The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Keeper of the book of Paralax, Lyssa Drak

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on December 8, 2007

 As I wrap up profiles on the Sinestro Corps. I’m turning to the most evil librarian in the the known universe. Lyssa Drak. This dark SC member is permanently bonded to the Book of Parallax, in which she has no problem with. While her complete origin is unknown. It is known that Lyssa hails from the same race that Legion of Super Heroes member, Shadow Lass. 

Lyssa Drak was recruited by Sinestro to join the “Sinestro Corps” which is based in the anti-matter universe on the planet of Qward.
Lyssa Drak is the keeper of the Book of Parallax for the Sinestro Corps, which she is chained to for life. This book contains the life stories of many of the Sinestro Corps’ finest members, some of which she read to Amon Sur before his first mission. It is a counterpart to the Book of Oa, which serves a similar role for the Green Lantern Corps.
When introducing herself to Amon Sur, Drak hinted that she had the ability to sense the feeling of others.

Recently in Green Lantern #23, it was revealed that Lyssa’s ring constructs are those of chains, in which she bonds her victims to her very body. In a very strange domimatrix kind of way. While she is currently prisoner of the Green Lantern Corps. It is pretty obvious that she will free herself from her cage. Even if she can’t free herself from her book.

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