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Green Lantern #36 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on January 2, 2009

Rage of the Red Lanterns part 2

On the planet, Ysmault, home to the Red Lantern Corps. Sinestro is strung up on a crucifix in front of the entire Red Lantern Corps near the Red Central Power Battery. Atrocitus the leader of the Red Lanterns tells Sinestro to look upon the various members of his corps. They are the people that have been wronged by him and the Sinestro Corps. Just then, Laira tries to attack Sinestro but Atrocitus grabs her and throws her back. He then tells all the Red Lanterns near him to stay back, that Sinestro’s blood can’t be spilled yet. Sinestro asks why Atrocitus is so angry? Angered, Sinestro continues to tell Atrocitus that his anger is misplaced and that he didn’t leave Atrocitus to die on Ysmault only to rot. Atrocitus then tells Sinestro that he is rage and that his corps will start a “War of Light” with the universe. That the Sinestro Corps will fall as will the Green Lantern Corps and all those who get in their way. That blood will be spilled. Sinestro just calls Atrocitus “deluded” as always. Meanwhile, back in space, the Blue Lantern Saint Bro’dee Walker introduces himself to Hal Jordan. Hal asks what Walker is doing to his ring, and Saint Walker tells him he is filling it with hope. And that he will always hope until his dying breath. Soon, Kilowog tries attacking Saint Walker but he puts up a shield and then tells him and John Stewart that they have been infected with the rage of the Red Lanterns. He then uses his ring to help them. He creates a blue construct of dead Green Lantern, Katma Tui who calms John and gives him a vision of flying with her again. He then tells the Green Lanterns that his ring constructions respond to a target’s specific psychosis and then provides them with a glimmer of hope. He then continues to do the same to all the other injured Green Lanterns that were attacked by the Red Lantern Corps.

Salaak soon comes back to his senses and tells Saint Walker that the Guardians of the Universe will need to speak with him but Walker tells him it will wait. He soon takes Hal Jordan to the Blue Lantern home world of Odym. A planet that revolves around the North Star. A planet full of life unihibited and unrestrained. However, as they approach the Blue Central Power Battery, Hal’s ring reaches critical power levels. Saint Walker moves him away, telling Hal that he must stay away from the Central Power Battery or his ring will implode and take his hand with it. They soon come to Ganthet and Sayd who are leading a Blue Lantern recruit. Saint Walker tells Hal not to bother them. That Ganthet and Sayd take days with a possible recruit that Saint Walker has hand selected himself. His name is, Warth and he is of Sector 2. If Warth accepts, he will then choose a person from Sector 3 and that person will then pick someone from Sector 4 and so forth. He also goes on to say that those who are choosen have to consider how costly the power of hope is but to people like Saint Walker and Warth, it isn’t a cost at all. Warth accepts Ganthet and Sayd offer and his ultimate fate. In doing so, the two Guardians welcome him to the Blue Lantern Corps and a ring appears on his finger. Warth then recites the Blue Lantern Oath: ” In fearful Day… in Raging Night… with strong hearts full… out souls ignite. When all seems lost in the war of light… look to the stars. For hope burns bright!” Warth is then covered his his corps uniform and Hal finally speaks to his former guardians. They ask about Sinestro but soon tell them that the Red Lanterns have him. Hal is surprised to see what the two of them have been up too since being banished. Sayd tells Hal that they must save Sinestro but Hal Jordan tells them that Sinestro is beyond saving. Ganthet tells Hal that was said about him at one point too. Hal isn’t going to “hope”, or for Sinestro to see the “light”. Ganthet tells Hal that Sinestro will never truly see his own purpose or that they will be able to truly show him that. However, Hal must trust in them and then tells Hal he has always been honest with him. He is asking Hal to trust the Blue Lanterns and that Sinestro and Hal are more important than they realize.

Over on Zamaron, the Sinestro Corps member and long time enemy of the Green Lanterns, Fatality has finally been converted by the Star Sapphire and emerges as a full member. She then asks her ring to take her to John Stewart. Later, Saint Walker and Warth are surprised that Hal isn’t content. Hal doesn’t feel like it and is trying to contact John and the others but the Blue Lanterns tell Hal that their rings are keeping communications down. Soon, Hal’s ring warns them of a super nova in process and that a planet full of 3 billion lives is about to end. Hal needs to save them but the Blue Lanterns say they will take care of it. Saint Walker and Warth meditate and soon the super nova becomes a blue star. Hal realizes they have made the star over 7 billion years younger. He asks how the Blue Lanterns did it. They tell Hal that when they started, the people of the planet started feeling hope and that fueled their rings, causing them to all save the planet. They then fly off telling Hal that hope will eventually charge him like it has them. When Hal asks why, they respond: “Is it not obvious? Ganthet has made it quite clear to us. You who have been to the depths of darkness and back… you are to discard your green ring after Sinestro is rescued.” “You are to be the leader of the Blue Lantern Corps.” As Hal takes this in, back on Ysmault, Atrocitus rips open a Sinestro Corps member’s chest and takes out his heart. He then starts performing one of his blood rituals telling Sinestro that he has finally found what Sinestro has hidden from everyone. He knows how to “tear apart” Sinestro heart. He knows about Sinestro’s daughter.

After such a delay, Green Lantern #36 is finally released and comes out with a vengeance. While, the Red Lanterns take a back seat this issue. We get the whole story on the Blue Lantern Corps and I have to say I’m loving them. How they recruit each other and how directly involve Ganthet and Sayd are in the training is really cool. I also love how the planet of Odym works and how hope is one of the most powerful emotions to wield and control. However, all the members of the Blue Lantern Corps it’s easy for them. Now the cliffhanger with Hal Jordan wasn’t too shocking. However, when Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis give us that last panel with the revelation that Sinestro has a daughter. My mouth dropped just like Sinestro’s. This is a great story line and what is about to happen to John Stewart, I can’t wait for the next issue in a few weeks.

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