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Final Crisis #4 Review

Posted in Final Crisis by mrread7 on October 23, 2008

Darkseid Says

The story begins during the missing month between Final Crisis #3 and #4, it was 5:30 pm when the Anti-life Equation was unleashed on Earth. It came on every communication device known. Email, cellphones, TV, computers, GPS, everything. More than a billion people were contaminated by the first strike. Those who resisted were attacked and later enslaved over Darkseid’s rule. Now, the Ray,using the JLA Satellite as a mirror returns to the Hall of Justice to Oliver Queen. Oliver is attacking the Tattooed Man who was used as a trojan horse for the bad guys. The Tattooed Man tells them that Black Lightning helped him and his family escape before he was converted by Darkseid’s forces. Green Arrow decides to let him up and they all join Black Canary and Oracle in the meeting room. Along with the West Family, where both Jay and Iris West are in awe of seeing the Ray as they prepare for the battle ahead. Black Canary asks what happened to the Blüdehaven strike force? He reveals that they were all defeated or killed. This includes members of the Atomic Knights, Doom Patrol. DEO and members of Checkmate. Meanwhile, deep within Blüdehaven, Turpin is slowly transforming into Darkseid, which he is trying to fight despite the massive amount of pain he is suffering. Rev. Godfrey tells Turpin how humans are huddling and they are an infection that the Anti-life Equation will cure. Godfrey also reveals that they all must shed their current “host” bodies, since they are starting to rot.

It is revealed that Earth will eventually became the ark gods’ 5th world but they must make it right for them and they must all finish their transformations. Granny Goodness in the body of Alpha-Lantern Karken is about to strike at the Guardians of the Universe on Oa while it is revealed it was Kalibak in the body of Freddie Freeman’s man-tiger that truly attacked John Stewert using the arm of another Green Lantern to fire his ring. Kalibak roars as Turpin slips more and more into becoming Darkseid. He tries to fight it but he knows he is going to lose this battle as his body is almost transformed. Back at the Hall of Justice, Darkseid’s forces are breaking through the base’s force field and it’s revealed that Oracle “killed” the internet to keep the Anti-life Equation from spreading world wide. She saw a glimpse of it but realized that the Anti-life Equation is mathematical proof that Darkseid is the rightful master of everything in existence. Green Arrow doesn’t believe it but Oracle tells him they can’t just run in and beat up Darkseid and his forces are about to break their defenses. The Ray then hails the rest of the heroes still left standing. He contacts Mr. Terrific in Checkmate at the Castle who are fighting off more of Darkseid’s forces. Alan Scott then contacts the rest of their forces from the Suicide Squad to the Great Ten. To Supergirl and the Metal Men in the Fortress of Solitude. While the Ultra Marines’ Superbia base falls to Darkseid’s forces. Meanwhile, Darkseid’s forces start to take over Gorilla City, while both Freddie Freeman and Alan try to ask Black Adam for help. At first Adam finds it useless but then believes it will be a battle worth the fun and then the Great Ten agree to get ready to strike.

With communications out again, the Tattooed Man finally reveals that he has kept piece of circuit from Black Lightning in his skin and suddenly transforms into Metron. It’s then that Black Lightning breaks the force fields around the Hall of Justice and Darkseid’s forces head in. Meanwhile, back in Central City Barry Allen and Wally West have a second to catch their breaths and hug before being attacked by the Female Furies. The Flashes quickly defeat them and Wally says that one of them looks like Wonder Woman but isn’t her. Barry reveals that the entire multiverse is avalanching into oblivion. That they have to save everyone and that they will start with their family first. Back at the Hall of Justice, Green Arrow sends his team into the transport tube to the JLA Satellite and then goes to fight Darkseid’s forces himself. He lasts for a while before Black Lightning defeats him and has Ollie transformed into a slave as well. On the satellite, Black Canary tells them “now.” Back in Blüdehaven, Mary Marvel brings Darkseid’s head piece as the skies above Earth start to rain blood. Godfrey tells Turpin to either give a thumbs up for the triumph of the human spirit. Or thumbs down to summon a day of holocaust that will never end. Mary Marvel then places Darkseid’s head piece on Turpin. Turpin then tells himself: “It’s my choice.”

In Central City more slave helmets are created as Iris Allen walks home and arrives in her living room. Watching the TV tell her that: “self=Darkseid” over and over again. Barry and Wally soon walk in and Iris is afraid but Barry reaches over and kisses his wife. After a spark of lightning, Iris is freed and the two enjoy a happy reunion. Iris says: “Everything will be all right now.” Barry replies: “You bet.” At the Castle a boom tube opens and Mister Miracle and the Forever People come in and tells Checkmate not to shoot but someone does. Back at Darkseid’s base, Turpin has lost the battle and given in and now there is only Apokolips and Darkseid. The choice is simple, Darkseid does a thumbs down. And that’s all she wrote folks for this long delayed issue. Can I say it was worth the wait? No, but was it a damn good issue! You bet! I do feel real sorry for J.G Jones, he tried he really did but I don’t fault him for not keeping up with the book. It happens and if anything, Final Crisis #4 was top writing that Grant Morrison is famous for. I’m looking forward to the last three issues but this delay has hurt the book and a lot of other things for DC. However, I still look forward to the next issue, whether that is in November of December.

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