The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

The War of the Light begins

Posted in Uncategorized by mrread7 on May 2, 2008

As revealed in DC Universe #0, the other Corps are rising. It all starts when Black Hand frees himself after a massive power surge while being transported. Both Hal Jordan and John Steward try to locate Black Hand but are unable to find him. We see Black Hand in the middle of a desert coughing up black blood. While this is happening we see Atrocitus killing someone with his lantern saying: “This is for Sector 666.” We then see the new villain Agent Orange holding on to an orange lantern saying: “It’s mine.” then we see Mongul a glow in yellow energy saying: “You will follow me.” We then see Hal and John followed by Ganthlet and Sayd sending out their blue lantern saying: “He will spread hope.” “If he accepts.” Then we see the leader of the Indigo Lanterns saying in a strange language saying: “Rise and Walk a new” then the Zamerons sending out dozens of Star Sapphire rings and then Black Hand returns saying: “I hear you.” We find out he is on the planet where the Black Lantern is. The Black Lantern Corps is about to rise.


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