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Wizard World Chicago

Posted in News by mrread7 on June 30, 2008

So, I went to Rosemont this past weekend with my brother, Trevor for Wizard World Chicago. Which is the yearly comic book convention that is held in Rosemont every year. We missed last year due to lack of funds and it was too close to the Iowa trip last year. Well, we stayed at my uncle and aunt’s in Des Plains, which was only 10 minutes from the convention center. Friday we got in early since we were advanced ticket holders and well… it was like seeing an old friend. We hit up the DC and Marvel Comics booths and looked around for deals and old friends that usually attend. We took out a bunch of our books by the time the evening hours rolled in and had a great time at the DC vs. Marvel panel with Geoff Johns and Brian Michael Bendis and friends.
After some Dunkin Donuts on Saturday, we learned early on that artist, Michael Turner had passed away after a long battle with cancer. It was like a lot of the heart was taken out of the convention. Several creators left due to sad event and others cancelled. We pretty much went around, standing in line and talking to others about Turner’s passing. Our bright spot of the day was meeting Jennifer “Phoenix” Wildstrom from American Gladiators and getting several trade paper back deals. After a wonderful dinner we got things packed up before our last day on Sunday. Sadly, my shampoo and Trevor’s contact solution were left behind. We have to wait for my family to return home from vacation before we get them back in the next week or two. We pretty much hit up sketches from various artists and then attended the fan panels for DC and Marvel. Both which we were quoted in the interviews there.
The two of us were meant to meet up with my friend Vicky after the convention but her purse had been pick pocketed and she had to cancel. We headed back towards Sycamore but stopped in St. Charles. I was hoping to pick up my deposit from my tux but the store had closed a half an hour before. We ate at Olive Garden and then headed home. It was a great time and we spent a lot of money but it was worth it. I’m back to work tomorrow and I’m just hoping to enjoy the 4th this week and hopefully ace my interview at the hospital for the new job.


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