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The Alpha-Lanterns

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on March 7, 2008

For the last month I’ve been going over the various members of the Alpha-Lanterns. This group of Internal Affairs officers in the Green Lantern Corps. I’m wrapping them for the time being with a look at what they can do. As you know the Alpha-Lanterns are: Boodikka, Kraken, Green Man, Varix and Chaselon. Originally John Stewart was to be chosen as an Alpha-Lantern but passed it up not knowing exactly what he was getting into. Currently another Alpha-Lantern power battery is searching the universe for another user. However, that person will not be revealed until Final Crisis this summer. After all, Grant Morrison originally created the Alpha-Lanterns and Geoff Johns just did their origin stories. While Boodikka is being fleshed out some more in Green Lantern Corps. So, what can these bad ass cops within the police force truly do? Let’s see

Alpha-Lantern Power Battery

The Alpha-Lantern power battery is similar to the usual brand of Green Lantern Power Batteries with a few differences. Not only is it a power source and directly tied into the Central Power Battery on Oa. The Alpha-Lantern power battery is embedded with in the chest of the Alpha-Lantern. This serves as a link to not only the Central Battery but also to the Book of Oa. All Alpha-Lanterns must know every law and story within the book to keep their force of justice going.

Second Ring

Do to the immense power of the Alpha-Lantern power battery and the will power needed to focus it. Each Alpha-Lantern has a second power ring. However, they can not receive the second ring until after they have been able to handle their current power level. A type of trial is given before an Alpha-Lantern can have their second ring.

Manhunter Tech

The Alpha-Lanterns are a blending of flesh and Manhunter technology. This pretty much eliminates the emotional side of an Alpha-Lantern. They can still feel and who they are is still inside but they are colder and more forceful. This was done so an Alpha-Lantern’s emotions wouldn’t corrupt the emotional spectrum. Could you imagine an Alpha-Red Lantern or Alpha-Sinestro Corps member? Reasons why these protocols are in place.

Manhunter Protocol

Due to having Manhunter tech in their bodies, the Alpha-Lanterns can directly connect and erase a Manhunter’s memory banks and leave them useless. If this same protocol can work on the Cyborg-Superman is still unknown.


Like all the other corps, the Alpha-Lanterns have their own oath when getting power from the Central Power Battery, it goes: “In days of peace, in nights of war. Obey the laws forever more, misconduct must be answered for. Swear us the chosen, the Alpha Corps.”

Well, that’s it folks. I’m out of here for another week, I’ll see everyone on Monday for a surprise member of the Sinestro Corps.


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