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What do you guys truly want to see?

Posted in Uncategorized by mrread7 on July 26, 2008

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks in the web world. I finally finished up my works on Spider-Girl’s World and The Avengers’ Files. Now, originally, I wanted to work on a Blue Lantern site that was going to be based off the War of Light and Blackest Night. However, the more and more I tried to work out the details. I found it it just didn’t work. Plus, my brother’s Flash website went down and the two of us are currently trying to find a new host for the site. Since he doesn’t want it to go away and my Warriors’ Mix site. Which, I worked damn hard on also had a server lost. Now all files are backed up and give a few days and a new hosting site. They can come back with no problem. However, I’m still wanting to create something unique to me and another blog has come to mind. However, and play close attention. I wanted it to be kind of a word press theme that focused on my favorite books, stories and up coming releases. I’m a big Geoff Johns fan but I’m also a Brian Michael Bendis fan, a Gail Simon fan, Kurt Busiek, Ed Brubaker and so forth. Here is what I want to ask you guys. Do you want me to do a type of blog that focuses on my favorite books, story lines, monthly themes and other in-between stuff that isn’t Green Lantern or Avengers based? I’m not doing a poll for this. I want everyone who can post, general thoughts. I also want to do a side entry every week that focuses on my job working in coffee. Kind of a “brew of the week” idea. His isn’t a personal blog on my life, I have that over at myspace. I want to ask you guys, the fans, creators and other people who come to my blogs here and like what they read. Let me know.


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