The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

What is the true measure of Love?

Posted in Star Sapphires by mrread7 on February 10, 2009

As Valentine’s Day approaches. I thought I would take a deep look into the measure of Love. As shown with the Star Sapphire Corps. The violet light of Love has a huge embrace on the user. As said by Ganthet, the farther away from the center of the emotional spectrum. The more control it has over the user. AS shown in the early days of the Star Sapphire. The host was no more than a puppet. The users now of the violet power rings are completely engulfed in their emotion. While the red light of Rage has it’s Red Lanterns as rabid animals. Violet is using their corps members as ecstasy driven women. Those with holes in their hearts caused by the lost of loved ones in some form. Either a husband, brother, family, people or children. The amazing thing about love is that i can bind us and leave us whole but at the same time… it can leave us wanting. The desire to have that part we can’t have. It leaves a person love lorn and obsessed until it finds its completion. As shown with the most recent members, Miri and even Fatality. They feel that the love they’ve lost must be preserved in others. Even if it means enforcing it in others. As for the Zamarons they believe a species must embrace all emotions but what they don’t realize is the control it has on you. The point of emotions is to experience the joys and down turns of life. Why the Green was chosen for the Green Lantern Corps despite the Guardians’ stance on emotions Since green is will power and life, the GLC could be themselves and learn discipline in their duties. Despite that the Guardians would rather have members like themselves. All the other emotions of the spectrum start ruling over the others. Red, Violet and Orange the most. This basically causes a Star Sapphire to be like Glen Close in Fatal Attraction. Love has to know it’s limits between what is caring and what is obsession. There is no limit to the power of love but there is a limit in how much one can handle. Which leaves the Star Sapphire on a course for destruction in The Blackest Night.


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