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Green Lantern Corps #28 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on September 11, 2008

Eye of the Beholder part 2

As Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Salaak and Kilowog look at a holding unit with all the various eye balls that were taken from the rookie Green Lanterns’ families that have been murdered. Kyle says that they need to bring in Green Lantern Saarek to find out if he can figure out who the true killer is. Salaak soon asks Saarek to come in while Guy Gardner is kind of disgusted by the fact that Saarek held on to one of the eyes the whole time to talk to it. Salaak tells him to keep quiet but Guy goes on that you either joke about a situation like this or you go out and fry the person behind it. Kyle tells the two of them to break it up and to stay focused on the energy that is channeled through the eyes to find the killer. Salaak tells Saarek to please enter and he soon does asking if he can be of further assistance. Salaak tells him that: “his talents of needed.” Saarek notices that there is a bit of doubt in Salaak’s voice. Something that the protector of the Guardians of the Universe does not deny. He just finds it strange that someone of Saarek’s caliber could have such a “calling.” Kilowog soon asks how he got his power and Saarek tells him that he has had it since he was a child. Guy doesn’t see Saarek’s power as such a “gift” but Saarek considers it a privilege than a gift of curse. Saarek soon floats into the air much to the confusion of the other Lanterns and enters the stasis chamber with the eyes.

Saarek screams out in pain as all the eyes soon gather around his body. All the other Lanterns just stare in awe as the eyes soon explode into green light and the images of the killer once again swarm around the other Lanterns. Guy notices that all the faces are the same and Kyle can’t understand how one person could kill all these people in such a fast time. Saarek soon emerges from the tank and says that it’s possible that there is entire race of these people that have something against the Green Lantern Corps. Salaak uses his ring to try and identify the killer or killers but the ring can’t identify. So, Salaak instead uses his ring to upload the image to all possible Green Lanterns in the various sectors. Saarek soon leaves them saying if anyone needs him he will be meditating for his next sector sojourn. Salaak tells the other Green Lanterns to prepare to leave and Kyle, Guy and Kilowog are ready to go. Meanwhile, all the Green Lantern rookies are protesting that they want to go to their families and protect them but they are under lock down until further notice. Far away, Brik, Tomar-tu Palaqua and another Green Lantern react. Palaqua says that the Guardians should let the rookies go and the others agree but they trust this is the right decision. Not to far away, Kyle Rayner is drawing an eye bleeding from a Green Lantern logo while Guy Gardner charges up his ring but is soon disturbed. He opens the door to see Tora, better known as Ice.

She hitched a ride to Oa with Symon Terrynceto start their first date a few days earlier and hopes that Guy doesn’t mind. Guy in fact is thrilled to see her but before he can go any further, Salaak contacts him to get going. Guy tells Tora he’ll be back soon and Tora tells him she’ll be waiting. Back in the rookie lock down, Salaak has confiscated all the rookies’ rings and they will stay off until the murders are found. That they must trust the Guardians as much as they trust them. Later on the planet Seekwom in Sector 1983. One of the killers is about to attack another rookie’s family when Guy Gardner busts in and blasts her. She greets Guy and is looking forward to facing him but soon she blasts herself. Guy soon reports he has captured the killer but so does Kilowog but this time a male version of the killer. He tells Kilowog that he is just sending his fellow Lanterns to their deaths. That they will pluck out all the eyes of the families but Kilowog soon shuts him up. Kilowog then tells Guy to have Salaak and Kyle meet up with him. Later, they all meet up and learn that the two are brother and sister but as the brother rages on how he’ll kill all the Green Lanterns for killing his sister, Guy shuts him up saying that she killed herself. Saarek joins them and talks to the dead Sinestro Corps member and finds out that they are two of a group of Sinestro Corps members known as the Quintet, due to the fact there are five of them in the family. Two sisters and three brothers.

Later, on the Quintet’s home world they go over who to attack next but are soon ambushed by the Green Lantern Corps and capture them all and bring them back to Oa. Guy jokes that they should call themselves the Quad Squad now that there is only four of them. They keep telling the Green Lanterns they will kill them all but they walk away leaving them with the various Sinestro Corps members that have been captured and their leader, Sinestro. Kyle offers Kilowog a drink back at Warriors and Salaak returns the power rings to the various rookies and tells them to get back to duty. Later that evening, in a secret location, the “scared” Guardians meets with Saarek. She tells him that his gift his needed but her and that this is to be discussed with no one. When Saarek assures her he will do this, he then asks what she wants. Scar replies: I need you to locate and communicate with… THE CORPSE OF THE ANTI-MONITOR.” End of issue.

With that, the two part murder mystery comes to an end, I have to say it wasn’t that bad of a story but really nothing to write home about, just on here. Peter Tomasi delivers and interesting story but the moments with Tora and the ending with Scar and Saarek are the best parts. Though there is more progression with Kyle’s disturbing artwork and more on the up coming Rage of the Red Lanterns story arc. The best thing about this book is truly Luke Ross. He makes this book beautiful from beginning to end and those last panels at the end. You can just hear the dark them music. Thanks Luke.


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