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Green Lantern Corps #24 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on May 15, 2008

Ring Quest part 3

Just outside the Vega System, Guy Gardner leads: Iolande, Soranik Natu, Bzzd, Varth Sarn, Isomot Kol, Stel and Kyle Rayner in search for the missing Arisia and Sodam Yat. They soon come to the world where they were last reported and run into a swarm of dead bodies and other pieces of people in orbit around the planet. After a bit of talk, they make their way to the planet’s surface and find more dead bodies and the entire planet covered in Black Mercy plants. While most of the Green Lanterns don’t know what Black Mercy is. Kyle’s ring tells the tale. Dating back to the original Mongul, the ring talks about how the original Mongul killed his brother shortly after his birth and then went on to put out his rule of death and destruction and the creation of the original War World. He then came into conflict with Superman, in which he used the original Black Mercy and pitted members of the Justice League against each other. Eventually, time went on and Mongul lost constantly but soon allied himself with others to bring ruin to Earth. Eventually with the Cyborg-Superman and destroyed Coast City, killing millions and helping to put Hal Jordan on the path to becoming Parallax. However, Mongul eventually met his doom when he failed to offer a pack with the demon, Neron for his soul for more power. Mongul was killed by Neron and his soul was taken.

However, before that happened, Mongul was able to have two children, Mongul Jr. and Mongal. Like their father they wanted destruction and death as they ruled. However, Mongul eventually killed his sister following failure to stop Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman during the Infinite Crisis and his defeat at the hands of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Green Arrow. As the ring finishes, Isomot and Iolande comment that he isn’t anything new but Guy and Kyle disagree. Mongul is a big player and he has probably taken control of a Sinestro Corps power ring or more. Kyle’s ring eventually locks on to Arisia and Yat’s power rings and follow the trail. Back on Oa, Kilowog chats with Salaak about the Guardians wanting all the Sinestro Corps yellow power rings all in one spot. However, Salaak tells him, it’s what the Guardians want. Down below in the Science Cells, Sinestro rips open his finger and starts to paint a symbol in blood on his cell wall. The other Sinestro Corps members held in the science cells start to do the same. Soon, we find out they are painting the Parallax symbol and the yellow power rings are starting to try and reunited with them. Voz, comments: “Things were getting a bit dull there for a moment.”

Soon, we see Sodam Yat with a Black Mercy plant attached to him seeing his worst fears. He sees himself being attacked by his fellow corpsmen and he is then killed by a yellow, red, blue, orange, violet and indigo power rings. We then see Arisia dying constant and how no one is there to help her and she is tired of dying. Mongul gloats as Duel wants to finish off the Green Lanterns. Mongul stops him and tells him that he had worked out to bioengineer the Black Mercy plants with his power rings. Now, instead of the Black Mercy giving their victims their greatest fantasies, they now give them their worse fears. He starts adding seeds to the power rings and launches them across space. So, when the rings find new users, they will spread the Black Mercy with them and in doing so, spread fear across the universe. Later, the Kyle, Guy, Soranik and the others finally locate Arisia and Sodam and find out they are being digested. They soon free them from a large group of Black Mercy and then torch everyone of them. Soranik Natu gets the two stabilized but she can’t remove the Black Mercies from them there, they have to get back to Oa. However, they are soon attacked by the very creature that gave birth to the Black Mercy, Mother Mercy who yells: ” My Children! You are killing my children!”

What a well written and exciting issue, I was wondering when I first read the previews for GLC #24 about Arisia and Sodam Yat living their worse fears. When since the beginning, we know that Black Mercy gives you your wildest dreams as it kills you. See, what Mongul has planned is perfect. Why spread fear through the universe without a little help. Having these new type of Black Mercy spread fear to the planets the yellow power rings go too, helps you kill two birds with one stone. If the new users don’t like Mongul, he’ll just kill them and start again. It’s a good plan and Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason deliver the goods.


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