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Green Lantern Corps #29 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on October 9, 2008

Sins of the Star Sapphire: Love on the Air part 1

It begins with the crystalized remains of the two lovers united in death that created the original Star Sapphire is shown. As an image of them is pulled away the main Star Sapphire shines brighter and brighter before the Zamaron Central Power Battery is shown with the Zamarons looking at it. The violet light from the Central Power Battery shines so bright that it blinds the scarred Guardian back on Oa. She goes on to say that the Zamarons have spent so many centuries trying to show that “Life without love is blasphemy.” Now their own corps is forming and yet the rest of the Guardians just watch. Scar asks them: “How much longer do we continue to turn away from Zamaron and hope for the best?” Meanwhile in space, the newly married couple, Kered and Miri head through space on their way to their honeymoon on Kuatnom. As the two talk about their future and lives together. Their ship soon announces a collision alert. Something is heading their way but as they take evasive maneuvers, the object is a person. The person being Mongul. Breaching the ship, the hall soon loses pressure and Mongul makes his way to the supply room and starts munching down on as much food as he can. As Kered tries to reason with Mongul but the brute uses his powers to crack his environmental suit. Miri is helpless to watch as her husband slowly dies before her and as soon as as Kered passes, Mongul leaves the ship leaving Miri in complete despair.

Back on Oa, Guy Gardner and Tora better known as the hero, Ice. Finally enjoy their date with some wine and dinner. The two talk about how things have been with each other and that Guy is having a problem telling Tora that he “loves her.” Guy admits it’s hard to say but he feels they should live together on Oa. Tora is a bit hesitant, since she feels that Oa isn’t her place. She is used to being on Earth and around her other friends and allies. Guy tells her he feels the same way but he needs to be on Oa. The two start arguing how this seems to always happen to them. Guy even talks about how Fire is always an excuse why Ice wants to stay on Earth. Tora gets so angry that she freezes their table with her powers. After an awkward silence, Guy asks: “So where does this leave us, Tora?” “Wherever we wait it to, Guy.” Meanwhile, in Sector 1114, Green Lanterns: Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu, KT21, Amnee Pree and Matoo Pree continue to search for the Sinestro Corps member known as Kryb. They go over that Kryb has been crusading to kill the parents of Green Lantern Children and is part of several other Sinestro Corps members that are trying to instill fear in the Green lantern Corps. Amnee and Matoo Pree vow that they will find and crush Kryb for the sake of their unborn child and all children of the Green Lantern Corps.

Two days later back on Miri and Kered’s ship, the oxygen levels on the ship are falling fast and is about three days from the planet, Wenkrady. The ship’s computer recommends that Miri set a course to line up with the planet’s path in order to survive but Miri orders the ship to shut down. As the ship goes dark, Miri tells her dead husband that it is only a matter of time before she joins him. She then takes a tool and breaches her suit and causes her air to supply to drop even further. She tells her husband that if they were not meant to to spend their lives together, then they will spend their death’s together. Over, a blinding violet light soon appears before her. It’s a Star Sapphire power ring, it tells her she is capable of giving great love. Miri tells the ring to leave her alone but it continues on. The ring tells Miri that they emphasize with her grief. The loss of her true love has left a void in her heart. That purity and now newly created void has caused the ring to come to her. That her heart is like a beacon in the dark and that it must not be extinguished. The ring goes on to tell Miri that while she can’t see her life beyond this bleak and hopeless moment, a choice now presents herself. She can either fall into that darkness or embrace the light. It is her choice but if she chooses the light she will battle hate and fear across the universe with her love. Miri decides to accept. The ring soon flies on her finger and her body erupts in pink crystal that soon consumes her body. Soon, she breaks free as a Star Sapphire and then asks what she should do now? The ring tells her: “Do what you have always done in life. Follow your heart.”

Elsewhere, the Green Lantern, Saarek has found a dead ship and many voices talking to him. He asks where the Anti-monitor is. The spirits answer that a hand of death came over them and will not allow them to leave. That it was a colossal hand and that it went towards the Star of Nem. In doing so, Saarek thanks the spirits and heads towards Nem. Back on Oa, Tora and Guy say their good byes and Lantern Symon Terrynce of Sector 2515 will take her home. Symon posses precognitive abilities and knew he had to come and that Guy will be called by the Guardians soon. Guy creates a construct to shut Symon up and soon the Guardians ask Guy to join them. Guy has his parting words with Tora and tells Symon to get her back to Earth, safe. Guy finally ends the Guardians’ chamber and finds Sodam Yat and Arisia there waiting for them. After a quick talk with the Guardians, the three Green Lanterns find out they are to escort the Guardians of the Universe to Zamaron where they will try to reason with the Zamarons. End of issue.

The War of Light has begun and here comes the Star Sapphire Corps and I have to say I’m loving it so far. The opening pages with the Zamaron Central Power Battery was just beautiful. Patrick Gleason gives us some top notch art through out the issue. While Peter Tomasi writes us a wonderful story of love, lost and new beginnings in life. It’s funny how both Guy and Ice and Miri and Kered stories intertwine. Both have tragic endings but both give us strange new beginnings. You have to love it. No pun intended.


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