The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Justice Lauge of America Still Lacking Direction

Posted in News by mrread7 on March 26, 2009

As I bring Blue Lantern month to an end. I decided to take another look at the current state of Justice League of America. The most recent issue was the team’s status in the aftermath of Final Crisis. Hal Jordan pretty much aid everything wrong with the title in the story. The lack of stopping the big threats or handling the small one before they get big. I’m not sure its basically an apology to the readers or the writer tell us he hasn’t had much of a choice in the manner. It seems to be the plug to James Robinson’s Justice League mini this July. A title I’ve already got reserve. Truth is I’m very unhappy its become a mini series. The story of the Justice League going pro-active after Final Crisis and made up of classic and new members. Screams what the book should be. However, its turning into a mini with while the main title still being the same old same old.
Starbreaker ambushing basically the Jusice League Detroit remix and then getting caught into Blackest Night and the fall out of Trinity later on. Dwayne McDuffie is a very capable and good writer. You can see it in the title. However, he is still having to tie the book into other stories. Icon characters, long drawn out of left over threats from Brad Melterzer’s story lines. That honestly should have been tied up in 4 issues instead of being dragged on for another year. This isn’t Justice League of America, it’s basically JLA: Classified part 2. The main book is going nowhere and the editorial stuff doesn’t seem to bind or doesn’t care. Despite dropping sales and lack of interest now. Really, get a new creative team and direction on this book and cut away from making the book about other writers’ stories. I don’t care how good they are, this series is just not cutting it outside of being an outlet for crossovers and characters that DC just wants to beef up.


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