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Green Lantern #38 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on February 27, 2009

Rage of the Red Lanterns part 4

On Earth at Ferris Aircraft, Tom is talking with some of the pilots about how Hal Jordan was able to get Carol Ferris to give him a second look. Tom just tells them that Carol made it her number one rule not to date employees. Over in Carol’s office she calls Hal’s phone number and instead gets Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman. Carol asks if Jill has heard from Hal Jordan. Jillian tells her she hasn’t since he took off into space to witness Sinestro’s execution. Jill asks if Carol wants to leave a message but she instead hangs up the phone and then turns to a picture of her and Hal as kids with their fathers. Back in space on the planet, Ysmault, Hal Jordan struggles to speak through the red power ring that has now taken him over. He hears the words: “Hate, anger, rage” coming from his ring. He calls out Sinestro’s name and then attacks Blue Lanterns, Warth and Saint Walker. Unlike other Red Lanterns, Hal is able to form energy constructs from his ring due to his strong will power. The Blue Lanterns barely keep Hal’s attacks in check as the other members of the Red Lantern Corps start surrounding them. Saint Walker doesn’t give up hope for them though, they will see the light of hope again. Atrocitus in the mean time orders Hal to kill Sinestro, while he attacks Saint Walker. Atrocitus holds Walker’s ring close to his head and orders Walker to unleash his full power on him while the Sinestro Corps members are being attacked by Hal Jordan. Atrocitus goes on to tell them that he knows their rings secrets as Hal Jordan prepares to kill Sinestro. Walker calls out as Hal Jordan uses his ring to activate a ring construct of an electric chair. He flips the switch as Atrocitus tells Warth and Walker that without a green ring active, their rings will not work. In doing so, without will power, hope cannot work. Saint Walker then tells Atrocitus that while his ring might not work, he will never give up hope and leaps pass Atrocitus and on Hal Jordan. He then tells Hal Jordan that while he does not know if hope still exists within Hal but he welcomes him to the Blue Lantern Corps and uses his ring to infect the red power ring. In doing so, the red ring is over written and slowly turns to blue and re-activates Hal’s heart and cleanses him of the red light. Hal then rips out of his Red Lantern suit and quotes the Blue Lantern oath and is free as he sees images of his earlier days with Sinestro and his feelings for Cowgirl.

As a result, Sinestro is freed from the chair and tells his corps members to prepare to return to Qward as Hal Jordan attacks Atrocitus as his suit keeps alternating between Blue Lantern, Green Lantern and Red Lantern. Atrocitus is shocked that Hal was able to break free and as a result, Hal pours his enhanced powers into Atrocitus’s ring causing it to explode and knocking him back into Vice, Bleeze and Volo. Warth notices that the Sinestro Corps as Red Lantern Corps are retreating but before they can pursue, Hal Jordan cries out to Saint Walker. He shifts between Blue Lantern and Green Lantern and wants to know what they did to him. Saint Walker replies: “I… do not know.” Back on Earth, Carol Ferris looks at Hal Jordan’s old plane, Tom asks if she is OK and she tells him she wants to fly. Tom will get flight clearance for her, while the Zamarons monitor Carol’s actions. They say that her heart aches for Hal Jordan but Queen Aga’pa tells them that Carol will only need them. Back on Qward, Sinestro is told by Romat-Ru about several Sinestro Corps members have either been imprisoned or have sided with Mongul on Daxam. Sinestro tells him and his other loyal corps members that he will deal with this but he has to take care of family matters first. He chats his oath and unleashes the Yellow Central Power Battery from the ground and recharges his ring all the way and then orders it to take him back to Korugar to find his daughter. Over in the Vega System on the planet, Okaara. The Controllers have killed off the guardians of the orange light and find several beings wrapped in vines near the entrance. Inside, a voice cries out: “You promised Guardians. You promised it would be mine.” On Oa, Scar hears the voice of Larfleeze but she wants him to cry out and join the others. Back on the dark side of Ysmault, Atrocitus is asking to show him the location of Odym, while on Odym, Ganthet and Sayd are training the new Blue Lantern of Sector 3. While Carol Ferris back on Earth is approached by Star Sapphire ring and Scar sees that the War of Light is erupting and descends down a secret stair case under Oa. There she releases the Book of Black.

As Scar’s black tears fall unto the book, a tale is revealed, showing the origins of both Hal Jordan and John Stewart. In the present, John is at the asteroid belt that used to be the planet, Xandith playing target practice. Guy Gardner talks with John as he vents but he soon stops seeing Fatality now a Star Sapphire lying on one of the asteroids. John stops from shooting her and approaches her and ignores Guy’s voice. Back on Earth, Hal Jordan has returned to normal and asks Tom if he’s seen Carol. Tom tells Hal that she came back from her flight and then left. He’s worried about her, something is bothering her but Hal believes she just wants some alone time. Tom tells her, Carol is always alone. It is then revealed that Carol has accepted the violet power ring. She then recites the Star Sapphire Oath: “For hearts long lost and full of fright. For those alone in Blackest Night accept our ring and join our fight. Love conquers all with Violet Light!” She is then surrounded by other Star Sapphires. Hal then decides to fly by her place and see if she is doing all right. Scar then finishes her tale showing Hal Jordan and Sinestro surrounded by Black Lanterns while John Stewart is reunited with a Black Lantern Katmonti. While Black Hand kneels before his master and Alan Scott, Mordru and Torquemada are shackled and being judged by the Guardians of the Universe. Soon all the corps logos appear in front of Scar and says: Let there be light… so that it can be consumed by darkness. End of issue.

Despite some delays, Rage of the Red Lanterns comes to its exciting conclusion. I love the secret of the Blue Lanterns and seeing Hal Jordan kick all kinds of ass as both a Red Lantern and Blue Lantern was great stuff. I do feel that Carol Ferris showing back up was sudden and her taking the Star Sapphire power again felt kind of rushed. However, I can’t wait for Agent Orange to start next month and what Scar is leading all the Lantern Corps towards. Geoff Johns does a masterful job as always and I’m sad to see Ivan Reis leaving this title. However, the man is drawing Blackest Night in July, so I’ll be patient unlike Agent Orange.


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