The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Small hero, big heart, Bzzd

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on April 4, 2008

You know, I’ve been going through so much crap these last two weeks. This included my ex still trying to get her stuff out of my apartment. Which she is finally taking care of this weekend. Though she still found a way to blame me for losing stuff of her’s. So, sorry she has to procrastinate and that her family is so upset with her over what she has done. The sooner her stuff is gone, the better. I think what’s also gotten to me this week is that my hair lost has become more noticiable, at least by me. Yeah, I mean it’s not horrible but I think probably in about 5 years I’ll look like a few of my co-workers. Yeah, kick me while I’m down. Anyhow, I thought I would put up one of my other favorite Green Lantern Corps members today with Bzzd. This character has been a hoot to read about since Green Lantern Corps #12. In less than two issues he caught fandom by the heart strings and never let go. Not only is he basically a fly, he is also a powerful wasp who does not let his size deter him from his missions or his sector partner, Mogo.

As Mogo is the most massive Green Lantern, his partner, Bzzd of Apiaton, is the the smallest. Bzzd often faces extra scrutiny from his fellow lanterns because of his size but he has shown that his willpower is as strong as anyone else’s. A recent upswing in his sector’s space piracy keeps Bzzd busy, as Mogo is unable to move around the sector at the same speeds to act as back up. During the Sinestro Corps War, Bzza was instrumental in stopping a deranged Kilowog who was infected by a Sinestro Corps member’s spores. During the battle of Mogo, Bzzd held strong against the Sinestro Corps and the assault of the sentient city Ranx and the Children of the White Lobe. Following the battle, Bzzd joined his fellow Corps members on Earth against the Sinestro Corps and the Anti-monitor. Following the defeat of the Sinestro Corps, Bzzd returned to Mogo to continue his fight against the pirates in their sector of space.

Good old Bzzd, the only thing he has to fear is a yellow windshield.


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