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Deadly obsession, Fatality

Posted in Profiles,Star Sapphires by mrread7 on February 22, 2009

Hi everyone, sorry about the lack of updates this weekend. I was very busy and the weather up by me has been very crappy. I even had to crash at my girlfriend’s place. Well, that wasn’t really crappy, that was great but anyhow… I’m going to wrap up Star Sapphire month this week and I thought the best way was to look at a certain character that has been part of many groups the last few years. Fatality. The woman who blames John Stewart for the death of her world and all other Green Lanterns but can you blame her? John Stewart’s greatest shame was destroying her world. Since then she has wanted revenge but instead of getting a red power ring. She has gotten a yellow one and how she has a violet one as a Star Sapphire. Let’s look at her troubling history:

The eldest child of the planet Xanshi’s ruling family, the girl who would one day call herself Fatality was sent off-world to be educated by the Warlords of Okaara. Xanshi is destroyed due to a miscalculation by Green Lantern John Stewart (in Cosmic Odyssey); he is unable to stop a bomb colored yellow, the Green Lantern’s only weakness at the time. Fatality becomes her world’s sole survivor. Learning of Xanshi’s fate, and that a Green Lantern was responsible, she leaves Okaara and dedicates herself to becoming the deadliest warrior in all the universe. Remaining ignorant of Stewart’s identity, she swears vengeance on all Green Lanterns.
When the Green Lantern Corps is rendered powerless, Fatality views the last Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, as her ultimate prize. Their conflict takes them from Earth to a desolate planetoid, where during combat she discovers Stewart was to blame for Xanshi’s destruction. Fatality seemingly perishes in the battle, though no body (save a severed arm) is recovered.

Fatality later appears on Earth, having acquired a prosthetic arm and a Qwardian yellow power ring. She again fights Kyle Rayner, who convinces her to remove the yellow ring. The Qwardians had booby trapped the ring, causing it to explosively teleport away after being removed. This destroyed Fatality’s (remaining) arm.
After being imprisoned on Earth for a while, she was released by the villain Major Force. She has since been seen working as a bounty hunter in the Vega System in the Green Lantern Corps: Recharge mini-series.
She later became a member of the Earth-based Secret Society of Super Villains. While in battle she loses an ear to Vandal Savage’s daughter, Scandal.
Most recently, she was seen among the new Injustice League, with a new Sinestro Corps yellow power ring. Later, she was captured by the Zamarons and experimented upon, and became the Star Sapphire of Sector 1313.

Now she’s heading to reunite with John, will she kill him or become his lover? How about both? We’ll find out soon.


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