The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Haasp, the Hunter

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on March 20, 2008

My brother’s birthday is next week, he’s turning 17. He can finally see an R rated movie by himself now. Well, I decided to take a look at a brother who is on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak with the Green Lantern Corps. Haasp, the Hunter who is the brother Green Lantern Harvid. This character is getting a bit of the spotlight lately in the Green Lantern Corps book. Since Harvid has been letting his brother slip away during battles. In fact, Alpha-Lantern Boodikka has made it that Harvid better put his feelings aside and bring his brother in or face being kicked out of the corps.

Haasp travels the cosmos, hunting the most rare and exotic breeds of sentient races and selling their skins on the black market. After an attempt to murder and skin one of the rarest species in the universe, his brother Harvid deemed him unstable and placed Haasp into an Oan science cell. Haasp eventually broke free from the cell and escaped and with his hatred of his brother so deep from the experience. A yellow power ring found him and he joined the Sinestro Corps. Haasp has been continuing his hunts in Sector 3492 with fellow Manhunters, which he has sent at his brother on more than one occasion. After there last encounter, if Alpha-Lantern Boodikka had not used her Manhunter fail safe to erase their programs, Harvid would have been killed.

Like a cop who’s brother is a mobster, there is a bit of tragedy with Haasp and Harvid and I’ll be talking about Harvid tomorrow. In the mean time, I have an appointment to make, so I’ll everyone later.

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