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Green Lantern Corps #27 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on August 14, 2008

Eye of the Beholder part 1

It’s opening day at Guy Gardner’s new Big W. Guy and Kyle Rayner both check over with the cooking staff and the wait staff. However, when they double check the final cooks, they still wonder: “what’s a hamburger again?” Despite all this, Guy opens up the Big W and let’s in the crowd. Meanwhile, in the Green Lantern Crypt, the body of Bzzd is given to Green Lantern Moro and his dragons. Moro takes Bzzd’s body saying that he will now live forever, as the hero he truly was. Bzzd’s body is then encased in green emerald and placed over Moror’s green flame. As he talks about those who have fallen and are remembered, he starts to shape the crystal cocoon. He tempers it even more and then finally draws his hammer and cracks it open. A green memorial of Bzzd is revealed and is then placed with the other Green Lantern statues that honor the dead. However, as Moro is about to return to his normal duties, he hears a sound. It’s one of his dragons they have found someone in the crypt by the statues. Moro goes to investigates and finds a mysterious Green Lantern metatating by the statues. Moro wants him to identify himself but the Green Lantern doesn’t answer. Moro gets ready to strike the Green Lantern with his hammer and just as he comes down with his weapon, the Green Lantern takes his index finger and stops the hammer in the tracks and says: “Sssh.” Moro is confused but the Green Lantern soon tells him, his name is Saarek and he was invited there. Moro questions who invited him. Saarek points to the statues. The dead have been talking to him, a lot of late. Moro still finds this very confusing but Saarek tells Moro that he talks to the dead.

Moro asks: “you are talking to them right now?” Saarak replies: “Of course not. That would be rude.” He instead hears the whispers of the death. They are conversing with him right now and he not only hears dead Green Lanterns but all the dead. Moro notices that Saarak’s ears are starting to bleed. He tells Moro that it’s one of the draw backs of his power. He then asks Moro why he does what he does. Moro asks why he can’t read him mind and Saarak tells him he can only read the dead. Moro tells Saarak he does what he does because it’s what he does. Saarak tells him it’s a noble pursuit and others will follow the path the dead have laid but he most now go. He tells Moro that the dead are cold and that with each passing day they grow colder. And even worse, all dead honor Lanterns are afraid. Afraid of what is to come. Moro tries to stop Saarak before he leaves but Saarak leaves saying that Moro’s brother, Marrg says: “Hello.” Hours later back at the Big W, it’s closing time and Kyle is exhausted. Guy soon joins him and tells him despite getting off to a bumpy start, it went very well. Kyle replies that Earth based food went over very well when it was “cooked right.” Guy tells Kyle that they just have to make sure it looks and tastes like the real stuff. Kyle then asks Guy if he thinks that Mongul has been digested by Mother Mercy by now. Guy figures that by now, he’s all finished. However back on the planet Clementia, deep within Mother Mercy, Mongul quickly springs to life and painfully frees himself from her grasps before grabbing his severed arm and flying off with his power rings. Back at the Big W, Guy talks about what was wrong with the Black Mercies and now with Mother Mercy on their side, things will go better. Kyle says it wasn’t anything new after he was possessed by Parallax. Soon Guy’s ring reminds him of his date with Ice in a few days. Kyle comments about it before deciding to leave for the night. They have one final drink to a helluva first night and then Kyle turns in. As Guy cleans up he finds a piece of paper that was drawn on by Kyle. He sees a Green Lantern broken in half, that shocks Guy.

Later, on the planet Citcratana in Sector 3590, a family of Citcratana are attacked by someone who wants to see if they “die proudly.” Even later on a satellite moon near Oa, Kilowog is training the newest bunch of rookies. Kyle Rayner soon joins them and distracts the rookies causing Kilowog’s men to break through their defenses. Kilowog boasts that they need to focus and over come their greatest fears. Other wise they are going to fall as soon as they enter battle. Soranik Natu soon joins the two and Kyle asks what Natu is doing there. Natu says she is seeing off some of her patients and joining in for some training while Kyle talks about his first night at Warriors. The rookies watch all of this and figure out that the two Green Lanterns are flirting but Kilowog tells them to stop gawking. They are soon interrupted by a rain of eye balls. They have their rings scan the eyes and learn they belong to several species, most notably, the eyes of family members of the current batch of Green Lantern rookies. They all start grieving for their lost families, something that Kilowog says they are more than welcome to do and then turns to Kyle and Soranik and tells them that someone has to pay. Soon, Saarek joins them and tells them about his abilities. He can also use his ring to show the last person all the victims saw before they died to identify the killer. They tell him too, and he soon lights it up and a strange bug like creature, possibly a Sinestro or Red Lantern Corps member is shown. Kyle replies: “Someone just got our full and undivided attention.”

After Ring Quest this was a nice follow up with the characters but I will tip my hat to Peter J. Tomasi on a very engaging issue. He not only reintroduces Saarak to the Green Lantern mythos very well but he really have Moro shine during the issue. We know who this guy is and what he does. However, this has been some of the best focus on Moro since his debut back in Green Lantern #10 and Secret Files and Origins. Having Luke Ross be the artist on this story arc is just fantastic, I have loved his work since Spectacular Spider-man and seeing him draw the Green Lantern Universe was just a treat. He also shows the horror in the faces of the victims of the “eye killer”. Not to mention the creepy scenes with Guy seeing Kyle’s drawing and Saarak in the Green Lantern Crypt. Followed by the great moments between Kyle and Soranik. I think we see a romance building. About damn time.

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