The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Fear and Light must come together

Posted in blackest night,War of Light by mrread7 on November 20, 2008

With the delays going on right now with Rage of the Red Lanterns, I thought I would look at the prophecy of The Blackest Night saying that: “Fear and Light must come together if the universe is to survive.” Now, we know that Sinestro is a key in defeating the Blackest Night. However, we don’t know exactly how this is to happen. The Black Lanterns use the power of death, which is outside the emotional spectrum. Green is center, Yellow is right next to it as is Blue. Green is will power but also the color of life and while Yellow is fear and Blue is hope. The truth is, the center colors are about life and if Black is death. Then Fear, Will and Hope must be there but so must Greed, Rage, Compassion and Love. These are all the colors of life. Since the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps are pretty much the reason the other corps exists. It’s pretty simple, if two corps that were about to annihilate each other and then join together to save the universe. The other corps will follow. Hence, life will go against death and while I’m guessing at this, will create the White Lantern Corps and fight back the darkness and stop the Blackest Night and bring about the Brightest Day. The question is, how is this going to happen? The Green Lantern Corps isn’t going to be too happy with Hal Jordan and the rest of the Earth Green Lanterns if they help Sinestro and even worse if they then join the Sinestro Corps. The War of Light is about all 7 corps fighting each other. They all have their problems with each other. Despite the message of peace with the Indigo Corps, movements don’t always get along with “the man”. Plus, just because the Blue Lanterns will come to the Green Lanterns aids, doesn’t mean other Green Lanterns will want their help. Plus, several members of both the Red Lanterns and Sinestro Corps just want to kill and maim each other. Don’t get me on the Orange Lanterns, they just want everything, how are they going to get along with anyone else? It’s going to be a very interesting course of actions that lead to the Blackest Night and how Sinestro and Hal Jordan are going to emerge from the Rage of the Red Lanterns.


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