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Green Lantern #27 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on January 30, 2008

The birth of the Alpha Lanterns continued as the chosen ones give their reasons and evil starts to brew behind the scenes and in Oa itself. The issue begins with both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in their apartments in the middle of the night are alerted by their rings telling them that Amon Sur’s ring is heading towards Earth to pick a new user. As Hal and John fly to Gotham they talk about their military careers and how since Hal is an air force pilot, his life expectancy is half of his usual one and after John informally asks how long is a Green Lantern’s life expectancy is, his ring tells him just over four years. The two finally arrive at Arkham Asylum where the Sinestro Corps ring has picked Jonathan Crane better known as the Scarecrow to be its user, however both John and Hal show up and stop the Scarecrow before he can claim it (so close, yet so far away). They contact Salaak on Oa that they have captured the ring and are heading back to Oa. A while later, Laira, who killed Amon Sur in a fit of rage is having a hearing. The various Green Lanterns dispute if what she did was right or wrong and sides begin to form until Green Man asks the rest of the Lost Lanterns, if it was: “Justice or murder?” They all respond: “Murder.” Laira lashes out saying what she did was right and it was justice. She is quickly shut down by Hal Jordan and the body of Amon Sur is examined, showing that he is dead and is not coming back like he did last time. Boodikka frees Laira and Hal argues with them about the yellow ring they let get away. At that moment, the Guardians of the Universe show up and destroy the ring of sector 2814. They then tell the gathered lanterns that they need to enact the other nine laws of the Book of Oa and they need to form the Alpha Lanterns, which shocks and surprises Salaak. They then have the Alpha Lantern power batteries show up and seek out those who have the ability to enforce justice. The power batteries choose: Varix of Naktos, Chaselon of Barrio, Kraken of Apokolips, Green Man of Uxor, Boodikka of Bellatrix and finally John Stewart of Earth. The Guardians tell them this is the highest level any Green Lantern can achieve. That accepting the Alpha Lantern power battery will allow the user to have an extended duty to the Green Lantern Corps, be tied into the Book of Oa, never have to recharge their rings because they will be tied into the main power battery and will be given a second power ring. Green Man questions his partner, Stel if he should and Stel tells him to do that. Chaselon trusts the Guardians and chooses to accept. So do Varix, Kraken, Boodikka but John Stewart passes, which highly disappoints the Guardians of the Universe.

In space sector 650, the scared Guardian of the Universe requests the Green Lantern, Ash to find what’s left of the Anti-monitor but not to tell anyone. When Ash asks if all the other Guardians know about this, the scared Guardian replies: “Of course” with her eyes showing the Black Lanterns Corps logo in her eyes. Back on Oa, the newly chosen Alpha Lanterns enter the room where they will be changed and machines grab them and start “upgrading” them. While this happens, the Alpha Lantern Oath is recited: “In days of peace, in nights of war. Obey the laws forever more. Misconduct must be answered for, swear us the chosen, the Alpha Corps.” A while later, as Laira’s ring data is reviewed by the Green Lantern Corps in the Science Cells, they see that Laira did commit murder and Sinestro just smiles as a result. Laira once again tries to escape but when the Green Lanterns try to stop her, they find their rings drained and they look up to see the new Alpha Lanterns who faces are flipped up just like the Manhunters taking back the ring energy. They respond: “No Lantern, escapes the Alpha Lanterns.” Leaving the other Green Lanterns in shock and the Guardians knowing they will enact the other nine laws now.

Wow, I don’t care if anyone else says this was filler, this was a damn cool issue. First of all, I really wished that the Scarecrow had gotten the ring but he was denied. I get it, he is a Batman villain, he will be denied in the long run but the fan boy heart in me really wanted him to have it. Now that the Guardians of the Universe have destroyed the ring of sector 2814, any hope for finding another user is now out of the question. There is also some scary things going on in this issue, first of all how Laira has just fallen from grace. She doesn’t care if no one agrees with her, she feels she delivered justice for killing Amon Sur for the death of Ke’Haan’s family. She gets shut down by everyone and still tries to escape. Also what has happened to the Green Lanterns who are now the Alpha Lanterns. They are Manhunter/Green Lantern hybrids. What’s left of their humanity, if any now? What else can they do, especially since they carry two rings now and who will be John’s replacement? Lots of questions and I can’t wait to see what happens. Lastly, the scared Guardian telling Ash to find the Anti-monitor and the Black Lantern Corps logo showing up in her eyes. She’s been corrupted, will she be the third Guardian to break ranks but go evil? It can happen. Green Lantern #27 was great from beginning to end, give me more.


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