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Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns

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Rage of the Red Lanterns Prologue: Blood Feud

Taking place between Final Crisis # and #2, on the planet Ysmault, Atrocitus wakes up in a pool of blood. He hears a sound beating like a war drum, as he opens his eyes, he sees the Red Lantern symbol appear behind him and soon a red power ring comes towards him. His heart stops so the ring can take over. The ring answers: “Rage.” Atrocitus soon emerges from the pool of blood to see the Red Lantern Central Power Battery behind him also emerging from the blood. His ring soon replaces his heart and he expels blood from his mouth. Soon, his power battery emerges from the pool of blood and Atrocitus takes it into his hand soon quotes the Red Lantern oath: “With blood and rage of crimson red… ripped from a corpse so freshly dead… together with our hellish hate… we’ll burn you all… that is your fate!” Atroctius is clothed in his corps uniform as more blood spews from his mouth and the call goes out for form the Red Lantern Corps. Back on Earth, Hal Jordan is having lunch with his brother and Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman. Hal talks to them about his recent dealings as a Green Lantern. Cowgirl tells Hal he isn’t much different from his counter part but Hal disagrees. John Stewart soon contacts Hal and tells him that they are ready to execute Sinestro from his crimes. Hal responds: “It’s about time.” John replies that Guy Gardner and several other Green Lanterns agree and that they have to escort Sinestro back on Korugar. Hal says goodbye to his brother and Cowgirl and takes off needing to talk to someone.

Later, as Green Lantern, Hal Jordan talks to Carol Ferris about the upcoming Execution of Sinestro. Carol asks if he’s ok with it and Hal responds that he is. That for all the crimes that Sinestro has caused he is getting what he deserves. He isn’t looking for justification from Carol but Carol gives it to him anyhow. That it was Sinestro’s fault Hal became Parallax and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps. He is getting what he deserves. Over in Sector 665, the Green Lantern Ash has found part of the Anti-monitor’s husk and his ring has pinpointed that the Anti-monitor’s body is heading towards Sector 666, which he can’t go into. The Scarred Guardian of the Universe tells Ash to proceed and find the Anti-monitor’s body before someone else can and uses him. She is soon interrupted by the rest of the Guardians of the Universe who wonder who she was talking too. The Scarred Guardians replies that she was just meditating and dealing with her injuries from the Anti-monitor. The Guardians offer to help her heal but she does not want too. They are to serve as a reminder that the Guardians of the Universe must never grow arrogant as they have done in the past. She continues to say that they must stop the rest of the emotional spectrum from spilling out as the Sinestro Corps has and the other Guardians agree since they are now ready to proceed on a mission of diplomacy to the Star Sapphire Corps. She tells them they must go and get Sinestro move and that it would be bad if Sinestro’s movement or their mission were to be heard outside their walls. We soon see the Parallax symbol appear in the Scarred Guardian’s eyes.

Back at the science cells we see Sinestro talking to Hal Jordan who has just arrived. He asks Hal if he has come to pay his respects. Hal answers that he needs a question answered but Sinestro wants one answered first. Hal tells him to go ahead and Sinestro replies: “Is this right?” Hal goes on to say how Sinestro wanted the Green Lantern Corps to start using lethal force. Sinestro agrees and then goes on to say if this is the right kind of justice. Hal answers: “It’s not justice it’s what you deserve. You earned this a dozen times over, Sinestro. You betrayed the corps, you betrayed me.”
Sinestro responds by saying: “I betrayed you?” “You’re going to murder me.” Hal answer: “It’s punishment.” Sinestro final replies: “Yes. It’s the law. My law. You know. I am proud of you Hal Jordan. You’re turning into quite the Green Lantern.” We break back to Ysmault where Atrocitus has formed his corps. Hundreds of Red Lanterns float around him as he tells them to give into their anger. We meet Bleez, a woman who was raped by the Sinestro Corps on Ranx by the Children of the White Lobe. Vice, who’s mate was killed by the Sinestro Corps drill sergeant, Arkillo. Dex-star, a violent cat like creature, Misery, a woman of mystery, the Red Lantern drill sergeant. The fish like creature that has a history with Hal Jordan and finally, Laira, the fallen Green Lantern. They will find Sinestro and his Corps and they will use their blood to fuel their power. Meanwhile, in Sector 543, the Controllers have finally found the Orange Light of Vince on the planet, Okaara in the Vega System. They do not know why the Green Lantern Corps can’t go into Vega but they intend to claim the Orange Light and make their own corps. A voice soon answer: “No! It’s mind! It’ll all be mine!”

Later as Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Salaak, Zale Kilowog, Arx, Alpah-Lanterns: Varix, Chaselon, and Boodikka and a few others. Escort Sinestro back to Korugar but Arx doesn’t understand why they can’t just kill him there. Boodikka tells him that they will follow the Guardians plan unaware that Slush of the Sinestro Corps is hiding on an asteroid near by. Sinestro talks to Arx tell him, he knows what Arx is afraid of. Before Arx can respond he is shot in the head by the Sinestro Corps. Soon, Flyt, Moose and other members of the Sinestro Corps emerge from the asteroids and attack the Green Lanterns. They can’t understand how the Sinestro Corps could have found out but we soon see that the Scarred Guardian let them know. As the Green Lanterns fight back, Sinestro is approached by one of his men who mentions Mongul trying to take over the corps. Sinestro will deal with him swiftly but first he needs his ring. The Sinestro Corps member is about to give Sinestro his ring when Dex-star appears behind him. He doesn’t get what this creature is until is spews blood melting his face and killing him. The Green Lanterns soon see that the science cell is on fire and that red light is heading their way. Soon the Red Lantern Corps rips through both members of the Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps. As everyone reacts, Laira appears in front of Hal, John and Kilowog and unleashes a fire blast from her ring. The blast corrupts the rings leaving the Green Lanterns dead in space and Sinestro and his surviving corps members are captured by the Red Lanterns. As Hal starts to lose focus, his body soon glows blue and his ring soon starts working again. In fact it rises past 100%. He then hears a voice say: “Ganthlet sensed your anger. And that of the Red Lanterns.” “I have been chosen to help lift up those who need it.” There will be others, Hal Jordan. But for now. There is only me.” Hal looks to see the first Blue Lantern, Saint Walker behind him, telling Hal they must rescue Sinestro before he is killed or they will no survive the Blackest Night. Hal soon finds out his ring is at 200% power level. End of story.

The only I want to know about this book is how is it a Final Crisis tie in because it’s not. Other wise, what a kick ass issue! This almost puts the Sinestro Corps Annual from 2007 to shame. Shane Davis’s art plus Geoff Johns writing making this a must have issue and sets the Red Lanterns and even the Blue Lanterns up perfectly. We get brief history into the members of the Red Lantern Corps how the group works. It’s all right here and now we have to wait a month! A freaking month before we see this story continue! I loved it!


Batman for Halloween

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Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates since Thursday. It’s been crazy busy around here at work, with my girlfriend and my home towns annual Halloween Pumpkin Fest. I’ll tell you, I am so glad I’m directing this coming May because after walking almost 3 miles, cleaning up after clidesdales in the parade and working the same day on my day off. I’ve earned in. Well, I’m going to wrap up Batman month, yeah I know it’s sad. With the most recent alternate Batman better known as Paladin. As the story goes from Justice League of America #25, the African spider god, Anansi says “Spider spins his web.” (Of course. Didn’t see that coming.) Anansi re-tells the fateful night that Bruce’s parents were killed. Only this time after the killer shoots and kills Bruce’s parents, the killer looks into Bruce’s eyes. For some reason, the killer is frightened beyond all reason, drops the gun and runs. Bruce picks up the gun and kills the killer. Forged in a crucible of vengeance, the boy became a man who became a legend. Bruce became the Paladin. It is sort of a cowboy version of Batman and the Paladin uses a gun to kill any criminal who attempts to ply their trade in Gotham City.Evidently, the Paladin spent much of his time avoiding the law and dispensing his own deadly justice. Therefore, Bruce never joined the Justice League of America. Still, the JLA formed even without the Batman.

I have to admit I like this other Batman being a kind of a cross between the Dark Knight and Jonah Hex. Gives you a modern day cowboy hero who is badass. Even though I find it kind of odd how a young Bruce Wayne was able to kill Joe Chill but “looking at him.” However, it’s only temp situation but still a cool one. Batman month here on the spot light has been fun but not as great as I was hoping it would be. I’m going to kick off Red Lantern Month starting this week with the release of Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1. I promise Red Lantern month will be a lot better than Batman month was. Not that it was completely bad just not quite what I was expecting. Oh well, live and let learn.

Final Crisis #4 Review

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Darkseid Says

The story begins during the missing month between Final Crisis #3 and #4, it was 5:30 pm when the Anti-life Equation was unleashed on Earth. It came on every communication device known. Email, cellphones, TV, computers, GPS, everything. More than a billion people were contaminated by the first strike. Those who resisted were attacked and later enslaved over Darkseid’s rule. Now, the Ray,using the JLA Satellite as a mirror returns to the Hall of Justice to Oliver Queen. Oliver is attacking the Tattooed Man who was used as a trojan horse for the bad guys. The Tattooed Man tells them that Black Lightning helped him and his family escape before he was converted by Darkseid’s forces. Green Arrow decides to let him up and they all join Black Canary and Oracle in the meeting room. Along with the West Family, where both Jay and Iris West are in awe of seeing the Ray as they prepare for the battle ahead. Black Canary asks what happened to the Blüdehaven strike force? He reveals that they were all defeated or killed. This includes members of the Atomic Knights, Doom Patrol. DEO and members of Checkmate. Meanwhile, deep within Blüdehaven, Turpin is slowly transforming into Darkseid, which he is trying to fight despite the massive amount of pain he is suffering. Rev. Godfrey tells Turpin how humans are huddling and they are an infection that the Anti-life Equation will cure. Godfrey also reveals that they all must shed their current “host” bodies, since they are starting to rot.

It is revealed that Earth will eventually became the ark gods’ 5th world but they must make it right for them and they must all finish their transformations. Granny Goodness in the body of Alpha-Lantern Karken is about to strike at the Guardians of the Universe on Oa while it is revealed it was Kalibak in the body of Freddie Freeman’s man-tiger that truly attacked John Stewert using the arm of another Green Lantern to fire his ring. Kalibak roars as Turpin slips more and more into becoming Darkseid. He tries to fight it but he knows he is going to lose this battle as his body is almost transformed. Back at the Hall of Justice, Darkseid’s forces are breaking through the base’s force field and it’s revealed that Oracle “killed” the internet to keep the Anti-life Equation from spreading world wide. She saw a glimpse of it but realized that the Anti-life Equation is mathematical proof that Darkseid is the rightful master of everything in existence. Green Arrow doesn’t believe it but Oracle tells him they can’t just run in and beat up Darkseid and his forces are about to break their defenses. The Ray then hails the rest of the heroes still left standing. He contacts Mr. Terrific in Checkmate at the Castle who are fighting off more of Darkseid’s forces. Alan Scott then contacts the rest of their forces from the Suicide Squad to the Great Ten. To Supergirl and the Metal Men in the Fortress of Solitude. While the Ultra Marines’ Superbia base falls to Darkseid’s forces. Meanwhile, Darkseid’s forces start to take over Gorilla City, while both Freddie Freeman and Alan try to ask Black Adam for help. At first Adam finds it useless but then believes it will be a battle worth the fun and then the Great Ten agree to get ready to strike.

With communications out again, the Tattooed Man finally reveals that he has kept piece of circuit from Black Lightning in his skin and suddenly transforms into Metron. It’s then that Black Lightning breaks the force fields around the Hall of Justice and Darkseid’s forces head in. Meanwhile, back in Central City Barry Allen and Wally West have a second to catch their breaths and hug before being attacked by the Female Furies. The Flashes quickly defeat them and Wally says that one of them looks like Wonder Woman but isn’t her. Barry reveals that the entire multiverse is avalanching into oblivion. That they have to save everyone and that they will start with their family first. Back at the Hall of Justice, Green Arrow sends his team into the transport tube to the JLA Satellite and then goes to fight Darkseid’s forces himself. He lasts for a while before Black Lightning defeats him and has Ollie transformed into a slave as well. On the satellite, Black Canary tells them “now.” Back in Blüdehaven, Mary Marvel brings Darkseid’s head piece as the skies above Earth start to rain blood. Godfrey tells Turpin to either give a thumbs up for the triumph of the human spirit. Or thumbs down to summon a day of holocaust that will never end. Mary Marvel then places Darkseid’s head piece on Turpin. Turpin then tells himself: “It’s my choice.”

In Central City more slave helmets are created as Iris Allen walks home and arrives in her living room. Watching the TV tell her that: “self=Darkseid” over and over again. Barry and Wally soon walk in and Iris is afraid but Barry reaches over and kisses his wife. After a spark of lightning, Iris is freed and the two enjoy a happy reunion. Iris says: “Everything will be all right now.” Barry replies: “You bet.” At the Castle a boom tube opens and Mister Miracle and the Forever People come in and tells Checkmate not to shoot but someone does. Back at Darkseid’s base, Turpin has lost the battle and given in and now there is only Apokolips and Darkseid. The choice is simple, Darkseid does a thumbs down. And that’s all she wrote folks for this long delayed issue. Can I say it was worth the wait? No, but was it a damn good issue! You bet! I do feel real sorry for J.G Jones, he tried he really did but I don’t fault him for not keeping up with the book. It happens and if anything, Final Crisis #4 was top writing that Grant Morrison is famous for. I’m looking forward to the last three issues but this delay has hurt the book and a lot of other things for DC. However, I still look forward to the next issue, whether that is in November of December.

Prometheus, here comes injustice

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Ah, after getting a bit set back the last few days because of my busy schedule. I’m here to talk about one of great Grant Morrison villains. One of the few villains to not only defeat Batman but also Green Lantern and almost half the Justice League and the Birds of Prey, Prometheus. The Anti-Batman if you will, and I’m not talking about Catman. He gets his own profile before we call it a month here. I’ve loved this character from day one but I really hated what they did with him after Morrison left JLA in the late 90s. He was turned into pretty much a punk. Gail Simon finally brought him back to former glory in the pages of Birds of Prey and he got some nice treatment in Teen Titans. Well, Prometheus is set to make a big come back in January after Final Crisis wraps up. So, here he is:

Grant Morrison created the second Prometheus during his tenure as the writer of JLA. Morrison described him as “the anti-Batman.” According to his origin story, he was the son of two loving, hippie criminals who traveled across the United States with him. They committed indiscriminate murders and thefts, often of a brutal nature (similar to Bonnie and Clyde). Eventually they were cornered and forced the police to gun them down in front of their son, whose hair turned white from the shock. That night, he swore an oath to “annihilate the forces of justice”. His true name has not been revealed. There are indications that this character may have been inspired by another similar character called The Wrath. Prometheus obtained large sums of money both from his parents’ hidden stashes of money and by extorting local mob bosses using his knowledge of their criminal activities. Leaving home at the age of 16, he used his money to travel the world in order to develop the skills he would need. His activities during this period included training as an underground pit-fighter in Brazil, working as a mercenary in Africa, joining terrorist groups in the Middle East, studying silat in Malaysia, associating with the wealthy social elite in order to learn their secrets (‘I learned to kill in a dozen different Languages’), and attending only the finest in legitimate academic schools and universities. Eventually he found the legendary Himalayan city of Shambhala, inhabited by a sect of monks who worshipped evil itself. Studying with them, he eventually became a favorite of their leader, who showed him their greatest treasure: an alien spaceship upon which their ancient monastery had been built. The leader then transmuted into one of the aliens who’d first landed there, and Prometheus was forced to kill him to obtain the Key to the ‘Ghost Zone’.
Along with the ship was a key that opened into what Prometheus dubbed “The Ghost Zone,” an infinite expanse of white nothingness. (JLA member and angel Zauriel referred to this zone as limbo; it was also used by the White Martians as a form of Hyperspace to effect interstellar travel; the people of Krypton knew it as the Phantom Zone). Prometheus would eventually build himself a small, lopsided wooden house in The Ghost Zone (‘Nothing builds straight here. But that’s fine with me. A crooked house for a crooked man’). Here, he was free to build up a resistance to the JLA, unhindered by Earth’s authorities or heroes.

Prometheus first appeared in “New Year’s Evil: Prometheus”, one of a number of New Year’s Evil one-shot issues from DC Comics that featured various supervillains. In this, his origin is explained and Prometheus kills a young man calling himself “Retro”. Retro was just a normal young man who had won a competition to be a member of the new Justice League of America for a day by designing his own costume and fictitious “origin story.” Prometheus’ technology allows him to imitate Retro’s natural movements and mannerisms.
In issues of JLA, Prometheus took the place of Retro at the Justice League Watchtower on the Moon and singlehandedly almost took down the League: he shot the Martian Manhunter with a dart that turned his shapechanging power against him, infected Steel’s armor with a computer virus which commanded the suit to damage the Watchtower, hypnotized the Huntress into unconsciousness, attacked Green Lantern with a “Neural Chaff” that rendered his ring useless, trapped the angel Zauriel in the Ghost Zone, and tricked the Flash into believing that he had planted motion sensitive bombs that would explode if the Flash used his powers. He defeated Batman in hand-to-hand combat with the aid of a device that downloaded the skills of the thirty greatest martial arts masters in the world (including Batman) into his brain and a pair of lights on his helmet that strobed in an erratic pattern to cause disorientation. At the time, the Watchtower was filled with innocent civilians that the League had invited for a tour. With the Watchtower under his control, Prometheus then demanded that Superman–the only hero he could not defeat–commit suicide in exchange for the lives of the hostages, sacrificing the two things which he presumed would matter to Superman; his image and his reputation. He also expressed his pleasure at the fact that “Superman said ‘Prometheus’ and he didn’t sound scared.”
However, Prometheus’ best laid plans were laid to waste by an unforeseen variable: the anti-hero Catwoman, who incapacitated him with a simple whip crack to the groin. Having sneaked onto the Watchtower disguised as Cat Grant looking for things to steal, Catwoman’s intervention bought Steel the time he needed to beat the virus (although it was only thanks to the lucky arrival of Plastic Man that Steel’s hammer failed to do any damage to the Watchtower walls when he threw it) and, in turn, override Prometheus’ helmet. Prometheus then escaped to the Ghost Zone.

Prometheus later returned as a part of the second Injustice Gang created by Lex Luthor. He was able to use the Ghost Zone and a White Martian spaceship left from the Martian Invasion within it to get into the Watchtower. He almost killed Oracle by defenestrating her when she refused his deal to betray the JLA in return for being able to walk again. Oracle manages to survive by grabbing the hand on the face of the Clocktower, simultaneously damaging Prometheus’s helmet.
Once again using his original helmet- which he had acquired from the Justice League archives-, Prometheus went on to have a final rematch with Batman who had, in the intervening time, managed to unlock the secrets of Prometheus’ helmet. After the two had fought for a time- Prometheus bragging that he beat Batman senseless the last time they fought just to prove that he could-, Batman replaced the martial arts skills Prometheus had downloaded into his mind with the physical skills and coordination of Professor Stephen Hawking, a famed scientist who can barely move. Huntress, who witnessed the latter half of the battle, described this as “cheating.” Batman retorted with “Not cheating; Winning,” although he later commented that it was the “first time [he] ever hit a man with motor neuron disease”. Later, Batman was forced to intervene in order to prevent Huntress from killing the helpless Prometheus, firing her from the JLA in the process.

Prometheus was later seen in Star City, fighting Green Arrow and the police, where he escaped with the help of Batman villain Hush. Prometheus later formed a partnership with Hush, but was abandoned for his complicity in the murder of Poison Ivy. Infected with a terminal disease by one of Ivy’s mutated foster children, Prometheus is powerless to defend himself from kidnapping. He is taken by The Society, of which he had previously been a member. The Society wanted to steal the key to the Ghost Zone, which Prometheus had already hidden in the museum of the Justice Society of America. He is later seen in the Battle of Metropolis, in which a villain army battles a superhero army. He is seen killing Peacemaker (Mitchell Black).
Most recently, Prometheus appeared in Birds of Prey #94 defeating Lady Shiva, one of the DC universe’s top-rated martial artists. Shiva, despite knowing her own skills were recorded, along with twenty-nine others, attacks and is defeated in three seconds.
Prometheus recaptured the Society defector Crime Doctor from under the Huntress’ nose. He then fought the Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, and Black Canary before the Crime Doctor’s suicide removed their reason for fighting. Prometheus departed unopposed, commenting sardonically that on two occasions Huntress had given him more trouble than Superman.
In Teen Titans #51, Prometheus is shown to be under the control of Starro. It appears that while under Starro’s control, he is not as skilled a fighter and Robin is portayed as being nearly a match for Prometheus. However in the end, Prometheus is defeated by an alternate-future version of Tim Drake.

I’m out peeps, see you soon.

Previews for Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns and Submit

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The long awaited previews for Final Crisis are here. Rage of the Red Lanterns and Submit. Check them out over at newsarama.

Catwoman: When in Rome

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Finishing up my look at the Long Halloween series but Jeph Lobe and Time Sale is the infamous Batman villain, Catwoman. The great and sexy femme fatale has been the long time romantic interest in both Bruce Wayne and Batman’s lives. During the middle of Dark Victory, Selene Kyle disappeared for a while and it was revealed she was in Rome trying to find discover the identity of her father, whom she believes to be crime lord Carmine Falcone and brings the Riddler, Edward Nigma along with her for the ride. Catwoman and the Riddler (as Edward Nygma) take a trip to Rome. There Selina meets The Blonde, a hitman, who sets up a meeting between Selina and the capo of the Italian mob. Don Verinni, the person Selina was due to meet, is murdered using the Joker’s venom. Catwoman is blamed, and soon all three ‘heroes’ are beset by Verinni’s assassins. Meanwhile, Selina suffers nightmares featuring Batman.
After Catwoman’s hotel room burns down, Selina, Eddie (as Selina refers to him) and the Blonde escape to his yacht. In a pitched fight with the Don’s son Guillermo, Selina is put “on ice” using Mr. Freeze’s ice gun, but escapes and barters a deal with Guillermo. Nigma then retreats back to Gotham City for a short time (in which he attends the Hangman Trial conducted by Two-Face during the parallel events of Batman: Dark Victory.) After stealing a valuable ring from the Vatican, Catwoman is attacked by the Cheetah. After Selina defeats the villain (with the assistance of The Blonde), she visits Louisa, Carmine’s widow. Louisa denies that Selina is her daughter, and then orders the Blonde to kill Catwoman.

Eventually, Catwoman figures out the truth: the Riddler has betrayed her, using the trademarks of the Joker, Mr. Freeze, and also the Scarecrow’s fear gas (which was the cause of Selina’s Bat-related dreams). The Riddler believed that Selina knew the answer to what he considered the greatest riddle: “Who is Batman under the mask?” Catwoman defeats the Riddler and his henchmen. The Riddler later captures the ring, but it turns out to be a fake and infects everyone on his plane with Scarecrow’s fear gas. A booby trap set by Selina.
The Blonde reveals that as a child he was witness to his father’s attempted infantcide on the Roman’s second daughter (in an effort to curry favor with his Don, who respected masculine children) and that he believes that daughter was Selina, though he has no proof. Louisa later kills the Blonde for failing to murder Selina and bring her the Capo ring. Selina waits for the Blonde at the airport but when he doesn’t show, she returns to Gotham, with no hard evidence to prove the identity of her parents. The story ends with a two-page epilogue that is an identical scene from Batman: Dark Victory, in which Selina bids farewell to Carmine Falcone at his grave.

As seen in Batman: Dark Victory, Selina returns to Gotham and informs Batman that Sofia Falcone traveled to Palermo after the events of Batman: The Long Halloween, to surgically repair the scars on her face that Catwoman had inflicted upon her. This revealed to Batman that Sofia was possibly the Hangman killer. In a later story by Jeph Loeb, Batman: Hush, the Riddler’s obsession to uncover Batman’s identity finally proves successful.

Batman: Dark Victory

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Greetings all, man, what a week it has been for Green Lantern in the pages of Legion of 3 Worlds and what’s coming up with Hal next week in the main Final Crisis title. I think I’m going to be stuck with weeks of stuff to talk about everything Green Lantern. However, this is still Batman month and I’m going to go over the sequel to The Long Halloween, Dark Victory. Once again, I didn’t pick this series up since I hadn’t read Long Halloween yet but I did pick up the trade a couple of years later. Man, this was strike two for me in missing Lobe and Sale’s incredible story telling ability and after this, I made sure I didn’t make that mistake again when Daredevil: Yellow came out from Marvel. I somewhat redeemed myself when I picked up: Catwoman: When in Rome, which took place during the middle part of Dark Victory but I’ll save that story for later next week. In the mean time, here’s Dark Victory.

During the events of Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman captures and imprisons Alberto Falcone, the serial killer known as Holiday. Months later, a mass breakout at Arkham Asylum occurs, orchestrated by Pino and Umberto Maroni, the sons of Sal Maroni. The breakout is staged so in the confusion, the two can find Two-Face and kill him as a peace-offering to Sofia Gigante Falcone. In the aftermath, Alberto is granted conditional parole based on his actions during the riot. Soon after, police officers begin dying, one on each major holiday, with crude hangman games pinned to their hung corpses… and the facts suggesting that Harvey Dent is the killer.
The new district attorney, Janice Porter, begins working on the case while Alberto is put up by his enigmatic brother Mario, who has just returned from exile in Italy. Alberto also takes in his sister, Sofia, who barely survived an encounter with Catwoman in The Long Halloween and is confined to a wheelchair due to her injuries. Sofia nevertheless continues to manage the flagging Falcone empire.

As the Hangman’s spree of terror escalates, so too does Two-Face’s war with Sofia and her family. The collateral damage of the war includes the parents of Dick Grayson, who is taken in by Bruce Wayne. Two-Face enlists the aid of his fellow ‘freaks’ to destroy the remainders of Gotham’s Mafia; his lieutenants include The Joker, Scarecrow, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, The Mad Hatter, and Solomon Grundy. Mario, who has an alliance with Janice Porter, is soon faced with isolation as Porter begins a secret affair with Two-Face, who eventually murders her. At the same time, however, Two-Face saves Gordon’s life when the Hangman tries to hang him on the Batsignal, stating that he isn’t the killer.
The endgame of the battle comes on the following Halloween; Sofia reveals that she was never disabled, and that she committed the Hangman murders, targeting all the cops who had helped Harvey Dent’s career. She then suffocates Alberto to death. She opens the gas lines and sets Gotham City ablaze to smoke out Two-Face, who is hiding in the sewers. Saved by Batman, Two-Face turns on Sofia and shoots her to death. Escaping to a cordoned-off subterranean area, Two-Face (along with Freeze, Ivy, and the Joker) find themselves in the Batcave.

Batman’s secrets would have been laid bare except for the timely intervention of Dick, who had been training in secret. Wearing his old circus uniform, he makes his debut as Robin and helps Batman defeat most of the villains. When the battle comes down to Two-Face and Batman, Two-Face states that Gotham belonged to him. The Joker appears at the last moment, shooting Two-Face, who falls off a cliff. Robin then helps incapacitate Joker. Elsewhere, Mario Falcone, a broken man, burns down his mansion, having lost everything. Catwoman then visits Carmine Falcone’s grave and reveals that Falcone may in fact be her father. It is shown that not only has Two-Face survived, but he has Falcone’s body, frozen. In the final pages, Batman offers Dick a chance to escape the neverending crusade against crime. Dick refuses and Batman declares that the two are now Batman and Robin. Batman states that he still is following the oath he made to his parents, but now he is not alone.

Throughout the book Batman struggles with his fear of being wrong (a side-effect to the Scarecrow’s gas) as well as being alone and refusing to be helped by Commissioner Gordon. Catwoman even slaps Batman when he shows no care for what might happen to Two-Face. It is played in the book that Dick is one of the only sources left of Bruce’s humanity as he is slowly slipping from grace even with Selina Kyle’s attempts. If anything, Dark Victory set up the retelling of Robin’s origin perfectly and how he became Bruce Wayne’s “son”.

Batman the Long Halloween

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Greetings everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend. I know I am. I just had a wonderful date tonight, no really I did. Let me share a little secret with everyone. If you want to have a great day with a woman, start it off by getting your car’s tires fixed at Sam’s Club or an auto shop and then make the rest of the day fun. You start at the lowest point, it only goes up and finish it off with dinner and a movie and you are guaranteed a wonderful night. But enough of my personal life, I want to talk about classic right here for Batman month, The Long Halloween. I remember back in 1996 when I first saw the solicitation for this series in Wizard Magazine and I was like: “Oh, just what we need, another year one Batman series.” Boy, could I have had it more wrong but what did I know. I was 18 and fresh out of high school and heading into college. I had a lot to learn. In continuity terms, The Long Halloween continues the story of Batman: Year One. It also revolves around the transition of Batman’s rogues gallery from simple mob goons to full-fledged supervillains. It also tells the origin of Two-Face, adding along to the story in Batman: Annual #14. he Long Halloween was influenced by film noir and films such as The Godfather. Jeph Loeb has stated that the genesis of the story was influenced by writer Mark Waid, who, when told that Loeb was working on a story set in Year One, suggested focusing on Harvey Dent’s years prior to becoming Two-Face, as that had not been depicted in depth since the original Year One story. In fact, if it wasn’t for The Long Halloween we wouldn’t have Carmine “The Roman” Falcone in the Batman mythos and probably wouldn’t have had the great influence that gave shape to both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Even though the credit for The Roman goes to Frank Miller from Batman: Year One. Lobe just expanded on the character.

Carmine “The Roman” Falcone rules over an intricate crime family which in turn rules over Gotham. However, the Falcone mob is in desperate need of a means to launder their ill-gotten gains, and the Roman sees the Gotham City Bank as a likely source. To that end, he has used his influence on several members of the bank’s board of directors, including bank president Richard Daniel, to persuade them to accept his family’s business. Carmine takes advantage of the occasion of his nephew’s wedding to similarly convince Bruce Wayne, but Bruce is not swayed and does not agree to compromise. Bruce is eager to leave and pursue his regular night activities, until he meets up with Selina Kyle, who convinces him to stay. Meanwhile Harvey Dent, district attorney of Gotham City who is driven to eliminate crime from Gotham, has been in the basement parking garage of the Roman’s home, copying down the license plate numbers of various cars. But his actions have not gone unnoticed, and the Roman’s goons come and give him a beating, warning him to lay off for his own sake. Luckily, Bruce and Selina soon arrive, on their way home for the evening, and help him to his feet. Harvey brushes himself off and curtly walks away. Although Selina asks Bruce if he has further plans for the evening, Bruce claims he is tired and leaves.

Harvey meets up with Captain Jim Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department later that night and the two discuss possible means of bringing the Roman down, including involving Batman. Similarly, Bruce and Selina meet again in the Roman’s penthouse, this time in their costumed guises of Batman and Catwoman. The Roman, furious over this invasion of privacy and at being taunted by his rival Sal Maroni over the break-in, puts a million dollar bounty on their heads. Batman chases Catwoman through the city but she eludes him even as she dodges questions regarding her motivations against the Roman. Batman gives up the chase to answer a Bat-signal sent out by Harvey and Jim, who discuss the strains on their marriages while they await Batman. When he appears, the three discuss the lengths they will go to bring the Roman down. The three enter a pact to bend the rules if necessary but never break them. Batman then disappears into darkness, but he leaves behind the Roman’s ledger, an incriminating piece of evidence from the penthouse. Soon, Bruce is in a meeting of the board of Gotham City Bank, protesting the position of the other members in favor of accepting the money. When he proves unable to sway them, Batman pays a visit to Richard Daniel, the bank president, warning him to keep the Falcone money out. Daniel subsequently resigns from his position and Bruce steps in. In August, Falcone orders his nephew Johnny to come home from his honeymoon to take care of the problem. In September, Johnny kills Richard Daniel, gunning him down as he steps out of a theatre.
On the day of Halloween, Johnny Viti is shot twice in the head by an unknown assailant while taking a bath. The perpetrator leaves behind the murder weapon, a .22 caliber pistol with the nipple of a baby bottle used as a crude silencer, as well as a jack-o-lantern. That night Harvey, Batman, and Jim discuss the murder, and Harvey lets it be known that he couldn’t care less about the death of a mafia hitman. The three discuss the particulars of the murder and toss about possible suspects, when Batman notices that their conversation is being eavesdropped upon. Catwoman, listening in on their discussion from the rooftop, offers to help Batman hit the Roman where it hurts the most: his money. Catwoman’s information leads Batman and Harvey to a warehouse on Gotham Harbor, where they discover that the Roman has stockpiled over twenty million dollars in literally towering stacks of cash. Harvey contemplates stealing some of it, but Batman puts a curb on such thoughts. Instead they together set fire to the warehouse and destroy the money to strike a blow that Falcone cannot ignore. Harvey cheerfully returns home to help his wife Gilda give out candy to trick-or-treaters.

But as he is rummaging through his mail, a bomb hidden inside a package goes off and blows the Dent house sky high, with Harvey and Gilda barely surviving. For months afterward, the killings continue. On New Year’s Eve, the scheming Joker intends to release his gas on Gotham Square at midnight, killing the crowd and hopefully Holiday. To that end the Joker has hijacked a plane and killed the flight crew. Batman arrives just as the Joker is taking off and hitches onto the plane. As Batman fights with the Joker in mid-air, Harvey Dent is working late on the Holiday case. Just as he is leaving, his new assistant Vernon comes in with new information on the Roman case. He has searched old police files and discovered a connection between Carmine Falcone and Bruce Wayne. On Carmine’s yacht in Gotham Harbor, the Roman is talking with Maroni during the New Year’s party Carmine is hosting. Sal says that the Holiday killings have been bad for business and that they should put aside their differences to put an end to it. But Carmine subtly suggests that Maroni might be behind Holiday, using as evidence the fact that the hits have all been on members of the Falcone family. Then while Carmine is talking with Carla, she points out his tendency to surround himself with enemies. Carmine’s response implies that she too could be counted among that number. Carla stomps off to go out on deck, just in time to see Alberto fall overboard, shot by Holiday.
Harvey arrives home, apologizing to Gilda for his lateness. She notes his hair is wet despite the fact that he was wearing a hat. Harvey enters the living room to find the Gordons there to celebrate New Year’s with them, but Harvey heads off for the kitchen. Jim follows, leaving Gilda and Barbara to discuss the possibility of the Dents having children. Gilda however feels like it’s a lost cause, since Harvey is always working. Barbara tells Gilda that business is a taboo subject that evening, but in the kitchen Harvey and Jim are discussing Harvey’s recent discovery about Bruce Wayne. Above the city, just as the clock strikes midnight, Batman pummels the Joker and aims the plane toward the harbor. At the last possible moment he grabs the Joker and leaps to the nearby clock atop a skyscraper. The plane harmlessly splashes down into the water and Gotham is saved. The murders continue, and soon it is August 2, Falcone’s birthday, and the date on which Maroni is going to trial to testify against Carmine Falcone, but before Harvey can leave home and head for court, Gilda stops him. She is disturbed by something she has found in the basement–a .22, just like one of Holiday’s guns. Harvey claims that it’s simply evidence he brought home from work, curtly ignoring Gilda’s surprise as he goes. Batman has other things on his mind than the trial, namely finding the Riddler, who Holiday let live on April Fool’s Day. Batman tracks him down at a small tavern and challenges his connection to Holiday. Riddler explains that the Roman hired him to find out who Holiday was but kicked him out when the solutions he gave were less than satisfactory. This information leads Batman to posit that maybe Riddler was left alive to spread the word that the Roman was looking for Holiday.

Carmine is similarly being disputed by Carla, who disapproves of the family hiring freaks like Poison Ivy and the Riddler, as they have done of late. Sofia interrupts the argument to lead Carmine away… to a surprise party in his honor. August 2 is the Roman’s birthday, after all. In Sal’s cell before the trial, Jim Gordon pats Maroni down to make sure he’s not carrying any weapons into the courtroom. But Vernon meets Sal at the door of the court to give him stomach medicine for his ulcer. Harvey is optimistic as Sal takes the stand that his testimony will bring organized crime in Gotham to a halt. Once under oath Maroni admits to killing two members of the Gazzo family, a mob operating in Metropolis. When Harvey inquires if the Roman ordered the hit, Sal fakes a coughing fit and reaches for his stomach medicine. It is not medicine but actually acid. Sal hurls it in Harvey’s face and he falls to the floor screaming. Harvey is rushed to the hospital but once there he stabs a doctor and escapes. And Carla Viti, investigating the coroner’s files on the Holiday victims, becomes one herself.
As of Labor Day, Harvey Dent has been missing for a month since last issue’s incident in the courtroom. He has been hiding out in Gotham’s sewers where he crosses paths with Solomon Grundy. At first Grundy attacks him, but when Harvey begins reciting the nursery rhyme from which Grundy received his name, he stops and calms down. Batman and Jim Gordon are baffled by the turn of events that have befallen Harvey. Jim has come to the conclusion, based on his discovery that Harvey possessed a .22, that Harvey is Holiday. Batman refuses to acknowledge it, but Jim needs proof otherwise before he believes Harvey is innocent. Jim needs to hear it from Harvey himself. Batman first searches at Falcone’s penthouse, asking Carmine if he knows where Harvey is. The Roman is enraged at Batman, accusing him of knowing that Dent was Holiday but standing aside while he killed, because criminals were the only victims. Batman departs and seeks out Catwoman, demanding to know why she is so interested in Falcone. As usual she runs away rather than reply. Batman confronts Gilda next about her husband’s whereabouts, inquiring about the .22 they found. Batman tells her that he found gun metal shavings on Harvey’s workbench, as if he had filed away the serial numbers there, but Gilda can provide no explanation. Batman finally ends up at Arkham Asylum, talking to Julian Day, the Calendar Man. Batman tells Day that they know Harvey is Holiday but not how to find him. Julian suggests that, it being a holiday, there is only one option as to the location of Holiday.

That night Jim Gordon, at Batman’s request, moves Sal Maroni to a new cell. Batman advised by the Calendar Man that Maroni is most likely destined to be Holiday’s next victim. Sure enough, the Calendar Man’s prediction comes true when Holiday surfaces to shoot Sal twice in the head during the prisoner transfer. Sal’s helmeted guard lunges toward Holiday, who shoots him multiple times in the chest and takes him down. Holiday turns his gun on Jim Gordon, who can only helplessly stare up into the face of the man about to kill him… Alberto Falcone. Sal’s helmeted bodyguard leaps up. It is Batman, who was protected from the .22 bullets by a kevlar vest. Batman pummels Alberto and almost kills him, but Jim stops him. Alberto is placed under arrest and jailed. A few days later Carmine comes to visit his son Alberto in jail and offers his assistance. He tells Alberto that he can get him out if he will plead guilty to Maroni’s murder alone and drop any notion of being “Holiday.”
Alberto spurns Carmine, saying he felt slighted when Carmine sent him to Oxford and kept him out of the family business. He says that Gotham now belongs to the freaks, and he is one of them. On Halloween, Jim and Barbara Gordon go to visit Gilda to check up on how she is managing alone. She is still left wondering where Harvey is and if he is even still alive. Meanwhile, there has been a breakout at Arkham. All of the maniacs have been set free by a solitary figure who, after flipping a coin, decides to leave Calendar Man in his cell. Carmine is furious over Alberto’s unwillingness to accept his help, which has subsequently led to his impending execution for the Holiday murders. As he is ranting in the kitchen to Sofia, the lights cut out suddenly. The two explore the house with their guns drawn, finding guards dead all around. They burst into the Roman’s office to find all of the Arkham escapees there, along with Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, Penguin, Catwoman, and their mysterious leader, who reveals himself to be Harvey.
Harvey is about to kill Carmine when Batman drops in, taking down the villains one by one under the cover of a smokescreen. The distraction of Batman fighting the villains has allowed Harvey the opportunity to grab Carmine, however, and he faces down Batman with a gun to Carmine’s head. When Batman appeals to Harvey to let Carmine go, Harvey tells him that his name is now Two-Face. Two-Face then flips his coin which lands scarred side up. Evil wins; Two-Face shoots Carmine twice in the head from point blank range. Sofia screams and rushes forward to attack Two-Face, but Catwoman stops her. The two wrestle and fall through a glass window. Outside Catwoman is able to grab onto a ledge, but Sofia plunges to the ground many stories below. Two-Face knocks Batman out and goes to take revenge upon Vernon for his part in Harvey’s disfigurement, giving Maroni the acid after being on the mobster’s payroll to pay off his law school loans. Batman finds Vernon’s dead body later and, following the Bat-signal to the police department, then discovers Harvey on the roof ready to turn himself in. Harvey says that justice has been done now that he has killed the Roman. As Gordon slaps the cuffs on Harvey, Two-Face drops one final bombshell as they take him away; he tells them that there were two Holiday killers.

Later Jim and Batman discuss what Harvey might have meant with his final statement, since Alberto has confessed to all the Holiday murders. Batman postulates that, since Harvey killed the Roman on Halloween, he was the second killer. Jim goes home to his wife Barbara and says that he has to keep fighting for the good of Gotham, despite what it has cost. Batman similarly says to himself that he must keep up his work, for the sake of the promise he made to his parents years ago on the night of their deaths. In the extended edition of the story it is revealed that Alberto was able to avoid the gas chamber and was determined insane. Now sharing a cell next to the Calendar Man the two stare at each other constantly saying holidays and stating their criminal names.
On Christmas Eve Gilda is packing up boxes for her move away from Gotham, but before she leaves, she takes a box down the basement furnace. She describes aloud to herself how she read in Harvey’s case files about the removal of the serial numbers of guns and how baby bottle nipples could be used as silencers. She then removes from the box a .22 pistol and drops it into the flames of the heater, along with a familiar-looking hat and coat. And she claims that she took it upon herself to start the Holiday killings, in an attempt to end the Roman’s hold on Gotham and thus lighten Harvey’s caseload so that they could have a child. Her belief is that Harvey took up the killings on New Year’s Eve and that Alberto is lying to the police with his confession. She also says that she knows Harvey will eventually be alright and that they will reconcile, because she believes in him.

The Long Halloween begins in June, approximately six months after Batman: Year One, which ended in December. This six-month gap accounts for the fact that the villains in Batman’s rogues gallery are already established in The Long Halloween. Several stories take place in between Year One and The Long Halloween, including Batman and the Monster Men, Batman and the Mad Monk, and Batman: The Man Who Laughs, the last of which tells of the first encounter between Batman and the Joker, following up on the events of Year One.Since the conclusion of The Long Halloween, the identity of the Holiday Killer has remained a mystery, enough so that neither Jeph Loeb nor Tim Sale will reveal who did it. The mystery stems from Two-Face revealing there were “two Holiday killers”, followed by his wife, Gilda, revealing she did the killings as well. Numerous theories have clashed, from Wizard magazine offering their theory that Gilda did it, to a Long Halloween fansite suggesting that it was Alberto Falcone who committed the murders. To this day, I kind of regret not getting the series 10 years ago, I have the trade and still enjoy reading it and especially love Lobe’s renditions of both Two-face and the Scarecrow. I’ve gone on to read Dark Victory and Catwoman: When in Rome both sequels to The Long Halloween. I just hope that the talk about making The Long Halloween into a animated feature will come true.

Green Lantern Corps #29 Review

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Sins of the Star Sapphire: Love on the Air part 1

It begins with the crystalized remains of the two lovers united in death that created the original Star Sapphire is shown. As an image of them is pulled away the main Star Sapphire shines brighter and brighter before the Zamaron Central Power Battery is shown with the Zamarons looking at it. The violet light from the Central Power Battery shines so bright that it blinds the scarred Guardian back on Oa. She goes on to say that the Zamarons have spent so many centuries trying to show that “Life without love is blasphemy.” Now their own corps is forming and yet the rest of the Guardians just watch. Scar asks them: “How much longer do we continue to turn away from Zamaron and hope for the best?” Meanwhile in space, the newly married couple, Kered and Miri head through space on their way to their honeymoon on Kuatnom. As the two talk about their future and lives together. Their ship soon announces a collision alert. Something is heading their way but as they take evasive maneuvers, the object is a person. The person being Mongul. Breaching the ship, the hall soon loses pressure and Mongul makes his way to the supply room and starts munching down on as much food as he can. As Kered tries to reason with Mongul but the brute uses his powers to crack his environmental suit. Miri is helpless to watch as her husband slowly dies before her and as soon as as Kered passes, Mongul leaves the ship leaving Miri in complete despair.

Back on Oa, Guy Gardner and Tora better known as the hero, Ice. Finally enjoy their date with some wine and dinner. The two talk about how things have been with each other and that Guy is having a problem telling Tora that he “loves her.” Guy admits it’s hard to say but he feels they should live together on Oa. Tora is a bit hesitant, since she feels that Oa isn’t her place. She is used to being on Earth and around her other friends and allies. Guy tells her he feels the same way but he needs to be on Oa. The two start arguing how this seems to always happen to them. Guy even talks about how Fire is always an excuse why Ice wants to stay on Earth. Tora gets so angry that she freezes their table with her powers. After an awkward silence, Guy asks: “So where does this leave us, Tora?” “Wherever we wait it to, Guy.” Meanwhile, in Sector 1114, Green Lanterns: Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu, KT21, Amnee Pree and Matoo Pree continue to search for the Sinestro Corps member known as Kryb. They go over that Kryb has been crusading to kill the parents of Green Lantern Children and is part of several other Sinestro Corps members that are trying to instill fear in the Green lantern Corps. Amnee and Matoo Pree vow that they will find and crush Kryb for the sake of their unborn child and all children of the Green Lantern Corps.

Two days later back on Miri and Kered’s ship, the oxygen levels on the ship are falling fast and is about three days from the planet, Wenkrady. The ship’s computer recommends that Miri set a course to line up with the planet’s path in order to survive but Miri orders the ship to shut down. As the ship goes dark, Miri tells her dead husband that it is only a matter of time before she joins him. She then takes a tool and breaches her suit and causes her air to supply to drop even further. She tells her husband that if they were not meant to to spend their lives together, then they will spend their death’s together. Over, a blinding violet light soon appears before her. It’s a Star Sapphire power ring, it tells her she is capable of giving great love. Miri tells the ring to leave her alone but it continues on. The ring tells Miri that they emphasize with her grief. The loss of her true love has left a void in her heart. That purity and now newly created void has caused the ring to come to her. That her heart is like a beacon in the dark and that it must not be extinguished. The ring goes on to tell Miri that while she can’t see her life beyond this bleak and hopeless moment, a choice now presents herself. She can either fall into that darkness or embrace the light. It is her choice but if she chooses the light she will battle hate and fear across the universe with her love. Miri decides to accept. The ring soon flies on her finger and her body erupts in pink crystal that soon consumes her body. Soon, she breaks free as a Star Sapphire and then asks what she should do now? The ring tells her: “Do what you have always done in life. Follow your heart.”

Elsewhere, the Green Lantern, Saarek has found a dead ship and many voices talking to him. He asks where the Anti-monitor is. The spirits answer that a hand of death came over them and will not allow them to leave. That it was a colossal hand and that it went towards the Star of Nem. In doing so, Saarek thanks the spirits and heads towards Nem. Back on Oa, Tora and Guy say their good byes and Lantern Symon Terrynce of Sector 2515 will take her home. Symon posses precognitive abilities and knew he had to come and that Guy will be called by the Guardians soon. Guy creates a construct to shut Symon up and soon the Guardians ask Guy to join them. Guy has his parting words with Tora and tells Symon to get her back to Earth, safe. Guy finally ends the Guardians’ chamber and finds Sodam Yat and Arisia there waiting for them. After a quick talk with the Guardians, the three Green Lanterns find out they are to escort the Guardians of the Universe to Zamaron where they will try to reason with the Zamarons. End of issue.

The War of Light has begun and here comes the Star Sapphire Corps and I have to say I’m loving it so far. The opening pages with the Zamaron Central Power Battery was just beautiful. Patrick Gleason gives us some top notch art through out the issue. While Peter Tomasi writes us a wonderful story of love, lost and new beginnings in life. It’s funny how both Guy and Ice and Miri and Kered stories intertwine. Both have tragic endings but both give us strange new beginnings. You have to love it. No pun intended.

Green Lantern #35 Review

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Secret Origin Book 7

Years in the past, the final chapter of the retelling of Hal Jordan’s original is finally told. Both Hal and Sinestro are recalled to Oa after violating the Green Lantern Corps territorial edict. Hal asks Sinestro what the Guardians want and Sinestro replies: “It’s the Guardians. They want a word with us.” As the two Green Lanterns fly through the various cities of Oa they finally arrive in the Guardians Citadel. There all twenty Guardians ask what Sinestro and Hal Jordan have to say for themselves. Sinestro tells Hal to let him do the talking but Hal is kind of surprised by the Guardians of the Universe’s appearance. The Guardians ask why they violated the territorial edict and why again with a Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Sinestro goes on to say that they did to capture Atrocitus of the Five Inversions who was freed and on Earth. The two had worked together and were on their way back to bring him in until the Guardians called them back. Soon Atrocitus who is still trapped in his make shift prison chair enters the hall. He was tethered to Hal and Sinestro as they approached Oa.

The Guardians are glad for the capture but it doesn’t excuse them. One of the Guardians goes on to say that the edict is there so Green Lanterns fly independently within their sectors. Hal replies: “Why?” The Guardian gives him a cold stare before the others respond. They say that Green Lanterns will become stronger as they patrol their sectors alone. They will have order to take care of their enemies’ chaos. They then tell Hal not question the Guardians. Hal responds again: “Why?” They then tell Hal they have lived for billions of years. They have a well-being for the entire universe. Hal then responds about the Manhunters. How the androids when “glitchy” and wiped out Sector 666. The Guardians say it was a lie from Atrocitus but Hal answers they didn’t learn that from him but from Abin Sur. The Guardians continue to deny it until Hal says they are afraid. All the Guardians go mad screaming: “You dare accuse the Guardians of feeling fear?” Sinestro tells Hal to not to push the issue but Hal continues. Hal says that the Guardians are afraid the Green Lanterns will turn on them like the Manhunters did. Why else are their cities yellow? Hal tells Sinestro they want them to over come their fears but what do the Guardians truly fear? He then says the territorial edict is wrong.

The Guardians have heard enough and will not hear anymore and that Hal Jordan is facing expulsion. Sinestro defends Hal saying if they expel him they might has take him too. He goes on to say that Hal is right, much to Jordan’s surprise. Sinestro says that if fellow Green Lanterns are allowed to team up with other officers on certain missions. They will grow stronger in the way the Guardians want them too and that in doing so, what happened in Sector 666 will never happen again. Sinestro then tells them this all happened because one of the Guardians told him too. The one who named himself, Ganthlet. Shocked by this, the Guardians want to know which one took the name but then Ganthlet finally stands forward and says that they all need to consider this. They will leave the rings with Sinestro and Hal Jordan and they must return to their worlds and sectors. Sinestro agrees. Some time later, Hal tries to show several Green Lanterns that their rings can work on yellow but fails constantly. Kilowog tells him to stop since it’s futile but Tomar-Re believes him but Sinestro tells Tomar that he trusts to fast but Tomar-Re says it was something that Abin Sur taught him and Sinestro. Sinestro agrees.

Sinestro and Hal Jordan soon have parting words as Sinestro prepares to take Atrocitus back to Ysmault. Sinestro tells Hal he better not make him regret what he did and Hal assures him he won’t. Sinestro tells Hal that is all he needs to hear and that this isn’t goodbye and he will be seeing him in a month to check on his progress. However, Hal will do it on Sinestro’s homeworld and then takes off with Atrocitus. Hal returns to Earth and finds out that he is being allowed to fly again. Tom asks why he needs that when Hal has his power ring now. Hal tells him the ring isn’t magic and that he needs to do what he was meant to do. Tom soon takes Hal to his new assignment and Hal is shocked to see it’s the old air plane that his father first took him up in the air with. Tom tells him he fixed it up good for Hal and Hal doesn’t know what to say. Tom tells him it was Carol Ferris’s idea. Hal is a bit surprised when Carol walks over. She tells Hal that she goes by “Miss Ferris” and that he needs to get to work. Hal wants to buy Carol dinner but Carol tells Hal she doesn’t date employees and then to get in the air. Hal responds: “Right away Miss Ferris.” Later that night at Edwards Air Force Base in Hanger 44. Hector Hammon’s powers continue to expand and he talks to himself about how he wants his life back and to be like Hal Jordan. However, as he examines the images he got from Hal, he starts to feel better already.

Over at Coast City Hospital a security officer finds William Hand standing next to a body in the morgue he was trying to steal. When the officer goes to call it in, William blasts him with the cosmic rod he got from Atrocitus and kills the guard and then responds: “It’s okay. Dead is g-g-good. Dead is good. Over on Ysmault, Sinestro finally places Atrocitus back on the planet and tells him he is returned to his crucifix to carry out his sentence for his crimes along with the other Five Inversions. As Sinestro goes to leave Qull and the other demands tell Sinestro they witness Abin Sur’s fate and they can see another. They see Korugar engulfed in civil war and death and that Sinestro will not be able to stop it. Sinestro tells them that nothing will happen to Korugar as long as he is there to main order. He then flies off but as he does. Atrocitus quietly says: “Then one day you will feel my rage, Green Lantern. And you will burn by it.” As he stops the Red Lantern symbol appears in his eyes in bright red. The next day back on Earth, Hal’s brother Jim arrives at their father’s grave. Jim tells Hal that Jack isn’t coming but Hal isn’t surprised. He tells Jim he has never been a good brother but before Jim can say anything. Hal tells him it’s all true, he never let them in and never tried to be a part of their lives. That changes now, Hal then lights up his ring and shocked Jim by revealing that he is Green Lantern. He tells his brother it’s a long story but he wrote it all down and then passes his flight book to Jim. End of issue.

And that’s all she wrote folks, Secret Origin comes to an exciting end and Hal Jordan’s origin is modernize. I have to say it’s been a fun ride, sure the story had it’s weaknesses and some people are probably a little upset by some of the changes but it works well. Not just with setting up the War of Light and Blackest Night starting this month but really gives a greater look into Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps’ past. You really feel for Hal during this entire story and seeing why he was telling his story and why is just very sad. However, you have to love where Hal has ended up by the end. The real sad story here is really Sinestro. To see this once great Green Lantern during the height of his career really gives him a very Darth Vader quality. From hero to villain and what lead him down that path. When he parts with Hal Jordan saying they will meet in a month on Korugar. You k now what is going to happen when Hal gets there, especially after what Atrocitus tells Sinestro as he flies home. I really enjoyed Secret Origin but it’s time to move on. War of Light beings and we have seen the start of the Red Lanterns. Let the fun begin Geoff and Ivan.

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