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Batman for Halloween

Posted in Batman,Profiles by mrread7 on October 26, 2008

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates since Thursday. It’s been crazy busy around here at work, with my girlfriend and my home towns annual Halloween Pumpkin Fest. I’ll tell you, I am so glad I’m directing this coming May because after walking almost 3 miles, cleaning up after clidesdales in the parade and working the same day on my day off. I’ve earned in. Well, I’m going to wrap up Batman month, yeah I know it’s sad. With the most recent alternate Batman better known as Paladin. As the story goes from Justice League of America #25, the African spider god, Anansi says “Spider spins his web.” (Of course. Didn’t see that coming.) Anansi re-tells the fateful night that Bruce’s parents were killed. Only this time after the killer shoots and kills Bruce’s parents, the killer looks into Bruce’s eyes. For some reason, the killer is frightened beyond all reason, drops the gun and runs. Bruce picks up the gun and kills the killer. Forged in a crucible of vengeance, the boy became a man who became a legend. Bruce became the Paladin. It is sort of a cowboy version of Batman and the Paladin uses a gun to kill any criminal who attempts to ply their trade in Gotham City.Evidently, the Paladin spent much of his time avoiding the law and dispensing his own deadly justice. Therefore, Bruce never joined the Justice League of America. Still, the JLA formed even without the Batman.

I have to admit I like this other Batman being a kind of a cross between the Dark Knight and Jonah Hex. Gives you a modern day cowboy hero who is badass. Even though I find it kind of odd how a young Bruce Wayne was able to kill Joe Chill but “looking at him.” However, it’s only temp situation but still a cool one. Batman month here on the spot light has been fun but not as great as I was hoping it would be. I’m going to kick off Red Lantern Month starting this week with the release of Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1. I promise Red Lantern month will be a lot better than Batman month was. Not that it was completely bad just not quite what I was expecting. Oh well, live and let learn.


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