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Green Lantern #30 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on May 1, 2008

Secret Origin book 2

Hal Jordan continues to remember how he came to where he is today. Flash backing to the day he became a Green Lantern, we see Abin Sur’s ship flying towards Earth with Atrocitus prisoner behind him. Abin contacts his best friend and fellow Green Lantern Corps member, Sinestro about what he is doing. Sinestro tells Abin that he needs to give up this foolish quest about the Blackest Night. Abin tells him he must go to Earth, since that is where the herald of the Blackest Night will come into being (Blackhand). While Sinestro worries about his friend and how he is breaking the Guardians’ rules, he tells him, if he needs back up he’ll be right there. Atrocitus tells Abin that he will be the death of him. Meanwhile, back on Earth at Arden-air, Hal Jordan is working on repairing a jet with his friend, Tom Kalmaku, who taught him everything about how plane worked. Ken is called “pieface” by pilot, Laminski. Hal and Laminski argue for a bit before Laminski tells Hal that he is pretty stupid for a pilot, or ex-pilot. Tom tells Hal not to worry about it when suddenly, a destroyed F-14 rolls on by. Hal recognizes the plane as the types that his father flew. It’s been in lock up trying to figure out what caused the crash, now it’s just spare parts to salvage. Hal realizes he needs to get back into the air. Hal argues with Ken Arden about flying again but Ken tells him he’s too dangerous of a pilot, plus it’s not up to him anymore. He’s sold his company to Ferris Air. Hal is shocked he could do such a thing especially after what happened to his father (who was Ken’s best friend). Hal doesn’t get more out when Carol Ferris walks in the door.

Carol has the final papers and Hal is a bit shocked to see her, since they haven’t seen each other in years. Carol tells Ken that her father is on the golf course and she is slowly running the business herself when Hal makes a comment about Carol’s father enjoying his “gold years.” Ken tries to introduce Hal but Carol explains they already know each other and despite the deal, she is knows her father isn’t going to like having Hal Jordan as one of his employees given their past. Hal sneaks off and goes to the wrecked F-14 and gets in the cockpit. He leans back and his only words are: “Dammit Dad.” While back in space near the moon, Abin Sur is starting to approach Earth, when Atrocitus continues to tell Abin that he is losing control and soon Abin feels fear and the Parallax symbol appears in his eyes. Atrocitus breaks free and attacks Abin and slices him apart. The ship goes out of control as they enter Earth’s atmosphere and Atrocitus escapes the ship and Abin Sur crashes just outside of Coast City. Dying, Abin tells his ring to find a replacement and record a message for Sinestro. The ring soon takes off and grabs Hal Jordan near by and flies him to Abin’s ship. Hal is called into the ship and is asked if he will fulfill his duties as a Green Lantern. Hal replies: “If I’m not dream, absolutely.” Abin dies tell Hal he never thought he would see an earth man be a Green Lantern. With that, the power ring goes on Hal’s finger and is covered by the Green Lantern uniform. Hal is wisked in the air, which shocks Hal but soon he starts to love it. As he starts to get hold of his powers, he passes Laminski and tries to race him but the jet soon goes out of control. Hal uses his power ring and lands the plane safely at Arlen-Air. As everyone comes running out, the power ring covers Hal’s face to keep his identity safe. When Tom asks who he is, the ring responds: “Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.” Carol Ferris asks what a “Green Lantern is?” when she trips on some wreckage and Hal catches her but in front of her apparent boyfriend, Hector Hammon. He tells Green Lantern: “You better not be trying to steal my girlfriend.” End of issue.

Unlike the first part of Secret Origin, this issue spends the entire time on the day that Hal Jordan became Green Lantern. While anyone who knows the story has seen this play out before several times. This fills in a bit more gaps about what was going on in Hal’s head and life just before Abin crashed on Earth. Not to mention how much time is also spent on why Abin lost control of his ship, why he died and more on Atrocitus who is currently cutting it through the cosmos as a Red Lantern. The moment where Hal sits in the F-14 cockpit is just heart break and Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis play that scene extremely well. I also love the moment where Hal and Carol meet again for the first time since they were kids. I’ve been there a few times and it’s nice to see even then, these two were attracted to each other but still didn’t really like each other. Part of a great love story. I think the biggest shockers this issue came with not only why Abin Sur really came to Earth but also who Carol was dating at the time. While it has been pointed out that Hector Hammon and Carol Ferris had something in the past. This pretty much explains why Hal Jordan and Hector Hammon became such bitter rivals than enemies years later.


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