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Green Lantern Corps #18 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on November 29, 2007

Picking up from last issue and the conclusion to Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime. Sodam Yat battles it out with Superman-Prime in front of everyone in the middle of Brooklyn, New York. As Sodam fights Prime, he remembers what brought him to this moment in time. We see as a child that Sodam was always fasinated with space and the universe as a whole. However, his xenophobic parents and society tried to keep his dreams to nothing more than that. Moving back to the present, Superman-Prime throws Yat into a nuclear power plant and exposes him to lead, which to a Daximite is certain death. While, Yat’s ring tries to filter it out of his system. Sodam reflects again when an alien crash landed on his planet and through teachings on both sides, they became friends and learned from each other.

Sodam’s attention is once again deverted back to Prime as he finally lashes back out at Superman-Prime injuring him a bit with his Ion powers but Prime laughs it out. Showing him tombstones of how he will kill him and the planet. Which causes him to remember that his parents caused him to see their fears from a VR unit where his alien friend’s species invaded Daxima but when Sodam woke up he found his friend murdered and once again without hope of living through his dreams of seeing the universe. For the next few years, he rebuilt his alien friend’s ship but just as he was about to depart. A Green Lantern ring came to him and drafted him into the Corps. With that, Sodam lashes all he has against Superman-Prime in the graveyard but it is futile. No matter what he does, no matter what he throws against Prime, it isn’t enough. The issue ends with Sodam Yat lays defeated with Guy Gardner and John Stewert left to face off against one of the most powerful members of the Sinestro Corps.

My Thoughts: I have to say that Green Lantern Corps #18 was a great read. Much like other chapters of the Sinestro Corps War, we got to look inside the head of the lead character. Seeing how Sodam Yat went from opressed child to being the new Ion was a very heart breaking read. Even worse is that he knows he’s doing his best but he can’t beat Superman-Prime no matter what. Plus, I have to hand it to Prime using both a Daximite and Green Lantern’s weakness to lead as a way to severly injure Yat. I have to say that I just want to see Superman-Prime finally get his ass kicked because when it happens. It will be one major pay off. We might be waiting until Final Crisis but when the time comes. It will be worth the wait. Hard to believe that the Sinestro Corps War is almost over in two short weeks. With two aftermath chapters coming up the same week followed by a lot of fall out the next few months. I have my check book handy and I’m hopefully getting a promotion soon. So, I think I’ll be ready to go.


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