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The Rise of Magog

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on August 28, 2008

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of delays, sadly it isn’t because of work. Sad to report, one of my family dogs, Kira passed away this morning. She has been suffering from several health problems for a while now. She went this afternoon. Kira was a member of the family for almost 16 years and was probably one of the most sweetest toy poodles we have ever known. We will miss you Kira. Despite this sad news and since writing helps me through times like this. I thought I would take a look at Magog, who recently was born into the DC Universe proper this week. Magog first debuted in the Elseworlds comic book Kingdom Come #1 (May 1996). Within this possible future, he represents the violent, modern-style heroes who come into conflict with the classic, moralistic heroes of the past.

In Kingdom Come, Magog, “The New Man of Tomorrow,” is a hero with a rising career in the last days of Superman’s declining popularity. His true origins are never revealed in the story. His most controversial act at the time was killing the Joker, who was already in custody. Further compounding the situation, the Joker’s final rampage had resulted in the death of Lois Lane and others close to Superman. Magog avenges the Man of Steel’s friends but in a way that goes completely against the elder hero’s beliefs. He then surrenders to Superman and the authorities. When put on trial for murder, Magog is acquitted.
Superman, disgusted with this injustice, goes into self-imposed exile for ten years. In that time, a new generation of heroes following Magog’s violent approach begin to arise. Magog himself begins operating with a team of heroes known as the Justice Batallion (a group composed of characters based on the heroes of Charlton Comics). During a battle with the villainous Parasite, Magog’s teammate Captain Atom is critically injured, the result of which is his eventual explosion like an atomic bomb. This disaster leaves Kansas completely destroyed, and much of America’s heartland covered in deadly radiation.
Magog and Alloy are the only survivors of the Kansas blast. This cataclysm is the event which finally draws Superman and many of the heroes of his generation out of retirement, thus leading to the story’s inevitable conflict. Initially, Magog is considered the most wanted and dangerous criminal in the world and is hunted by Superman’s new Justice League. When they at last confront him in the ruins of Kansas, Magog lashes out, though it soon becomes apparent that he was traumatized by his experience and seeks forgiveness.
He is taken into custody by the League and in the battle that follows, a remorseful and changed Magog attempts to save as many lives as he can. At the end of Kingdom Come, Magog retires to Paradise Island, where he is seen caring for the crippled Japanese superheroine Tokyo Rose. In the Elliot S! Maggin novelization, it is revealed Magog becomes mature enough to be a Dean of Students at Themyscira.

Following the Kingdom Come Superman from Earth-22, the events that would lead to Magog being born on New Earth began to flow following the return of Gog of the Third World. That world’s version of Superman arrived on New Earth following the destruction of Earth-22. A villain calling himself Gog appears soon after the other Superman’s arrival. This version of Gog gruesomely slaughters metahuman criminals who claim to be gods by blasting holes through their chests and disintegrating their hearts. His powers increased with each deity he slew. He briefly faces off against the Infinity-Man before taking on the Justice Society.
This version of Gog is a priest named William Matthews who received his powers from an underground citadel in Africa and took the name Gog, which was the name of the last surviving god of the Third World. He also claims that the Superman of Earth-22 let Kansas die. When the JSA lead him back to the citadel, his body is absorbed by a stone face on a wall. The stone face rises, becoming a massive stone man adorned in gold who claims to be the one, true, Gog.
This fourth Gog, chronologically the first one, is an exile of the Third World who was unwilling to take sides in the final battle of the Old Gods and was cast off as a result. He then plunged into the Bleed and traveled through various alternate universes until he landed on New Earth. Inert, his consciousness lingered in the stone and lava. A local tribe built a staff out of his remnants, enabling a user to channel Gog’s powers. The staff was later found by William Matthews, who claimed the name Gog.

Upon being revived, Gog claims that Matthews wasn’t his servant and that Matthews had been driven mad from visions of the Multiverse, including having visions of events on Earth-22.
This version of Gog displays a cheerful, child-like, peaceful personality. He claims he is “happy to be alive” and compelled to “make things good again”. He saves an African village near his citadel from the effects of toxic contamination from lava that contained his essence and heals Damage’s disfigured face in response to his skepticism. Gog then sends Sandman to a blissful, dream-filled sleep for twenty-four hours, cures Starman of his schizophrenia, gives Doctor Mid-Nite his sight back, and sends Power Girl “home”. Gog then hears the noises of a war going on near by and vows to stop it.Lance Corporal David Reid, great-grandson of Franklin D. Roosevelt, was with the Marine platoon assigned to halt the looting of the National Museum of Iraq during the Iraq War. Reid tracked one of the looters and found an artifact; upon touching it, Reid blacked out, waking up three weeks later to find that he was now filled with plasma energy and that a mark shaped like the Eye of Providence had opened up on his left arm. With the aid of a pointed hand-held device (which got him the nickname “Lance”), Reid was able to project focused blasts of energy. Because the modern Justice Society tries to keep the legacies of former heroes alive, and because Franklin Roosevelt was credited with bringing the JSA together in the first place, the Society asked Reid to join them. Following the battle with “fake” Gog, the real Gog rose to take care of famine and war in the Congo. When Reid was shot in his lance by a soldier, it over loaded and killed him on the spot. Gog quickly revived him and had him reborn as Magog.

I’m looking forward to the conclusion to the story line in December and if this version of Magog will have the same effect on the heroes of the world the way the Earth-22 version did.


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