The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Stanch, death from above

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on January 2, 2008

Starting back off with my Sinestro Corps members this week is the evil pterodactyl, Stanch. Hailing from Sector 3560. This winged terrors swoops down on his victims and carries them away. Here’s his story: Stanch is the only one of his kind to survive the polluted skies of the planet Guush. The poison made its way slowly through its system, and over a decade, stanch mutated. Sprouting wings of a photosynthetic skin, the once-benevolent creature took to the skies to get above the pollution and live in the sunlight. Now, the people of Guush live in fear of the legendary monster that attacks and kills without rhyme but with plenty of reason. Stanch killed dozens of Green Lanterns, feasting on their bodies after he killed them. Following the end of the war, Stanch returned to Guush to recover from battle and continue his mission with the Sinestro Corps

Stanch stuck out to me early on, not because I like dinosaurs but just his menacing look and his features. In Green Lantern Corps I saw Stanch tear apart a few Green Lanterns and he tussled with several of Earth’s heroes before the Sinestro Corps was defeated. I look forward to seeing him again.


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