The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

The monster, Maash

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on January 11, 2008

Hello once again everyone. Well, it’s the weekend and we turn to another member of the Sinestro Corps. The triple headed freak that is Maash. This guy stuck out to me when I first saw him in The Sinestro Corps Annual. Now, of course a lot of members of the SC stuck out at me. However, this guy had three heads and the top one looked so horrified. I wanted to know why and then I got my answers a few months later. Let us tell the tale in my best Lyssa Drak voi… er typing. Originally conceived as triplets in the womb of their mother. When Maash was born, the doctors found that the babies had merged into one body. Each of Maash’s three heads has a different personality and mind. The bottom and middle head are both killers and murderers. Hence they constantly fight for control of their body but the top head is unlike the others. He is kind and remorseful but can never control his body long enough to stop his other two “brothers”. Maash is known for not only killing others but then later mutilating their victims in different and horrific ways. When Maash was made a Sinestro Corps recruit, the two heads had to confront their worse fear, which was their top head controlling their body and killing them off forever. After facing that fear, Maash was made a full time members of the Sinestro Corps. During the war with the Green Lantern Corps, Maash would not only kill off GL’s he would also disfigure and tear apart their bodies. He has currently retreated back to Qward to await their new leader or the return of Sinestro.

There you have it, the three face horror that is Maash. See you this weekend for a look at the Manhunters.


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