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Green Lantern Corps #34 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on March 11, 2009

Emerald Eclipse part 2

At Sector 2815 in a Green Lantern Sector House, Sodam Yat’s mother has arrived pleading for help from her son and fellow Green Lantern, Arisia. Sodam doesn’t see why he wants to return to that hell. His mother tells him that it no longer matter what has happened before. He his needed and that his father may still be alive. Yat goes on to talk about his father’s misjudgment for his love of Daxam that lead to it’s current state. Arisia pleas with Sodam but he then erupts in anger and yells at his mother. He reminds his mother of what was done to him. That his mind was “raped” and that his former home world is not paying for it’s own sins. His mother can’t believe he is saying this but Sodam continues about how Daxam was so xenophobic and so bent on being isolationist that it lead to their current status. Instead of embracing it’s neighbors and possible allies. Daxam became a prime target. Their brands of prejudice and hate invaded everyone’s minds so they would never see anything outside their little box. His mother continues to plead with her son but he once against counters her. Saying: “how does it feel?” “You’ve finally got the alien you deserve.” His mother slaps him across the face and asks him once again to return to Daxam and that Mongul is murdering hundreds. Shocked that Mongul is still alive and that the Sinestro Corps is now on Daxam.

Sodam finally realizes that the ship that his mother used to escape Daxam was the same ship he was building from the scraps of his dead friend, Tessog. That he spent years on it before a Green Lantern ring found him and recruited him into the corps. He then yells at his mother to thank Tessog, going as far as creating a green construct of his him. She finally caves and thanks Tessog at the top of her lungs. Sodam finally hearing what he wanted, sends his mother back to Oa to be safe, despite her cries to bring her too. He then takes off with Arisia to go back to Daxam to stop Mongul. On Daxam, Mongul and Arkillo fight to the bigger end. Mongul seems to get the upper hand until Arkillo stabs Mongul with a metal pole but Mongul then turns and uses the same pole on Arkillo. They soon fall through several buildings before finally hitting the ground. Arkillo seems to be the victor until he falls and Mongul rips out his tongue but keeps him alive. Mongul then tells the Sinestro Corps that now is the time for his leadership and they need to get to work. While Arkillo squeaks in pain.

Back on Oa in Kyle Rayner’s house, he cleans off the dry paint from his hands with the help of Soranik Natu. The two have officially become lovers in secret. Kyle talks about how he had nothing for so long and he needs to be the hero he knows he can be again. That Soranik has helped him see that again, Kyle is now embracing what he had with those he has lost and that what he has with Natu is something special. Soranik talks about what the Guardians will do when they find out but for now they don’t care. Soranik takes off to Korugar about how and why Sinestro escaped and never made it back for execution. Kyle offers to go but Natu tells him she has to do it by herself and will see him soon. Meanwhile over in Sector 3599 on Kryb’s home world. We see dozens of Kryb’s cages of all the orphan children crying out for her as they are infected with her mind control. The cries reach Kryb on Zamaron as she starts to slowly convert into a Star Sapphire. The Zamarons and other Star Sapphires are happy about this, as their numbers will continue to grow. Back on Oa, as several Sinestro Corps members cry about the rumors of Sinestro’s execution that Vizo is spreading. Vice of the Red Lantern Corps is brought in by Kilowog and Guy Gardner. Vice has had a green restraint put over his mouth to keep him from spewing his red energy. Vice tries to free himself but Salaak zaps him into his science cell. They leave him only for Scar to see that all the captured corps members and knows now is the time to split Oa in half. Scar removes Vice’s restraints and he burns free of his science cell freeing all other Sinestro Corps and Red Lantern Corps members. The War of Light has begun!

While this issue read really fast due to the battle between Mongul and Arkillo, Patrick Gleason draws the battle in style but it’s his emotional moments with Sodam Yat and his mother really bring him the issue. Peter J. Tomasi gives us a better understanding of Yat and the pain he feels. Not to mention the small irony that Daxam has suffered from what they always strived to avoid. Now the Mongul rules Daxam and Sodam has to free the very people that damned him. The biggest piece is with Scar causing the prison riot that will erupt and take half of Oa with it. Very exciting issue all around.

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