The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Ghost in the machine, Gleen

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on January 21, 2008

Hello everyone, I hope your MLK has been a good and peaceful one. Well, I’ve decided to kick off a week long look at the Gremlins from Sector 312. Those nasty little creatures have been playing havoc with the GL Corps for years even though very few knew about it. They’ve lead to the creation of both the Shark and Hector Hammon and even had their skinny little fingers in planes and other machinery during the second world war that even current members of the Justice Society of America weren’t aware of until now. So, to start things off, I’m going to start with Gleen, one of the members of the Sinestro Corps who was part of the Gremlin Cadre that even kicked off events leading to the Blackest Night with the revamping of Black Hand.

For his tampering with the evolutionary patterns of thousands of species throughout the Universe. The Krolotean Gremlin Gleen was selected by the Sinestro Corps. Gleen is known among the Kroloteans as the most cruel and twisted, and he was part of a group of Gremlins that changed the human Hector Hammon into a telepathic super villain, evolved the Shark into the humanoid carnivore and began the experimentation with Black Hand.

There we go folks the first of several entries on the Gremlins and all their dealings. See you tomorrow for more.


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