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The Global Guardians

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This weekend we look at the Global Guardians, the UN’s own super hero team. The Global Guardians have been around since the early 80’s. Truth be told they are one of the few super hero teams I knew about when I was in pre-school. The team has been reconstructed and launched several times and since the beginning they’ve had problems with other super hero teams getting in their way. Green Lantern, Superman and the Justice League of America. Here’s their story: The characters that would form the Global Guardians first appeared in the Super Friends comic book series. The first were introduced in a story (in Super Friends #7-9) in which an alien villain called Grax (an old Superman foe) planted bombs on Earth’s seven continents to destroy it. Thanks to a warning from the Wonder Twins (in their first comic book appearance) the Justice League discovered the plan in time and recruited the heroes of the countries affected to find the bombs before they exploded. These international heroes would later appear in other issues of Super Friends. However, it wasn’t until DC Comics Presents #46 that they were introduced as a team, in a story in which they helped Superman to stop an evil sorcerer. This is also considered to be these characters’ first canonical appearance in the DC Universe.
After Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was revealed that the Global Guardians had been gathered together by Doctor Mist to serve as the enforcing arm of an international organization called the “The Dome”, which had been created by the Treaty of Rome in 1957 to help organize the efforts of superheroes across the globe as an international police organization.
Prior to that, in the early 1950s, several international heroes who had been the beneficiaries of the Justice Society of America’s kindness during and after World War II, had banded together in an informal “Club of Heroes”. They were integrated in the Global Guardians after its foundation. (Batman’s loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth sends Christmas cards to the currently surviving members).
This original Global Guardians were based in a United Nations-financed headquarters building also called the Dome located in Paris. The original team was also funded by Doctor Mist and administrated by a woman called Belphegor who was gifted with psychic powers.
The Guardians are similar to the Justice League as they are also committed to fighting crime around the world. Unlike the League, however, they have only appeared in a few comics. Many of the Guardians individually assisted other international heroes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and once teamed up with Infinity, Inc..
The Guardians eventually lost their UN funding to the Justice League, and the Dome was ordered to close, in part due to the political machinations of their enemy, Dr. Klaus Cornelius. Some of its members left the team to join the League, notably Green Fury and Icemaiden (who changed their names to Fire and Ice.) Others went freelance.
Part of the team was brainwashed by the Queen Bee of Bialya and were directed to battle the Justice League. Fain Y’onia, an ancient foe of their leader, Doctor Mist, caused the deaths of Bushmaster and Thunderlord and depowered others. The surviving Guardians would continue to meet in the Dome’s Headquarters, which was formerly located in Europe but is now in the Pacific.
In a story in the JLA Classified series, some of the Guardians were seen to have joined the Ultramarine Corps. In 2006, as part of the events of One Year Later, in Green Lantern #10, the Global Guardians are shown regrouped, apparently led by former New Guardian Jet. They were manipulated by the Faceless Hunters into capturing Hal Jordan for Amon Sur. They were later taken out by the Dominators and had their minds cleared by the Martian Manhunter, where they made a former apology to Green Lantern but told him he needed to respect the Freedom of Powers Treaty or they would bring him in.

Global Guardian Members


The creators of the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians of the Universe, had planned to create their successors, a race of new Guardians. The Guardians foresaw that their successors were destined to originate on the planet Earth, so they channeled their vast powers into the “Millennium Project,” gathering ten individuals together, teaching them about the nature of the cosmos and endowing them with immortality and metahuman powers. One of these was Celia Windward, a young Jamaican woman living in Great Britain, to whom the Guardians gave the power to control electromagnetic energies. She became Jet, and joined the other heroes the Guardians had made in the team named (appropriately enough) the New Guardians. Jet fought many foes, but contracted a lethal disease fighting the “Hemo-Goblin”. As her symptoms worsened, she used her last bit of energy to repel an alien invasion, an act which claimed her life. In the events of One Year Later, Jet is apparently alive, and is leader of the Global Guardians. She has publicly renounced the actions of the Green Lanterns, saying that they violated the rules of foreign countries, and undermined her teams attempt to prove that metahumans can act without governmental restrictions. She has been assembling more non-American heroes, even forcing the new Crimson Fox to join her team.
As seen in the pages of Green Lantern, Jet and her team were under the psychic thrall of two Faceless Hunters.
She was later cleared by the Martian Manhunter and admitted her disdain for Green Lantern was what allowed the Faceless Hunters to control her and her team.


The creators of the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians, had planned to create their successors, a race of new Guardians on Earth, so one of their number met a female alien called a Zamaron. The two channeled their powers into the “Millennium Project,” gathering ten individuals together, teaching them about the nature of the cosmos, and endowing them with immortality and metahuman powers. One of these was a young woman from China named Xiang Po, to whom the Guardians gave the power to draw energy from the Earth’s Dragon Lines (mystical energy fields that run throughout the planet). She became Gloss (and a redhead), and joined the other heroes the Guardians had made in the team named (appropriately enough) the New Guardians. When the then powerless Guy Gardner comes to the team’s island home in order to take over, she becomes so disgusted with his crass ways she ends up throwing him far into the ocean. Tom Kalmaku tells her that her actions weren’t very ‘enlightened’…but they were funny.
Gloss was originally on a mission to pass on her enhanced DNA to her offspring, and was seeking a suitable mate, but she abandoned her quest when the team disbanded. In the events of One Year Later, Gloss is now a Global Guardian, and follows her former teammate Jet who is now team leader.

Tasmanian Devil

Hugh Dawkins is a born metahuman with the ability to turn into a supernaturally large and intelligent Tasmanian Devil, in a fashion similar to a werewolf. An alternate origin has jokingly been offered, claiming that Hugh’s mother was a were Tasmanian Devil who raised him in a Tasmanian Devil cult, which gave him a Tasmanian Devil amulet after selling his soul to a Tasmanian Devil and injecting him with a radioactive Tasmanian Devil musk from a race of alien Tasmanian Devils which gave him his powers. While Hugh is a pacifist, his alter ego of the Tasmanian Devil is aggressive and bestial. His parents had a hard time with him until he saved his father’s life.
He works as a superhero in Tasmania until he is contacted by a man named Doctor Mist to join the Global Guardians. He fights alongside the team until their base is destroyed and the team disbands. Dawkins helps to rebuild the Justice League Embassy which had been destroyed during an alien invasion. He then joins the joins the Justice League International. His affiliation with the Justice League causes his rejection by the Queen Bee, ruler of Bialya, who is reforming the Guardians. Her efforts seem beneficial but are for her own selfish gain, as she is using brainwashing techniques to put the Guardians under her control. This affects the Devil again, as his close friend Tuatara falls into a coma after destroying a neo-Nazi compound and attacking the League. Tuatara is taken care of by an Australian medical facillity.
Dawkins, along with his friend Joshua Barbazon, were preparing the Justice League Australian embassy. Their plans include transferring Tuatara to the medical lab, as soon as it was set up. The Queen Bee recalls Tuatara before this could happen. Dawkins is infuriated by these circumstances, which he doesn’t fully understand.
Dawkins would be there when Tuatara recovers his true mind. Called up in a League effort to stop an internation incident, Dawkins and many other League members travel to Bialya. It turns out that Captain Atom, Enlongated Man, Ice and Blue Beetle had been fired by Ambassador Heimlich, a mole placed into U.N. power by the Queen Bee. They had illegally invaded Bialya to find out what was going on.
The backup team enters, with the permission of Queen Bee, just in time to be caught in a devastating explosion, which destroys an entire city block. The League and many innocent people are saved by Ice creating a shield but so many others are not so lucky. Dawkin’s former friends regain their minds and the Bee’s massive brainwashing efforts are literally uncovered. He also learns that Doctor Mist was a robot, Jack O’Lantern, dead, is an impostor and Owl-Woman is missing. It is said that Little Mermaid is also missing, though both sides in the conflict had seen her die from a misfired shot by Lantern. Queen Bee, the one that has caused so much problems is deposed and slain by Sumaan Harjavti, the brother of the man the Queen had slain and deposed herself.
Dawkins and the League help with relief and recovery efforts. He would then rejoin a team of Guardians to rescue those still endangered by the secret machinations of Harjavti. The entire group is endangered as those left behind had been implanted with subliminal orders to kill. Fortunately, nobody is actually harmed and the Guardians are reformed again.

Later, Dawkins works with the Justice League during the Bloodlines event. He teams up, mainly with Elongated Man and Metamorpho to stop a group of murderous aliens terrorizing London. The other adult female team members, Power Girl and Doctor Light, are unavailable to assist due to previous commitments. The men don’t so so well, as dozens of citizens vanish or are killed. The toll, which includes a missing school bus, deeply affects all three. During one investigation, they attacked by the rookie, armored hero Lionheart, who mistakes Taz’s unusual form (and the changing forms of his friends) for the eyewitness reports of the aliens.
The aliens attack the League’s headquarters, a (seemingly haunted) castle. Summoned by the energy flares of their youngest member, Maya, the group returns and fights the creatures. Lionheart, though his secondary mission is to discredit the League, sees the nobillity in Taz and the others and helps them chase off the aliens. No pursuit is possible, as all are injured; Taz himself has been impaled through the shoulder. Lionheart, before fainting from his injuries, summons medical help through an emergency Justice League communications channel. Around this time, Dawkins goes on a JLA goodwill tour to New Zealand. They resist him at first. Soon, he and his contact, Raylene Mackenzie, stumble upon the villain Phobia and Tas literally sniffs out one of her recent murders. The two get into a back-and-forth fight with the fear-casting killer. Raylene confronts a fear of drowning, while Tas’ hallucination concerns the abusive treatment his mother heaped upon his father. Working together, the two defeat Phobia. Tas’ efforts to save a New Zealander endears him to the entire country.
Dawkins later assists the Justice League in battling Overmaster. There, the team loses Ice. The group falls apart and Dawkins soon leaves too, not wanting to stay in a group so small and unestablished. He does not see the point.
Tas is also one of the mourners at the funeral for Maxwell Lord.
It is revealed that Hugh is openly gay in Justice League Quarterly #8.[1] After some time missing, he is shown attending the funeral of Sue Dibny, wife of the Elongated Man, in 2005. He is also shown at another memorial service/headcount soon after the events of Infinite Crisis.
Dawkins helps out in the Omac Crisis. In Omac Project #6 he is one of many superheros who go to Libya to be ‘bait’ for the legions of meta-human killing machines. This scheme works and many Omacs are destroyed without harming the hosts within.
In 2006, as of Green Lantern #10, Dawkins is shown once again as a Global Guardian.

Crimson Fox III

The sisters ran Revson, a major Parisian perfume company (which may perhaps explain the origin of their pheromone powers). In order to make their heroic actions easier, they faked Constance’s death, so that one of them could operate as Crimson Fox while the other attended business functions. Readers of her/their comic book appearances could easily tell the difference between the two due to Vivian’s more pronounced French accent. She was also always portrayed as a more carefree and outgoing woman than her sister. Both sisters (first Vivian, and later Constance) fell in love with fellow hero Metamorpho.
The first two Crimson Foxes are deceased. Vivian D’Aramis met her fate at the hands of Puanteur in Justice League America, while Constance D’Aramis was killed by The Mist in the pages of Starman. In the pages of Green Lantern, it has been revealed that a new woman has taken the mantle of the Crimson Fox, again operating as a French superhero in Paris. She was unwillingly pressed into service and membership by the Global Guardians, who intend to pursue Green Lantern.
The new Crimson Fox has told Hal Jordan that she is the heiress to the D’Aramis fortune. Her exact relationship to Vivian and Constance is, however, unknown.

Freedom Beast

A South African by birth, Freedom Beast was born Dominic Mndawe. His first appearance was in Animal Man #13. That issue takes place during the rule of apartheid in South Africa; Dominic was under arrest for taking pictures of racially motivated acts of violence being committed by white Afrikaner policemen. In a cell, Dominic was about to be killed by his captors when he is rescued by Animal Man and B’wana Beast (Mike Maxwell), Mndawe’s predecessor and future mentor.
After the rescue, Maxwell gives Mndawe the elixir and helmet that confer powers on their owner. Those powers include mind control and the ability to fuse two or more animals into one hybrid beast under the control of Freedom Beast.
Animal Man and Freedom Beast then prevent the massacre of a group of peaceful demonstrators by Afrikaner police. Animal Man returns to the USA, while Maxwell and Freedom Beast stayed in South Africa.
Mike Maxwell returns in Animal Man #47 (May 1992). He had been taken over by an evil force called the Antagon and transformed into the Shining Man. He perishes in the ensuing battle.
Animal Man and Dominic team up once again during the Day of Judgement incident, protecting African wildlife from the murderous intentions of demon invaders. Freedom Beast’s most recent appearances were in the Day of Vengeance Infinite Crisis Special, where he is possessed by Rage, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and in Green Lantern #11, where he is introduced as one of the members of the new Global Guardians. He has also made several cameo appearances in the Justice League Unlimited comic book.


Little is known of Sandstorm except his nation of origin: Syria.

Manticore IV

The original Manticore was a Greek national hero before joining the Jihad. It’s uncertain whether the Manticore wore a battlesuit or was surgically altered; however, it has a lionesque body that also included body armor. The claws on its “paws” could be rapid-fired like a machine gun and each claw was explosive-tipped. In addition, it had a scorpion-like tail that housed a grenade launcher in its “sting.” Deadshot killed it by discharging his wrist magnums in its face at pointblank range. The second Manticore was briefly used by Jihad before being killed in battle and then a newly engineered Manticore named Saied, with romantic ties to Dervish who was later killed with her. This Manticore is the most recent in a line of bioengineered warriors.

There you have it, the Global Guardians, the UN’s super hero team with lots of shades of grey.



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Now, for one of the more unusual members of the Sinestro Corps and probably one of the most featured, Slushh. This guy has been showing up front and center ever since The Sinestro Corps Annual. He is basically a living sack of jelly but what is his story you might ask? The being known as Slushh spent million of years trapped by the Warlords of Prisun at the bottom of the Red Oil Sea. Slushh is a polymorphous acidic globular being (say that three times fast). On the outside, he is a viscous shell, but his insides are composed of a corrosive fluid that liquefies flesh instantly.

What a nasty sounding guy. Anyhow, during the Sinestro Corps War, it was shown that Slushh likes to use his ring to draw his foes in before he dissolves them. His ability to create great fear is the fact he is probably immortal. He can’t seem to be killed and since his body is constantly fluid and can reform, it’s almost impossible to destroy him. He has been shown a lot with the glimpses of the War of Lights. So, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more of Slushh in the future of Green Lantern.

B’dge of justice

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It’s time, the squirrel has entered the building. It’s B’dge, the inheritor to C’hp from the good old days of the Green Lantern Corps. Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “Why do you like small rodents, Ryan?” What can I saw, they are just cool. I own 5 lovable guinea pigs and if there was a race of sentient guinea pigs, I would have that Green Lantern as my wall paper on my computer. The truth is, B’dge kind of reminds me of myself in a way. He’s a guy trying to do the good fight and he wants others to know he’s doing just that. However, while people will listen, only a few truly “listen”. That’s how I can relate to B’dge, just like I related to C’hp when I was just a small lad trying to make it through math back in second grade. Talk about over coming great fear.

B’dge is an anthropomorphic squirrel-like creature from the planet H’lven, and a trainee member of the Green Lantern Corps. As a trainee, he had not learned how to overcome the weakness of his power ring against the color yellow, or the nature of the Yellow Impurity. He, and several other recruits simply assumed their was something “wrong” with their rings. B’dg is the Green Lantern of sector 1014, formerly the responsibility of Ch’p. B’dg and several of his fellow trainees met Hal Jordan when the latter visited Oa shortly after his reincarnation. Jordan was surprised that the new recruits knew nothing of his dubious past. Ironically, B’dg and his fellows seemed to know a great deal about Earth. B’dg was particularly surprised to see someone from such a primitive planet as a Green Lantern, and commented on the ugliness of the human species. He was especially amused when Kilowog quipped that Jordan was not only pathetically human, but an American as well. When the Spider Guild Nest attacked Oa’s sun, B’dg and his fellow trainees were sent into action to repel the invasion. The trainees were hampered by their inability to affect the yellow colored attack ships of the Guild. Instructed in the midst of battle by Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and other senior Corps members, B’dg discovered to his delight that he could overcome his ring’s weakness, and he and his fellow trainees helped defeat the Guild and sent their Nest hurtling back to the Vega System. B’dg was one of the Green Lanterns who defended Oa against Superboy Prime, although his role in the battle was marginal. While he later took a more active role in the Sinestro Corps War. B’dge tries to tell his tales to anyone who will listen.

There he is, the squirrel who keeps on trying to be the best he can be. Can we all say we would do less?

No man escapes the Manhunters

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Happy weekend everyone. How’s yours been? Mine has been… uneventful. Though a bit depressing. Since Ericia left a week ago I’ve kind of fallen back to my old life style. Which of course is wake up, go to work, come home, do whatever, then go to bed. This weekend has been pretty much, sleep in. Watch movies, head out to get something I really need for my duplex but then don’t find it. Get a nice lunch while I’m out and then hit up and get a coffee or something an hour or two later. The only good news is, I traded in a few games with a coupon and Super Smash Brothers Brawl is only going to cost me $15 now. I’ll take my victories as they come. So, let’s get to the point. The Manhunters, the Jack Kirby created villains that have been plaguing the Green Lantern Corps for decades or in the comic sense, centuries. The Manhunters have been a large foil for the DC Universe for years. Not only engulfing Green Lantern but other heroes as well. They’ve even staged a take over of both Oa and Earth and their presence has even inspired heroes to take the name. So, sit back, open up a pop, pour yourself a beverage or some kind and play some music because here it comes.

The Manhunters

The Manhunters were the first attempt of the Guardians of the Universe to create an interstellar police force that would combat evil all over the galaxy. Their name and much of their code of behavior was modeled by the Guardians of the Universe on the Manhunters of Ma’aleca’andra (Mars). For thousands of years, they served the Guardians well. However, the Manhunters became obsessed with the act of ‘hunting’ criminals. Their code, “No man escapes the Manhunters” (corrupted from the original; see below), became more important to them than seeing justice done. Eventually, the robots conspired to rebel against their masters, but the Guardians defeated and destroyed most of them. Those that survived hid away on many planets, slowly rebuilding their forces and spreading their beliefs to others. Since then, the overriding goal of the Manhunters has been to take revenge on the Guardians, as well as on their replacements, the Green Lantern Corps.
The Manhunters infiltrated and liberated many planets disguised as living beings and created a “Cult of the Manhunters” that trained others to be their minions. On Mars, the people of that world started a group of Martian Manhunters based on the lessons of preserving justice taught unto them by the Manhunters and even erected a temple based on the appearance of their inspiration. On Earth, most of the Manhunters’ agents were unaware that their masters were robots, or that their real purposes were not noble. Some of these agents became super heroes also known as Manhunters. They wore red-and-blue costumes patterned after the Manhunters themselves. The most famous of these was a big game hunter called Paul Kirk. He was active in the 1940s, and starred in his own comic book. The character was brought back in a modern version in the 70s, in which he was supposedly killed years before but was in truth placed in suspended animation by a secret conspiracy. He was cloned, and when he finally reawaken, he dedicated himself to battle those who had used him, eventually dying in the process. However, some of his clones survived.
The Manhunters were discovered by the Justice League who seemingly defeated the Manhunter’s leader, the Grandmaster. One of their human pawns, Mark Shaw, adopted a new identity as the costumed hero, the Privateer. However, he was later discovered to be a criminal posing as a hero.
Years later, it was revealed that the Manhunters not only still existed, but had infiltrated the lives of most super heroes with their agents. They even managed to infiltrate the Olympian Gods, one of their number posing as the goat god Pan, as shown during the Challenge of the Gods story line. They revealed themselves when a Guardian and a member of the Zamarons tried to evolve some humans into becoming the next Guardians of the Universe, during what became known as the Millennium crisis. In this occasion, there was a massive counter strike operation by the heroes against the Manhunters, and it seemed that the Grandmaster had finally been destroyed, along with their hidden home planet. Former Privateer Mark Shaw readopted his identity as Manhunter in the wake of the battle, seeking to redeem both the name and himself.

When the Manhunters were replaced by the Green Lantern Corps, they retreated to Biot, their homeworld in Sector 3601, an uncharted area of space incapable of sustaining organic life. Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, came to Biot and became the Manhunters’ new Grandmaster. He used his mastery over machinery and Kryptonian technology to upgrade the Manhunters with organic enhancements. They seem to have rebuilt the first Central Power Battery originally destroyed by Hal Jordan (under the influence of Parallax). Henshaw decided not to interfere in the reformation of the Green Lantern Corps after an encounter between a Manhunter and Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The Manhunters have recently resurfaced as part of the Sinestro Corps. They carry miniature yellow Power Batteries inside them which are used by the Sinestro Corps members to charge their yellow power rings. Henshaw’s head is taken by the Sinestro Corps after their invasion of Oa and taken back to Qward. Henshaw is later seen as a herald of the newly returned Anti-Monitor. He reconstructs his cyborg body and replaces the S-symbol on his chest with the symbol of the Sinestro Corps. He now wields ten Qwardian power rings.[10] It is revealed that Henshaw has joined the Sinestro Corps so that the Anti-Monitor can later kill him and allow him to rest in peace.
Henshaw was the focus of the Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents: Cyborg Superman one-shot that was released on October 3 2007. In this book, Henshaw and his Manhunters head to Earth to assist the Sinestro Corps in their attack. En route, Henshaw stops leading the Manhunters, which continue to their preprogrammed destinations. As he watches them go, he remembers everything that has happened to him; from their dreadful shuttle accident to his wife’s suicide when she sees him in his robot form. He finishes this journey of his mind by going to his wife’s grave. He digs her corpse out and rips it into two, shouting that all he wants is not to be with her, but for these memories to fade.
Meanwhile, Manhunters begin an assault on the JLA satellite. Hawkgirl, Black Lightning and Red Arrow retaliate; however, all three are neutralized when Henshaw assists in the attack and he successfully tampers with the mechanics of the satellite core. As the satellite is thrown out of orbit, Superman appears, seemingly from nowhere, and engages Henshaw in battle. Their fight continues on Earth, while Sinestro transports his crew and his ship from the Anti-Matter Universe. At first Superman seems to have the upper hand, however after two punches, Henshaw strikes with great power and rage, punching him through the Statue of Liberty. By the end, Henshaw has Superman in a choke hold, thinking that the victory is near.
He is later seen briefly in Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents: Superman-Prime, having been beaten back by the combined strength of Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl.
When the Green Lantern Corps decides to detonate New Warworld and the Central Power Battery of the Sinestro Corps to destroy the Anti-Monitor, Henshaw is trapped behind a shield and exposed to the massive explosion. Before he is finally killed, however, he is able to thank the Green Lantern Corps for their mercy in ending his life.
A small fraction of Henshaw’s corpse was found after the explosion. The Manhunters confirmed that he had perished, but were confused without his leadership. Seeking the leadership “programming” of their grandmaster, the Manhunters funnel a massive amount of energy into the Cyborg Superman, and he experiences yet another resurrection, crying when as he realizes he is alive yet again.

Original Manhunters

The original Manhunters were actually modeled after the Guardians of the Universe. They were order following automatons who were able to travel inter galactically to planets within a few hours of leaving their original destinations. The Manhunters also had power staffs that fired concussive energy blasts and were excellent hand to hand combat. They were also armed with small hand blasters and could self repair unless their main CPU was damaged.

Current Manhunters

Manhunter technology has been used in the creation of the OMAC drones. The Kryptonian technology was incorporated into the Manhunters by Hank Henshaw on Biot, which enabled them to use the Central Power Battery on Oa as a power source for the Manhunters. The Current Manhunters are actually a blend of biology and machinery making them human like. In fact Manhunters can now take likenesses of the populaces of the planets they land on. They no longer carry their battle staffs and have a variety of energy blasts and they can now fly at faster speeds. Reaching orbit in less than 2 minutes.

Will Hunters

The Will Hunters are nano robots that invade a victims nervous system. The Will Hunters pretty much suppress a victims conscience and reprogram them. It leaves the person in a comatose state and unable to act without orders from the Manhunters or Cyborg-Superman.

High Masters

The High Masters are based of kryptonian technology modeled after Superman’s battle suit. The High Masters are powered by living Green Lanterns as a power source. The Harnessed energy allows the High Masters to pretty much destroy a planet or several cities without burning out. The High Masters are pretty much just large machines or destruction containing little intelligence outside the usual: “No man escapes the Manhunters.”

Now that we have talked about the Manhunters themselves. It’s time to move on to those of Earth who have used the Manhunter name to fight injustice. There have been six people who have used the name Manhunter. The two most well known are Paul Kirk and Kate Spencer. The later being one of the most popular Manhunters in years. So let’s started with the first one, Dan Richards. When Donald Richards (oddly called “Dan”) graduated at the bottom of his Poloce Academy class, his girl, Kit Kelly, was understandably disappointed, especially as her brother Jim took top honors. But when Jim refused to kill someone for a crooked politician, and was then framed for murder, Dan first took his Manhunter identity to track down the real killer, using secret files he had gathered on known criminals to help him clear his friend’s name. A phrase used by the real murderer provided the clue that cracked the case.
Thereafter, Dan became Manhunter whenever ordinary legal procedures proved inadequate to solve a mystery. As he once said, “Manhunter might get something on them where police methods fail!”
Manhunter was unique in that he had a canine partner – Thor (the “Thunderdog”), a dog that seems to have been part hound and part mastiff. Thor was always within hearing wherever Dan walked his beat, and the dog would come when his master blew a supersonic whistle, inaudible to human ears. Often Richards made use of Thor’s keen tracking abilities as well as his training as an attack dog.
Manhunter worked a little with the All-Star Squadron, then was chosen by Uncle Sam to go with him and the other Freedom Fighters to Earth-X to battle the greater Nazi menace there. What happened to him we will never know, for the resolution of the crisis on infinite earths wiped out Earth-X and all its history.
Thus, in the world which emerged, Manhunter remained where he was and fought crime at least until 1950, when the last of his cases was published.
Dan was found dead in a cabin with Thor when Mark Shaw (as Dumas) was killing past Manhunters with orders from the government.

Paul Kirk

During the 1920s and 1930s a new type of hero was appearing in the newsreels, the African big game hunter. Among the most notable of these were Frank Buck, Clyde Beatty and Paul Kirk. As a young man, Kirk made a reputation as a big-game hunter and tracker. Boasting superior tracking skills, Kirk lead game safaris and captured animals for zoos around the world in the late 1930’s. He tired of the life, seeking greater challenges. His abilities came to the notice of a group of alien hunters known as The Manhunters, who track down criminals. Shortly after the United States entry into World War II, Kirk was tricked into joining the society of Manhunters by tracking down the murderer of his friend Police Inspector Donovan ( himself a Manhunter Agent ). Taking the name Manhunter and the costume as his own, Kirk had little contact with other Manhunter agents, including Dan Richards, who also calling himself Manhunter.
As World War II progressed, Kirk began working for OSS, an American Intelligence group, usually not in costume. Kirk undertook many brutal missions behind enemy lines, and by the time of the war’s end, tired of the senseless brutality and took to Africa to try and heal the wounds his hunting had created on his soul.
In 1946, weary of living, Kirk was accidentally trampled by an elephant. Near death, his body was taken by a group called The Council, a eugenics group bent on world domination. Over the decades, while in suspended animation, Kirk’s body was repaired and altered, giving him greater reflexes and the ability to heal wounds instantaneously. His genetic template was used in the ground forces of The Council, its soldiers were Kirk’s clones.
Learning of The Council’s plans for world conquest, Kirk shattered The Council and destroyed much of its resources, at the cost of his life. During his battles with the Council, he believed he destroyed all of his clones. There were two known survivors, however; one of the clones became a hero of sorts, infiltrating the Darkseid lead Secret Society of Super-Villains and smashing its plans for a time, at the cost of his own life. The other went back to Africa and became a mercenary, years later being shamed by Nightwing into funneling his talents towards helping others, though for a price as a member of The Power Company.

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw was a public defender, unhappy about how easily criminals manipulated the system and got off without punishment. Shaw’s uncle Desmond introduced him to an ancient sect of crime fighters called the Manhunters. Shaw contacted the Grand Master, the sect’s leader, through a magical lion medallion. Shortly, he assumed the Manhunter name and costume from a previous Manhunter.
The Manhunter sect was comprised of androids, created billions of years before by the Guardians of Oa to police the galaxy. For millennia, they served the Guardians well. However, the Manhunters became obsessed with the act of ‘hunting’ criminals. Their code, “No Man Escapes The Manhunters”, became more important to them than seeing justice done. Eventually, the androids rebelled against the Guardians, but were swiftly defeated by their creators. Those that survived went into hiding.
The latter-day Manhunters attempted to disgrace the Guardians with Mark Shaw at their side. They were opposed by the JLA, especially by League member Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Shaw realized that he had been duped by the Manhunters and turned on them, killing the Grand Master, who was revealed to be a robot. Mark Shaw quickly returned as a new hero called the Privateer, but it was soon revealed that he was also working as a villain called the Star-Tsar, in league with the Key. The Red Tornado discovered this deception and Shaw went to prison.
While in the midst of serving his sentence, Shaw was offered the chance to accompany the Suicide Squad on a mission as the Privateer, and was released when the mission was completed. In the wake of the Millennium crisis, he donned a new costume to distance himself from the Manhunter cult, and had his own adventures. Shaw now hunted costumed criminals for the bounty. He kept insisting that he was just operating for the money, but he kept finding himself doing the right thing.
During this time, he and his family were threatened by two shape-shifters named Dumas. Shaw killed the first Dumas and his battle with the second led him to give up the Manhunter identity at the end of his series. It was later revealed that Mark Shaw was actually himself Dumas and much of his history was actually the result of mental programming by the US Government. Shaw joined the Shadow Fighters in order to battle the super villan Eclipso. It was assumed that Mark Shaw was killed opposing Eclipso alongside his other team members in the Shadow Fighters. This was soon revealed not to be the case.
He was actually undercover at the time he was facing Eclipso, masquerading as his old enemy Dumas at the behest of Sarge Steel. Recently, in the Manhunter comic featuring Kate Spencer in the title role, Mark Shaw has been approached to take up the mantle of Azrael. It remains to be seen if he follows up on the offer.

Chase Lawler

Spinning out of DC’s 1994 event miniseries Zero Hour was a new Manhunter title (by Steven Grant and Vince Giarrano), unrelated to any of the previous Manhunters. Chase Lawler was a musician who summoned the Wild Huntsman to save himself and his girlfriend from harm. He did not understand the commitment he was making to the Wild Huntsman and found himself compelled to hunt the lonely. He tried to resist the urge by hunting villains, with limited success.
Lawler suffered a heart attack and Mark Shaw attempted to resuscitate him. This transferred the bond with the Wild Huntsman and the compulsion to hunt to Shaw. It was revealed that Lawler had undergone the same type of experimentation as Mark Shaw and that the Wild Huntsman was actually an illusion created as a side effect of the mental programming. Lawler was drugged and then murdered by Shaw, who had fallen back into his Dumas persona.

Kirk DePaul

DePaul was one of many clones of Paul Kirk, a World War II hero known as Manhunter, created by the criminal organization The Council. The clones were meant to serve as the organization’s army, but rather than serving his creators, DePaul escaped to seek out a life of his own. DePaul made a living as a mercenary, operating predominantly in Africa, including during an encounter with the hero Nightwing, until he was recruited by Josiah Power to sign up with The Power Company as a partner. Since he sunk all of his fortune into The Power Company, DePaul was more concerned with earning a return on his investment than with upholding justice or maintaining his image. So no matter the job or the client, if it paid, he was willing to take it, which often put him at odds with his fellow partners in the firm. When approached by Paul Kirk’s former associates Christina St. Clair and Asano Nitobe, rather than answer their questions, DePaul supplied them with a bullet and told them to use it if they didn’t like him. DePaul would unwillingly work with another former ally of Paul Kirk’s when he and Batman foiled the kidnapping of the granddaughter of a former African ruler. DePaul’s brash demeanor was the death of him, however, when he failed to take the Manhunter serial killer seriously and was decapitated by Dumas, the psychotic personality of former Manhunter, Mark Shaw.

Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer is a federal prosecutor who grows increasingly tired of seeing guilty criminals evade punishment. Copperhead, a criminal on trial for multiple deaths and cannibalism, avoids a death sentence and escapes from custody after killing two guards. Angry, Kate steals equipment from an evidence room and kills Copperhead. She leaves a mark on the wall near the body, calling herself Manhunter. Kate blackmails Dylan Battles, a former henchman for numerous villains now in the Witness Protection Program, and he builds, maintains and upgrades her armor, weapons and gadgets.
In addition to legal proceedings and fighting crime, Kate’s life includes awkward relationships with her six-year-old son Ramsey and novelist ex-husband. Kate’s secret life as Manhunter cuts into her career and family life, but her co-counsel Damon Matthews covers for her. Damon dates Todd Rice, the super hero Obsidian. Kate’s father Walter Pratt spent time in prison for murdering her mother and she comes to believe that her grandfather is super hero Al Pratt, the original Atom, a member of the Justice Society of America.
Through her friendship with Department of Extranormal Operations Agent Cameron Chase, Kate works for the DEO under the direction of Mr. Bones. During the Infinite Crisis, Oracle calls Kate, along with a number of low-powered heroes to join the Battle of Metropolis, and she has also been invited to possibly join the Birds of Prey.
The June 2006 issue of Manhunter revealed that Kate’s true grandfather was not the original Atom, but actually Iron Munro and that her grandmother was Sandra Knight (Phantom Lady). When Munro was apparently unwilling to deal with his girlfriend’s pregnancy, she was taken by Pratt to a home for unwed mothers and Pratt was mistakenly listed as the father on Walter Pratt’s birth certificate. This makes her a third cousin to Jack Knight, as Phantom Lady pointed out in the issue.
Recently Kate was hired to be Wonder Woman’s defense lawyer, for the murder of Max Lord. The case has taken an unexpected turn however, upon the recent arrival of a supposedly alive Blue Beetle, who claims he has no memory of the last 18 months. Wonder Woman has called in Batman to run an investigation on Ted, to see if it is really him. Meanwhile Kate received aid from Checkmate, which proved that Diana’s actions were justifiable. The “Blue Beetle” turned out to be the shape shifting cannibal Everyman from Lex Luthor’s Infinity Inc.

When Kate pursues Copperhead, she sneaks into an evidence room to steal some items she can use against him. Manhunter #15 tells the origin of each of the three items she takes:

The Suit – The suit comes from a member of the Darkstars who died in battle and fell to Earth to rot. A drifter found it and used it to defend himself against a group of attackers. Successfully defeating them, he robbed them and left the suit in a dumpster.

The Gauntlets – A smalltime crook found the gauntlets, originally worn by Azrael during his stint as Batman, in Gotham City. The crook used them in an unsuccessful burglary, but when the police arrived, the crook fell to his death, leaving the gauntlets still dug into the side of the building.

The Staff – An attack on Eclipso ended with several heroes dead; among them was a man programmed to believe that he was Mark Shaw. The staff was recovered with the body and hidden in storage.

Well, there you go everyone. Everything you wanted to know about the Manhunters but were afraid to ask. I like to give a big thank you to Wiki and the incredible people at for all their info to help me with this entry. See you guys around with my next entry one my favorite squirrel Green Lantern, B’dge.

The monster, Maash

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Hello once again everyone. Well, it’s the weekend and we turn to another member of the Sinestro Corps. The triple headed freak that is Maash. This guy stuck out to me when I first saw him in The Sinestro Corps Annual. Now, of course a lot of members of the SC stuck out at me. However, this guy had three heads and the top one looked so horrified. I wanted to know why and then I got my answers a few months later. Let us tell the tale in my best Lyssa Drak voi… er typing. Originally conceived as triplets in the womb of their mother. When Maash was born, the doctors found that the babies had merged into one body. Each of Maash’s three heads has a different personality and mind. The bottom and middle head are both killers and murderers. Hence they constantly fight for control of their body but the top head is unlike the others. He is kind and remorseful but can never control his body long enough to stop his other two “brothers”. Maash is known for not only killing others but then later mutilating their victims in different and horrific ways. When Maash was made a Sinestro Corps recruit, the two heads had to confront their worse fear, which was their top head controlling their body and killing them off forever. After facing that fear, Maash was made a full time members of the Sinestro Corps. During the war with the Green Lantern Corps, Maash would not only kill off GL’s he would also disfigure and tear apart their bodies. He has currently retreated back to Qward to await their new leader or the return of Sinestro.

There you have it, the three face horror that is Maash. See you this weekend for a look at the Manhunters.

Green Lantern Corps #20 Review

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The aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War continues.

As both Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps rings journey across the cosmos seeking new users. The Guardians of the Universe monitor them all. Intending to wait until the Sinestro Corps rings find new hosts and then they will strike. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Guy Gardner is still throwing darts trying to decided where he is going to live from now on. Every time he throws a new dart, he doesn’t like the place it lands but he promises he will find the right place. Over at Kyle Rayner’s apartment, he continues to channel surf from one sci-fi classic to another, which he finds as a sign of what he should do with his life now. Later on Debstam IV, Mongul continues to learn from his ring. When he demands it tell him everything about it from origin to limitation. His ring tells him it will take 96 hours. Mongul quietly responds: Time does not concern me. Continue.” We return to Earth where both Kyle and Guy talks about what what they are going to do now and both come to the same decision. The next day at the ruins of Warriors Bar. Guy and Kyle tell Hal Jordan and John Stewert they are going to move to Oa, permanently. Guy explains that he needs a change of scenery. He needs to go where he can start over and with John and Hal on Earth, the planet is covered. Kyle also agrees saying that it feels right and while Hal tells Guy that Oa doesn’t carry cable. Guy tells him they’ll find a way.

Guy continues to go on that he is going to rebuild Warriors Bar on Oa. That no one on Oa knows how to cook Earth food or enjoy their kind of entertainment. He’s going to be business partners with Kyle and show the Green Lantern Corps what a good time is all about. Hal and John agree and say goodbye to their friends for the time being. Before Guy leaves Earth, he leaves a letter for Tora. A couple of days later, Mongul finally learns everything he needs about his ring and the Sinestro Corps and their origins. He reflects on the spoils the war has brought and how he will use it to fulfill his own destiny. He thanks the Sinestro Corps member that brought him his ring but crushing his head and anointing his ring in his blood before letting the dead corps member body burn in his ship’s fire. Back in space, Kyle reveals that he was offered the job as art director for the planetarium but he turned it down. He says it felt right and now going back to Oa is his chance to start over and rebuild his life the way Hal Jordan has been rebuilding his. Guy also talks about leaving Tora behind but explains that if you love something, set it free.

As the two set foot on Oa they have a conversation with Salaak who refuses to listen to their idea for a bar. After the two get done explaining why. He still isn’t convinced considering Guy’s past commitments to things. That’s when Kyle tells Sal that Guy is moving to Oa. Something that causes Salaak to laugh his ass off but Guy is serious. They both want to move to Oa and build the bar. After a few moments, Salaak says he’ll talk to the Guardians but they can move to Oa. Guy Gardner makes one final request if they can get cable and Salaak laughs again saying that this alone will be entertainment. Back in the Guardian Citadel, the Sinestro Corps rings suddenly go dark and disappear. The Guardians are not sure what caused this but want the last known locations of each ring found, so they can be found before they give birth to new Sinestro Corps members. Not far away, Kyle and Guy get use to their new digs saying its a start. Back on Debstam IV, Mongul looks one last time at his father’s former kingdom and the dead body of his sister, Mongal that is rotting away. He tells her that the fates will continue to shine on him and how he alone will claim their father’s legacy and leave her behind forever on a dead world. He then has the Sinestro Corps rings traveling the universe coordinates downloaded into his ring and goes in search for them.

What a great issue, Green Lantern Corps #20 continues the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War nicely. Seeing Guy and Kyle deciding their current roads in life was great. The two have a great relationship and a lot in common. The move to Oa to start a new Warriors Bar was a great idea and I can’t wait to see what these two do or how the rest of the Green Lantern Corps is going to react to it. I know Kilowog is going to have a constant bar tab. I also think this was some of the best characterization on Mongul since Infinite Crisis. Mongul is like his father in a lot of ways. He is leaving his mistakes in the past and is going to forge ahead. In ways that no one is really ready for. With him wanting to take leadership of the Sinestro Corps and the Domination promotions through DC showing him holding both a Green Lantern and Red Lantern ring. There is a lot in store with this guy and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Arisia, blondes do have more fun

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Turning the spot light back on the Green Lantern Corps, we turn to one of the Lost Lanterns, Arisia. This beautiful lady has been around for some time. Originally believed to be a teenager who had a crush on Hal Jordan. This young woman is actually over two hundred years old and could give any veteran lantern a run for their money. Arisia’s power signature is very interesting. It beats in sync with her two heart beats. Hence, Arisia’s energy field constantly pulsates in rhythm and so do her constructs. Let’s move on to her story, shall we?

The daughter of Fentara, Green Lantern of Graxos IV, Arisia was trained at an early age to follow in her father’s footsteps. Upon Fentara’s death Blish of neighboring Graxos V was named Green Lantern for Space Sector 2815. When Blish was killed, the Guardians of the Universe sought Arisia as the new Green Lantern. On her homeworld, Arisia took up the civilian identity of Cynella, making a name for herself as an artist and fashion designer. Arisia first met Hal Jordan, neighboring Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 on her way to Oa to take part in battle against Krona the renegade Guardian, and Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. She was astounded by the thousands of different Green Lanterns she fought beside, and was quick to make friends. Her life as an emerald warrior was about to be cut short when she was rescued by Tylot, one of Krona’s army of the undead. For rescuing the young Lantern, Tylot was made a temporary Green Lantern. Arisia seemed to gravitate to the more experienced of the Green Lanterns, including Katma Tui, Tomar-Re, and Xax. Jordan’s bold leadership during the attack of Krona made quite an impact on Arisia. The young Green Lantern followed Jordan as a role model, and developed feelings for him. She won Jordan’s respect, but he did not take her infatuation seriously. Sometime afterward, she was called to Oa by the Guardians to help convince the Green Lantern of Earth to remain in the Corps. Hal Jordan’s personal reponsibilities on Earth had led to conflict with his duties as a Green Lantern. He had angrily declared his intent to resign following the completion of a mission to Ungara, the homeworld of Abin Sur. Not everyone in the Corps shared Arisia’s opinion of Hal Jordan. The snide comments of Salakk of Slyggia prompted Arisia to assist Jordan on Ungara. Unbeknowst to Arisia, she was followed by St’nlli, a genetically designed Qwardian warrior. On Ungara, Jordan’s efforts to free that world from a sudden ice age met with failure. Arisia suggested the creation of a solar lens, to be placed in orbit above Ungara. During the delicate positioning of the lens, the two Green Lanterns were attacked by St’nlli. Arisia managed to reposition the lens, sparing the Ungarans from the burning glare of their sun. She was blasted by the Qwardian, her cry distracting Jordan. St’nlli seized the moment to best the Green Lantern of Earth. Arisia fell to Ungara, unconscious. Her only hope of rescue, Hal Jordan, was taken to Qward. The grateful Ungarans searched for hours for the fallen Green Lantern. They found her on an ice floe, drifting in the sea. She returned to Oa to discover the Guardians of the Universe had given up on Hal Jordan. His power ring would automatically return to Oa after its twenty four hour limit expired. Although the Guardians would not help Jordan, Arisia decided she would. Arisia travelled through the gateway to the antimatter universe of Qward. After helping Jordan ellude his pursuers, Jordan explained that he had not planned to leave the Corps. His actions were all part of an undercover mission to defeat the Qwardians’ newest weapon, the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. Near the gateway to the positive matter universe, the Green Lanterns were attcked by St’nlli. His power was further augmented to alter the mind and matter of his foes to that of antimatter. Jordan turned on Arisia, cornering her against the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. Arisia was saved by the timely intervention of Katma Tui, Charqwep and dozens of other Corps members. Arkkis Chummuck defeated St’nlli while the rest of the Corps restored Jordan to his former self. Arisia convinced Jordan and Katma Tui to help destroy the main power battery of the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. The Qwardians were defeated. On Oa, Jordan was reprimanded by the Guardians for refusing to help the Ungarans when they requested his assistance. Due to his outstanding record as a Green Lantern, Jordan would not be tried by his fellows and face possible dismissal. He would be exiled from Earth until his pennance was paid. Despite his time away from Earth and the lessons he learned in deep space, Jordan later decided to leave the Corps entirely. The news crushed Arisia. Despite the pleas of his friends, Jordan would not change his mind. Arisia had fallen in love with the Green Lantern from Earth. After Jordan’s departure, the Corps welcomed John Stewart as the newest Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Arisia and her comrades soon found themselves on a mission vital to the survival of the Corps. They fought against the malevolent designs of Maaldor, an extradimensional entity that had seized the power of the Great Battery. The handful of Green Lanterns with power were to defeat this latest threat. The battle claimed the life of fellow Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck. The young Green Lantern spent some time on Oa, studying the history of others in the Corps. From Tomar-Re she learned the story of the Green Lantern Mogo, the sentient planet. During the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths, Arisia allied herself with Tomar-Re. The Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard member gathered a number of emerald warriors on a warp-capable starship. The Green Lanterns soon found themselves powerless. With their starship, they were able to reach Oa after the Central Power Battery had been attacked by the Anti-Monitor. They found a number of Guardians yoked to the Central Power Battery, cutting off the flow of power to their rings. After the Guardians were freed from the Anti-Monitor’s power, the Green Lanterns’ rings were reactivated. The Corps discovered Guy Gardner had been sent on a mission to destroy the dark moon of Qward, which he believed would deprive the Anti-Monitor of power. In truth, this action would free the Anti-Monitor from his ties to the material plane, making him even more powerful. The Green Lantern Corps was dispatched to prevent Gardner’s success. In Qward, the Corps battled Gardner and his army of cosmic criminals. They were also set upon by the Weaponers of Qward. By the battle’s end, veteran Green Lanterns Tomar-Re and Xax were dead. Tomar-Re last wish was fulfilled: Hal Jordan rejoined the Corps. Following the conclusion of the universal crisis, Arisia, Ch’p and Salakk were assigned to apprehend Goldface and Lurlan Dupo, who had killed Green Lanterns in Qward. The trio were assisted by Hal Jordan, who had fought Goldface before. The Green Lantern Corps regrouped on Oa for a final audience with the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians joined with their Zamaron mates to leave our universe. Before their departure they assigned Honor Guard members Apros of -7pi and K’ryssma of Etrea to protect Appa Ali Apsa on Maltus. Hal Jordan and John Stewart were ordered to return to Earth which would be the site of the next race to make the step to immortality in the next millenium. The remainder of the Corps was freed of responsibility to individual assigned space sectors. Arisia relocated to Earth to be close to Hal Jordan. She adopted the secret identity of Cindy Simpson, and redesigned the uniforms of the team to better reflect their individual personalities. The Green Lantern Corps of Earth became instant celebrities in their Los Angeles Citadel. Arisia continued after Hal Jordan, even as he told her she was too young for him. This was difficult for the teenager to understand, and her subconscious desires interacted with her power ring to rapidly mature her body. Recognizing the threat seven Green Lanterns would pose to them, a group of super-villains led by Doctor Polaris and Sonar attempted to destroy the heroes. They failed. In the course of the battle, Arisia went into shock when parts of her body were “wiped away” by the super-villain known as White-Out. The ring-forced maturity was difficult for Arisia. The young Green Lantern herself did not realize her body was being forced to rapidly change. She suffered from dizzy spells which led Kilowog to devise a medical scanner to determine her ailment. Kilowog had been puzzled by Arisia’s growth, but lacking more evidence, he decided to keep his own counsel. In another battle, Hal and Arisia were defeated by the Black Hand. The criminal trapped the powerless Green Lanterns in an abandoned mine shaft. The two used the time to talk over their feelings, and Hal realized he had fallen for Arisia. The Corps primarily stayed on Earth, but did work alongside Superman to defeat a menace in outer space. The alien Green Lanterns did not consider themselves exclusively bound to the United States as Jordan and Stewart did. This had caused some friction during the short-lived Presidential ban on super-hero activities. The Green Lantern Corps of Earth was for all of Earth, regardless of politics. The romance between Jordan and Arisia blossomed. They spent more time together, away from the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. One of their getaways almost proved fatal. On a secluded beach, Arisia was attacked by the combined forces of Hector Hammond and Star Sapphire. Under their control, Arisia “accidentally” attacked Hal Jordan, claiming it was a result of an illness from her forced growth. Arisia and Hal flew to her homeworld to find the cure for her problem, carrying her power battery so they could recharge their rings in route. She deserted Jordan in deep space as his ring ran out of power. The battery was a fake, his life saving reserve power was used up in Arisia’s accidental attack. The Green Lantern of Earth apparently exploded in the vaccuum of space. Arisia was brought on board the Zamaron Deep-Cruiser and subjected to humiliations by Star Sapphire. The two villains planned to return to Earth and eliminate the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. Their partnership was strained by their attitudes to each other, but it ultimately mattered little. Hal Jordan was not dead. Before leaving Earth, he had secretly scanned Arisia and brought along his power battery. Jordan created the image of his destruction and spent the hours since dismantling the defenses of the Zamaron cruiser. He was controlled by Hector Hammond until a fight ensued between the mental madman and Star Sapphire. Each wanted control of Jordan, and their hold on Arisia lessened. She was able to break free of their domination and turn the tables on the two villains. Arisia and Hal returned to Earth in time to learn of Salakk’s adventures in the 58th Century as Pol Manning. Ch’p pursued his Slyggian friend, and called in Jordan to mediate a dispute in the far future. Salakk elected to stay in the future, and Ch’p decided to return to H’lven, to rebuild his life which had been wiped out in the Crisis. Following the departure of Ch’p and Salakk, the Earth based Corps chose to travel the stars to seek out other Green Lanterns to join their group. They soon met Driq, Flodo Span, and Olapet of the Green Lantern Corps of The Klyminade. The Klyminade group had been attacked by Sinestro and his ally, the sentient Space Sector 3600. Their Corps had been cut down by the powerful villains and requested the aid of the Green Lantern Corps of Earth to defeat Sinestro. The Green Lanterns were soon under attack by Sinestro and surprisingly defeated him. But suddenly, the sentient sector plunged the Green Lanterns through a black hole, depositing them in the remains of Space Sector 872. After a battle with hostile aliens, the Corps attempted to create a new homeworld for the survivors of Bolovax Vik. Kilowog released the 16 bilion “souls” of his people from his power ring. He enjoyed their company for mere moments before Sinestro obliterated the world. Kilowog could not save his people a second time, and they were irrevocably destroyed. The shock of losing his people again threw Kilowog into a state of uncontrollable rage. Once again under siege by Sinestro and the sentient sector, the Green Lanterns could not afford any distractions. Arisia entered his mind, trying to assuage his feelings of loss. She learned of Kilowog’s youth and the pain he felt leaving the mass for the Green Lantern Corps. Arisia offered Kilowog’s friends in the Corps as the mass he had lost. She was unprepared to learn of Kilowog’s true feelings for her. Arisia did not feel the same towards her friend, as she was in love with Hal Jordan. The two agreed they would never tell the others about his feelings. After the defeat of Sinestro and the MadGod Sector 3600, the Green Lantern Corps imprisoned the Korugarian on the Earth’s moon. They would deal with him after the events of Millennium. A number of humans from across Earth, called the Chosen, had been selected by Guardian Herupa Hando Hu and Zamaron Nadia Safir to take the next step in evolution. The Los Angeles GL Citadel was used as the site of the teaching. The Green Lanterns of Earth returned home, with Sinestro as their prisoner. They were soon involved in the events of Millennium, in which a Guardian and a Zamaron visited Earth to help humanity reach the next phase in their evolution. Kilowog took the opportunity to attempt to kill Sinestro in revenge for the death of his people. He was stopped by Arisia. She convinced him it was wrong to murder Sinestro, as he would be brought to trial on Oa. Arisia and Hal Jordan took part in the Justice League’s mission to the Manhunter homeworld. In the course of the battle, they met up with Green Lanterns Driq and G’nort. On Oa, Sinestro was found guilty of the charges set against him. The Green Lantern Corps decided his punishment would be death. The execution of Sinestro led to the collapse of the Main Power Battery, and the disintegration of virtually all the power rings in the universe. Hal Jordan possessed the only power ring on Oa. The powerless Green Lanterns would be returned to their homeworlds. Kilowog wished to be left in China, still searching for a communal existence. Arisia and Hal lived with John and Katma’s apartment, but living conditions were cramped, leading to friction between the couples. Tragedy soon struck when Katma Tui-Stewart was killed by Star Sapphire as a message to Hal. In his grief, John lashed out at Hal, blaming him for his wife’s death. Arisia and Hal moved out of John’s apartment, eventually drifting to Chicago.

A modeling agent offered Arisia a job, and she became quite successful. After a few weeks she and Hal went their seperate ways. The former Green Lantern went to visit Kilowog. During the Alien Alliance’s invasion of Earth, both off-worlders fought beside the New Guardians. The two friends soon returned to the United States. Arisia kept in contact with Kilowog, visiting between modeling assignments at the Green Lantern Citadel in Los Angeles. Unknown to the Graxosian, she stopped by the Citadel a few hours after a playful fight between Guy and Kilowog. Although Kilowog used Guy’s ring to rebuild the damaged Citadel, the repairs were only temporary. After twenty four hours the structure of the building gave in, striking Arisia’s head. The blow caused Arisia memory loss and triggered a return to her thirteen year old mentality. She sought out the only person she felt could help her: Hal Jordan. Arisia visited the ruins of Ferris Aircraft hoping to find Hal Jordan. She found something else: The New Guardian Floro sprouted from the ground, also seeking Green Lantern. Floro sprouted as a number of knee high plants, but was in no condition to answer questions. Arisia was soon brought in by a police officer, they notified the Justice League who in turn notified Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Her mind had regressed to her teenage years but her memories were still intact. She warned Hal of the threat to the New Guardians, he decided to have her sent back to her homeworld for help. Kilowog was unable to transport Arisia because the Guardians had decided to start a new recruitment drive for the Corps. Hal left Arisia with the Justice League, he suggested Guy to talk to her but he was not there. After saving Tom Kalmaku and his family from the same fate as the New Guardians, Hal brought them and Arisia to Carol Ferris for safe-keeping. He went to Oa to fight the incarnation of Entropy. Arisia enjoyed the life of a Green Lantern and couldn’t wait to be one again. Despite the fact that her memories were slowly returning, she still wasn’t ready for the responsibility. She came up with the idea of being Hal’s back-up like Guy Gardner and John Stewart were. This idea was also rejected. Hal had to drop off Arisia to solve a string of murders in Coast City which turned out to be the work of alien parasites. Jordan was soon called off Earth to investigate strange incident on the planet Scylla. Soon he and the Green Lantern Corps would be involved in a battle with the Triarch.Her memories appeared to have completely returned when she went to the Justice League International’s American embassy. She had hoped to get in touch with Kilowog in order to rejoin the Green Lantern Corps. While there, she told Power Girl and Maya stories of other women in the Corps including Laira, Sheriff Mardin of Nyberg, and Boodikka. Arisia sought out Guy Gardner’s help to find Kilowog. Unfortunately, the Bolovax Green Lantern had not been heard of in a couple of days. Following the formation of a green dome over the ruins of Coast City, the disappearance of Green Lanterns across the universe, and Gardner’s dramatic increase in power and accompanying visions, a Justice League Task Force planned to visit Oa. Arisia offered to go, her knowledge of Oa could be an asset to the group. Gardner turned her down, her lack of powers would be more hinderance than help. Arisia returned armed to the teeth with weaponry. She was going to Oa. The League discovered the skeletal remains of Kilowog on Oa. The death of their friend hurt the group deeply, but they did not have long to reflect on their feelings – they were attacked by Hal Jordan. He stripped them of their powers, his increased energy was strong enough to destroy Guy’s yellow ring. Jordan sent the heroes back to Earth with a warning not to interfere. In the weeks after their defeat on Oa, Guy Gardner gained new powers. He had discovered his heritage as a Vuldarian warrior. Guy had also fought Dementor, a being with the same Vuldarian ancestry as he. Things were looking up for Guy when Buck Wargo opened “Warrior’s,” a super-hero bar in New York City. Arisia worked with a number of Guy’s friends in the bar. On opening day, Arisia learned of Hal Jordan’s supposed death from Kyle Rayner, the last Green Lantern. The next day, she discovered the truth when Jordan returned. He changed Arisia back into her Green Lantern costume, offering her a return to the way things were. Arisia argued that things had changed, that he was not the man he once was and she asked him to leave. Though he did leave, Jordan would prove he was still a hero. Dementor returned, this time to attack Guy Gardner and his friends. Arisia was tormented by dreams of Hal which changed into Dementor. Although Dementor was with his creator, the witch doctor Mudakka, he was driven away by the gathered heroes. The activation of Guy’s Vuldarian powers had led a Kraggz scout team to Earth. Arisia was badly injured in the attack, her spine was broken. Her healing powers cured her injuries, and in five weeks she was sparring with Ted Grant, the Golden Age Wildcat. Warrior’s continued to be an interesting job for Arisia. A fight broke out between Guy Gardner’s clone and a handful of Neron-enhanced supervillains. The battle continued into the sewers beneath New York City. Though they defeated the villains, the real threat to Guy Gardner and his friends was just arriving. Martika, a woman with connections to the Quorum had attempted to weave a spell over Guy and gain control of him. She had power over any man she wanted, but because of Veronna, sworn protector of the Warrior, Guy had escaped her grasp. While Guy was fighting a small army of his enemies, the revived Major Force was searching for Veronna. He did not find Veronna, but he would kill any of Guy’s friends that he did find. Arisia was in the bar when Major Force came calling. She fought well, but she could not stand against the Quorum-altered Major Force. With his newly acquired Vuldarian DNA, he morphed Arisia’s face, cutting off her oxygen. Gardner was taunted by Major Force, the villain even sent a picture of Arisia. In a battle to the death, Gardner avenged Arisia. Arisia’s wake was attended by a number of heroes, and one other mourner. Hal Jordan returned to pay his last respects to the young woman. He created a green hologram of Arisia in her honor. However, Arisia was not dead, her body had evolved to where her body was put in a state of “death like” state in where it healed itself even from the most fatal of injuries. Arisia was unburied by a Manhunter and taken to their homeworld of Biot in Sector 3601. It was there they used her as a future power source for the Highmaster until Hal Jordan discovered her during his rescue mission with Guy Gardner to free the trapped Green Lanterns the Manhunters had taken over the years. THe Cyborg-Superman, Hank Henshaw threaten to kill Arisia permantely until Hal blasted him and awoke Arisia who came to her former lovers aid. Henshaw decided to use both Jordan and Arisia to power another Highmaster to destroy the rest of the Green Lanterns but instead turned the Highmaster on Biot itself and destroyed the planets and then escaped back to OA with the rest of the Lanterns. Arisia later thanked Hal before letting him return to Earth while she tried to figure what she would do now that she was a Green Lantern again. Arisia was most recently seen fighting the Sinestro Corps off Oa along with Kilowog and many of the rookie members of the Corps. She seems to have a professional connection to Sodam Yat, the Green Lantern of Daxam, but still only has feelings for Hal. She is shown to have a slight disdain for Yat based on his cocky attitude.

What a gal. I can’t wait to see what Arisia is going to be doing in the near future, especially since Hal Jordan is now dating Jill Pearlman. Anyhow, to get off subject for a moment. I have a new poll up and before you think I’ve gone self absorbed. I’m just wondering based on people’s opinions. If you think I could write a Green Lantern story. I actually wrote a Green Lantern Corps story a few days ago. Trying to focus on something other than my fiancé at the moment.

Sad news for me

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I wanted to break from my usual blogs to talk about a recent sadness in my life. My fiancé and girlfriend for two years, decided to take a break for a while. In the last five days it’s like… everything just didn’t make sense to her or she was confused and sadly things quickly started to crumble. Today, when I was called to come home, she had packed several of her things and told me she needed to figure things out. I let her go, so she could and so I could figure out what I’m going to do now. I’ll tell you right now, I’m hurting. I really am and I’m waiting for that huge, huge break down where I’m going to cry things out and then fall asleep and wake up feeling very crappy. I can’t really do much more then I have. I love her, I’ve told her and I know I’ve been too comfortable with our relationship the last two months. However, it’s better to try and be calm and not stress out as we tick closer to the date.
As of now, I don’t know what is going to happen. We were schedule to get married September 20th. Now, while she hasn’t called off the whole engagement. I don’t know if that’s date going to come around. I can only be patience and wait and talk to her when I can. I’m not sure how this going to work out or when. I’m not even sure what really lead to the situation. I’m pretty dumb founded by this to tell the truth. Sure, there are small signs something is wrong but you don’t think along these lines. Truth be told, you have to give it time.


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I thought I take a quick look at Batman and his role in Green Lantern. Now, everyone pretty much knows the story of Batman. A young Bruce Wayne was helpless as his parents were killed by Joe Chill during a mugging. Bruce swore on their deaths that would never happen. He trained his mind and body to become the world’s greatest detective, Batman the Dark Knight. For years as Batman patrolled Gotham City, ridding it of crime. He spent many team-ups with Hal Jordan, better known as Green Lantern. However, rifts formed with them early on. Since Batman used his presence to instill fear in his foes. Hal Jordan did not fear Batman at all. Following the mind wiping at the hands of Zatanna when he almost stopped the Justice League from altering Dr. Light after he raped Sue Dibny. Batman started to become more paranoid and unsure of his fellow heroes. Hal was one of the main focuses and when Hal was taken over by Parallax, his fears were confirmed.

In fact, Batman was constantly talking down on Hal because no matter how many chances they gave Hal following his death and taking on the identity of the Spectre. Hal seemed to get worse and worse. When he mind wiped the planet of Wally West being the Flash. Things grew worse and then finally Parallax started corrupting the Spectre and the slowly rebuilding Green Lantern Corps. Batman’s anger knew no bounds but when Parallax was defeated and Hal sucker punched Batman. The two of them started to heal. Following a fight with the new Tattoo Man in Gotham City. Hal offered his ring to Batman, telling him he has the ability to use it but also to allow him to finally put the death of his parents behind him. He wasn’t ready too but in the aftermath, Bruce Wayne came to accept Hal Jordan as his friend again.

Now the Green Lantern Batman wasn’t something quickly shown and then forgotten. It was revealed in Countdown: Arena that a Bruce Wayne from another Earth not only took on the mantel of Green Lantern following the death of Hal Jordan. He excelled in it. A protector of Sector 2814, the Green Lantern Batman used his light to take away the darkness in his Gotham City. Now, while that Batman took on the mantel of Green Lantern. Following the formation of the Sinestro Corps, a yellow power ring sought out Bruce Wayne and told him he had the ability to instill great fear and made him a rookie member of the Sinestro Corps. However, due to Batman’s exposure to the Green Lantern ring he was able to over power the Sinestro Corps power ring with his will power. The ring quickly left Bruce and sought out Amon Sur who would become the representative of the Sinestro Corps for Sector 2814. This incident is also what tipped Hal Jordan and John Stewert to the Sinestro Corps and the upcoming war with them. Now in another reality, Bruce Wayne embraced the Sinestro Corps ring and became an even darker knight to clean up Gotham City. It was never expanded on.

So, there he is the Dark Knight, the Batman. I continue to enjoy Batman and Green Lantern’s odd couple relationship. Recently the two have been doing a lot better than in the last few years. They are not only friends and teammates but also confidants.


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We finally move to Oa, homeworld to the Guardians of the Universe and the Green lantern Corps. There is a whole lot to cover with Oa, so I put together more than the basics.

The Planet OA

Oa’s history is not clear; according to some stories, the Guardians originated in a planet called Maltus and then moved to Oa as a convenient base of operations. Other stories had the Oans living in there from the beginning. Oa appears to be mainly a desert-like, lifeless planet. The main feature is the Guardian’s city, which includes, among other things, the Main Power Battery that is charged by the Guardians with their own unique green energy, which the Battery then broadcasts to the personal Power Batteries of all the Green Lanterns. At one time, Oa was host to several cities stolen from various worlds (including one from Earth) along with their unwilling inhabitants. This “mosaic” of cities was created by an insane Guardian who was left behind when the others left the universe for a time. Although he was defeated by the Green Lanterns, when the Guardians returned, they decided to keep the cities on Oa as an experiment in multicultural cohabitation. This decision was against many of the inhabitants’ wishes to be returned to their home worlds, and was looked upon unfavorably by many Green Lanterns (but respected). The Green Lantern John Stewart was assigned to keep peace in the composite city. The cities were eventually returned to their original places. Oa was eventually left uninhabited after the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, under the influence of the evil entity Parallax, killed all but one of the Guardians and most of the Corps. Later it was destroyed in a battle between the still-insane Jordan and his successor, Kyle Rayner.The planet was reformed sometime later by Jordan’s old friend and associate Tom Kalmaku. The Central Power Battery was then recharged and the Guardians resurrected shortly therafter by Kyle Rayner after he spent some time as the near-omnipotent “Ion”. After attacks by Superboy-Prime and the Spider Guild, the Guardians refortified OA by creating a planetwide armour and defensive system to prevent successful attacks against them. The full capability of the new systems are still unknown.

Central Battery

The main power for the Green Lantern Corps, the Central Battery houses all known will power from the Guardians and of the Universe itself.

Guardian Citadel

Originally located in the center of the planet, the Guardian’s Citadel is now housed behind a large door that is only open on a time delay from a Green Lantern Honor Guard. The Guardians see no one unless a request is made and only then on their approval will someone be seen by the Guardians of the Universe.

Lantern Sector House

Some sectors are so large they requir Lantern Sector House, which are large space station for incoming and outgoing Green Lantern Corps members passing through the sector of space.


The Planet of OA contains dozens of cities where Green Lantern Corps members and their guests stay and live. The cities are divided into Corps member housing, cafe, science labs, med bays and so forth.


Being a Green Lantern is tough work hence OA contains a café. The place is able to replicate anytype of food from all 3600 Sectors of space and employees some of the best cooks in the Universe who are low level Green Lanterns.

Meeting Hall

The primary room for all Green Lanterns, the Meeting Hall is where daily training and orders are assigned to Green Lanterns. It is also used for private meetings for the Honor Guard.

Marsh Pit

The main fighting ground on OA, the Marsh Pit is a slimy pool used to train Green Lanterns at hand to hand combat with no rings allowed.


When the Guardians of the Universe first came into existance they divided the known Universe into 3600 Sectors. Each sector was assigned one Green Lantern to patrol and protect it. Now two Lanterns serve and protect their known sectors.

Green Lantern Corps Crypt

Located deep within the planet of OA, the Green Lantern Corps Crypt is a vast tribute to the Green Lanterns that have been lost over the years. The crypts are maintain by Morro and his dragons.

Science Cells

OA houses a large jail area on the darker area of the planet. The cells are designed to hold any type of prisoner dpending on their powers or threat level. They are constantly kept on guard by automated sentry robots and wardered by the Green Lantern Voz.

I will go more into Oa at a later day including the Book of Oa itself. In the mean time, have a good weekend.

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