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You dropped the Bombshell on me

Posted in Profiles by mrread7 on December 30, 2008

Finishing up the quantum powered characters that have been involved with Green Lantern at one time or another. I take a look at the last of the Teen Titans’ traitors, Amy Allen, better known as Bombshell. The young Allen, who was plagued with problems due to her parents’ military backgrounds. Being manipulated by both of them, Deathstroke and SHADE. Originally known as Lt. Atom, Amy was part of a special task force that was forced into the Teen Titans to spy on them for Deathstroke. While SHADE believed they were gathering information on the group of heroes this way. Slade WIlson was using her to find the disk containing the soul of his son, Jericho. After Amy was discovered, Deathstroke’s Titans East went out and assassinated her but due to her powers. She was able to heal her injuries.

Amy Allen was recruited into a rogue military black ops unit when she was arrested for assault and battery and faced jail time. This rogue group made a habit of accepting dubious freelance contracts in addition to their own projects. Using the same extra-terrestrial metal that comprises Captain Atom’s skin, the group grafted the metal onto Amy’s human skin. At that moment, the quantum-wielding powerhouse known as Bombshell was born. Unknown to Amy, “Project Quantum” was run by her father, Colonel Allen. He was the one who selected Amy to be transformed with quantum energy in lieu of a prison sentence. ter Superboy’s tragic death during the Infinite Crisis, the Teen Titans faced a year of heartache and turmoil. Deathstroke saw this as an opportunity to infiltrate the group and retrieve the computer disk which contained the spirit of his son, Jericho. To that end, Deathstroke hired Bombshell to join the Titans in a mission to liberate his son. Once in the tower, Bombshell stole the Jericho disk, only to have it stolen from her by Raven.

The reorganized Titans later tracked down Bombshell over the South China Sea as they searched for the missing Raven. Bombshell accused Ravager of betraying the team, while Raven successfully brought back Jericho by using one of Brother Blood’s resurrection rituals. Once the team located Raven and Jericho, Bombshell was revealed as a the real traitor. Through the combined might of the Titans, Bombshell’s quantum metal skin was shattered, leaving her powerless.

Having betrayed the Teen Titans as well “Project Quantum”, Amy Allen was taken into custody to await trial. Cyborg and Miss Martian later returned to interrogate Allen, still curious to discover who she was working for. Before she revealed any information on Deathstroke, Allen had her throat slit by a mind-controlled Batgirl, who had just joined Deathstroke’s nefarious Titans East team. Amy was believed to be dead, but her quantum powers successfully regenerated her body, enabling her to re-ignite her Bombshell abilities. The alien metal was no mere shell, but now actually now a part of Amy’s physiology.

Since Bombshell’s public arrest made her a liability, it made her a target of the very group that created her. Once on the run, Amy sought out her mother, who told Amy that her father was the one who secretly selected her for “Project Quantum”. Upon learning this, Bombshell tracked down Colonel Allen to confront him. Although their reunion was strained, it became clear Amy’s father was trying to protect her.

With nowhere to go, Robin granted Bombshell temporary sanctuary at Titans Tower. it was revealed that the one behind the attempts on Amy’s life are none other than her own mother, the new head of Project Quantum.

Will Bombshell truly find redemption or will she become a SHADE puppet again under guide by her mother? We’ll find out.


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