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Final Crisis #1 review

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D.O.A.: The God of War!

10,000 years ago, the first boy of Earth, Anthro raises his weapon in defense but finds himself confronted by Metron, the new god of time. He brings a gift, the gift of fire. The next day, Vandal Savage before his immortality was brought to him rages war against his fellow tribesmen. However, Anthro attacks with fire as his weapon and drives Savage and his tribe away from his own. We then flash to present where officer Turpin arrives at a dump and finds the body of Orion lying in a dumpster. He goes to touch him and his hand burns and Orion suddenly awakes. He grabs Turpin and tells him: “They did not die! He is in you.. fight.” He then dies with the Black Racer above them both. Meanwhile in Coast City, John Stewart sees the skies grow dark and raging with red lightning. Soon, his power ring lights up alerting him of a 1011 in progress. John suits up in his Green Lantern uniform and flies off but not knowing what a “1011” is and where his partner is. Turpin shows up on the Gotham City bridge and runs into Renee Motaya, the Question. The two exchange talk about the New Gods and she hands Turpin a business card that reads: “Dark Side Club.”

Later, John Stewart finally meets up with Hal Jordan at the site of Orion’s death. Hal tells them that a 1011 is Deicide, the death of a deity. Seeing that Orion has been killed, Hal alerts the rest of the Justice League of America and the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians respond tell them that a Special Operations Alpha Lanterns are coming their way and they must not leave the body of Orion. In a junkyard some where, member of the Teen Titans: Empress, Live Wire and Mas & Menos are in pursuit of Mirror Master and Dr. Light. They are soon defeated, while members of the Rogues and other members of the Secret Society are captured by the Justice League. Dr. Light makes off with Metron’s original Mobius chair that was in the junkyard for Libra and kicks Live Wire with his boot. At the same time, deep in Central City, Libra tells the Secret Society that he will now them he means business and lights up his staff and Effigy and Dr. Light bring in the Martian Manhunter and Libra kills him in front of everyone.

Later, Turpin arrives at a bar and runs into the Tattoo Man as talk from the Reverend G. Godfrey about Blüdehaven is talked about on a TV. The Tattoo Man points Turpin in the right direction but his dragon tattoo starts to come off him as Turpin leaves. Later at the Dark Side Club, Turpin meets Darkside. The two exchange words before Turpin threatens Dark Side and he removes his glasses, revealing he is really Dardseid, of the New Gods and unleashes the children he has been kidnapping who are all armed with the Anti-life Equation on Turpin. While at the Hall of Justice the Justice League has a meeting about the death of Orion and the Alpha-Lanterns close off Earth, since it’s the entire planet is now a crime scene. While the Monitors watch and explain that New Earth has been locked out from the rest of the 51 universes. The Monitors are passing judgment of the former keeper of the Multiverse Orrery, Uotan. At his trial, Uotan pleads that he was betrayed by another Monitor and that they must help him. They sentence him to live the rest of his life on New Earth as human but Uotan tells them he’ll find a way back and expose the conspiracy. Soon, Weeja Dell, another Monitor mourns the loss of Uotan and that all the Monitors are starting to feel and that Uotan was right, they have been betrayed. Not to far away, one of the Monitors is communicating with Wander that with Uotan out of the way, they can begin their plans. Moving to years in the future, Anthro finds himself in the far future with Kamandi, the last boy of Earth running up to him. Asking Anthro to give him what Metron gave him. Back in the present, Uotan awakens in a bed, fully human and seeing Green Arrow on the news saying that they will avenge the death of the Martian Manhunter.

Well, that is how you kick off a comic universe rocking event. Grant Morrison and artist, J.G Jones deliver one hell of a first issue. Starting at the literal beginning with Anthro and going all the way into the future with Kamandi. Final Crisis will truly redefine the entire DC Universe, or should I say “Multiverse”. The death of Martian Manhunter is quick but effective, Libra means business and he knows that convincing the rest of the Secret Society with words isn’t going to work. So, he shows them what he can do and he sure does it in spades. Now the big mystery, is what is going on with the New Gods and what was Orion’s warning about and just what is Darkseid up to? Even more, how does this all connect into what is going on with the Monitors. There is plenty of mystery and I can’t wait to read issue 2.


Green Lantern #31 Review

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Secret Origin part 3

Continuing where last issue left off with the day Hal Jordan received Abin Sur’s ring and became Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Hal is still drawn at Carol Ferris and her apparent “boyfriend” Hector Hammon. Hammon wants to know how the ring and Green Lantern’s powers work but Hal turns his offer down and flies back to Sur’s crash spot. Carol Ferris in the mean time tells Hammon off and that “one dinner” doesn’t make her, his “girl” and she doesn’t date employees. Hammon tells her that he is a consultant and doesn’t work for her but Carol doesn’t care. Hector then storms off telling Carol to tell her father “hello”. A short time later, Hal returns to Abin Sur’s crash site and reveals he didn’t know who or what he was but he couldn’t leave him there. He buried the body a few feet from the ship and then returned and found his power battery. His ring activates and tells him what the power battery is and that now he must report to Oa for training, “Have a nice flight.”

Hal is then instantly rocketed into space and through hyper space to Oa, where his universal translator comes online as he passes by dozens of Green Lanterns, including the keeper of the Book of Oa, Tomar-Re who notices he is wearing Sur’s ring. Hal’s ring tells him where he is and what he is doing there and soon arrives at Kilowog’s training session by crash landing in the mud. Kilowog tells Jordan that is no way to treat his power battery and Hal replies: “So this is boot camp.” Kilowog replies but blasting Hal back into the mud and Hal quickly responds with a green construct boxing glove, knocking Kilowog back. One of the other trainees, Ch’p tells him he should haven’t done that. Kilowog gets up and tells Hal that he is going to make an example of him. Back on Earth, Colonel Stone and Hector Hammon find Abin Sur’s space ship, realizing, “They are not alone.” While back in northern California, a search party is looking for the object that fell from the ship in a forest. Soon, the water boils and Atrocitus emerges saying: “Death will claim you. You and all that the Green Lantern Corps rule over. So swear the survivors of Sector 666.” He then goes on to kill the rest of the search party.

Back on Oa, Hal Jordan finds himself trapped in a green bubble by Kilowog who goes on to show how Green Lantern rings work to the rest of the trainees. Fellow trainee, Ahtier is a bit nervous as his rings burns to bright for him but Ke’Haan replies: “If that human can make it, so can you.”
Hal then shows Kilowog that he can free himself but Kilowog then throws a yellow disc at him and Hal can’t stop him. Hal is confused why he couldn’t stop the disc, Ch’p explains that because it was yellow his ring won’t work on it. Ke’Haan tells Kilowog that earthlings are backwards and how this guy could be a Green Lantern doesn’t make sense. Hal questions why their rings can’t work on yellow but Kilowog yells at him that it doesn’t matter and he should not question why. Soon, Tomar-Re appears telling them that Hal Jordan is wearing Abin Sur’s ring. Tomar takes off with Hal Jordan and explains that Abin was in a ship when he crashed on Earth. This doesn’t make sense to Tomar since Abin should have used his ring but he ventured outside his sector and was filled with fear. Hal doesn’t get what’s going on and soon Tomar shows Hal the Book of Oa.

Tomar-Re explains all stories of the past and present and even future Green Lanterns are in the book and when their time comes they too will be in it. He also tells Hal that if he needs help, just ask for it. Weeks pass and Hal speeds through training, making friends and enemies within the corps. He keeps pushing and makes it through. He is then given his badge with the rest of the trainees that made it and they all recite the oath and the Green Lantern Corps symbol appears on their empty white marks. Far off, in Sector 1417, the newly named Guardian, Ganthlet tells Sinestro that he must journey to Earth to find out who killed Abin Sur and why and continue training Hal Jordan of Earth. He soon takes off.

I am getting a kick out of Secret Origin, this year one that Geoff Johns has written is some great stuff. I have to agree with some others about the retconning of Green Lanterns having a blank circle until they finish training to become a Green Lantern. Since for years that didn’t matter, if you weren’t up to it, you were kicked out of the corps. However, it works well, kind of like Hal Jordan going to the School of Hard Knocks. Amazing how much of an ass Kilowog was back in the day and Ke’Haan was actually the nice guy. A lot of things have changed and it’s great seeing classic Green Lantern such as Tomar-Re and Ch’p back in their hay day. I’m also enjoying the building of Hector Hammon becoming one of Hal’s enemies in the days ahead and how Atrocitus is being set up to what he will become as a Red Lantern years later. The best part though is Sinestro, in his full glory as a Green Lantern heading to Earth to find out who killed his friend, why and to meet his replacement. It’s great stuff and Ivan Reis art continues to make the book shine.

Just who is this guy?

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So, something that has been driving me nuts since Green Lantern #28, is who is this Red Lantern? I’ve been wanting to know for a while now. We see Hal Jordan piercing him with a giant green fish spear, while his “badge” protects him from the spew. Now, here’s the funny thing, it seems this “fish guy” as I’m calling him. Since he is a cross between a carp and a sword fish, he seems more direct in trying to kill Hal Jordan than Atrocius is, just right of Hal. Now, that I can understand since Atrocius is more focused on Sinestro than Hal. The reasons why we’ll find out at the end of Secret Origin.

However, I want to know who this guy is and why he hates Hal Jordan so much, I know we’ll get the full story and debut in “Rage of the Red Lanterns” in November but I would like some hint and hopefully we’ll see it in the next month or two. In the mean time, the guesses continue.

7 Soldiers of Victory

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Since I’m heading into some big Green Lantern stuff on Wednesday dealing with Secret Origin and Rage of the Red Lanterns this fall. I’m continuing with the New Gods thanks to Final Crisis only two days away. So, I’m going to go with the Grant Morrison series, 7 Soldiers of Victory. This was pretty much the prelude to the Death of the New Gods. As it reintroduced several old school characters, including the second Mr. Miracle and updated things and introduced the Dark Side Club. Which is playing heavily in Teen Titans and Flash at the moment.

In the first issue of this story (which was part of a two-issue framework for the project), the Vigilante gathers together a new Spider (called “I, Spyder” and apparently the son of the original), Gimmix (the estranged daughter of Merry, the Girl of a Thousand Gimmicks), a new Boy Blue, Dyno-Mite Dan (owner of two “working fakes” imitations of the explosive rings of T.N.T. and Dan the Dyna-Mite), and the Whip, the granddaughter of the Golden Age Whip. The team sets out to battle the Buffalo Spider (later on, the Sheeda are betrayed by Spyder in SSoV#1 in another nod to the original), only to be killed during an event known as the Harrowing.
The seven miniseries follow seven other characters with indirect connections to the first group, each with their own art styles, genres and character arcs. A central part of Morrison’s idea for the current series is that although the seven characters in question are each a part of the same struggle, they never actually meet (although there are references to each other in the various titles). Thus, the team is actually not a team.
An explanation for this is presented in Manhattan Guardian and Zatanna. In the first, a man named Ed Starsgard (aka Baby Brain) tells Guardian that the Sheeda have been attacking humanity in periodic waves, taking everything of value (physical & mental) and leaving behind just enough for the survivors to rebuild for next time. It is prophesied that the Sheeda will eventually be stopped by seven soldiers, so they target teams of seven, including the Ultramarine Corps and the Justice League of America (JLA: Classified #1-3) But, because the Seven Soldiers have never met, they stand a chance of doing the job.
In Zatanna, a ghost remarks that there are too many coincidences in the story and it feels like there is a “mystery string tying it all together”. It eventually emerges that the Seven Unknown Men of Slaughter Swamp are driving the Seven Soldiers to stop the Sheeda.
In an interview, Grant remarked that this series of stories, (which he calls a “megaseries”, also known as a metaseries), takes place after Infinite Crisis (this may explain some apparent plot holes or inconsistencies in the series). Dan DiDio has stated that, after careful consultation with Morrison, the series is now considered to take place a week before Infinite Crisis.
The comic Seven Soldiers of Victory #1 was originally scheduled for release on April 1, 2006, but was delayed and eventually released on October 25, 2006.

After undergoing various trials and tribulations in their own miniseries, the soldiers eventually take part in the climactic battle against the Queen of the Sheeda in New York, each affecting different parts of the battle without having any idea of the larger picture.
The climactic sequence is initiated by Zatanna casting a spell: “Seven Soldiers Strike!” This is the final push the universe required to move the soldiers into position.
After travelling into the future kingdom where the Sheeda live, Frankenstein takes Castle Revolving, the Queen’s time-travelling floating kingdom, to present-day New York so that the Queen can be brought to justice by the paranormal special ops group S.H.A.D.E.. Once Castle Revolving arrives, the Shining Knight – who had chased the queen to the future – successfully attacks the Queen, severely injuring her and leaving her open to an attack by supporting character Spyder, who shoots an arrow into her and knocks her down to the New York streets below.
There, Guardian has rounded up thousands of New Yorkers into a militia that is successfully fighting off the Sheeda invasion. At approximately the same time, Bulleteer comes tearing down the street in her car, hoping to take her critically ill arch-nemesis, Sally Sonic, to a hospital. Sally, utterly insane, attacks Bulleteer, who loses control of her vehicle and crashes into the Queen. Guardian arrives on the scene, but Bulleteer is the only survivor.
Prior to all of this, Klarion, who had drilled up into New York from hidden caves beneath the city, had stolen a magic die from Misty, Zatanna’s sidekick. Together with his own die, the two dice comprise Fatherbox, one of the lost treasures of the ancient superhero Aurakles. Klarion had then travelled up to Castle Revolving. With the Sheeda Queen dead, Klarion uses a binding spell on Frankenstein, forcing him to pilot the ship back into the future where Klarion becomes the new King of the Sheeda. Thus, Klarion becomes the “traitor” that was prophesied.
Finally, Mister Miracle confronts Darkseid in his club. There, Darkseid explains that he gave Earth to the Sheeda in return for them giving him Aurakles, the primordial superhero. Mister Miracle offers himself in exchange for Aurakles’ freedom and Darkseid accepts. However, once Aurakles is freed and Mister Miracle is shackled, Darkseid shoots him through the head – thus making him the soldier that was prophesied to die. Shilo Norman is later seen emerging alive from his own grave, “escaping death”.

Of course now, with the Fifth World born and Shilo playing a large role as the “new” Mr. Miracle, there is a lot about to happen with the 7 Soldiers in light of Final Crisis.

Burning Vengeance

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As we are only days away from Final Crisis kicking off, I decided to look at one match that will probably change everything for the DC Universe, the revenge of the Human Flame on the Martian Manhunter. It’s been alluded for months that the Human Flame is going to kill one super hero and in doing so, change everything. Hal Jordan and Green Arrow are going to start their own version of the Justice League and the heroes are going to go straight after Libra and the rest of the Secret Society. There isn’t too much to say about the Human Flame, his real name is: Mike Miller he was in an accident years ago that allowed his body to generate extreme heat and fire. He eventually made a suit and became a high level villain until he was defeated by the Martian Manhunter. Since the Manhunter’s main weakness is fire, you imagine how both the public and other villains viewed him after being defeated by J’onn J’ozz. He ended up becoming a petty criminal, doing small jobs to get through live. He didn’t really age well, gained wait and became pretty much a joke. Recently after robbing a bank and fighting both Hawkgirl and Red Arrow. Mike was rescued by Libra who brought him to Central City and showed the rest of the Secret Society what he had to offer. Human Flame decided to agree to Libra’s promises to be made more powerful and finally kill the Martian Manhunter after so long.

In his debut story, J’onn J’onzz is accidentally teleported to Earth by scientist Dr. Mark Erdel, who immediately has a heart attack and dies, leaving the Martian stranded. He is able to use his powers to disguise his appearance, adopting the identity of police detective John Jones.
He joins the Apex City, Florida police force, secretly using his powers to help the inhabitants of Earth. Later revisions of this story have him replacing a deceased police detective and locate these stories to the fictional city of Middleton, Colorado.
J’onn eventually reveals his existence to the world, after which he operates openly as a superhero and becomes a charter member of the Justice League. He abandons the detective John Jones identity when Jones is ostensibly killed in action. After this, J’onn spent the next several years involved in mystical adventures involving the Idol Head of Diabolu.
He later takes the persona of Marco Xavier in order to infiltrate the international crime cartel known as VULTURE.
Later comics retconned several new details into the origin story, such as the revelation that Mars was dead when J’onn was taken, killed by a mental plague deliberately started by his brother Ma’alefa’ak, and that, prior to becoming a superhero in his real form, he took the identity of the Bronze Wraith and fought crime with the Justice Experience, a group that was created to fill the gap between the eras of the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. Martian Manhunter’s history is closely linked with that of the Justice League. He is a founding member of the team, and served as a member during many of its various incarnations. His absence occurs during the first period of the Satellite Years as well as with the League’s most recent formation one year after the events of Infinite Crisis. His appearances with the League kept him in the public eye long after his own series (appearing in Detective Comics and House of Mystery) was cancelled. In the Justice League International series, J’onn is shown to be obsessed with Oreo cookies, partially due to Captain Marvel’s influence. The story of how he got over the addiction was told in his solo series (a retcon refers to them as “Chocos” to avoid a trademark infringement). In Justice League International, J’onzz reveals that his familiar appearance is not his true Martian form but a “compromise” between his true form and a human appearance. This concept is refined in his solo series, which explains that his real form is private and that, even on Mars, his “public” appearance was the familiar version. In addition to serving in the League under his own identity, he also joins (under duress) as “Bloodwynd”.

Martian Manhunter began as an ongoing series in 1998, written by John Ostrander and illustrated by Tom Mandrake (with fill-in art provided by Bryan Hitch among others). The series lasted 36 issues before being cancelled due to low sales. The series establishes that J’onn has a disturbed brother, Ma’alefa’ak, who uses his shapeshifting abilities to pose as J’onn, capturing and torturing Jemm, Son of Saturn, and terraforming part of Earth to resemble Mars. This is all part of a grand plan designed to convince the rest of the Justice League that J’onn has turned into a sociopath. However, J’onn is able to clear his name and defeat Ma’alefa’ak despite having most of his body destroyed in an exploding spaceship. (He is later able to regenerate his body from his severed hand.)
The series also further established the history of both the Manhunter and the Saturnian race. The first issue revealed that there was a “real” human John Jones, a police detective who is murdered by corrupt colleagues, and that J’onn subsequently assumed his identity to complete an important court case.
Outside of this, the Manhunter appears predominantly in the Justice League comic book. He is the only character to be involved with every incarnation of the League, except for the version written by Brad Meltzer. From the late 1960s until the late 1970s, J’onn was absent from the JLA, having left Earth to find New Mars. This storyline is later retconned during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it is now assumed he was with the team at this time.[citation needed]
J’onzz has two minor appearances in the Sandman series in the story “Passengers” in issue 5, in which the Dreamlord Morpheus inquires about the whereabouts of his Dreamstone. At this time, J’onn identifies him as an old God, and he sees Morpheus as a floating face, rather than the humanoid form others see him in. He also appears in issue 71 during “The Wake” story arc, conversing with Batman and Clark Kent about dreams.
Grant Morrison establishes in the JLA series that Martian Manhunter is the most recognized hero in the Southern Hemisphere, and that he maintains a number of different secret identities, many of them outside the United States. However, following two incidents later in the series in which John Jones separates from Martian Manhunter, he decides to focus on his original human identity and retire the others.

In issues of JLA written by Joe Kelly, J’onn attempts to conquer his fear of fire and makes a deal with a flame-wielding villainess named Scorch, who wants J’onzz’ telepathic help in dealing with her own mental issues. The story reveals that 20,000 years before, an extremely dangerous race of beings, called “the Burning”, caused large fires to help themselves to reproduce asexually. In order to prevent the Burning from destroying much of the universe, the Guardians of the Universe split the species into the Green Martians and the White Martians, changed their reproductive behavior and instilled in them a fear of fire. When J’onn confronts his fear of fire, he reverts back into one of the Burning and changes his name to Fernus. His genetic memory identifies threats such as Vandal Savage, who killed one of the Burning on ancient Earth. This same genetic memory also makes Fernus hate the Green Lantern, due to his association with the Oans.
The Justice League eventually defeats Fernus by re-enlisting Plastic Man, who is immune to Fernus’ psychic powers and has superior shape-changing abilities; although Martian shapeshifting is highly efficient, it requires them to study an object using their telepathy to properly mimic it, while Plastic Man is ‘inspiration made form’ and hence can literally out-mimic Martians. The story implies that Batman recruited Plastic Man to the Justice League as a balance in case the Martian Manhunter ever goes out of control. Meanwhile, mystic hero Manitou Raven takes the Atom and Major Disaster into the Dreamwalk, a psychic plane on which they can reach the soul of J’onn J’onzz, imprisoned deep in Fernus’ mind. Helping J’onn fight for his freedom against the mental might of the Burning Martian, facing off against almost all of his old assumed identities in the process, they enable him to physically re-emerge when Fernus attempts to reproduce. The other Justice Leaguers then create a tsunami to submerge the two Martians, dousing Fernus’ flames and giving J’onn the advantage.
After destroying Fernus, J’onn grieves for Scorch, who had fallen into a coma, and with whom he had fallen in love. In a later story, J’onn tells Superman that his aversion to fire has changed: he is now invulnerable to flames unless they are “flames of passion” or of some other “psychic significance.” It was later revealed that Fernus was always an autonomous being with a distinct consciousness and genetic structure and powerset that emerged from J’onn’s consciousness due to mastering his fire weakness.
Fernus’ appearance is inspired by J’onzz’s encounter with the Sandman, who appeared to the Manhunter in the form of Lord L’Zoril, the Martian God of Dreams, whose form was a gigantic, flaming skull. After J’onzz had helped him, the Endless Being gave him permission to dream of certain aspects of his lost planet.
Dream’s aspect as L’zoril was in turn based on the appearance of H’ronmeer, the Martian god of Death and Fire (but also of Love and Art), who helped J’onn regain his true form and memories in the 1988 Martian Manhunter miniseries written by J.M. DeMatteis.

Although J’onzz is initially thought killed in the explosion of the Justice League Watchtower, Justice League member Manitou Dawn receives a telepathic vision of J’onzz assuring her that he “will reveal himself, in time”. He also states he needs her help with keeping an eye on the Key, a powerful entity whose abilities he had always managed to dampen before.

J’onzz resurfaces in Infinite Crisis, unconscious and connected to Alexander Luthor, Jr.’s vibrational tower, along with Lady Quark, the Ray, Black Adam, Power Girl, Nightshade and Breach. Wonder Girl, Superboy and Nightwing free J’onzz and the others from Alexander’s tower, though Superboy dies in the attempt. Oracle asks J’onzz to telepathically coordinate the heroes’ response to the Society’s global jailbreak. He joins the assembled heroes in the defense of Metropolis from the combined might of the world’s supervillains and in the battle against Superboy-Prime. Prime and the villains are defeated.
After Infinite Crisis, most of DC’s series jumped ahead one year, having the weekly series 52 fill in the missing time. In 52 #24, it is revealed that J’onn has been undercover for half a year. His intentions are to destroy Checkmate in order to avenge the death of Ted Kord. Manhunter feels guilt because Ted had attempted to warn the superhero community about Checkmate. He had been brushed off and had investigated on his own. To stop him, Maxwell Lord, whom J’onzz had thought was a friend, kills Blue Beetle.
J’onzz is successful in banning their operations within the United States. Unfortunately, after a gang of ‘everyman’ heroes cause havoc in Metropolis, Checkmate is re-instated.
The story is set during the year prior to the miniseries mentioned above. During Week 50 and the tie-in event World War III, J’onn J’onzz is the first to confront a rampaging Black Adam. He links directly to his mind and is filled of images from the dark side of humanity, forcing him to retire from the fight and rethink his relation with Earth people as a whole. During this process, he dispenses of several of his active aliases by revealing his true nature to the police detectives he used to work with. Finally clearing his mind, J’onn returns for the final battle, and, being gravely wounded, heals himself and now bears a form more similar to his Martian appearance to reflect his new understanding of himself.
DC Comics announced a new Martian Manhunter limited series that spun out of the DCU: Brave New World one-shot. It is written by A.J. Lieberman with art from Al Barrionuevo and Bit. The mini-series focuses on J’onn’s search for another possible survivor of Mars.
The first issue re-introduces the Golden Age character Roh Kar, (now renamed Roh’Kar). Just as he and J’onn meet, a sniper shoots and kills him. As he dies, he tells J’onn that there are more of them elsewhere. J’onn tracks down and rescues the others, hiding them from government agents as well as the JLA. However, J’onn later learns that the rescued Green Martians are actually White Martians that have been hypnotized by a Green Martian named Cay’An. The series ends with only Till’All, J’onn and Cay’An left (the Martians Dal’en and Telok’telar are left in a coma). J’onn returns to the Justice League and takes Till’All with him, while Cay’An disappears to parts unknown after her bid to kill J’onn failed.
Following this, J’onn was recruited by Batman to be part of his new team of Outsiders. He appeared in the third issue of the “Outsiders: Five Of A Kind” series with Thunder, and joined the team afterwards. Due to the change of writers, Martian Manhunter saw his run on the Outsiders go quick. Within the first two issues he has officially resigned due to differences with Batman. However, this may have a plan of his and Batman’s to allow him to discover where the government was sending the captured supervillians (Salvation Run). He was last shown in Salvation Run #3, giving a status report to an unknown location regarding the villains trapped there. He has secretly taken the identity of Blockbuster, though Lex Luthor suspects that Blockbuster is not who he seems. J’onn is outed by Catwoman in #5, and is subsequently defeated by the mass of villains. J’onn is kept alive and imprisoned at the behest of Luthor, who hopes to use him as a bargaining chip.
It is later revealed in Justice League of America #1 that when the villains escape the planet, they leave J’onn imprisoned in his flame cage. He is soon released, however, when Libra summons a boom tube for him at the behest of the Human Flame.

So, in a few days we’ll see what happens but it’s going to be one hell of a fight.

The Brave and the Bold

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Well, long before there was smash hit comic series called the Brave and the Bold or the old classic series, there was Barry Allen and Hal Jordan, the original Brave and the Bold. Barry Allen better known as the silver age Flash and Hal Jordan were the best of friends. Not the way Hal and Oliver Queen are but real close and true best friends. For years Hal and Barry were side by side, the Flash and Green Lantern out to fight injustice and at the same time catch a beer and talk about what was new in their lives. Following Barry’s death during the original Crisis, Hal lost that friendship and while he formed something similar with Wally West who took over as the Flash. It wasn’t quite the same and things really fell apart when Ollie “died” in a plane explosion a few years later. However, since Oliver’s return as Green Arrow, there has been talk for years about Barry Allen returned but yet never has.

Now with Barry returning during Final Crisis, Hal and Barry are destine to join together again and fight the true injustice that now plagues the multiverse. I’m looking so forward to these two joining together again and if you can throw in Ollie in the mix, the second Trinity will be reforged. Now, that will be some good reading.

The defeat and rebirth of Gog

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Well, as of issue 15 of Justice Society of America, we saw the defeat of the Gog we know and the rebirth of the Gog from the Third World. Now, we saw in several previews that Gog is shown to by the rebel against Darkseid and his powers, however we had it all wrong. The Gog we saw in the advertisements isn’t Gog at all but Magog. The disciple of the “real” Gog that will go on to inspire other heroes that killing is the way to go and if they don’t like it, tough. Slaughters everyone else. However, what does this really have to do with the Gog that has been around the last couple of years? As of Justice Society #15, Gog is attacked by both Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern of Earth and his son, Obsidian. Looking like their Kingdom Come counter parts of Earth-22. They unleash: “The Brightest Day and Blackest Night,” on Gog. However, it isn’t really enough but they weaken him enough through both the star heart’s power and Obsidian blinding and weakening Gog from the inside to allow the other members of the Justice Society to attack Gog.

One by one, they attack him and Gog is left no choice but to boom tube back to his base in Africa with Lance, Amazing Man, Mr. Terrific, Kingdom Come Superman, Damage, Power girl and Hawkman in tow. Still injured, Lance unleashes almost all his power on Gog’s face and shatters his armor but he still isn’t done. Then the Sandman shows up and causes Gog to say that his “god” is his only hope. The real Gog sees that his disciple isn’t enough and rips him apart and takes back his power. In doing so, the “real” Gog rises in front of the entire Justice Society in his large Third World form and tells them that he comes in peace. It’s a pretty intense issue and the following page gives a preview of the next few issues. Showing the death of one Justice Society member, the rise of Magog, who will use his influence to corrupt the next generation of super heroes on Earth. And finally Hawkman on the Rock of Eternity that has been taken over by Black Adam and a resurrected Isis. I can’t wait to see what’s to come and if I see Alan Scott in his KC armor again, I’ll be happy.

Green Lantern for August 2008

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DC Comics has released their preview information for August. Of course, I’m looking forward to issue #34 of Green Lantern as they wrap up Secret Origin and give us the full profile on Atrocitus.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert
Cover by Ivan Reis
The penultimate chapter of “Secret Origin”! Hal Jordan and Sinestro face off against Abin Sur’s killer – Atrocitus! But what dark secret has Atrocitus uncovered about the impending “Blackest Night?” And what revelation will forever change the relationship between Hal and Carol Ferris?
On sale August 27 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Luke Ross & Fabio Laguna
Cover by Rodolfo Migliari
Witness the grand opening of the new Warriors bar! Then, meet a mysterious new Lantern by the name of Saarek,who can hear the dead. What brings him to Oa – and why are the dead growing restless?
On sale August 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

The Wraith of the Spectre

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Finally, I come to the Spectre, one of the most feared characters in the DC Universe and one that has been tied to Hal Jordan for the last ten years. The Spectre is the Spirit of Vengeance or better known as God’s wraith given form. For years the Spectre has had several hosts to seek a more darker form of Justice. One version even served with the Justice Society for a number of years. Now, like in the two Crisis before, the Spectre is taking a central stand in Final Crisis. Here is the story of the current Spectre:

Originally from Metropolis, Detective Crispus Allen was a fortysomething police veteran transferred to Gotham City where he was partnered with detective Renee Montoya on the Gotham City Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit. Allen had a loving wife and two teenaged sons, whom he put above his job and the safety of others when Gotham was in crisis. Allen saw Batman as a necessary evil, not wanting to deal with him but tolerating his presence. Their occasional interactions illustrated his views on Batman, notably during Brian Azzarello’s Broken City storyline. Allen was an agnostic who doubted the existence of God in spite of his family’s strong faith. One night Allen and his partner, Renee Montoya, spotted gang members apparently preparing for some sort of violent action. Allen requested backup, but the two opted not to wait for the backup to arrive. Following the gang into a deserted building, the detectives found several murdered men as well as two large gang members. Allen tailed the suspects while Montoya scouted the rest of the building. The Black Spider suddenly appeared at the crime scene, firing upon Montoya. The first few shots hit Montoya, but she was protected by her bulletproof vest. Black Spider then aimed at her head, but Allen shot and killed the villain before he could pull the trigger.
The Internal Affairs department later took the story from Allen, as well as his gun, and put him on temporary leave until his story could be corroborated. The course of the investigation should have been straightforward. Complications arose, however, when a new crime scene technician named Jim Corrigan stole important evidence — the bullet that killed Black Spider — from the scene.
The Internal Affairs investigator in charge of Allen’s case told Montoya about the missing bullet and suggested Corrigan’s connection to its disappearance. Montoya found Corrigan and forced him to reveal the location of the bullet. After it was recovered, Allen was allowed to return to active duty. However, Montoya’s actions destroyed an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation into Corrigan’s misconduct. This left Allen angry and disappointed in her because he had secretly started his own investigation of Corrigan, which Montoya’s actions also compromised. Allen continued his investigation (which took place during the events of Infinite Crisis), but Corrigan was tipped off. Corrigan found Allen’s informant and beat him to death. Corrigan let Allen find the informant’s body before shooting Allen in the back and killing him (in Gotham Central #38). By tampering with the evidence at the crime scene, Corrigan managed to “get off clean”. Allen’s unavenged death pushed Montoya to an emotional breakdown, and she subsequently decided to quit the force in disgust at the system.

In Infinite Crisis #4, while Allen’s body is in the morgue, the Presence forces the Spectre to accept Allen as his new host. Later, the magic users of Earth assemble at Stonehenge to call forth the Spectre and usher in the new age of magic. Allen appears in a ghostly version of his own form before making his first official transformation into the Spectre. The Spectre then kills Star Sapphire for her past crimes before vanishing, leaving the assembled magic users confused and fearful.
In the first issue of Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre, “Dead Again Part One”, the Spectre confronts Crispus Allen. He has come to realize that he needs a host to humanize him in order to know what his mission really means. Allen refuses his request, wanting no further involvement in the Spectre’s vigilante work.
The Spectre then leaves Allen for a year (presumably about the same as the year depicted in 52). During that time, Allen sees that he cannot help or communicate with his family, still shattered because Jim Corrigan will not be called to account for Allen’s murder. In addition, while the former detective can solve crimes — and even learns Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne — he cannot bring the culprits to justice. This includes Corrigan, his own killer.
After a year of being unseen and powerless, Allen receives another visit from the Spectre. This time he finally takes the offer, and becomes the Spectre’s human host. Their first mission together is to bring ghoulishly appropriate justice to a child molester. While troubled, Allen is satisfied by the knowledge that, “He [the Spectre] needs me more than I need him.”
Using Crispus’ own son, Mal, whom he says must be killed for his homicide of Corrigan, as an example, the Spectre proceeds to explain the point set during Hal Jordan’s tenure as the Spectre. Crispus accepts the task. This final notion leads Crispus to embrace fully the role of moral anchor of the Spectre. In Countdown To Mystery, Crispus and the Spectre, accompanied by the spirit of a criminal they killed, set out to foil Eclipso’s plans to corrupt superheroes. Barry Allen recently stated that Allen is not using the full potential of the Spectre even if he is delivering justice in an “effective matter”.

Since they just released previews that the Spectre is going to truly use his power during Final Crisis, it’s a safe bet Crispus Allen is going to show what it means to be the Spectre.

Green Lantern Corps #24 Review

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Ring Quest part 3

Just outside the Vega System, Guy Gardner leads: Iolande, Soranik Natu, Bzzd, Varth Sarn, Isomot Kol, Stel and Kyle Rayner in search for the missing Arisia and Sodam Yat. They soon come to the world where they were last reported and run into a swarm of dead bodies and other pieces of people in orbit around the planet. After a bit of talk, they make their way to the planet’s surface and find more dead bodies and the entire planet covered in Black Mercy plants. While most of the Green Lanterns don’t know what Black Mercy is. Kyle’s ring tells the tale. Dating back to the original Mongul, the ring talks about how the original Mongul killed his brother shortly after his birth and then went on to put out his rule of death and destruction and the creation of the original War World. He then came into conflict with Superman, in which he used the original Black Mercy and pitted members of the Justice League against each other. Eventually, time went on and Mongul lost constantly but soon allied himself with others to bring ruin to Earth. Eventually with the Cyborg-Superman and destroyed Coast City, killing millions and helping to put Hal Jordan on the path to becoming Parallax. However, Mongul eventually met his doom when he failed to offer a pack with the demon, Neron for his soul for more power. Mongul was killed by Neron and his soul was taken.

However, before that happened, Mongul was able to have two children, Mongul Jr. and Mongal. Like their father they wanted destruction and death as they ruled. However, Mongul eventually killed his sister following failure to stop Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman during the Infinite Crisis and his defeat at the hands of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Green Arrow. As the ring finishes, Isomot and Iolande comment that he isn’t anything new but Guy and Kyle disagree. Mongul is a big player and he has probably taken control of a Sinestro Corps power ring or more. Kyle’s ring eventually locks on to Arisia and Yat’s power rings and follow the trail. Back on Oa, Kilowog chats with Salaak about the Guardians wanting all the Sinestro Corps yellow power rings all in one spot. However, Salaak tells him, it’s what the Guardians want. Down below in the Science Cells, Sinestro rips open his finger and starts to paint a symbol in blood on his cell wall. The other Sinestro Corps members held in the science cells start to do the same. Soon, we find out they are painting the Parallax symbol and the yellow power rings are starting to try and reunited with them. Voz, comments: “Things were getting a bit dull there for a moment.”

Soon, we see Sodam Yat with a Black Mercy plant attached to him seeing his worst fears. He sees himself being attacked by his fellow corpsmen and he is then killed by a yellow, red, blue, orange, violet and indigo power rings. We then see Arisia dying constant and how no one is there to help her and she is tired of dying. Mongul gloats as Duel wants to finish off the Green Lanterns. Mongul stops him and tells him that he had worked out to bioengineer the Black Mercy plants with his power rings. Now, instead of the Black Mercy giving their victims their greatest fantasies, they now give them their worse fears. He starts adding seeds to the power rings and launches them across space. So, when the rings find new users, they will spread the Black Mercy with them and in doing so, spread fear across the universe. Later, the Kyle, Guy, Soranik and the others finally locate Arisia and Sodam and find out they are being digested. They soon free them from a large group of Black Mercy and then torch everyone of them. Soranik Natu gets the two stabilized but she can’t remove the Black Mercies from them there, they have to get back to Oa. However, they are soon attacked by the very creature that gave birth to the Black Mercy, Mother Mercy who yells: ” My Children! You are killing my children!”

What a well written and exciting issue, I was wondering when I first read the previews for GLC #24 about Arisia and Sodam Yat living their worse fears. When since the beginning, we know that Black Mercy gives you your wildest dreams as it kills you. See, what Mongul has planned is perfect. Why spread fear through the universe without a little help. Having these new type of Black Mercy spread fear to the planets the yellow power rings go too, helps you kill two birds with one stone. If the new users don’t like Mongul, he’ll just kill them and start again. It’s a good plan and Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason deliver the goods.

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