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Green Lantern Corps #30 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on November 13, 2008

Sins of the Star Sapphire: Empty Handed Heart part 2

The issue kicks off with an alien baby crying. Soon, a Green Lantern Power Ring reports that Green Lantern 1067 is dead and leaves to find his replacement. We then see the baby being picked up by a set of clawed blue hands. The person taking the baby tells the child to hush. That in a day or two there won’t even be a memory of his parents. We see the Sinestro Corps member, Kryb placing the child into her large cage like back with several other babies she has kidnapped and murdered their parents. She says that she will keep the children safe. We move to Sector 1416, the planet Zamaron and home to the Star Sapphire Corps. Guy Gardner, Arisia, Sodam Yat, the Scarred Guardian, one male and one female Guardian approaching the planet. The Guardians tell their escorts that Zamaron is awaiting their arrive. The Scarred Guardian goes on to say that the situation is delicate and they must stay on constant guard. Guy Gardner wonders if this is really a diplomatic mission or a spy mission. The Scarred Guardian replies: “That is a naive question. All diplomatic delegations are spy missions, Lantern Gardner.” Soon, three Zamaron Guardians appear and tell the Green Lantern Corps to follow them to the planet. As they pass the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery. They soon see crystal hands that are draining Sinestro Corps Yellow Power Rings. Both Sodam and Arisia realize that the Zamarons are trying to tell the Green Lantern Corps they have better ways of dealing with the Sinestro Corps and that they could do just as easily to them.

The Zamaron Guardians break off leaving the Green Lanterns waiting. The Scarred Guardian then tells Sodam Yat that the reason that he is here. Is that if the mission is to go south and they are taken prisoner. That he is allowed to unleash the full powers of Ion and destroy as much of Zamaron and the Central Battery as possible. They are soon greeted by Queen Aga’Po, the leader of the Zamarons. She greets them, telling the Guardians it has been an eternity since they last stood side by side. We move to Sector 1111, where Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu and several other Green Lanterns are reporting to Salaak about a distress call at a local Lantern Sector House. They find out that the Green Lanterns of Sector 1111 are both married and have a one-year-old child. They quickly jet towards the Lantern House. Back on Zamaron, Queen Aga’Po gives them a tour of their base. The male Guardian tells her that they have been monitoring the Star Sapphire Corps for a while and that their burgeoning of power is causing them unease. Aga’Po expected as much, she knew they couldn’t ignore what they have been doing. The Scarred Guardian tells her that they want to settle this as diplomatic as possible and Aga’Po knows this. She tells them that she can read their hearts. The Guardians tell Aga’Po that they are being naive and irresponsible believing that “love” can save the Universe. Aga’Po and her sisters believe that while the Guardians of the Universe believe they can suppress emotions is what is their problem. That they are trying to “kill” love.

She goes on to say that the Green Lanterns around them would not be here if it wasn’t for love. The Scarred Guardian grows angry and tells them that allowing the emotions of the spectrum metastasize will mutate and spread that love will always be under internal and external attack. Aga’Po tells them that she pities them. They are now abandoning emotions and are now coming to grips with grief and fear. The Guardians continue to argue and Aga’Po has had enough of it. Guy Gardner calls a time out and wants to show everyone something. They later enter a large room where Sinestro Corps members: Fatality, Karu-Sil and Kiriazis are encased in crystal. She tells them that the Zamarons are trying to help them find love. Arisia tells them that they are just manipulating them. Aga’Po disagrees and explains that each one of them has a hole in their hearts that needs to be filled. They have gone to use fear a way of dealing with that hole. She tells them that Kiriazis was the lone person on a planet but she killed those who came to her because it was her nature. In time the Sinestro Corps trained her to use that fear she embodied and made her take that power out on the Green Lantern Corps and others. They can redeem her and they will. Everyone has had enough and want to leave. Aga’Po tells them that this is their planet and they choose who can come and go. They tell the Green Lantern Corps to leave, which they do. As they do, the Zamarons say that the Green Lantern Corps center will not hold. That it’s only a matter of time before the Corps destroys itself.

Back in Sector 1111 the Green Lantern Corps members in search for Kryb finally make it to the Sector House only to see the Green Lanterns there dead. Lantern Amnee is enraged that she flies directly into the Sector House and saves the child from Kryb. Who soon learns that Amnee is read to give birth in a month. Which saves Kryb the trouble of finding her later. However, Kryb is soon attacked by the other Green Lantern Corps members as the fight ensues the Sector House explodes in green light. Kryb tells them that nothing will stop them, but Kyle disagrees as the Sector House falls towards a nearby planet. Back on Oa the Guardians of the Universe believe that there is no stopping the Star Sapphire Corps in their quest. To keep things from escalating on their side. They intend to vote on the third new law in the Book of Oa. That physical relationships and love between Green Lanterns is to be forbidden within the corps. End of issue.

What a great issue, while Rage of the Red Lanterns is going on over in the main Green Lantern book. Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are rocking Green Lantern Corps with the Star Sapphire Corps and the quest to stop Kryb. The details on how the Star Sapphire Corps works is pretty neat, and that the Zamarons are completely able to use the power rings themselves and not be over powered by the stones. I also love Queen Aga’Po, she comes across as an evil Ganthlet. I also like how she has an original piece of the Star Sapphire Crystal over her heart to draw power from the main battery. The War of Light is shaping up great. My only complaint is that I saw the third rule for the Book of Oa coming about 4 months ago. Oh well, sometimes you can just read into something.


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