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Green Lantern #34 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on September 5, 2008

Secret Origin book 6

Picking up from last issue, years ago Hal Jordan and Sinestro traced Abin Sur’s murderer, Atrocitus to a grave yard where the evil demon has tracked down the young William Hand. The man who will one day become Black Hand and will be the doorway to the Black Death that will become the Black Lantern Corps. As Hal Jordan is ready to fight Atrocitus with his bare hands, Sinestro quickly gets Hal out of the way as Atrocitus blasts at them with their own ring energy he has stolen in his energy rod. Atrocitus soon turns his attention back towards William as Sinestro tells Jordan that falling back is a military tactic not one of fear. He stills him that standing in the line of fire is stupidity. Ha replies that Sinestro is not the first to tell him this. Sinestro soon tells Hal that while Atrocitus device may have drained their powers they can still recharge. He reaches into his pocket dimension and pulls out his power battery. He then asks where Jordan keeps his and Hal replies: “In my locker.” Sinestro is annoyed but they need to act quickly and both recharge their rings. William hand tries running from Atrocitus but soon falls into an empty grave, he pleads with the demon that he only wanted to touch a dead body and see “how cold they were.” Atrocitus tells William that his destiny awakes.

Soon both Hal Jordan and Sinestro attack Atrocitus. During the fight, Sinestro sees that Hal Jordan isn’t really using his ring to it’s full potential. He’s only using spheres and force fields. He tells Jordan to “let go of his anger.” Atrocitus quickly bats Hal away before Sinestro wraps him up in chains. Atrocitus recognizes Sinestro. He tells Sinestro that the prophecies say that he is the greatest Green Lantern alone and that he alone can defeat them. However, Sinestro has a weakness just like all the Guardians and he will bathe in his blood. Hal Jordan quickly jumps up and focuses his ring completely and creates an F-18 fighter and crashes it into the “yellow” construction crane that causes it to explode and blasts Atrocitus back. Atrocitus doesn’t know how Hal did it since his ring shouldn’t work on yellow. Sinestro quickly snaps back up and creates a green construct of Kilowog and beats Atrocitus unconscious. William hand soon crawls out of the empty grave and grabs Atrocitus’s device and pockets it. He turns to see Hal Jordan and Hal asks if he’s all right but William takes off. Sinestro tells Hal to let the boy go. Hal asks why Atrocitus would want him. Sinestro tells Jordan that Atrocitus believed that William Hand held a power that tied all the powers of the universe together, he calls it: “utter nonsense. “Hal then asks if Sinestro saw what he did, that his ring worked against yellow.

Sinestro looks upset but quickly replies that he appreciates helping to take Atrocitus down and that surviving was enough. Hal continues to ask if Sinestro believes him but he changes the subject. Hal swears at Sinestro and he soon replies that Hal Jordan just has to stand out no matter what. That his anger is misplaced and so is his fear of things. He tells Hal that he must let it go and deal with it and get on with his life. Hal agrees and tells his ring to take him to Carl Ferris. Sinestro calls out but Hal doesn’t listen to him and flies off to the Ferris house outside of Coast City. He changes back to his normal clothes and slams his fist against the door several times before Carol Ferris answers it. Hal demands to see her father and then walks past her into the house. Constantly searching for him while Carol tells Hal to stop. They finally come to Carl’s bedroom and soon Hal sees a man dying. Hal is shocked and then sees a picture of Carl Ferris from years earlier with his father besides him. Hal asks what is going and Carol replies: “He’s sick.” She goes on to tell Hal that her father was Hal’s father’s best friend. When Hal’s father died it just destroyed him and the guilt continued to plague him for years. In the last year, Carl Ferris took a turn for the worse. Hal figures out that’s when Carol stopped being a pilot herself and then ran Ferris Air thinking that’s how her father would have wanted it. Carol replies that she didn’t know what else to do, he had nothing left. Hal replies: “He still has you.” Carol answers Hal that she was just a spoiled brat, after they lost her mother, she just yelled and got whatever she wanted. One day she was arguing with him and he refused her and that day was when she told her father: “I said I wished mom was there instead of him.” Carl replied that he had wished he has a son like Hal Jordan. Hal answers that he wouldn’t if he knew him and that Carol was at least there for him, Hal was never there for his family.

Hal continues to talk about how he spent all those years angry and wasted everything he could have had. He wasted is hating someone who didn’t deserve it and in doing so, hated others that didn’t deserve it. He tells Carol he’s sorry, so sorry and then tries to leave. Moments later as Hal leaves the house, Carol calls out to him asking if it’s not easy. Hal is confused before Carol says: “being alone.” After a moment, Hal tells her she is not alone and they embrace in the rain. A few hours later, Hal is in the desert using his ring and creates a construct of his dead father who soon smiles and then disappears in the desert winds. Sinestro soon appears telling him that Hal has finally learned the true power of his ring. That it has helped Hal Jordan find the will to live. Hal tells Sinestro that he was right and Sinestro answers: “I know.” Hal goes on about he held on to his anger so long and it was all for nothing. Sinestro goes on to say the same about himself and that even Green Lanterns struggle with it. He tells Hal to never forget that and one day he will have to pass that on to another rookie just as it was passed on to him. Hal thanks Sinestro and they shake hands but soon their rings tell them that they have passed the time allotment for fraternizing between officers and that they must not return to Oa to face disciplinary action. End of issue.

I don’t care how you feel about Secret Origin, love or hate it, this has been the best look at Hal Jordan during his early days as a Green Lantern and the early days of Sinestro when he was considered the greatest of the Green Lantern Corps. The battle with Atrocitus was well done and how Hal wanted to jump right into things despite his power lost shows that he is the man without fear. However, as Sinestro points out, it’s a sure fire way to get yourself killed and that you have to think before you leap. There is a very interesting parallel between Hal Jordan and Sinestro almost Obi Wan Kenobi and Anikan Skywalker and just like the two. We are seeing as one who was once the greatest will soon become the most feared. It’s a great set up for Sinestro’s fall from grace and how Hal Jordan came to surpass his teacher and someone he at one point considered his friend. It makes the story very tragic and speaking of tragedy. The scenes between Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris when Hal discovers the truth behind Carl Ferris is completely heart breaking. It also shows just how messed up Hal was because of the death of his father and where all that misdirected anger lead him in life. Does it excuse how Hal’s mother and older brother acted? Of course not but at the same time, a family like the Jordans, it doesn’t take just one family member to destroy what they were. I’ll hand it to Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, they tell one hell of a good story. I can’t wait to see how this all ends in a few weeks.


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