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Green Lantern #32 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on June 25, 2008

Secret Origin part 4

With Hal Jordan returning to Earth. Abin Sur’s ship is taken to Edwards Air Force base for study. There, Hector Hammon is displeased with the several messages he has left for Carol Ferris. Angry, he turns his attention back to the Sur’s ship where the researches have found out that the ship was powered by a rock. Hammon investigates the rock but leaves his helmut off and as he opens the engine core, he is bombarded with radiation. Flying back, his men try to help him up but his head is starting to swell and he can hear the thoughts of the entire crew. They aren’t pleasant thoughts but very insulting, which causes him to unleash a psychic attack on the crew. Back at Aspen Air, Hal Jordan wakes up in front of Tom in his air plane hanger, revealing who he is to John. They talk and John says that Hal is a hero, he responds that he isn’t and the ring isn’t for sorting out personal problems. He learns that while he was gone, most of the employees staged a walk out. Carol Ferris has apparently taken over all of Aspen Air leaving most of the pilots to quit.

In her office, Carol Ferris works farcically to try and sign up new test pilots and other employees but they aren’t interested considering Ferris Air’s history. Frustrated, Carol feels she is failing when Hal Jordan walks in. He tells her he’s going to quit along with everyone else and if her father was there, he would tell him the same. Carol gets upset and asks what her father has to do with anything. Hal comes clean that her father cut corners and that’s why his father died all those years ago. He has also been cutting corners on other things but nothing every officially came out. Now he’s playing golf and leaving a tainted legacy to Carol. She tells him that’s not the whole truth but Hal has had enough and starts to walk out. Carol stops him dead in his tracks by asking: “Do you want to fly again?” Hal tells her “yes” but he won’t do it here but Carol responds by telling him that no one will hire him not only because of his history but what happened to him in the air force. She’ll over look it all and give him his second chance. Hal agrees. Meanwhile, out in the forest, Atrocitus is creating some kind of ritual to learn who will give birth to the Blackest Night with the men he killed earlier in the week. On one of the skulls, he gets his answer: William Hand.

The next day, Hal Jordan finally gets his long sought after goal of flying again. He revels being in the cockpit again and as he flies, he sees a green light that destroys his jet but incases him in a bubble. It’s Sinestro. Sinestro tells Hal Jordan that he is wasting his time with his piloting and that he is here for him. He also let’s Hal know that he is one of the greatest Green Lanterns right now. Back at home base, they try to locate Hal Jordan on the radar but find nothing. Hal scolds Sinestro about destroying his jet but Sinestro doesn’t seem to care and gives Hal his power ring. Hal suits up and fires a missile construct at Sinestro but since it was made in anger, Sinestro destroys it without any problems. He tells Hal that he is unfocused and that he has a duty to the Green Lantern Corps. Hal still doesn’t care, so Sinestro shows a sign of good will and uses his ring to put the jet back together, looking better than ever. Hal is shocked but has to go. Sinestro wants to know where and Hal tells him back to base. Soon both their rings light up with a message to Sinestro but Hal decides to fly off before giving the message to him. Hal returns to base and Carol wants to know what happened but Hal just says he was having some fun. Carol isn’t happy but Hector Hammon soon appears, now with better control over his powers. He starts probing their minds and discovers not only the history between Carol and Hal but also that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern and Atrocitus is on his way to Coast City. End of issue.

Secret Origin might of started on a fast note and then slowed down for two issues but it’s back up and running. Geoff Johns gives us one punch after another. I finally see what Geoff is trying to do here, he’s not only modernizing Hal Jordan’s history but he’s establishing what is to come with The Blackest Night. The continuing evolving of Atrocitus is fun stuff and this guy just gets creepier and creepier. I also like how he is setting up Black Hand even more. I think the best parts are the continuing relationship between Hal and Carol. These two started off as kids that didn’t really care about the other. Then met again years later with a lot of bad history between them that wasn’t their faults. Now they are starting to bond and leading to romance. The other is Hector Hammon’s origin. I’m liking how it was plugged into Abin Sur’s ship and that the Gremlins later used the same rock to see what further effects were on him a few years later. Right now he’s just a guy with powerful mental powers but no giant head. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes next issue. Ivan Reis really kicked up his art this issue, this has to be one of his best issues since the conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War back in Green Lantern #25. Really, I can’t put it into words how beautiful this issue was. Well, I’m happy and I want more, bring on part 5.


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