The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Saddle up for a Cowgirl

Posted in Profiles,Star Sapphires by mrread7 on February 12, 2009

Since I’m saving my big entry for the week for tomorrow. I thought I would take a look at another Star Sapphire, with close connections to Hal Jordan. Jillian Pearlman better known as Cowgirl and current girlfriend to Hal Jordan. Lee Pearlman always wanted a daughter, and on the fourth try, he got one. Jillian Pearlman was born and raised with her three older brothers on a horse ranch outside of Abilene, Texas. From her childhood on, all Jillian wanted to do was fly. She left her father’s ranch when she was 19 and enlisted in the air force, where her sharp wit, cocky attitude, and Texas accent earned her the call sign “Cowgirl.” Cowgirl and Hal Jordan spent months in a Chechnyan prison camp after their planes were shot down, and event that brought them closer together. Cowgirl was recently plagued by a Star Sapphire Gem, but was freed with the help of Hal and Carol Ferris. Following her revelation to Hal that she knew he was a Green Lantern, the two began dating. She has found recently since Final Crisis that dating a Green Lantern isn’t as easy as she would believe. Seeing how Hal has to choose between his duties to the universe and his relationship with her.


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