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Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns

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Rage of the Red Lanterns Prologue: Blood Feud

Taking place between Final Crisis # and #2, on the planet Ysmault, Atrocitus wakes up in a pool of blood. He hears a sound beating like a war drum, as he opens his eyes, he sees the Red Lantern symbol appear behind him and soon a red power ring comes towards him. His heart stops so the ring can take over. The ring answers: “Rage.” Atrocitus soon emerges from the pool of blood to see the Red Lantern Central Power Battery behind him also emerging from the blood. His ring soon replaces his heart and he expels blood from his mouth. Soon, his power battery emerges from the pool of blood and Atrocitus takes it into his hand soon quotes the Red Lantern oath: “With blood and rage of crimson red… ripped from a corpse so freshly dead… together with our hellish hate… we’ll burn you all… that is your fate!” Atroctius is clothed in his corps uniform as more blood spews from his mouth and the call goes out for form the Red Lantern Corps. Back on Earth, Hal Jordan is having lunch with his brother and Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman. Hal talks to them about his recent dealings as a Green Lantern. Cowgirl tells Hal he isn’t much different from his counter part but Hal disagrees. John Stewart soon contacts Hal and tells him that they are ready to execute Sinestro from his crimes. Hal responds: “It’s about time.” John replies that Guy Gardner and several other Green Lanterns agree and that they have to escort Sinestro back on Korugar. Hal says goodbye to his brother and Cowgirl and takes off needing to talk to someone.

Later, as Green Lantern, Hal Jordan talks to Carol Ferris about the upcoming Execution of Sinestro. Carol asks if he’s ok with it and Hal responds that he is. That for all the crimes that Sinestro has caused he is getting what he deserves. He isn’t looking for justification from Carol but Carol gives it to him anyhow. That it was Sinestro’s fault Hal became Parallax and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps. He is getting what he deserves. Over in Sector 665, the Green Lantern Ash has found part of the Anti-monitor’s husk and his ring has pinpointed that the Anti-monitor’s body is heading towards Sector 666, which he can’t go into. The Scarred Guardian of the Universe tells Ash to proceed and find the Anti-monitor’s body before someone else can and uses him. She is soon interrupted by the rest of the Guardians of the Universe who wonder who she was talking too. The Scarred Guardians replies that she was just meditating and dealing with her injuries from the Anti-monitor. The Guardians offer to help her heal but she does not want too. They are to serve as a reminder that the Guardians of the Universe must never grow arrogant as they have done in the past. She continues to say that they must stop the rest of the emotional spectrum from spilling out as the Sinestro Corps has and the other Guardians agree since they are now ready to proceed on a mission of diplomacy to the Star Sapphire Corps. She tells them they must go and get Sinestro move and that it would be bad if Sinestro’s movement or their mission were to be heard outside their walls. We soon see the Parallax symbol appear in the Scarred Guardian’s eyes.

Back at the science cells we see Sinestro talking to Hal Jordan who has just arrived. He asks Hal if he has come to pay his respects. Hal answers that he needs a question answered but Sinestro wants one answered first. Hal tells him to go ahead and Sinestro replies: “Is this right?” Hal goes on to say how Sinestro wanted the Green Lantern Corps to start using lethal force. Sinestro agrees and then goes on to say if this is the right kind of justice. Hal answers: “It’s not justice it’s what you deserve. You earned this a dozen times over, Sinestro. You betrayed the corps, you betrayed me.”
Sinestro responds by saying: “I betrayed you?” “You’re going to murder me.” Hal answer: “It’s punishment.” Sinestro final replies: “Yes. It’s the law. My law. You know. I am proud of you Hal Jordan. You’re turning into quite the Green Lantern.” We break back to Ysmault where Atrocitus has formed his corps. Hundreds of Red Lanterns float around him as he tells them to give into their anger. We meet Bleez, a woman who was raped by the Sinestro Corps on Ranx by the Children of the White Lobe. Vice, who’s mate was killed by the Sinestro Corps drill sergeant, Arkillo. Dex-star, a violent cat like creature, Misery, a woman of mystery, the Red Lantern drill sergeant. The fish like creature that has a history with Hal Jordan and finally, Laira, the fallen Green Lantern. They will find Sinestro and his Corps and they will use their blood to fuel their power. Meanwhile, in Sector 543, the Controllers have finally found the Orange Light of Vince on the planet, Okaara in the Vega System. They do not know why the Green Lantern Corps can’t go into Vega but they intend to claim the Orange Light and make their own corps. A voice soon answer: “No! It’s mind! It’ll all be mine!”

Later as Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Salaak, Zale Kilowog, Arx, Alpah-Lanterns: Varix, Chaselon, and Boodikka and a few others. Escort Sinestro back to Korugar but Arx doesn’t understand why they can’t just kill him there. Boodikka tells him that they will follow the Guardians plan unaware that Slush of the Sinestro Corps is hiding on an asteroid near by. Sinestro talks to Arx tell him, he knows what Arx is afraid of. Before Arx can respond he is shot in the head by the Sinestro Corps. Soon, Flyt, Moose and other members of the Sinestro Corps emerge from the asteroids and attack the Green Lanterns. They can’t understand how the Sinestro Corps could have found out but we soon see that the Scarred Guardian let them know. As the Green Lanterns fight back, Sinestro is approached by one of his men who mentions Mongul trying to take over the corps. Sinestro will deal with him swiftly but first he needs his ring. The Sinestro Corps member is about to give Sinestro his ring when Dex-star appears behind him. He doesn’t get what this creature is until is spews blood melting his face and killing him. The Green Lanterns soon see that the science cell is on fire and that red light is heading their way. Soon the Red Lantern Corps rips through both members of the Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps. As everyone reacts, Laira appears in front of Hal, John and Kilowog and unleashes a fire blast from her ring. The blast corrupts the rings leaving the Green Lanterns dead in space and Sinestro and his surviving corps members are captured by the Red Lanterns. As Hal starts to lose focus, his body soon glows blue and his ring soon starts working again. In fact it rises past 100%. He then hears a voice say: “Ganthlet sensed your anger. And that of the Red Lanterns.” “I have been chosen to help lift up those who need it.” There will be others, Hal Jordan. But for now. There is only me.” Hal looks to see the first Blue Lantern, Saint Walker behind him, telling Hal they must rescue Sinestro before he is killed or they will no survive the Blackest Night. Hal soon finds out his ring is at 200% power level. End of story.

The only I want to know about this book is how is it a Final Crisis tie in because it’s not. Other wise, what a kick ass issue! This almost puts the Sinestro Corps Annual from 2007 to shame. Shane Davis’s art plus Geoff Johns writing making this a must have issue and sets the Red Lanterns and even the Blue Lanterns up perfectly. We get brief history into the members of the Red Lantern Corps how the group works. It’s all right here and now we have to wait a month! A freaking month before we see this story continue! I loved it!


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