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Clash of Colors

Posted in War of Light by mrread7 on January 24, 2009

As we approach February, we move closer to Star Sapphire month. The month of Love as it’ll be called. I thought now was a perfect time to talk about how the various emotional color effect each other. Some are neutral while others have both positive and negative effects on each other.

Yellow and Green

Fear and will power have one of two effects on each other. If a Green Lantern can not over come fear. Yellow will cut threw them or their constructs. If a Green Lantern over comes great fear, then yellow and green are equal in effect. It’s the strength of wills that will win in the end.


Do to the power of hope. A Green Lantern ring can reach far pass its maximum charge. All the way to 200%. Director contact with the Blue Central Power Battery will cause a ring to over load and explode. For yellow, blue drains the ring. When a person is full of hope, fear fades. It can go so far that a yellow power ring can be completely drained and left useless. Blue has a similar effect on rage and leave the user back in control of themselves. However, a user who’s rage is so strong. The blue light can only keep the blood spewed rage in check. Unable to exstiquish or stop it.


The power of rage can over power almost all other light but blue and violet. Red burns through green and leaves the user consumed with personal hate that could make them a Red Lantern. Rage completely over powers yellow. Fear is part of rage and those who wield it, are consumed and destroyed by it. Love is the opposite of rage. Much like green and yellow. The two can either be deadlocked or one over comes the other.


The color of love is very similar to green but like red it consumes the user. A person who wields the violet light of love is bent on spreading that love to all and over coming those who don’t feel it. With yellow, violet takes the place of a person’s fear, which most likely is caused by missing something in their life like they can love. In Fatality’s case, the death of her world, a huge hole in her heart. While with Kryb it deals with the fact she needs to raise children in her own care because she can not have her own. Believing she can show the “love” that others can’t. In Karu-sil’s case, it’s the lost of her pack that leaves a hole in her heart. Hence the violet light eventually fills the hole that the yellow light fills with the user. With green, they are pretty neutral but those who give into the light are consumed by the violet power. The green color of will power feeds into the violet and makes it almost unstoppable. With red, like said either they either are in a deadlock or over powers the other.

We don’t know yet what the effects of orange, indigo and black are. One can assume Avarice can over power all rings because of the power of green. While Compassion can heal and power all. Since it’s the opposite of avarice. As for black death can consume all and yet power all. Black Hand has been able to almost destroy Hal Jordan’s ring with his power. It can only be assumed all Black Lantern rings drain all life and light. In a month we’ll know more but for now, this is all their is.


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