. He starts tampering with the mechanics of the core of the satellite and becomes successful. As the satellite is thrown out of orbit, Superman comes out of nowhere and engages Henshaw in battle. Their fight continues on Earth, while Sinestro transports his crew and his ship from the Anti-Matter Universe. At first Superman seems to have the upper hand, however after two punches, Henshaw strikes with great power and rage, punching him through the Statue of Liberty. At the end, he puts Superman in a choke hold, thinking that the victory is near.
He is later seen briefly in Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents: Superman-Prime, having been beaten back by the combined strength of Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl.

It’s amazing that after that, all Henshaw truly wants to do is die in peace. He has had as an immortal machine and would rather just rest for eternity. Hard to say if he will ever truly get that or if he’s doom to be fighting both Green Lantern and Superman forever.


Green Lantern Corps #18 Review

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Picking up from last issue and the conclusion to Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime. Sodam Yat battles it out with Superman-Prime in front of everyone in the middle of Brooklyn, New York. As Sodam fights Prime, he remembers what brought him to this moment in time. We see as a child that Sodam was always fasinated with space and the universe as a whole. However, his xenophobic parents and society tried to keep his dreams to nothing more than that. Moving back to the present, Superman-Prime throws Yat into a nuclear power plant and exposes him to lead, which to a Daximite is certain death. While, Yat’s ring tries to filter it out of his system. Sodam reflects again when an alien crash landed on his planet and through teachings on both sides, they became friends and learned from each other.

Sodam’s attention is once again deverted back to Prime as he finally lashes back out at Superman-Prime injuring him a bit with his Ion powers but Prime laughs it out. Showing him tombstones of how he will kill him and the planet. Which causes him to remember that his parents caused him to see their fears from a VR unit where his alien friend’s species invaded Daxima but when Sodam woke up he found his friend murdered and once again without hope of living through his dreams of seeing the universe. For the next few years, he rebuilt his alien friend’s ship but just as he was about to depart. A Green Lantern ring came to him and drafted him into the Corps. With that, Sodam lashes all he has against Superman-Prime in the graveyard but it is futile. No matter what he does, no matter what he throws against Prime, it isn’t enough. The issue ends with Sodam Yat lays defeated with Guy Gardner and John Stewert left to face off against one of the most powerful members of the Sinestro Corps.

My Thoughts: I have to say that Green Lantern Corps #18 was a great read. Much like other chapters of the Sinestro Corps War, we got to look inside the head of the lead character. Seeing how Sodam Yat went from opressed child to being the new Ion was a very heart breaking read. Even worse is that he knows he’s doing his best but he can’t beat Superman-Prime no matter what. Plus, I have to hand it to Prime using both a Daximite and Green Lantern’s weakness to lead as a way to severly injure Yat. I have to say that I just want to see Superman-Prime finally get his ass kicked because when it happens. It will be one major pay off. We might be waiting until Final Crisis but when the time comes. It will be worth the wait. Hard to believe that the Sinestro Corps War is almost over in two short weeks. With two aftermath chapters coming up the same week followed by a lot of fall out the next few months. I have my check book handy and I’m hopefully getting a promotion soon. So, I think I’ll be ready to go.

Reaching the end of the Sinestro Corps War

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Hard to believe that in two weeks the Sinestro Corps War will come to an end. With the big Ion/Superman-Prime fight this week in Green Lantern Corps #18. Which leads to Prime’s current role in Coutdown to Final Crisis. I can’t wait to see how this story line is about to end. When I first read about the Sinestro Corps War I was just psyche! I mean I am a lover of super villain teams especially the evil oppisites of teams and heroes. So, getting the Sinestro Corps was just like getting that super dark chocolate mocha from the coffee shop. I can’t wait to see how this ends and the aftermath. Including the birth of several of the other new corps.


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Here he is, the destroyer and probably one of the most well known villains in the DC Universe currently, Superman-Prime. This dark Superman, the only super hero from Earth-Prime is probably the best known fall from grace of a super hero. On a world where he was the only hero, his world was destroyed by the Anti-monitor and in doing so, one of the most dangerous villains was created. Destine to plague the DC Universe for years to come.

Superboy-Prime is from the parallel world called Earth-Prime, which is a near-copy of the real world in which the DC heroes are fictional characters. He is the adopted son of Jerry and Naomi Kent. Naomi wanted to name their infant son Clark, after her maiden name, but Jerry, knowing he will also be named like Superman, a fictional comic book character, initially refused, but finally gave in. What the Kents do not know is that the baby, found abandoned in a forest, is actually a young Kal-El, who has been teleported to Earth moments before the planet Krypton is destroyed when its sun went supernova. Superboy is the second extraterrestrial on Earth-Prime after the debut of Ultraa several years before.
Young Clark lives most of his life as a normal boy. However, one night in his mid-teens, as he attends a costume party dressed as Superboy, the passage of Halley’s Comet overhead triggers his Kryptonian powers. At the same time, Kal-El, the Earth-One Superman, finds his way to Earth Prime, and the two Supermen meet.
Superboy-Prime is drawn into the Crisis on Infinite Earths after his universe is destroyed. Although the loss of everything he knows causes him anguish, he finds peace in knowing that he fights the good fight alongside other heroes. During the final battle against the Anti-Monitor, Kal-L, the Earth-Two Superman, orders him to escape with Alexander Luthor, Jr. and the other heroes. Fearing that Kal-L will die in battle and knowing the new Earth isn’t his true home, Superboy-Prime joins Kal-L in the fight against the Anti-Monitor.
After the destruction of the Anti-Monitor, Superboy-Prime joins Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three, Kal-L, and his wife Lois Lane in a “paradise dimension”.
In the “paradise dimension”, Superboy-Prime secludes himself from the others, using crystals to re-play events from his life on Earth-Prime. His favorite memory is of his ninth birthday party, which he watches repeatedly. Superboy-Prime becomes frustrated and angry, and he tries to reach out to Kal-L, whose attention is focused on Lois’ failing health. Alexander comes to believe that the reason behind Lois’ failing health is the paradise dimension itself, and persuades Superboy-Prime to help him return to reality. Alexander also shows Superboy-Prime the negative aspects of the post-Crisis Earth. Superboy-Prime hesitates until he overhears Kal-L say: “I wish this world would let him grow up. He’ll never be Superman here”. Finally, Alexander shows him the deaths of his parents and girlfriend in an accident on the post-Crisis Earth.

Superboy-Prime becomes frustrated; since the paradise dimension lacks a yellow sun, he isn’t as powerful. Eventually, Alexander reveals that his own powers are returning, and the two combine forces to break through the barrier wall. Together, they set into motion the events that culminate in Infinite Crisis:
Superboy-Prime pushes the planet Rann into Thanagar’s orbit, destroying Thanagar’s ecosystem, sparking the Rann-Thanagar War, and shifting the center of the universe away from Oa.
Alexander poses as Lex Luthor and forms a new Secret Society of Super-Villains.
Alexander recruits the Psycho-Pirate to place Eclipso’s Black Diamond in Jean Loring’s cell at Arkham Asylum. As Eclipso, Loring seduces the Spectre, and convinces him to destroy all magic. His actions create a raw form of magic that Alexander uses to power his tuning fork device.
Superboy Prime destroys the JLA Watchtower and abducts Martian Manhunter.
Alex takes control of Batman’s Brother Eye satellite, which allows him to access Checkmate’s files on Earth’s meta-humans and control the OMACs. The Superman of Earth-Two breaks open a portal to the DC Universe, and the four residents of the paradise dimension return,[16] making themselves known to Power Girl and Batman. When introduced to Power Girl, he calls himself Superboy-Prime for the first time. Kal-L tells Power Girl: “When the universe was reborn, Earth-One became the primary world. The scraps of the remaining worlds were folded into it. But I finally realized— we saved the wrong Earth”.Superboy-Prime is jealous of Conner Kent, the modern Superboy, believing him to be living the life he himself ought to have had. He also believes the Earth’s heroes act more like villains. As part of Luthor’s plan, Superboy Prime abducts figures originally from the worlds that combined to form the post-Crisis Earth, including Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, and Breach to power the vibrational tuning fork Alexander builds. Superboy-Prime confronts Superboy, telling him that he is the only Superboy the Earth needs. Superboy-Prime brutally attacks Conner, but not before he can activate his Titans homing signal. The Teen Titans, the Doom Patrol, and the Justice Society of America arrive to help Conner. After accidentally killing Pantha, Superboy-Prime is shocked and horrified. The heroes try to contain Superboy-Prime, who kills and wounds several of them while sobbing: “Why are you making me? WHY?! You’re ruining everything! You’re ruining me! You’re making me like you!”
Speedy traps Superboy-Prime in the Phantom Zone, using an “emergency Phantom Zone arrow”. Superboy Prime breaks free, exclaiming that the Phantom Zone is for “bad guys”. Left with no other option, Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen drive Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force, and banish him to a world bathed in red sunlight, where he remains for four years.
Hours later, an older Bart Allen, dressed in his grandfather’s costume, emerges from the Speed Force and tells the heroine Doctor Light to warn the other heroes that Superboy-Prime has escaped. Superboy-Prime reappears during a battle between Alexander Luthor and the heroes freed from his tower. Upon his return, he wears a power suit modeled after the Anti-Monitor’s armor, which constantly feeds him yellow solar energy and boosts his power levels. During the battle, Black Adam discovers that magic cannot be used against Superboy. In the fight, Superboy-Prime knocks Adam away from the tower, who is transported to Earth-S. Superboy-Prime insists that Luthor reinstate Earth-Prime as the only existing Earth. After Superboy Prime attempts to kill Wonder Girl, an enraged Conner Kent attacks him, saying that he may allow Superboy-Prime to belittle him, but attacking his friends and his girlfriend is a different matter. Conner and Superboy-Prime battle until Conner’s wrist is broken, making him realize that he can’t match Superboy-Prime’s powers, and charges Superboy-Prime, sending them both headlong into Alexander Luthor’s vibrational tuning fork. The machine explodes, and the alternate Earths merge into one. Superboy dies from injuries sustained during the explosion and Superboy-Prime survives.
Alexander and Superboy-Prime join the battle in Metropolis and quarrel about their contingency plan. Since their tower has been destroyed, Alexander is prepared to settle for taking over New Earth instead of creating a perfect Earth. Upon hearing of the new plan, Superboy-Prime refuses to help Alex, as he believes New Earth to be hopelessly inferior.
When Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, and Kal-L arrive to save Metropolis, Kal-L confronts Alex about his role in the destruction. Meanwhile, Superboy-Prime is attacked by Bart Allen, outraged by Superboy-Prime’s murder of Conner, taunts him. Superboy-Prime escapes Bart and flies toward Oa intending to destroy it and spark another Big Bang which would recreate the universe with himself as the sole hero. Although the majority of the Earth’s heroes are in pursuit, Superboy-Prime eludes capture. He is confronted by the Green Lantern Corps in deep space.

Imprisoned on Oa, Superboy-Prime carves an S-symbol into his chest and vows to escape.
Superboy-Prime breaks through a 300-mile thick wall of pure willpower generated by the Green Lantern Corps. Upon reaching the other side, he battles and slaughters thirty-two Green Lanterns. The battle provides the two Supermen time to attempt one final plan. They grab Superboy-Prime and drive him through Rao, the red sun of Krypton. The heat melts away Superboy-Prime’s armor, and severely weakens all three Kryptonians, who then land on Mogo. Superboy-Prime savagely beats Kal-L, who is all but dead when Kal-El intervenes.
Superboy-Prime claims that he is better than Kal-El, and that his Krypton was superior to Kal-El’s. Kal-El responds: “It’s not about where you were born. Or what powers you have. Or what you wear on your chest. It’s about what you do… It’s about action.” Although nearly powerless, Kal-El knocks Superboy-Prime out before collapsing himself.
The Green Lantern Corps arrives and confine Superboy-Prime in a quantum containment field, surrounded by a red Sun-Eater and guarded by fifty Green Lanterns.

A year later, Superboy-Prime sits in his cell and is watched over by a special cadre of Green Lanterns, including Guy Gardner, when the Guardians of the Universe discuss whether they should question him.
Geoff Johns stated on the scene, “It’s a subtle thing – he’s looking at his belt, and he’s contemplating who and what he is… for us, him being naked was an acknowledgment of stripping himself down to being this kid again, and being completely absorbed in what he’s done, and what he’s going to do.”
When the Sinestro Corps attack Oa, Superboy-Prime is released from his imprisonment and joins them. He becomes one of the Anti-Monitor’s heralds, alongside the Cyborg Superman, Sinestro, and Parallax (with Kyle Rayner as its host), and wears the uniform of the Sinestro Corps along with a variant of the power suit he wore during Infinite Crisis. Now called Superman-Prime, he arrives on Earth and battles a large group of heroes only to beat most of them back while having flashbacks to his life before he left Earth-Prime. Prime reveals that he did not believe Sinestro when he said that the Multiverse has been restored, and has only gone along with the Anti-Monitor’s plans so that he may one day get revenge on him for the destruction of Earth-Prime. Superman, Power Girl, and Supergirl arrive and stop him, only to have Prime escape as the sun rises, restoring his powers. The Guardians of the Universe appear in the sky alongside Sodam Yat, who is now the new host of the Ion entity.
Following the conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War, Superman-Prime, now wearing a costume similar to the black suit worn by Superman shortly after his resurrection, has discovered the existence of the new Multiverse and is currently traversing it in the hopes of finding Earth-Prime. He arrives on Earth-15 and attacks that world’s Lex Luthor, blaming him for Alexander Luthor’s failure to make the universe “perfect”. After swiftly killing that world’s Superman, Luthor, and Justice League, Prime is attacked by Wonder Woman and Batman. He kills both of them and promptly destroys the planet.
He then flies to his new base of operations — the Source Wall, where he’s been torturing Mister Mxyzptlk into helping him recreate Earth-Prime. It’s revealed that Prime is still only 19 years old and, according to Mxyzptlk, his growth is temporary and the result of his cells absorbing energy from his last “encounter.” Mxyzptlk escapes with the help of another prisoner, the Zatanna of Earth-3 who is killed when Superman-Prime grows angry and gives up on using magic to achieve his goals.

I’m in the group of people that enjoy having Prime being the bad ass destroyer he is. However, I’m also in the realm of just waiting for him to get his ass kicked by Ion or by the real Superman by the time Final Crisis happens.

Super sniper, Bedovian

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Here he is finally, the sharp shooter of the Sinestro Corps, Bedovian. This evil hermit crab from Sector 3, is probably one of the most deadly members of the Sinestro Corps. Bedovian can strive for years floating through space and on planetoids waiting for meals. In fact he can survive forever off the molds and spores that grow off of his shell. Like other Sinestro Corps members, he had to enter a fear hut to confront his worse fears to be a member of the Sinestro Corps. However, since he lives within one, he was able to face his fears constantly.

He is the Sinestro Corps resident sharpshooter, a hermit crab-type creature who lives in a Sinestro Corps Fear Lodge. He is extremely long-lived. He only requires sustenance every 600 years, usually another being, slowly digesting him until the next time.
Bedovian recently participated in the Sinestro Corps’ assault on Oa to free Hank Henshaw and Superboy-Prime. He successfully took out several Green Lanterns using his sniping abilities before being found and shot by John Stewart. Since Green Lanterns’ were restricted from killing sentient beings at the time, he very likely survived the assault, albeit with serious injury. However, his current status and whereabouts are unknown.

Since John’s ring at the time could not use leathal force, it’s pretty clear that Bedovian is out there waiting to strike at Green Lantern Corps again. When is the true question.

Geoff Johns on Word Balloon

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Green Lantern, Booster Gold, Justice Society of America and Action Comics writer, Geoff Johns talks about his work, what’s coming up on his book and reflecting on his past work and the current WGA strike.

The deadly Despotellis

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One of the most smallest and yet deadliest members of the Sinestro Corps. The sentient virus known as Despotellis. This micro organism is responsible for the death of most of it’s sector. Killing whole planets and spreading fear as one solar system dies after another. Despotellis first appeared at the end of Green Lantern Corps #10, surrounding sentient planet and Green Lantern Corps member Mogo. Despotellis is a microscopic sentient virus and one of the most dangerous and horrific members of the Sinestro Corps. The virus can attack Green Lanterns from the inside and kill them before realize its inside them and transform entire planets into rotting graveyards. It likely does this by producing non-sentient copies of itself.
Currently Despotellis is responsible for the death of Reemuz, Green Lantern of space sector 119 and 85 percent of the inhabited planets in that sector; he began this campaign purely to inspire fear in that sector.
It was recently revealed, in the Sinestro Corps special, that Despotellis was responsible for the death of Kyle Rayner’s mother.

Despotellis was considered infecting Mogo as well but it was in fact a fugi type life form that was similar but not Despotellis at all. What’s very intersting about Despotellis is that like most viruses, it doesn’t die after the infected body dies. In fact it is unknown how old Despotellis is or if it can even be defeated. While my favorite Gree Lantern, Soranuk Natu could probably come up wit a cure. It’s doubtful that the deadly Desptellis will be put out of the game any time soon.

Leader of the pack, Karu-Sil

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It’s time to look at one of the more freaky members of the Sinestro Corps, Karu-Sil. This deadly diva is one freaky chick. She constantly has a yellow construct of her former animal back tethered to her at all times. She feels that they will never leave her even though they are not real. Karu-Sil was born on Graxos III in Sector 2815, a primitive and violent jungle world. At a very young age, her parents were slaughtered in a raid on her village by a rival tribe, and she was forced to fend for herself in the jungle. She was adopted by a pack of predators, and in order to resemble her new family better she carved off her lips, permanently exposing her fanged teeth.
One day, in her adulthood, she was drinking water from a river when she was discovered by a young man from a nearby village. Though the young man approached her in friendship, she struck him down. As her pack began devouring the corpse, the Green Lantern of the sector showed up and slew them all. Not realising she had been part of the pack, the Green Lantern took her away to Graxos IV, a more technologically advanced world, to be cared for. There, she brutally killed a psychologist who was treating her, and she was institutionalized.
It was during this imprisonment that she was recruited into the Sinestro Corps. Once she obtained the power of the ring, she used it to create duplicates of her pack. Despite the fact that they are energy constructs, Karu-Sil still cares for them deeply, even comforting one after Guy Gardner kicked it. She refers to them as her “fathers three”, and when her ring runs low on power, she states “they need to be fed!”.

I have to say the thing that gets me the most is Karu-Sil’s mutilated face, which she did to herself to fit in her “family”. I like the character and I hope we see more of her, it’s not every day you have a villain who has their own hunting pack with them that they will keep at all costs. I think I see her defeat though, you take away all her ring energy, she loses her pack. There is always a Manhunter following Karu-Sil so her ring never runs out of power.

Kryb, watch out for your children

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on November 4, 2007

We turn to our most frightening Sinestro Corps members, Kryb. Now this paticular character was introduced in the Sinestro Corps special and he was weird. He was like this hunchback with babies, literally small babies in his back. Not knowing what the hell was going on back there. I really wanted to know who this guy was, since we got the story on the jelly guy being Low. So, here is the story on Kryb.

While his space sector is still unknown, Kryb first became an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps by attacking Tywene who was the husband of Jeryll. Kryb had killed Tywene and was holding their new born baby, Sarikyn hostage. He told Jeryll to cry for her and in doing so, opened Jeryll to fear allowing Kryb to kill her. It was then that Kryb took Sarikyn and added her to his back with other babies that he taken from other Green Lanterns he had killed. Making them prisoners inside him forever. Considering them the orphans of the Green Lantern Corps.

I don’t know about you but if a guy like this existed, I would fear for my future children. I mean, Kryb strikes fear in the most original way, he threatens the children of Green Lanterns and in that instance, he strikes. Killing the parents and taking their children in the process. I do wonder what Kryb’s ring constructs are like and what sector he comes from. However, I’m sure even with the Sinestro Corps War coming to an end in a few weeks. We haven’t heard the last of Kryb.