The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

The corruption of the red ring

Posted in Red Lantern Corps by mrread7 on November 6, 2008

I wanted to talk about how red power rings corrupt their users. Oh no, not in the usual: “Your emotions rule you” like both the red and violet light of the Star Sapphire Corps does. A red ring feeds on the rage of its user, and are charged by the blood of those the user kills. As it has been shown already, the ring pretty much changes you inside and out. The longer you wear the ring, the more is turns you into something that reflects your hate. As shown here for the upcoming issue of Green Lantern in January. Laira is about to change into something that reflects a twisted and destroyed version of herself. Like Yoda said: “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate… leads to suffering.” Soon, no matter who wears a Red Lantern power ring won’t look or act like themselves at all. That aspect of themselves, will be lost.

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