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Leezle Pon, the smallest Green Lantern

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As we return to spot lights on various Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps members, I was going to start off with Despotellis’s opposite number, Leezle Pon. I really didn’t know anything about this guy until about a two weeks ago in Green Lantern #25. Pon is a sentient smallpox virus but one of the good guys from Sector 119 and was the former partner of Reemuz, who was killed by Despotellis. During the final battle with the Sinestro Corps on Earth in Green Lantern #25. Soranik Natu injected Leezle Pon into Guy Gardner who then defeated Despotellis and cured Guy before being moved to Natu’s lab on Oa. Where the evil virus is being worked on by Natu in hopes of finding a permanent cure for Despotellis. Originally Tomar-Re described Leezle Pon to Arisia as a super intelligent smallpox virus, which, understandably, did not participate in meetings of the Green Lantern Corps way back in
Green Lantern Vol. 2 #188, May 1985. I was a wee lad of 7 at the time and he wasn’t talked about again for over twenty years. However, I think he’s cool and it’s great to have Leezle Pon back.


The Shark, dun… dun… dunnna…

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Starting this weekend, I’m getting back into profiles but with a new twist. Each week, I’ll do a spot light on one Green Lantern Corps member and one Sinestro Corps member. I won’t be starting this until tomorrow but I am going to kick things off with a classic Green Lantern villain, the Shark. Now this incarnation of the DC Comics Jaws, is a pretty frightening character. An evolved tiger shark that hunts and kills for food and pleasure (like I said, Jaws). Anyhow, the villain was recently brought back just before Infinite Crisis with an updated look, new powers and just being a plain bad ass. Let’s get into the slippery foes origins and history.

There have been several version of the shark but the third Shark debuted in Green Lantern #24 (October 1963). He is a tiger shark that rapidly mutated after exposure to nuclear waste. The rapid evolutionary growth gives him high intelligence, a humanoid appearance, and telepathic powers, but leaves him with his bloodthirsty shark instincts.
Shark’s killer instincts drive him to seek out prey that he can terrify. He eventually seeks out Green Lantern when he learns that the hero is without fear. Even though he uses his telepathy to discover Green Lantern’s vulnerability to yellow, the Shark is unable to overcome the Green Lantern’s will power. Green Lantern uses his ring to devolve the Shark back into his primitive form, then places him under guard at the Coast City aquarium.
Shark manages to return to his evolved state many times, and returns to fight the Green Lantern, as well as Superman and Black Condor. At one point the Shark is able to evolve into a human form; now using the name “Karshon” he manages to temporarily depose Aquaman as the ruler of Atlantis. Aquaman is able to expose Karshon and forces the Shark to devolve.
During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Shark joins Guy Gardner’s fight against the weaponers of Qward.
Post-Crisis, the Shark returns in Green Lantern vol. 4 #4 to face Hal Jordan again. In his latest appearance, his form is more monstrous, with webbed fingers, claws, and a large fin on his back. His new appearance is caused by experiments performed on him by aliens known as the Gremlins. A further mutated Shark appears in Infinite Crisis, as part of the Secret Society of Supervillains’s attack on Atlantis. Along with King Shark, he kills Neptune Perkins. The Spectre soon devastates the entire area, seemingly killing everyone in the city and around it. It was revealed that both Sharks survived. The Shark drifted back into open water to search for prey, continuing around Coast City looking for food sources and bringing in pack sharks in his wake.

In his evolved state, the Shark possesses advanced mental powers, including telepathy, matter manipulation, and the ability to project bolts of energy. He can use his telepathic abilities to project fear into the minds of others. In some cases, the Shark has shown the ability o change his features to resemble a human male. Even in his evolved state, Shark retains some of his primitive shark abilities, including an enhanced sense of smell, and the ability to breathe underwater.

Now a funny story, a few nights ago I had a dream that I was staring in a remake of the original Jaws film with me in the role of Roy Scheider, saying the famous line: “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” So, I decided to go ahead and get the Shark up and going here on the spot light. I really like this villain and now with the growing populace in Coast City, I think the Shark is going to be showing up pretty soon. Especially now since one of the gremlins that was involved with the Shark, is now a member of the Sinestro Corps. Happy swimming.

Green Lantern #26 Review

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The Alpha Lanterns part 1

Following the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War, the now 9 Guardians of the Universe deal with the aftermath of the war and their choices. They officially agree that the new 10 laws were necessary but now they have to enact the rest of them or the prophecy of the Blackest Night will come true no matter what. Hence the Alpha Lanterns are born. We flash back to the day before with Sinestro sitting in his science cell on Oa with other members of his corps around him. He tells Hal Jordan that “he’s won”. While Hal questions this, Sinestro explains everything. That everything the Guardians have now done in light of the war is what he originally wanted in the first place. Lethal order, so that the Universe would be afraid and listen to the Green Lantern Corps usher in order and peace. As Hal tells him that he is wrong and what he has done will eventually lead to the destruction of the universe. He also tells Sinestro that due to the new laws of Oa he is not a prisoner looking to be rehabilitated. He is now a man on death row and he thought he should say that to an old friend. Meanwhile, in the Xanshi star-system former home to the assassin, Fatality. John Stewart greets his own fear by looking at the aftermath he caused when he accidentally destroyed Xanshi. He uses all his will power to try and rebuild the planet and it’s moons but ultimately, his ring can’t do it alone.

Back on Oa, in the Green Lantern Crypt, Laira along with Hannu and Boodikka look at Ke’Haan’s memorial and Hannu explains to Boodikka that the reason that Laira grieves so heavily for Ke’Haan is that she was in love with him and he with her. He also explains that due to the fact that Ke’Haan had a family they never pursued that love and continued as close friends that could never truly be together. They are later approached by Salaak who informs him that his request to the Guardians for Laira to bring Ke’Haan’s tribute back to his family has been approved and they take off. While back on Earth, Hal Jordan finally confronts Jillian Pearlman about what happened to them before the war and the two take off in their jets together but then Hal uses his ring to keep the two in sync with each other while they make out in mid air and away from prying eyes. In Coast City, John Stewart continues to help the city rebuild with the growing populace and is contacted by Tomar-tu and Graf Toren that the prophecy of the Blackest Night has been burned out of the book. The two can’t reflect on it very long when Salaak tells them they can go with Laira to Ke’Haan’s home world. Much later, the Laira and her fellow Green Lanterns arrive on Varva but when they arrive at Ke’Haan’s home they find his family killed and the Sinestro Corps logo burned on their house. They soon find Amon Sur is responsible and he explains to them that while he fled the final battle with the Sinestro Corps. His actions will inspire his fellow corps members to do the same. In a heist of hatred and rage, Laira kills Amon with her ring and in doing so sends the ring to find a new bearer and leaves her other lanterns looking on in horror and shock.

Wow! What a great follow up issue, Geoff Johns does it again and Mike McKone’s work just sizzled off the pages. His panels dealing with Hal and Sinestro were great and I love where Hal’s relationship is going with Jill. However, the biggest shock comes from Laira. As her rage and anger finally get the better of her. I was waiting for her to lash out and while her anger during the war was justified. Her actions on killing Amon were not. There has been speculation that Laira will be the first of the Red Lanterns and this issue really cements that possibility. I like the current concept of the Alpha Lanterns but we really don’t get the full story on them yet. This is an origin and aftermath story and it’s very easy to follow as the Sinestro Corps War has truly changed the very course of the Green Lantern Corps. Also pick up the Sinestro Corps/Green Lantern Secret Files, it’s a great book and not only gives an origin on Morro but gives you the list of every current members of both corps and a look of what is to come in Green Lantern.


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Here he is, the villain that needs very little introduction, the menacing Mongul. Mongul has been a personal favorite of mine for years. Long before the current incarnation was introduced back in the late 1990’s (has it really been 12 years?). As you have seen during my last few posts. I’ve been focusing on the alien warlord a bit. He has a large part to play in the post Sinestro Corps War and he has a role to play in the upcoming Final Crisis this coming summer. He also got in his kicks during Infinite Crisis two years ago and he is about to make his mark just like his dear old daddy did many years ago when not only almost killed Superman but also destroyed Coast City along with the Cyborg-Superman. Let’s get into the history of Mongul.

Mongul I

In the comics, Mongul was originally the tyrannical ruler of his own alien race (who, like him, are yellow-skinned humanoids.) He was eventually deposed by a revolution and Mongul swore he’d reconquer his subjects. To this end, he sought the most powerful weapon in the Universe: the artificial planet, Warworld.
To activate it, however, he needed a “key” device, which was under the care of the Martian Manhunter. Mongul kidnapped three of Superman’s friends (Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Steve Lombard) to force the hero to get the key for him. Superman fought against and defeated the Manhunter and obtained the key. In the subsequent scuffle, the Manhunter rescued Superman’s friends, but Mongul escaped with the key. Mongul activated Warworld and linked his mind directly to its controls. Warworld was attacked by Superman and Supergirl and Mongul used its super weapons against them. Almost too late, he realized that the controls’ drain on his brain was too strong; however, he managed to escape just before the heroes destroyed Warworld.
Some time later, Mongul again tried to steal a super weapon; this time, it was a planet-destroying ray machine used by the empress of another galaxy to blackmail its citizens into obedience. It was controlled by the empress’ crown. In a plot to obtain the crown, Mongul killed the empress, captured her brother, the alien super hero Starman and threatened to kill him unless Starman’s lover gave him the crown. He got the crown, but was attacked again by Superman; this proved to be a diversion while Starman destroyed the weapon. Again, Mongul escaped.
Desiring revenge on Superman, Mongul stole a Sun-Eater from the Controller who kept it and tried to use it to devour the Earth’s solar system. With help from the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Sun-Eater was destroyed (and Superman was finally able to defeat Mongul in hand-to-hand combat).
after DC Comics decided to reboot their Universe (see Crisis on Infinite Earths), the original Mongul stories were no longer valid. Mongul was reintroduced as already having obtained Warworld and having used it to create his own space empire. He entertained the empire’s citizens with gladiatorial games; the champion was an alien warrior called Draaga. Mongul captured Superman for use in the games, but the hero ended up joining forces with Draaga and making Mongul flee.
Mongul then joined forces with the Cyborg Superman in order to gain vengeance on Superman and to try to turn the Earth into another Warworld. In the process, Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s home, Coast City, was destroyed, which led to Jordan joining Superman and his allies to defeat Mongul (see The Death of Superman). After his defeat, Mongul was imprisoned in a jail for intergalactic criminals, only to break out during a riot. His first target was Green Lantern; he found out that the one who he faced (Kyle Rayner), was not the one he fought earlier. Even more so, he was defeated when Kyle’s ring showed no weakness to yellow, something that even shocked the aiding Superman. Following his defeat, he was re-imprisoned.
During the Underworld Unleashed story line, the Demon Lord Neron began offering super villains enhanced power in exchange for their souls, all by lighting a candle. Mongul was one of those offered the deal, but his pride caused him to decline the offer. In response, Neron easily beat Mongul to death, taking his soul in the process.

Mongul II

Mongul’s son, also named Mongul, appeared to assist and train Superman, in preparation for the arrival of Imperiex. He appeared to have been killed later in the Our Worlds at War crossover, but returned during Infinite Crisis after learning from Despero that the Justice League had apparently been destroyed. His intention was to loot their Watchtower headquarters but he ended up fighting Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. During the fight, he declared he would take Batman’s skull for his throne. He was almost killed by Wonder Woman before escaping via a working teleporter.
The teleportation transported him to Earth, to menace Hal Jordan, the newly-returned Green Lantern, by using the Black Mercy on him and Green Arrow. In the meantime, he sought his sister, Mongal, to settle family squabbles. The heroes broke free and used a teleporter to transport Mongul and Mongal to their home planet. Stating family to be a weakness, Mongul punched off Mongal’s head.


Mongal is the sister of Mongul (son of the original), introduced by her brother to Superman in Superman #170. When Krypto nearly killed Mongul, Mongal escaped and reappeared to destroy New York City. After Maxima’s death in the “Our Worlds at War” mini-series, Mongal was chosen as the ruler of her homeworld of Almerac, and was established as a galactic threat to Superman. After a squabble with her brother in Green Lantern volume 4 #8 (March 2006), Mongul punched off her head, stating family to be a weakness.

Some Family huh? Mongul is simply a bad ass and now he’s ready to tear into the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps and the soon to be forming Red Lantern Corps. I’ll be posting updates on Mongul in the months ahead, keep your eyes open and check back for updates.

Happy Holidays

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I just wanted to say: “Happy Holidays” to everyone out there. I hope this festive time sees everyone well and spending time with friends and family. For myself, I’ll be spending time with my fiancé’s family on Christmas Eve before going to work early at the hospital on Christmas Day and then joining my family for a wonderful dinner. I have a lot to be thankful for this year and lots to look forward to in 2008. I hope everyone will have a safe and happy holiday season and I’ll see you guys in a few days to get ready for the New Year.

The Star Sapphire Corps

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I had a very quiet night, so I decided to put my entry on the newest corps, the Star Sapphire Corps. I was always a big fan of Star Sapphire. She was like the Green Lantern version of Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. However, as the years went by, the villain was pretty much forgotten. In fact during Judd Winick’s run on Green Lantern. There were plans of having Kyle’s boss become the next Star Sapphire but it was quickly let go and it wouldn’t be for another 5 years before the character was brought out of retirement. Let’s go from the beginning, shall we?

The Zamarons

The Zamarons were the female members of the race known as the Maltusians. When the renegade Maltusian scientist Krona performed a forbidden experiment that had terrible effects on the whole universe, the male Oans argued about how to deal with the situation. One group of Oans decided to dedicate their eternal existences to contain evil; this group fractured into the Guardians of the Universe and the Controllers. The females, however, saw no need to involve themselves and, since the Oans were by then immortal and had no more need to reproduce, left their mates and became known as the Zamarons (a near-anagram of Amazons).
After billions of years, the Zamarons, Guardians, and Controllers evolved (since they did not reproduce, it was the individuals themselves who evolved) into different forms. While the Maltusians were originally human-like but blue-skinned, the Zamarons eventually became something else entirely. In their first appearance, they appeared identical to Caucasian Earth women. The Zamarons developed a warrior-like culture, and, unlike the Guardians, preferred to focus on developing their physical abilities over their mental ones. They stored their psionic energies into purple crystals. They also choose a female that resembles their leader and give them a purple crystal, turning her into Star Sapphire, with a namesake gem that grants her enormous mental powers but also takes over her mind. The gem also has its own sentient mind. One of the women chosen was Carol Ferris, lover of the human Green Lantern Hal Jordan. She ended up becoming one of his greatest foes.
The Zamarons eventually chose to take males from the planet Korugar as mates. This led the Guardians to enact a secret decision: should they or any of their agents ever kill a Korugarian male, the main Power Battery on Oa would self-destruct. Apparently they meant this as a measure to keep themselves from ever acting against them out of jealousy. However this backfired when, after the Guardians had left our universe temporarily, the Green Lantern Corps decided to execute the Korugarian criminal Sinestro, unaware of the special provision. This caused the destruction of the battery and led to the temporary dissolution of the Corps.
The Zamarons eventually decided to rejoin their Guardian mates in order to parent a foretold new generation of Oans. They left this dimension in order to mate. Although the Guardians later returned, the Zamarons continued to wait to give birth. The Zamarons have recently resurfaced, conducting an underground war against the Guardians. It was revealed that the Zamarons migrated from Oa due to the Guardians decision to suppress their emotions while the Zamarons decided to embrace them. After settling on Zamaron, the Zamarons found a parasitic purple crystal sprouting out of the remains of two corpses and then created several Star Sapphires out of the purple crystal to give to women who had been loved and spurned, giving them the opportunity to gain revenge.
A new Star Sapphire recently appeared and first takes possession of a girl named Krystal, and then sought out Carol Ferris. Ferris is released once the gem discovers that Hal Jordan is in love with Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman. However, Hal and Carol manage to free Cowgirl after a battle. When the Zamarons reappear, Hal gives a false affectionate kiss to one of the Zamarons, leading the gem to possess her and kill her after the other Zamarons attempt to remove it, which forces them to retreat. Realizing that the Star Sapphire is too powerful to control in its current state, the Zamarons create a violet Power Battery and violet Power ring from the gem. It is revealed that the Zamarons have been collecting the emotional energy of fear (represented by yellow light), willpower (represented by green light), and love (represented by violet light) in preparation for an upcoming war.

Now going into the various women that have been taken over and turned in Star Sapphire. The original golden age version was pretty much forgotten. This mysterious queen of the “7th dimension” attempted to take over Earth twice, then vanished for decades. The first time, Star Sapphire brought her planet close to Earth and began removing our world’s oxygen. She began by capturing the original Flash and his colleague Dr. Flura, stranding them on her own world with two minutes to live. Between the altered physical laws of the 7th dimension and the Flash’s speed, he was able to destroy her machine and stop the attack.

The Star Sapphire’s second attack banished Earth᾿s men to another dimension, leaving the female population for her to rule. Again, the Flash defeated her by making use of the differing rates of time in each dimension.

She made no further attacks on Earth for decades, until a new Star Sapphire surfaced in Coast City. This Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris, was an Earth woman chosen by the all-female alien race of Zamarons to be their queen. Presented with a powerful sapphire gem, she took on the persona of their ruler and came into conflict with Green Lantern. When the second Flash encountered the new Star Sapphire, he discovered that the original was manipulating her…and that she had been the Zamarons’ previous ruler, deposed and exiled for being unfit to rule. (This unfitness was likely in part due to her fear of men.) In the course of the battle, the ruler of the 7th dimension was trapped in the Star Sapphire gem. She has not been seen since.
The story was retcon both during the first crisis and then later was reestablished during Infinite Crisis. Basically, this Star Sapphire was an early attempt by the Zamarons to take control of Earth and “protect it” as they saw fit. Pretty much when she was banished, she was taken back by the Zamarons and killed after the Star Sapphire was removed from her.

The next Star Sapphire is probably the best well known. Carol Ferris, better known as Hal Jordan’s longest term girlfriend. As Ferris Aircraft’s Vice President, Carol Ferris, the only child of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris, hired Hal Jordan and quickly found herself attracted to the fearless test pilot, who was secretly the superhero Green Lantern. However, the young couple’s romance quickly became complicated when Carol took over the company from her father and the Zamarons crowned her the new Star Sapphire. When the Zamarons discovered that she was in love with Green Lantern, a servant of their estranged mates, the Guardians of the Universe, they sent her to defeat Green Lantern in battle as Star Sapphire.
Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and again, but each time Jordan would defeat Ferris and revert her to normal.When Carol Ferris was cured of her evil Star Sapphire persona, she developed a third subconscious identity, the male “Predator”. Deprived of Hal Jordan’s love at the time, Carol found everything she wanted from a man in the Predator – masculinity, strength, and care. Physically separated from Carol’s body, the Predator repeatedly appeared as a mysterious figure, protecting Carol’s beloved company Ferris Aircraft from the threats of Eclipso, the Demolition Team and Jason Bloch. He also established the company Intercontinental Petroleum (Con-Trol) to let her regain control of Ferris Aircraft. Finally, the Predator started to court Carol (who did not know that the Predator was a part of herself) and battled Hal Jordan for her love. Hal defeated the Predator and witnessed him merging with Carol into Star Sapphire. Later, the Predator reappeared and revealed that he was actually an ancient parasite from the planet Maltus. With Jordan powerless, the Predator transformed Carol into a totally evil incarnation of Star Sapphire (who eventually murdered Katma Tui), and he impregnated Star Sapphire with a demonic entity.
Still later, Carol became the administrator of Extreme Justice’s Mount Thunder facility. Soon, both the Predator and Star Sapphire were completely separated from Carol, and Star Sapphire actually gave birth to the child. It was revealed that Carol Ferris and Star Sapphire are two separate beings, and Sapphire was not Carol transformed as had previously been believed, but some sort of energy-based being who inhabited Carol’s body. Shortly afterwards, the parents (Predator and Star Sapphire) were killed by Neron, who departed with their baby in his arms. (Extreme Justice #10-11)

In Green Lantern Vol. 3 #119, Hal (as the Spectre) decides to visit Carol. He makes himself visible and tells Carol he is going to help her, but that she won’t remember his visit. He reaches into Carol and pulls out the Star Sapphire gem, which causes Star Sapphire herself to re-emerge (it appeared she was previously killed by Neron, but somehow a part of her survived in Carol). The Spectre detains Star Sapphire and puts her back into the gem. He hands the gem to Carol and lets her finish the job, which she does (essentially finally killing the Star Sapphire persona that would take control of her), and starts feeling much better.
In Green Lantern: Rebirth #6, Hal and Carol finally come to terms with their relationship. In Northern California at Ferris Aircraft, Carol Ferris asks Hal whether he remembers anything from when he was the Spectre. Hal says he remembers it as if he were watching it from the outside. How Spectre thinks, and who he talked to beyond this life, Hal can’t recall. Hal apologizes for everything Carol had to go through. Carol says she survived and that she’s not going to sell the airbase. She says that if Hal can rebuild his life, so can she and that she’s going to do so with her husband, Gil. Carol says that she can use a good pilot. Hal says that he appreciates the offer, but he has other plans. n Green Lantern Vol. 4 #18, The Star Sapphire crystal briefly possesses Carol, before detecting that Hal Jordan had feelings for his fellow pilot Cowgirl, and left Carol’s body. She and Hal worked together to free Cowgirl from the crystal. Knowing that she still loves Hal and knowing that it isn’t fair to her husband, she filed a divorce in order to win back the man she truly loves.

Now there is a lot of confusion on the next Star Sapphire, she original was an alien that took human form but then later it was revealed that she was human after all. This is the complete history on Deborah Camille Darnell. Remoni-Notra, of the planet Pandina, was chosen by the Zamarons to be to be their queen, an honor previously bequeathed upon Earth’s Carol Ferris, but refused. Remoni-Notra was given one of the five star sapphire gems and was told of the existence of the other four. Using her powers, she came to Earth to locate and steal Carol Ferris’ gem and joined the Secret Society of Super Villains as the new Star Sapphire in hopes of finding a clue to the gem.
On Earth she took the name Deborah Camille Darnell and became a stewardess at Ferris Aircraft, in hopes of getting closer to Carol to take the Star Sapphire gem. As Debbie Darnell, she often dated long-time hero Captain Comet. She also portrayed a French real estate agent named Camille on Earth. Her whereabouts were unknown until recently when it was revealed that she was mind-wiped and put in a coma. She was most likely mind-wiped at the request of Green Lantern Hal Jordan to protect Carol Ferris. She was in a coma following the mind-wipe, and was revived by her teammates in the Secret Society. Together, they again battled the Justice League of America.n Infinite Crisis #6, several magic-users summon the Spectre. He singles out Darnell, and says “Deborah Camille Darnell. As Star Sapphire, you have terrorized and enslaved men across the universe. You decapitated and slaughtered those who did not bow down before you. Your hatred for men has resulted in the torturous deaths of hundreds. Vengeance must be had!” He then transforms her into a sapphire and shatters her, killing her in front of the rest of the magic-users. It was later revealed that Remoni-Notra’s personality was still embedded in the Star Sapphire and was drawn to Deborah after a short relationship with Hal Jordan. The entire personality was destroyed by the Spectre leaving the original Star Sapphire persona intact.

Not all Star Sapphire’s were rejected by Green Lanterns. While Hal Jordan might have been fighting all his old girlfriends and ex-lovers. There were Green Lanterns who pretty much embraced Star Sapphire. During a charity event, Carol Ferris is mysteriously attacked. Green Lantern rescues her and takes her to the hospital. There, she awakens and seeks out the star sapphire jewel. When she finds it, she resumes her Star Sapphire identity. Green Lantern finds her, but she stuns him and leaves.
When Hal recovers, he follows Star Sapphire. He finds her battling another woman who is also Star Sapphire. The Zamarons meet GL and explain that the other woman is Dela Pharon from the planet Xanador. The Zamarons chose her as their new queen, but the woman became angry when dissenters claimed that Carol would have made a superior queen. Dela came to Earth and attacked Carol. This provoked Carol to become Star Sapphire again.
The two women finish their duel with Carol seemingly the victor. She then challenges and defeats GL, forcing him to return to Zamaron as her husband. Before the wedding, GL discovers that the woman is really Dela Pharon. She has tricked everyone in order to marry GL. Hal brings the real Carol, who was living Dela Pharon’s life on Xanador, to Zamaron. He then defeats Dela and returns Carol to Earth with no knowledge of events or her Star Sapphire persona (Green Lantern v2 #41, Dec 1965).
Dela reappears in a story told by Carol Ferris. She continued as Star Sapphire, eventually enslaving the Green Lantern of Xanador, becoming his mate, killing him, and then encasing the planet in a crystal, suspended for the rest of time.

Now, with Deborah dead and the original persona back in control a new Star Sapphire wass introduced in Green Lantern #15. The gem first takes possession of a girl named Krystal, and then seeks out Carol Ferris. Ferris is released once the gem discovers that Hal Jordan bears affection for Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman.
As the gem takes possession of Cowgirl, Ferris reveals to Jordan that during the time the gem possessed her, she gained knowledge of the Star Sapphire: they come from Sector 1416 and comprise a Star Sapphire Corps whose purpose is to spread love throughout all 3600 sectors of the universe. The members of the Corps are Oans who, after migrating to Zamaron, found a parasitic crystal which they shaped into several Star Sapphires. These were used to empower females who had been loved and spurned, providing them the opportunity for revenge.
In the afterlude of this incident, the Zamarons are shown converting the Star Sapphire (which Hal Jordan had tricked into latching onto one of the Zamarons) into a power ring and lantern, which they place on a dais which contains a ring and lantern set of the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps, alongside several ring/lantern sets of different colors mentioning that they must collect all emotions in order to combat “the Prophecy”.

Now a few months later, the Zamarons have made a lot of progress with their corps. They have forged hundreds of rings and power batteries to go with them on Zamaron. With the Sinestro Corps War over, the Zamarons have already started recruiting members in their corps. With an almost endless supply of Star Sapphire crystals thanks to the planets they have incased. They target women or in some cases men that are either romantically involved with a Green Lantern or their better half. As shown in Ganthlet’s vision, the Star Sapphires are more powerful together than apart and while the full capabilities of their powers are yet to be revealed. Known powers so far are: equipped with an arsenal of weapons, including a replicate Zamaron star sapphire, but their origins are largely unknown. She also seems to have a variety of personal powers, through whether they stem from herself or her personal armament is also unknown. She is also able to access the memories of the Zamorans regarding the Star Sapphire gem, such as the experiences of other wearers.
As with her powers, the limitations of the Star Sapphire are unclear. Psychologically, she has displayed a bizarre preoccupation with gender, suspected of reflecting a pathological fear of men. She also has a less than accurate grasp of the variations in physics between dimensions. She has been foiled in both of her recorded cases primarily by her own over-confidence. However, with the crystals being turned into power rings for better control, the fear of men has pretty much been eliminated. Where the Star Sapphire Corps will strike next is unknown but there are those looking for the power of love, those who intend to bend it to their own misdeeds than the Zamarons’ cause.

7 Colors of the Corps

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Here we go, the look at the new corps colors as shown in Green Lantern #25. Well, I have to say as of right now, the new corps can’t get here fast enough. I know I’m not the only one. We have 5 more colors that haven’t been shown yet, we’ve been given clues, we’ve been given previews but until they show up. We don’t know truly what they are about. So, here is a run down on the colors and what they represent and what they mean towards the Blackest Night.

The Sinestro Corps

First we have the Sinestro Corps, or the color yellow which represents fear. The Sinestro Corps was building for about a year following the end of Infinite Crisis. From Sinestro escaping the chaos back to Qward where he met the reborn Anti-monitor and started building his corps from there. Which of course was facing his own inner fears and making his ring light up new and started the yellow spectrum that would give birth to his corps. The difference at first with the Sinestro Corps from the Green Lantern Corps was their rings could use lethal force. They could kill on a whim and almost anyone who could cause great fear was drafted. However, like most recruits not all could make it. Many rookies went mad trying to confront their true fears and never made it. While others who did either deserted their posts or were killed during the war with the Green Lantern Corps. However, in the end, Sinestro proved his point he wanted to make years ago with the Green Lanterns that his way worked and that the Green Lanterns were starting to end up like his corps. They are currently rebuilding minus the Anti-monitor and Sinestro.

The Star Sapphire Corps

Next is the Star Sapphire Corps on the violet spectrum or “love”. Now, the Star Sapphires have been around for years and I’ll go more into their history on a later post before Christmas. Now, as we’ve seen from the War of Lights, the Star Sapphire Corps suits are close to the original Star Sapphires that plagued Hal Jordan for most of his careers and dating life with the various women in his life. Ethan Van Sciver talked about the possibility that some members might be men and not all women. The formation of this corps was recently shown in the “Who is Star Sapphire” story arc just before the Sinestro Corps War. As it was also shown, the Zamorans are currently forming the corps.

The Red Lanterns

Now the one corps I can’t wait for, which will be this summer is the Red Lanterns. These guys are just wicked cool. According to both Geoff Johns and Ethan, these guys just literally spew hate. They are full of rage and basically their motto is: “You listen to us, or you die.” To quote Yoda: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate… leads to suffering.” These guys are on the opposite side of the Sinestro Corps. These guys don’t just make you afraid of them they will make you beg for their kind of order. Their ring constructs are also of weapons from blades to staffs. While it was revealed that three of the ones we saw in Green Lantern #25 have names and backgrounds. They are going to be a force to be reckon with.

The Orange Lanterns

Now the real mystery of the new lantern corps is the orange end better known as avarice or greed. The power source is supposed to be found out by someone who’s greed is like no other and will twist it to his own whims. As it has also been shown, these lanterns are constantly engulfed in an orange aura. Now why this is or why so many of them seem to be from races of giant animals is also unknown until the story line happens.

The Blue Lanterns

Now, going the other way we start with the good side of the corps with the Blue Lanterns. As it was shown, the Blue Lanterns represent hope and have been started by Ganthlet and Sayd who were kicked out of the Guardians of the Universe during the Sinestro Corps War. These guys are more noble, more along the lines of what the Green Lantern Corps used to be. No lethal force, now corruption. These guys are on the straight and narrow, like the Knights of the Round Table. They constantly pulsate their ring energy and will be on the side of the Green Lantern Corps even if they don’t approve of the corps methods now.

The Indigo Lanterns

Finally are the Indigo Lanterns, which are part of peace. They are like ancient monks in Tibet. They wear their symbols on their bodies and are about nonviolence but will fight if provoked or attacked. Now these “give peace a chance” seem to be more in tune with nature and all carry staffs and not rings. They also seem to be more terra firma based than flying through the skies. More like ambassadors of goodwill than cops or enforcers of peace.

There we have it. The new corps, I will be getting into the Star Sapphires history just before Christmas and I’ll be following the unfolding story with the Red Lanterns as it comes about. Have a good weekend everyone.

The coming of the Blackest Night

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With the Sinestro Corps War over. We start the year and a half journey towards “The Blackest Night”, which will the conclusion of the Green Lantern trilogy that Geoff Johns has been working on the last three years. My first thought is: “WOW!” No, really that’s my actually thoughts. You see, this isn’t coming from a guy who loves Geoff Johns writing or Ethan Van Scrier’s art work because honestly, they are top notch. You see, I’ve been a Green Lantern fan for years. I was reading the title off and on during the early 90’s and then got back into the book full time when Judd Winick took over as writer. I was always a Hal Jordan but I grew to love Kyle and when John Stewart and Guy Gardner came back into the picture, I was smiling almost every month. Since Rebirth I see myself every month picking up Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corps and being the first book I read as soon as I get to the car. No, I don’t wait to get home, I crack it open and start reading. Then when I get home I read it again and flip through the pages enjoying the art. Yes, I’m that big of a Green Lantern geek.

So, as you see I’m really looking forward to The Blackest Night, which has been talked about since Alan Moore’s story. So, what were the earliest signs of “The Blackest Night”. No, it wasn’t Moore’s story, it was seen way back in issue 6 of Green Lantern with the revamping of Black Hand at the hands of the Gremlins. Hand said himself that “death” was on the other side of the spectrum and that everything was connected to death. His new symbol is even that of the Black Lantern Corps logo, which is the symbol for death. It was through his new powers that Black Hand was able to regenerate his lost hand, which was turned to ash by Jordan possessed by Parallax when he was the Spectre. Black Hand was briefly shown during Infinite Crisis being broke out of Belle Reve by The Society. He hasn’t been seen since but now with the end of the Sinestro Corps War, we see the rise of the Black Lanterns and they are sporting Black Hand’s look. So, it’s a sure bet that Black Hand will be involved somehow, even if he is used as a trainer. We don’t know exactly how the Black Lanterns are going to come down on the universe but if it’s anything like the previews. The rings will seek out those who aren’t letting go of the earthly plane.

What’s interesting about the Blackest Night prophecy is how it’s tied in with the upcoming War of the Corps, which the Guardians of the Universe were trying not only to avoid but completely erase from the Book of Oa. Like most prophecies the more you try to avoid it, the more you play into it. That was shown with Ganthlet and Sayd creating the Blue Lantern Corps with the power of Hope. Which of course will lead to the message of peace through the Indigo Corps. Which gives another two corps colors out there along with the Green Lantern, Sinestro and Star Sapphire Corps. That is now five colors and the Red Lanterns will be showing up this summer. So, there are all six corps, with only the Orange Corps left. Who and when they will show up is unknown but it will be either in 08 or early 09. Since Orange stands for greed, the suspect list is narrow from Lex Luthor to Hector Hammond. So, any of those guys could be the founders, which will complete the seven corps and lead to the Blackest Night. I don’t know about you but all those stories have me excited, more than I have been in the last few years for Green Lantern. And I know I’m not the only one looking forward to this.

Sinestro Corps War Battle Report

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The war with the Sinestro Corps is over… for now. Both sides of suffered and a greater evil has been unleashed. Here lies the changes to both sides of the spectrum.

Changes to the Green Lantern Corps

In order to keep the “Blackest Night” prophecy from coming true. The Guardians of the Universe exiled Ganthlet and Sayd from the council and rewrote the Book of Oa. The Blackest Night chapter was literally burned out of the book and ten new rules were enacted. The first one being that all Green Lantern Corps members were now authorize to use lethal force. Giving every single Green Lantern Corps member the ability to kill their opponent.

Green Lantern Corps Causality List

Green Lantern 1416 – Killed by Bedovian
Green Lantern 185 (1-2) -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 2 (1-2) -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 3202 (1-2) -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 2804 (1-2) -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 766 (1-2) -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 80 (1-2) -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 459 -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 3421 -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 555 -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 2277 (1-2) -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Jack T. Chance -Killed by Parallax
Ke’Haan -Killed by the Anti-monitor
Green Lantern 42 -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 1066 -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 3333 -Killed by various Sinestro Corps Members
Green Lantern 2020 -Killed by the Anti-monitor
Green Lantern 340 – Killed by Superman-Prime
Male Guardian – Sacrificed himself to send Superman-Prime into the multiverse

Sinestro Corps Causality List

Enkafos – Killed by Sodam Yat
Peace Maker – Carved out his scarab
Sinestro Corps 2 – Killed by Hannu
Ranx, the sentient city – Killed by Sodam Yat
Children of the White Lobe – Killed by various Green Lantern Corps Members
Grayven – Killed by the New God Slayer
Sinestro Corps 313 – Killed by various Green Lantern Corps Members
Sinestro Corps 1876 – Killed by various Green Lantern Corps Members
Sinestro Corps 1679 – Killed by Kilowog
Sinestro Corps 208 – Killed by Vath Sal
Sinestro Corps 1750 – Killed by various Green Lantern Corps Members
Sinestro Corps 3544 – Killed by Laira
Sinestro Corps 2810 – Killed by Green Man
Sinestro Corps 15 – Killed by Green Lantern Corps
Sinestro Corps 65- Killed by Superman-Prime
Cyborg-Superman -Blown apart by the Green Lantern Corps
Anti-monitor – Torn apart by the Guardians, Green Lantern Corps and Superman-Prime and turned into the Black Lantern Corps power source

The Defeat of Parallax

After taking possession of Kyle Rayner and killing Jack T. Chance. Parallax sought to kill Hal Jordan’s family before absorbing him like Rayner. After the two broke free leaving Parallax in a weaken state. Gathlet and Sayd broke Parallax into four pieces and imprison him within the power batteries of Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.

Top Ten Shocking Moments of the Sinestro Corps War

10. Ion is a being
– This was a bit of a shock. Believing that the Torch Bearer, Kyle Rayner was the next step in Green Lanterns. He was really the host for the embodiment of Willpower. What was even more shocking was how Sinestro literally ripped Ion out of Kyle.

9. Corps War

– You think the Sinestro Corps War was bad. There is a worse war coming with all the 7 color corps fighting each other. Leaving the Black Lantern Corps to make way for the Blackest Night.

8. The Guardians of the Universe attack the Anti-monitor

– Never saw it coming but the Guardians decide to get their hands dirty. Thinking they are just unleashing the new Ion host, Sodam Yat against Superman-Prime. The ten remaining Guardians dig into the Anti-monitor and find themselves pretty equally matched.

7. Ganthlet and Sayd are kicked out by the other Guardians.

– Ganthlet who has lead and kept the Guardians going since the beginning of time and the only female Guardian with a personality are kicked out for daring to feel. Talk about harsh.

6. Jack T. Chance is killed by Parallax.

– We get the guy back a then Kyle Rayner possessed by Parallax wipes out Chance and only that, destroys his power ring in the process. Talk about cold.

5. Ke’Haan is killed by the Anti-monitor.

– Kilowog’s number 2 man didn’t even get a chance to fight back. The Anti-monitor just vaporizes him in front of Laira, Which just rubs salt in the wound.

4. Hannu blasts the Anti-monitor

– He’s never used his ring outside of flying and here Hannu unleashes his power ring on the guardian of the Sinestro Corps and actually knocks him back. It wasn’t just shocking, it was damn cool.

3. Kyle is turned into the “new” Parallax.

– Talk about kicking the guy down. Kyle suffers Hal Jordan’s fate. Having lost everything he holds dear by Sinestro. He is then turned into the evil bug himself.

2. Black Lantern Corps.

– Not only was this a shocking end to the Sinestro Corps story line but the Anti-monitor being the power source. Yikes! The corps, all seven of them are in trouble.

1. The Anti-monitor revealed to be the Sinestro Corps Guardian.

– It was never seen at all. The Anti-monitor was back and he was behind the formation of the Sinestro Corps with Superman-Prime and the Cyborg-Superman as his heralds. There was no bigger shocker than that.

Well, that’s it for tonight folks. It’s late, and I’m worn out. More to come later in the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War.

Green Lantern Corps #19

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In the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War. The Green Lantern Corps tries to rebuild both the corps and the destruction left in their wake. Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner spend time repairing the Statue of Liberty and talking about how great of a city New York is. After a short talk, Kyle takes off to look at a new job offer while Guy reunited with Tora, better known as the Ice. The two talk about where they left off but Ice would like to get use to being a live again before picking up with Guy again. However, Guy won’t take “no” for an answer. Guy sets up for a date in one month and leaves with Tora having no choice but to take him up on his offer. Meanwhile on Mogo, Kilowog shares time reliving his time with his lost family. Knowing that his current family is with the corps. While at Sector 2682. Vath Sarn drinks to his fallen comrades and Ismot Kol returns to Thanagar telling the Sinestro Corps he is still here and will not be going any time soon. While on Betrassus, Iolande finds herself dealing with her people and being a member of the Green Lantern Corps, while Salaak completes several new power rings to send to new recruits. Near by, Soranik Natu grafts a new bionic replacement art to a Green Lantern rookie to replace his lost one during the war. In doing so, she inspires the rookie.

Back on Earth, Kyle Rayner debates taking a new job at the Rose Center for Earth and Space and Guy Gardner tries to find a new place to live. Back in space, Stel and Green Man chase down a fleeing Sinestro Corps member who escapes and crash lands on the planet Debstam IV, where Mongul kills him and takes his ring becoming the newest member of the Sinestro Corps.

My Thoughts This wasn’t too bad of an issue, however it was all complete filler. The best parts were Guy and Ice reuniting and of course Natu. The rest was just blah. However, the cliffhanger with Mongul makes up for a lot of the story. So, I’ll pass this off as a 5 out of 10 story.

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