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Rokk’s Comic Revolution review of Final Crisis #7

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Rokk’s Comic Revolution has the review up for Final Crisis #7. The man knows how to review this book. The Revolution was disappointed with Final Crisis #6. I thought that Morrison really dropped the ball and delivered an incredibly anti-climactic issue. It is becoming obvious that Final Crisis is simply not going to live up to my expectations. I can only hope that Morrison can deliver a grand ending that is at least somewhat coherent and has a nice impact on the DCU at large. Let’s go ahead and hit this review for Final Crisis #7.


Black Lantern List

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As January comes to a close. We look ahead to Star Sapphire month and a of course, 5 months before Blackest Night! With the recent Green Lantern DC Direct action figure release. We’ve been treated to previews to the Earth-2 Superman and Martian Manhunter Black Lanterns. Zombie versions of our once beloved heroes, now turned evil and out to end life in the universe. AS revealed in the Sinestro Corps War. The black power rings will spread across the universe and those who still cling to the living world will rise. Geoff Johns has teased and joked about who will be a Black Lantern. So, lets look at the list of who will and might be a Black Lantern.


In a desperate bid to save the life of several Sub Diego inhabitants who have lost the ability to live in water, Orin makes a deal with the gods of the sea to gain the power to save them. Using the bones of his severed left hand in a magical ritual, the sea gods give Orin the power to raise Sub Diego onto dry land. However, Orin mutates into the Dweller of the Depths as a side effect of gaining his new abilities and loses his memories as a result. He dies in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #50. Aquaman returns in his original costume, without explanation, in Final Crisis #7. Ever since his transformation and death as the Dweller of The Deep. Aurthur Curry’s return has been anticipated by fans. While we don’t know the full effect of Final Crisis #7 but I think we’ll see Aquaman come back as a Black Lantern in some form. He controls the deep and since Earth is mostly water. You have a big problem. Especially if any of those lost souls of the deep become Black Lanterns too.


Subsequently, Raymond was killed during the Identity Crisis mini-series. It was revealed in Identity Crisis #5 and Firestorm (vol. 3) #6 that during a battle with a villain called the Shadow Thief, Raymond was impaled by the Shining Knight’s sword, which the Shadow Thief had stolen. The magical sword ruptured the nuclear man’s containment field, resulting in Firestorm’s body exploding and his residual essence funneling into the body of Jason Rusch, the new host of the Firestorm Matrix. There was so much controversy with Jason Rusch becoming Firestorm. Having him return with Professor Stein in tow is going to cause huge problems for all Lanterns due to his elemental rearranging.


Grant Morrison’s 2008 storyline, “Batman R.I.P.”, featuring Batman being physically and mentally broken by the enigmatic “Black Glove”, garnered much news coverage in advance of its highly-promoted conclusion, which would supposedly feature the death of Bruce Wayne. The intention was, in fact, not for Batman to die in the pages of “R.I.P.” but for the story to continue with the current DC event Final Crisis, and have the death occur there. However, out of desire to give the storyline of “R.I.P.” a suitable conclusion in an of itself, Batman appeared to die in the final chapter of the story, only to turn up alive in the very next issues as a prisoner of “Crisis” villain Darkseid. The true death came a month later, in the limited series Final Crisis, during which Batman confronts the story’s villain Darkseid. Making rare exception, Batman uses a gun, loaded with a Radion (which is poisonous to the New Gods) bullet, to shoot Darkseid’s shoulder, just as Darkseid unleashes his Omega Sanction, the “life that is death”, upon Batman and his charred corpse is recovered by Superman. However, the Omega Sanction does not kill its victims: instead, it sends their consciousness travelling through parallel worlds, and at the conclusion of Final Crisis, it is made clear that this is the fate that has befallen the still-living Batman, as he watches the passing of Anthro in the distant past. While it seems we won’t get Batman back as a Black Lantern, no one said the Waynes wouldn’t come back.

Superboy/Teen Titans

In the DC Comics’ limited series Infinite Crisis, the other-dimensional Superboy-Prime watches Conner during his seclusion in Smallville. Resentful of Conner, who he claims has lower standards than his own despite a seemingly perfect life, Superboy-Prime attacks him, telling him that he should be his replacement.
Possessing an apparent strength advantage, Superboy-Prime pulverizes Conner, badly injuring him, until the Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, and Justice Society of America join the fray, leading to a climactic battle where various Flashes pull Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force.
The battle against Superboy-Prime overtaxes Conner’s body. His body begins to fall apart to the point that even JSA physician Doctor Mid-Nite cannot aid him. Knowing that Lex Luthor wants to keep Superboy alive as much as the Titans do, Robin leads Speedy, Wonder Girl, and Beast Boy to find a cure, while Raven keeps watch over him.
The Titans succeed, and they immediately administer the cure to Conner, who makes a complete recovery; however, Luthor informs Robin it will only work that one time.

In the Teen Titans Annual, Wonder Girl volunteers to look after Conner as he recovers while the other Titans are called away to organize the relief effort in a decimated Blüdhaven, since her powers are slowly vanishing due to events in Wonder Woman and Infinite Crisis. Conner awakens, and he and Wonder Girl spend time alone, reminiscing and longing for “simpler times”.
Thinking this may be their last night together, the two consummate their relationship in the Kent barn. The two of them are later discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent.Luthor gives Conner the means to find Alexander Luthor, a sliver of the crystalline construct that Alexander is using to monitor reality. Superboy leaves a powerless Cassie in the care of the Kents in order to respond to a distress call from Titan’s Tower in San Francisco. There he meets up with Nightwing, whom sent the call. Being the only two able to gather, Conner and Nightwing bond as they make their way north to Alexander’s fortress.[34][35] Superboy and Nightwing are later rejoined by a now re-powered Wonder Girl and together they infiltrate Alexander Luthor’s base and foil his plans. They free Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Black Adam, Lady Quark, Nightshade, Breach and The Ray, but the tide of the battle turns with the return of Superboy-Prime.

Superboy-Prime makes short work of many of the heroes and then turns his sights on Nightwing. Before Prime can touch Nightwing, an enraged Conner attacks him. Conner and Superboy-Prime battle intensely, as Conner seems to use an amount of strength that he never deminstrated before. Conner is able to draw blood from Superboy-Prime’s mouth (something that even Black Adam couldn’t do). Conner seemed to be getting the upper hand until Prime catches one of his punches, crushing Conner’s right hand in the process. Despite being vastly over-powered, Superboy fights bravely and defiantly manages to hold his own for a time. In a last ditch effort Conner rushes into him, sending both of them headlong into Alexander Luthor’s multiverse tower.

The machine explodes, re-merging the worlds and apparently foiling Alexander Luthor’s plans for good. Superboy, fatally injured from the explosion, lies dying in the arms of Wonder Girl. When Cassie tells him that he had saved the Earth, Conner replies, “I know, Cass. Isn’t it cool?” Moments later, he dies. Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, and Kal-L arrive, too late to save Conner’s life. Later, Superman mourns Conner’s death while cradling his body.
Conner is currently buried in an unmarked grave in Metropolis, alongside the bodies of Kal-L (the Earth-Two Superman) and his wife Lois Lane-Kent. o many have died that there they would be the equivalent of the Black Lantern Titans. All with deadly powers and grudges. The Black Lantern Titans aren’t going to stop until the rest of the Teen Titans are dead and buried.


So many Lanterns from the various corps have died. From Abin Sur to Bzzd. From Amon Sur to Laira. All these former ring slingers now handling the power of the Black Lantern are going to be almost unstoppable. How do you stop or kill something that is already dead? How do you fight those you used to call: friend, lover, ally? There are so many heroes and villains through the universe, they will all come back and deadlier than ever. Who will be among those who are chosen for the black power ring?

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #1

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #1

It’s finally here. The first Podcast here on the Spotlight. It was a great time with W. West, Will Sanchez, Kuhan and myself. We discuss how we got into Green Lantern and review Rebirth to Secret Origin. Talk about Final Crisis #6 and talk about some other great stuff coming up for Green Lantern and Blackest Night. Check out the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #1. You can also find us on Itunes. It was a great time, we start off with a digital feedback but the podcast becomes very clear in first few minutes. We’ll do it better next time.

GL Spotlight Album Art

GL Spotlight Album Art

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #1

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It’s finally here. The first Podcast here on the Spotlight. It was a great time with W. West, Will Sanchez, Kuhan and myself. We discuss how we got into Green Lantern and review Rebirth to Secret Origin. Talk about Final Crisis #6 and talk about some other great stuff coming up for Green Lantern and Blackest Night. Check out the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #1. You can also find us on Itunes, just look us up at: Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast. It was a great time, we start off with a digital feedback but the podcast becomes very clear in first few minutes. We’ll do it better next time.

Clash of Colors

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As we approach February, we move closer to Star Sapphire month. The month of Love as it’ll be called. I thought now was a perfect time to talk about how the various emotional color effect each other. Some are neutral while others have both positive and negative effects on each other.

Yellow and Green

Fear and will power have one of two effects on each other. If a Green Lantern can not over come fear. Yellow will cut threw them or their constructs. If a Green Lantern over comes great fear, then yellow and green are equal in effect. It’s the strength of wills that will win in the end.


Do to the power of hope. A Green Lantern ring can reach far pass its maximum charge. All the way to 200%. Director contact with the Blue Central Power Battery will cause a ring to over load and explode. For yellow, blue drains the ring. When a person is full of hope, fear fades. It can go so far that a yellow power ring can be completely drained and left useless. Blue has a similar effect on rage and leave the user back in control of themselves. However, a user who’s rage is so strong. The blue light can only keep the blood spewed rage in check. Unable to exstiquish or stop it.


The power of rage can over power almost all other light but blue and violet. Red burns through green and leaves the user consumed with personal hate that could make them a Red Lantern. Rage completely over powers yellow. Fear is part of rage and those who wield it, are consumed and destroyed by it. Love is the opposite of rage. Much like green and yellow. The two can either be deadlocked or one over comes the other.


The color of love is very similar to green but like red it consumes the user. A person who wields the violet light of love is bent on spreading that love to all and over coming those who don’t feel it. With yellow, violet takes the place of a person’s fear, which most likely is caused by missing something in their life like they can love. In Fatality’s case, the death of her world, a huge hole in her heart. While with Kryb it deals with the fact she needs to raise children in her own care because she can not have her own. Believing she can show the “love” that others can’t. In Karu-sil’s case, it’s the lost of her pack that leaves a hole in her heart. Hence the violet light eventually fills the hole that the yellow light fills with the user. With green, they are pretty neutral but those who give into the light are consumed by the violet power. The green color of will power feeds into the violet and makes it almost unstoppable. With red, like said either they either are in a deadlock or over powers the other.

We don’t know yet what the effects of orange, indigo and black are. One can assume Avarice can over power all rings because of the power of green. While Compassion can heal and power all. Since it’s the opposite of avarice. As for black death can consume all and yet power all. Black Hand has been able to almost destroy Hal Jordan’s ring with his power. It can only be assumed all Black Lantern rings drain all life and light. In a month we’ll know more but for now, this is all their is.

Green Lantern #37 Review

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Rage of the Red Lanterns part 3

Continuing where last issue left off, as the Saint Walker, Warth and Hal Jordan approach Ysmault. Walker tells Hal that the blue light burns brighter than any other in the emotional spectrum. Hal tells him that he isn’t in it for the power. Walker reassures Hal that they aren’t either. Though there is a cost in joining the ranks of the Blue Lantern Corps. Ganthet and Sayd will educate Jordan on the War of Light as they have. Once the three of them retrieve Sinestro from the Red Lantern Corps. Hal has to hear Ganthet and Sayd out. He goes on to say that the Green Lanterns are nothing but a police force and the Red Lanterns are uncontrollable animals. The Blue Lanterns are saints of the universe and Hal Jordan will lead them. Hal tells Saint Walker that he won’t abandon his corps for another. He’s is a Green Lantern and he is going to take Sinestro back to Oa to face his crimes with his life. Saint Walker once again tells Hal Jordan that they are on a specific journey and that Sinestro must be taken alive back to Odym. Hal Jordan then tells them that they aren’t corps, that it isn’t their job or their responsibility. He will be taking Sinestro back himself and soon rockets away from the two. Warth and Saint Walker talk about what he has done and that they must not have harm come to Sinestro. Warth has faith in what Ganthet and Sayd preach but he is unsure about Hal Jordan. He senses no hope in him. Walker tells Warth that it’s there just buried deep and it’s their duty to unleash it. He must become a Blue Lantern and all will be well. Hal Jordan soon finally reaches Ysmault but his ring soon warns him of unusual energies. Hal tries contacting John Stewart and then Kilowog but his ring can’t reach them. He tells his ring to go dim and approaches the Central Red Power Battery only to find no one but Sinestro who is crucified.

Hal Jordan’s ring soon tells him that lethal force is authorized, Hal soon flashes back to his first encounter with Sinestro after they captured Atrocitus and then not longer after when Hal Jordan fought Sinestro after he went rogue. Sinestro’s final words ring in Hal’s mind: “This won’t end, Jordan!” “Until the day one of us dies!” Sinestro soon wakes up and tells him to watch out. Atrocitus, Laira, Vice, Bleez, Veon and other Red Lanterns rise from the sea of blue. Their attacks cause Hal’s power ring to start losing power as they drag him into the sea of blood. Hal tries to reach Laira but she won’t hear him. Atrocitus tells Hal she is nothing to what he intends to do to Hal. He knows about Hal falling from grace and being taken over by Parallax thanks to Sinestro. He then tells him he has seen Hal Jordan’s future. One day he will go rogue again and kill the Guardians of the Universe for taking away his greatest love. He will lose everything as the universe divides. Sinestro tells Hal not to listen to him, he twists people with reverse psychology because of the prophecies he sees just like he did to Abin Sur. Atrocitus is right, the Green Lantern Corps will be better without the Guardians. Atrocitus tells Sinestro that Hal is lost and then orders Laira to take Hal Jordan. However, before she can, Romar-Ru, Moose, Slussh, Tekik and other Sinestro Corps members attack Laira and the other Red Lanterns. Tekik releases Sinestro’s yellow power ring to him. Soon, Saint Walker and Warth appear and tells Sinestro not fear and that all will be well. Warth uses his ring to create his power constructions of people who give Bleez and a Sinestro Corps members hope. In doing so, Bleez stops hearing rage from her ring and soon hears: “hope”. While the Sinestro Corps power ring starts losing power rapidly. Hal tells Warth he had it under control, Warth answer: “That was very apparent.” “You are welcome for the recharge by the way.” Saint Walker tells Sinestro to call of his corps since they do not wish to cause harm. Atrocitus soon spews blood and Saint Walker but his force field stops it. Warth keeps telling Hal Jordan to have faith in the mission and that going against it will lead to war. Hal won’t have Sinestro going back with the BLue Lanterns but is soon attacked by Laira.

Hal tells his ring to remove Laira’s ring but it tells him in doing so, it will kill her. Hal pleads that he will help her and promises to not let her get lost again. In doing so, Hal reaches Laira and she even tells him to help her but Sinestro soon blasts her through the chest. Killing her and her red ring soon takes off to find a replacement. Angered and full of rage, Hal attacks Sinestro as Saint Walker and Warth can’t hold back Atrocitus. He tells the two Blue Lanterns he knows the weakness of the blue light and it’s secret. Meanwhile, Hal is beating Sinestro and soon knocks him to the Central Power Battery and creates an electric execution chair with his ring. The Blue Lanterns call out to him but Hal tells them it’s gone on too long and that Sinestro has killed to man. “He’s an monster.” Soon a red power ring appears and places itself on Hal Jordan’s hand. Atrocitus tells everyone that Hal Jordan is his now and so are they. Hal stands before them as a Red Lantern ready to kill. End of issue. Dear lord in heaven, what a complete bad ass issue! Geoff Johns hits us left and right with this issue. Laira being killed, didn’t see coming. The Sinestro Corps appearing to save their leader, didn’t see coming. Hal Jordan becoming a Red Lantern! Did not see coming. My hat off to you sir and Ivan Reis. Can this man get any better? He is just knocking it out of the park with this story line. This issue is just intense and the emotional moments are just an eye fill. Thank you.

DC Comics for April 2009

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DC Comics’ FULL April 2009 Solicitations is now up at Newsarama.

Blackest Night Series 1 Set of Four Figures

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DC Direct is proud to produce action figures for THE event of the summer – the beginning of the highly-anticipated “Blackest Night” storyline! Included in this series are Earth-2 Superman, the first member of the lifeless, emotionless Black Lanterns to be revealed; Boodikka, the veteran corpsman who was among the first to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps’ own policing unit, the Alpha Lanterns; Saint Walker, the first member of the Blue Lantern Corps, which champions hope in the universe; and Atrocitus, Abin Sur’s killer and the first to utilize the power of blood and rage to become a member of the Red Lantern Corps, which is out to destroy both the Sinestro and Green Lantern Corps! All four figures feature multiple points of articulation and include a display base. The Saint Walker and Atrocitus figures include lantern accessories, and the Boodikka figure comes with a removeable face plate. 4-color clamshell blister card packaging. FEB09

Rokk’s Comic Revolution review of Final Crisis #6

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Because the man can review the book better than I have. I’ve decided to once again do a direct link to his blog. The Revolution loved Final Crisis #5. Morrison did a phenomenal job transforming Darskeid into a villain who truly feels like a god. The ending of Final Crisis #5 was quite powerful as Darkseid appears to be the most powerful villain that we have ever seen in the DCU. I am excited to see what Morrison has in store for Darkseid with Final Crisis #6. With only two issues left on this big event, I expect to get plenty of exciting developments in Final Crisis #6. I also expect Morrison to push along the plotlines faster than he has been and to start delivering the big pay-off moments like he started to do with the end of Final Crisis #5. Let’s hit this review for Final Crisis #6.

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