The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Kryb, watch out for your children

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on November 4, 2007

We turn to our most frightening Sinestro Corps members, Kryb. Now this paticular character was introduced in the Sinestro Corps special and he was weird. He was like this hunchback with babies, literally small babies in his back. Not knowing what the hell was going on back there. I really wanted to know who this guy was, since we got the story on the jelly guy being Low. So, here is the story on Kryb.

While his space sector is still unknown, Kryb first became an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps by attacking Tywene who was the husband of Jeryll. Kryb had killed Tywene and was holding their new born baby, Sarikyn hostage. He told Jeryll to cry for her and in doing so, opened Jeryll to fear allowing Kryb to kill her. It was then that Kryb took Sarikyn and added her to his back with other babies that he taken from other Green Lanterns he had killed. Making them prisoners inside him forever. Considering them the orphans of the Green Lantern Corps.

I don’t know about you but if a guy like this existed, I would fear for my future children. I mean, Kryb strikes fear in the most original way, he threatens the children of Green Lanterns and in that instance, he strikes. Killing the parents and taking their children in the process. I do wonder what Kryb’s ring constructs are like and what sector he comes from. However, I’m sure even with the Sinestro Corps War coming to an end in a few weeks. We haven’t heard the last of Kryb.


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