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7 Colors of the Corps

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on December 20, 2007

Here we go, the look at the new corps colors as shown in Green Lantern #25. Well, I have to say as of right now, the new corps can’t get here fast enough. I know I’m not the only one. We have 5 more colors that haven’t been shown yet, we’ve been given clues, we’ve been given previews but until they show up. We don’t know truly what they are about. So, here is a run down on the colors and what they represent and what they mean towards the Blackest Night.

The Sinestro Corps

First we have the Sinestro Corps, or the color yellow which represents fear. The Sinestro Corps was building for about a year following the end of Infinite Crisis. From Sinestro escaping the chaos back to Qward where he met the reborn Anti-monitor and started building his corps from there. Which of course was facing his own inner fears and making his ring light up new and started the yellow spectrum that would give birth to his corps. The difference at first with the Sinestro Corps from the Green Lantern Corps was their rings could use lethal force. They could kill on a whim and almost anyone who could cause great fear was drafted. However, like most recruits not all could make it. Many rookies went mad trying to confront their true fears and never made it. While others who did either deserted their posts or were killed during the war with the Green Lantern Corps. However, in the end, Sinestro proved his point he wanted to make years ago with the Green Lanterns that his way worked and that the Green Lanterns were starting to end up like his corps. They are currently rebuilding minus the Anti-monitor and Sinestro.

The Star Sapphire Corps

Next is the Star Sapphire Corps on the violet spectrum or “love”. Now, the Star Sapphires have been around for years and I’ll go more into their history on a later post before Christmas. Now, as we’ve seen from the War of Lights, the Star Sapphire Corps suits are close to the original Star Sapphires that plagued Hal Jordan for most of his careers and dating life with the various women in his life. Ethan Van Sciver talked about the possibility that some members might be men and not all women. The formation of this corps was recently shown in the “Who is Star Sapphire” story arc just before the Sinestro Corps War. As it was also shown, the Zamorans are currently forming the corps.

The Red Lanterns

Now the one corps I can’t wait for, which will be this summer is the Red Lanterns. These guys are just wicked cool. According to both Geoff Johns and Ethan, these guys just literally spew hate. They are full of rage and basically their motto is: “You listen to us, or you die.” To quote Yoda: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate… leads to suffering.” These guys are on the opposite side of the Sinestro Corps. These guys don’t just make you afraid of them they will make you beg for their kind of order. Their ring constructs are also of weapons from blades to staffs. While it was revealed that three of the ones we saw in Green Lantern #25 have names and backgrounds. They are going to be a force to be reckon with.

The Orange Lanterns

Now the real mystery of the new lantern corps is the orange end better known as avarice or greed. The power source is supposed to be found out by someone who’s greed is like no other and will twist it to his own whims. As it has also been shown, these lanterns are constantly engulfed in an orange aura. Now why this is or why so many of them seem to be from races of giant animals is also unknown until the story line happens.

The Blue Lanterns

Now, going the other way we start with the good side of the corps with the Blue Lanterns. As it was shown, the Blue Lanterns represent hope and have been started by Ganthlet and Sayd who were kicked out of the Guardians of the Universe during the Sinestro Corps War. These guys are more noble, more along the lines of what the Green Lantern Corps used to be. No lethal force, now corruption. These guys are on the straight and narrow, like the Knights of the Round Table. They constantly pulsate their ring energy and will be on the side of the Green Lantern Corps even if they don’t approve of the corps methods now.

The Indigo Lanterns

Finally are the Indigo Lanterns, which are part of peace. They are like ancient monks in Tibet. They wear their symbols on their bodies and are about nonviolence but will fight if provoked or attacked. Now these “give peace a chance” seem to be more in tune with nature and all carry staffs and not rings. They also seem to be more terra firma based than flying through the skies. More like ambassadors of goodwill than cops or enforcers of peace.

There we have it. The new corps, I will be getting into the Star Sapphires history just before Christmas and I’ll be following the unfolding story with the Red Lanterns as it comes about. Have a good weekend everyone.


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