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Green Lantern Corps #32 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on January 15, 2009

Sins of the Star Sapphire part 4: Hearts and Minds

With the Green Lantern Corps members under her control, the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 3599, Kryb prepares to remove Amnee Pree’s baby from her womb. However, Kyle Rayner’s will finally over comics Kryb’s control and lashes out at all of them. Kyle quickly creates several de-toxic machines and purges his fellow Green Lanterns from Kryb’s mind control liquid. Kyle then tells Soranik Natu and Matoo Pree to help deliver the baby while he goes after Kryb. Amnee starts shouting at her husband that they tried to take her baby away. Matoo quickly calms his wife and Natu tells Matoo to create a sterile environment while she prepares to deliver Amnee’s baby. Elsewhere, Star Sapphire Miri is given a report by her ring. Telling her that eternal love is in jeopardy in Sector 1111. Miri quickly tells her ring to take here there. Her Star Sapphire ring attunes Miri’s heart with the target and then sling shots her across space. Back in Sector 1111, Kryb is telling Kyle that she alone can nourish the infant in Amnee’s womb. That she will nourish the baby with the power to snuff out the Green Lantern Corps forever. Just like she has with other children she has taken. She quickly launches herself at Kyle. Causing the two to collide and soon Lantern KT-21 joins but is over come by Kryb’s attacks. Back on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe impart the third new law in the Book of Oa.

As Matoo watches as his fellow Green Lanterns battle Kryb, Soranik tells him to keep focused. Matoo must keep the bubble around them so she can deliver the baby safely. Matoo is so angry and that he should be taking care of Kryb himself. Natu tells him he is needed her with his wife. Kryb continues to attack Kyle and KT when Star Sapphire Miri collides with Kryb herself. Kryb attacks Miri but Kyle pulls out out of the way and then punches Kryb hard. Just as this is going around them, their rings announce that the Book of Oa has been rewritten. That Physical relationships and love between members of the Green Lantern Corps is forbidden from this moment forth. Matoo comments on this situation but Natu tells him to maintain the shield, she has the baby. Matoo is beyond happy to see his child but Kryb soon tries breaking through the barrier. Kyle, KT and Miri use their rings to pull Kryb back as Kyle tells her it’s the last baby she’ll ever see. Natu soon places Amnee and Matoo’s daughter in Amee’s arms. Kryb soon tells the Lanterns to finish her off since the Book of Oa allows it now. Kyle tells her that isn’t going to happen. That Kryb is going to rot in a science cell for the next hundred years. KT-21 yells at Kyle and tells him that Kryb needs to be put down. She blasts both Kyle Ryaner and Miri back and then goes to kill Kryb. However, Kryb opens up her cage like back and engulfs KT-21, killing her. Kryb then launches after the Prees but Kyle traps Kryb in a green construct crib and then Miri traps Kryb in violet crystal. Kryb falls to the ground as Kyle checks on KT’s body. Miri tells her she was a brave warrior. She then goes on to say it has been a day of death and a day of life. That the Prees’ love called her there and she helped bring a baby into this world.

Miri tells them to not let anything stand in their way of their devotion to each other. Kyle and Natu soon comment on the new law of Oa. Amnee tells Natu to hold the baby while they discuss what has happened. They can’t continue on as Green Lanterns with this new law and for the sake of their child they resign from the Green Lantern Corps. Their rings soon leave them and return to Oa to find new users. Miri in the mean time will take Kryb back to Zamaron and rehabilitate her. Kyle tells her that Kryb can’t be “cured” the same way they have others. Miri tells Kyle that it will happen. She then tells them that both Kyle and Natu refuse to hear their hearts. Kyle tells Miri that everyone he has loved has gotten them killed while Natu feels she has no time for “love” in her life. Miri has the two Green Lanterns look into her tiara and it shows them their true hearts desires. She then says that Kryb will no longer harm anyone again. Kyle tells Mirir that he will let the Prees decide. They say that the power of love will be sided with today. In doing so, Miri takes Kryb with her back to Zamaron but then warns the Green Lanterns that love isn’t a battle field. They will not have others get in their way and will go to war if they have too and then takes off. Kyle and Natu soon confess to each other that they saw the other in the Star Sapphire crystal. They decide to discuss it when they get back to Oa. Back on Oa, Salakk is holding one of the orphaned children that have been rescued from Kryb. As Salakk tries to figure out who should bring up the child. He looks up to see dozens of Green Lantern power rings coming back to Oa for new users. Dozens of Green Lantern couples have quit the corps. Later, elsewhere in space, Mongul descends on the planet, Daxam. Sodam Yat’s former home world. End of issue.

Yep, Peter J. Tomasi weaves one mean story and brings both the Star Sapphire and Kryb story to an enjoyable end. Tomasi has been a fan of Kryb since she first showed up in the Sinestro Corps War and in this four part story. He shows just how evil this twisted bitch really is. She doesn’t go down easily but when Kyle stays on her, she gets the upper hand with a little help with the power of Love. Patrick Gleason just fires with all cylinders in this issue. Each page is action packed and you can tell he has a lot of fun drawing the various powers of the different corps members. Great issue. Bring on Mongul now.

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