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Moments in Booster Gold History

Posted in Uncategorized by mrread7 on March 11, 2008

Once again, it’s time to look at Booster Gold role in the history of the DC Universe and how it ties into Green Lantern. Well, during a trip to the wild west to keep Superman’s adoptive father, Jonathan Kent being born. Booster decided to steer the time sphere himself and ended up smacking right into Barry Allen and Wally West back when they were the Flash and Kid Flash. The two were following Professor Zoom and ran into the time sphere. Rip Hunter soon finds out that this was meant to happen as Booster Gold’s father and Rex Hunter arrive a few seconds behind them in Central City, the day the lightning bolt struck Barry Allen and turned him into the Silver Age Flash. Rip Hunter soon reveals that Rex Hunter was a student of his who went bad and tried to kill Lex Luthor when he was young. It was revealed if that happened, Luthor would have never help create Superboy, who would in turn stop Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime and keep billions from dying during the Infinite Crisis.
Rex Hunter reveals that he was right to make that choice and now he and Booster Gold’s father will destroy the Justice League of America and take their place as the world’s greatest heroes. There newest mission is keeping Barry from becoming the Flash by redirecting the lightning bolt. A battle ensues and even Skeets fights Booster Gold’s father’s robot, Maximillion (The Black Hole reference). As time ticks away, both Wally West and Barry Allen disappear since history is changing as the lightning bolt gets closer to striking the placed lightning rod. In a last ditch effort thanks to the battle between Skeets and Maximillion. Booster throws the lightning rod at his father and the lightning hits him and sends the bolt towards Barry Allen causing history to realign itself. Booster’s father and Maximillion are knocked somewhere in time with no way back and Barry and Wally reappear and Rip Hunter has defeated Rex Hunter. The heroes part and return to their own times while Booster Gold, Skeets and Rip Hunter take the captured Rex Hunter to try out who he was working for.

Now you’re probably asking yourself what this has to do with Green Lantern. It has lots to do, first of all of Barry Allen would have not become the Flash, the Anti-monitor’s machine during Crisis on Infinite Earths would not have been stopped. The heroes role in stopping the Anti-monitor in the first place. This way, Hal Jordan would not have lead his prone to being possessed by Parallax, Guy Gardner would have never became a Green Lantern and John Stewart would have stayed retired. Then again if the Anti-monitor would have won, then none of that would have happened anyhow. The Sinestro Corps also would have never existed and the War of Light would never come to pass that would have reset things up for what’s going on currently in Green Lantern. Kyle Rayner would have never existed either and him holding the line until Green Lantern: Rebirth would have never come to pass. It’s amazing how one person could mean not only so much to the world but also to the Universe. Wow, I’m tired and my head hurts and I need some coffee. See you tomorrow for my Green Lantern Corps comic book review.

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