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Green Lantern #25 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on December 13, 2007

The war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps is in it’s end game. The Anti-monitor seeks to finally claim Earth and the Multiverse. Leaving the Earth Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner to find a way to stop him. In order to help them, Ganthlet and Sayd reveal what they know about the “Blackest Night.” Revealing that the birth of the Sinestro Corps was only another step in the prophecy. They tell the story of five more Corps that will rise. The Star Sapphire Corps that will use the power of Love through the color violet. While the Red Lanterns will soon come into being, forming their power in blood and rage. Followed by the Indigo Corps that will spread the teachings of peace. Then the Orange Lantern Corps that will be started by someone who knows greed like no other and then finally the Blue Lantern Corps that will bring hope to the Universe again. Seven Corps that will shine their light through out the cosmos and will be at war with each other. Then the Blackest Night will come to past and all will be lost. Seeing as they must stop Sinestro and the Anti-monitor. Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner stop by Hal’s family to deliver a message to Coast City to leave before things get to bad. However, Hal’s family refuses to leave and the rest of populace follows suit by shining green light to support the Green Lantern Corps. Feeling invigured again. Hal and Kyle join Guy and John and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps against the Sinestro Corps. Battles blaze, people die on both sides. However, things take a shocking turn when the Guardians enter the fight and attack the Anti-monitor. While the more deadly members of the Sinestro Corps try to take out the Earth Green Lanterns. Despotellis tries to kill Guy Gardner, while Sinestro tries to kill Hal and Kyle and John is caught battling it out with the likes of the Manhunters and Superman-Prime.

It is during the fight that Guy Gardner comes up with a plan to stop the Anti-monitor while he is battling it out with the Guardians of the Universe. By dropping Warworld on the Anti-monitor like a giant grenade. While the Corps enacts the plan, Sinestro uses two Manhunters to drain Hal and Kyle of their ring energy but they keep on fighting. Meanwhile, the Anti-monitor starts getting the upper hand with the Guardians until the Corps drop Warworld on him along with the Cyborg-Superman and his Manhunters. An act that causes Hank Henshaw to thank the Green Lantern Corps because now finally he can die. The Anti-monitor armor is cracked and Superman-Prime decides to finish up the Anti-monitor for killing his universe years ago. He however grows tired and throws the Anti-monitor in deep space and heads off to kill off both the Sinestro and Green Lantern Corps and all their allies. However, the Guardians turn on Superman-Prime until Prime tries killing one of the Guardians. Who then sacrifices his life and takes Superman-Prime with him. Meanwhile, Natu finds John Stewart and the dying Guy Gardner. She injects Guy with Leezle Pon a super intelligent small pox virus who is a member of the Corps and former partner to Reemuz who was killed by Despotellis. Pon defeats Despotellis and cures Guy. Leaving Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner to deal with Sinestro. Hal uses a down Manhunter to drain Sinestro’s power ring of it’s power. Leaving them all equals. Hal and Kyle eventually beat Sinestro and he is placed under arrest by the Green Lantern Corps. The Sinestro Corps now without it’s Guardian, leader and heralds take off into the darkest reaches of space and regroup and eventually bring their order to the Universe.

In the aftermath, the Green Lantern Corps rebuilds everything that the Sinestro Corps destroyed on Earth. While Hal, Kyle, John and Guy enjoy time with Hal’s family and Coast City officially becomes the city without fear. As hundreds of people move back into the city. Back on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe deal with the aftermath, as Sinestro over hears. Knowing that he has not truly lost. As the Green Lantern Corps is starting to become what he hoped it would be when he was originally a member. Elsewhere, Superman-Prime awakens to find himself back in the Multiverse while on a beautiful world. Ganthlet and Sayd come together to bring hope back to the universe and create the new Blue Lantern Corps. While in space the last of the activated Manhunters find the head of the Cyborg-Superman and bring him back to life, despite wanting to stay dead. Even later, far away, the Anti-monitor lands on a dark planet and is turned into the power source of the Black Lantern Corps. For when the War of the Corps happen. Death will spread and bring back those who have not let go and the Black Lantern Corps will rise and the Blackest Night will be unleashed. In 2009 the story will be told.

Freaking Awesome! Green Lantern #25 is by far the best comic of 2007. From beginning to end, the Sinestro Corps War has been one of the best reads every month in and out through out both Green Lantern books. Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Ethan Van Sciver delivered one of the best stories around and there is still more to come. There was so much I loved in this book, I can’t name them all. Look for my favorite moments coming up in the Battle Damage report in a few days. Green Lantern is the best book around and this issue proved it.


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