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Order in the court, Malet Dasim

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on March 13, 2008

I want to tell you something, I enjoy lawyer shows. Not all of them mind you but I like a few. Boston Public, The Practice and Close to Home are among some of my favorites. So, I thought I would talk about Oa’s master defense lawyer, Malet Dasim. This guy has been around for some time and he has been there for his clients. He pretty much embodies what a trial lawyer should do. All clients are innocent until proven guilty. He even defended Sinestro back when he was kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps. He has recently returned not only in the Sinestro War and defended Laira after she murdered Amon Sur. He is apparently also going to be defending Sinestro again before the War of Light begins. So, here’s his story:

Malet Dasim is the master district attorney of his home planet, Dlist. As well as the chief prosecutor for the Green Lantern Corps. Malet is committed to utilizing the new laws written into the Book of Oa in his cases against the criminals of the universe. Malet Dasim was one of the Green Lanterns who defended Oa against Sinestro when the renegade GL attempted to infiltrate the Guardians of the Universe. Still, Dasim is perhaps best known for his role in the trial of a Green Lantern. alet Dasim was the Green Lantern who prosecuted Arkkis Chummuck for the murder of Chummuck’s predecessor, the Green Lantern of Xanshi. The court of Green Lanterns found Chummuck innocent, and put the new Green Lantern on probation. Malet Dasim was to be Chummuck’s trainer. Dasim was also involved in the war against Krona and Nekron. He was one of the many Green Lanterns who fought against the Sinestro Corps on Earth and now faces defending some of them including Sinestro as their trials begin.

I like to thank the guys at the Book of Oa for helping finish up Malet’s profile. I’m looking forward to seeing Malet during Secret Origins as we see how he defended Sinestro before he was kicked out of the corps or how he will use the ten new laws in the Book of Oa for his cases.


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