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Who will get the first blue power ring?

Posted in Uncategorized by mrread7 on June 1, 2008

I decided to do something different for a change. I’ve done these polls every week and several of them have helped me with entries and a few story ideas. This time I thought I go into a debate on who will receive the first blue power ring for the Blue Lantern Corps. Since December, we’ve been wondering who Ganthlet and Sayd were going to send their first ring to. As we saw in DC Universe #0, they were finally sending that ring with Ganthlet saying: “He will spread hope.” Sayd: “If he excepts.” Well, we know that who ever ends up a Blue Lantern but have the ability to inspire great hope. So, I’ve narrowed down to two possible receivers.


The most logical choice is Big Blue himself, Superman, Clark Kent, Kal-El the Last Son of Krypton. Now, who better to spread hope and holds the cause of what the Blue Lanterns are supposed to stand for. During DC 1,000,000 we saw Superman using a Green Lantern ring and let’s face it, Superman has believed in the Green Lantern Corps in the past. Even more, Superman hasn’t liked what the Green Lantern Corps has turned into in light of the Sinestro Corps War. Hal Jordan and John Stewart have even brought this up to Superman a few times since December. No, during Final Crisis, Superman is getting a ring, his Legion ring back since he’s flying back to the 31st Century to help stop Superman-Prime from wiping out the Legion of Superheroes thanks to the Time Trapper who’s trying to undo everything Superman has ever inspired. So, I could see Superman getting the first Blue Lantern power ring when he returns to the 21st Century. However, there is so much in store for Superman post Final Crisis all the way into late 2009, so while I think we’ll see Supes during the Blackest Knight. I don’t think he’ll be the leader of the Blue Lanterns.

Graf Toren

Now, since we’ve been seeing Green Lantern Corps members either switching teams, being kicked out or killed, I thought the most obvious choice for the first Blue Lantern being Graf Toren. Graf knows how to spread hope, since he was deep within the Spider Guild’s rule as he was receiving his training. The last few months since the Sinestro Corps War ended, he’s seen the Guardians betraying what they first believed in, two of his fellow “Lost Lanterns” have been murdered. Laira has lost her sense of purpose and become a Red Lantern and Boodikka is now a Alpha-Lantern with nothing but the rules of justice driving her. For Graf’s back story: Graf Toren is a Karazian Light Monk. It is known that he spent most of his life fighting against the ‘Spider Guild’ after they entered his sector and subsequently consumed a whole planet there. This has been used as the main reason why he wields his ring like a spider weaves a web. he Green Lantern known as Graf Toren entered the Corps at an undisclosed time but he was captured while investigating a strange starship which had entered the edge of his sector the “Stromar Nebula”. While investigating he was abducted by the creatures known as the Draal. He was their prisoner for months until Guy Gardner was also abducted. He used his inherent leadership skills to lead the other captured Green Lanterns who along with Gardner eventually escaped from their captors
Later on in his career as a Green Lantern he was saved by Hal Jordan during border skirmishes of space sector 2321 at this point it was revealed that he had become good friends with fellow lantern Probert. In what some regarded as the finale adventure of his career he was called to defend Oa from the then renegade Hal Jordan. Jordan made short work of Graf and added his power to his own and left him for dead.
He was later found among many dead Lanterns floating through space, his friend Probert built him a funeral pyre along with Guy Gardner and the Justice League Task Force.

Graf was later discovered by Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner on the Manhunter homeworld of Biot, in a state of suspended animation with fellow Green Lantern Lost Lanterns KE’Haan, Laira, Kreon, Boodikka, Jack T. Chance, and Honnu. These Lanterns where those which Hal Jordan had left for dead during “Emerald Twilight.” Apparently at some point in time the Manhunters, in concert with Hank Henshaw, had gathered up these former Green Lanterns, put them into suspended animation, and used their energies as a battery to create more advanced Manhunters in their sector 3601.
When he was freed from suspended animation, he along with his fellow Lanterns engaged the manhunters and Hal Jordan in battle. Only the intervention of Kreon stopped them from killing him. When the battle was through he returned to Oa where he Joined the new Green Lantern Corps. While most of his fellow Lost Lanterns view Jordan with suspicion and hatred, Graf does not, claiming that he doesn’t “Look to the past with anger and pain”. When the Lost Lanterns followed Hal to Qward, Boodikka accused Jordan of being a part of the Sinestro Corps. Graf rebuffed this statement telling her that Hal has “seen the light” and wouldn’t “subject himself to more sin”.

Now, I don’t know about you but that sounds like someone who would “spread great hope” to the universe. However, it’s not like Graf to give up on others but he might just turn his back on the Green Lantern Corps and take up something fresh with his experience to lead the Blue Lantern Corps, so it’s entirely possible. We won’t have the answers until early this fall and the Rage of the Red Lanterns one-shot in November but we’ll know soon who will be the first Blue Lantern.


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