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Green Lantern #40 Review

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Agent Orange part 2

In space sector 1313, the Green Lantern villain known as Fatality, now a Star Sapphire. Looks over the remains of her home world. She remembers how the death of her planet and people left a hole in her heart that she filled with anger and revenge. Eventually leading her to the Sinestro Corps but now her hole has been filled with love. She also remembers when she was a child she was shipped off to the Vega System where they were full of greed. Now that same greed threatens the universe and that is where she must go to be with John Stewart. She then has her ring tether her to Okaara and she sling shots herself there. Meanwhile, in Sector 3454 the Guardians of the Universe tell the rest of the Green Lantern Corps that the newest law in the Book of Oa calls for the Vega System to no longer be off limits to the corps. Green Lantern Greet is told by Salaak that he needs to go back to his own Sector in the Vega System and help the Guardians of the Universe and the other Green Lanterns going there to stop Larfleeze. The Guardians then tell Greet that originally the orange light nearly depleted the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps. They then start arguing if they do invade the Vega System it will reveal all their dealings with the Vega System over the centuries but Scar tells them they must proceed. In doing so, the call is given to the Vega System that all the criminals there are no longer safe from the Green Lantern Corps. Hundreds of ships try to leave but they are stopped by the various Green Lantern Corps members and the Guardians. As they round them up, Hal Jordan makes a joke about Voz building more sciencells. However, Scar tells them that they are not their top concern, Larfleeze is and tells them to proceed to Okaara, while she remains behind due to her illness. As Hal Jordan and John Stewart descend to Okaara the blue power ring continues to ask what Hal hopes for. John asks that if Hal would give the ring what it wants, he could take it off. However, Hal isn’t hopeful at the moment, Sinestro is free, the Red Lanterns are after him and the rest of the Blue Lantern Corps and Laira’s body is still on Ysmault. Hal wants this over and then wants to go back after Sinestro but soon his blue ring lights up again.

Hal is hit with images of his fallen friends, Carol Ferris, Jillian Pearlman and is asked again, what he hopes for. Hal decides to ask for: “world peace” but the ring doesn’t register it and soon they are brought to Okaara. They land on the planet and Greet meets up with the rest of the corps and soon finds his ring going to 123% than normal. The Guardians soon tell greet to: “Stay away from the Blue Lantern.” They then proceed to Agent Orange’s chamber but are soon stopped by the Controllers who also now Orange Lanterns. As the Green Lantern Corps and Guardians attack the Orange Lanterns, their rings’ energy is absorbed the various Orange Lanterns. Soon, Blume appears and rocks Greet and several other Green Lanterns before other Orange Lanterns, including, Glomulus grab Greet by his limbs and tear him apart. When his ring tries to find a replacement, it is consumed by Glomulus and is then replicated through an orange power ring and Greet reappears as a twisted Orange Lantern much to John’s shock. As the Orange Lanterns head towards Hal Jordan his blue ring asks once again: “What do you hope for” and the Orange Lanterns, especially Larfleeze realize that they can’t absorb the blue ring’s power. Larfleeze sends vines from the ground and pulls Hal Jordan to his lair and then tells him: “A blue ring? Where did you get a blue ring?” “I want one.” End of issue. We are then treated to a four page origin story about Glomulus how he started off as a simple cleaner slug that was brought by a slave woman and used as clean up. However, when her captors tried to kill Glomulus, his owner killed the man and then Glomulus ate him and ran into the forest. Glomulus smelled Larfleeze’s meal but before he could get there, Blume appeared and consumed Glomulus and he was turned into an Orange Lantern.

Geoff Johns and Philip Tan are a fantastic pair with Agent Orange. While the issue does read fast, we see first hand just how the Orange Lantern Corps works and what they are capable of. You have to chuckle at Scar’s cough or Hal Jordan wishing for World Peace. A very nice issue and I’m looking forward to Agent Orange’s origin in a few weeks.


The Cosmic Treadmill

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Since, the race to the end of the month is only a few days away. I’m going to take a look at a Flash fixture, the Cosmic Treadmill. The treadmill was first seen in The Flash #125 written by John Broome. It was initially developed as a means of allowing Barry Allen to travel through time precisely. The treadmill appeared in a handful of stories, notably allowing Barry Allen to travel to the 25th century and meet Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne).
In its last appearance before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry used it to relocate to the 30th Century to be reunited with his wife, Iris West.
The treadmill appeared during the Crisis as well, in issue 11. Jay Garrick (the Earth-Two Flash), Wally West (Earth-One’s Kid Flash), Kal-L (the Earth-Two Superman) and Kal-El (the Earth-One Superman) attempted to travel to Earth-Two to allow Kal-L to return home. Instead of finding Earth-Two, there was simply a void, a consequence of the multiverse collapsing into a single universe.

The treadmill has appeared several times since the Crisis, during Wally West’s time as the Flash.
The first significant appearance of the treadmill was in Flash #79, when it was revealed that a man previously thought to be Barry Allen was in fact Professor Zoom, who had traveled back in time and lost his memory. This was Professor Zoom’s first trip through time. The battle also released Wally’s previous block on his speed.
The treadmill was a key element during the Chain Lightning storyarc featured in Flash# 145-150, which involved heavy use of time-travel in order to defeat the legacy of Cobalt Blue.
In Impulse #21, several time lost Legionnaires attempt to use the Treadmill to make it back to their own time. The unwanted assistance of the hero Impulse seemingly destroys the Treadmill and the time-lost heroes leave, dejected. It is soon revealed that Impulse had accidentally sent the treadmill itself a few minutes into the future.
Hunter Zolomon attempted to use the treadmill in Flash #196 in order to travel back through time and prevent the events that had left him a paraplegic. The attempt proved disastrous as the treadmill exploded, destroying itself and the Flash Museum while also shifting Zolomon to a different timeline. Zolomon subsequently became Zoom, the third Reverse-Flash.
The treadmill last appeared–rebuilt by Zoom and powered by Jay Garrick–during the Rogue War storyarc featured in Flash# 220-225. Zoom (Zolomon) used it in order to bring Professor Zoom (Thawne) back from the future. Wally was assisted by Barry Allen, who took Professor Zoom back to his rightful place in the timeline. The treadmill was seemingly destroyed during the fight between Zoom and Wally.
In a possible future where members of the current incarnation of the Teen Titans mature into a corrupt and tyrannical Justice League, the Cosmic Treadmill is absent from the Flash Museum; it is instead kept in a more secure location inside the Batcave, presumably to ensure that their “enemies”—in truth, a group of right-minded Titans—cannot alter the past and change their timeline.

The cosmic treadmill allows any being with super-speed to precisely travel time, and pre-Crisis it allowed travel between the multiple Earths. The treadmill works by generating vibrations that will shift the user into a specific time. The vibrations require a high amount of speed to generate, and attempts to use the treadmill without it have proved dangerous. Initially, the vibrations had to be kept up, or one would fade back into the time from whence they came. This was fixed by John Fox in Flash #112.
Since the treadmill needs a speedster in order to function, in many stories a working one can be found inside the Flash Museum. Since few people have the speed to have it work, it is usually seen as an exhibit, though at times it has been stored in the archives. We’ll see the treadmill two more times Legion of 3 Worlds wraps up next month and possibly by the end of Flash: Rebirth. Keep your eyes open to see the next chapter in this crazy Flash Gym piece.

Fear the blue, Cobalt Blue

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Before I wrap up Flash month in a few days, I knew I couldn’t finish everything up without looking at Barry Allen’s evil brother, Malcome Thawne. No really, an evil twin brother, it might sound cliché but it’s the truth. Malcolm Thawne was the twin brother of Barry Allen. The doctor that delivered the twins had already accidentally killed a separate child that belonged to Charlene Thawne. To cover the mistake, he gave Malcolm to the Thawnes and told the Allens that one of the twins had been stillborn.
Malcolm’s “parents” were con artists, passing off a healing salve that was actually used to cover the Thawnes’ natural super abilities. Because of his clean-cut looks and demeanor, Malcolm was most often used to lure the unsuspecting victims. As an adult, he was in Central City, and stumbled onto his twin brother, Barry Allen, by chance. Curious why there was another man with his face, he demanded the truth from his parents. They admitted everything, having been aware of the infant switch from the beginning. Malcolm refused to believe that his parents could be so heartless, and he tracked down the doctor that had delivered him. The doctor confirmed the Thawnes’ story and, in a rage, Malcolm murdered the doctor.

The matriarch of the Thawne family, Malcolm’s grandmother, who also possessed the ability to control the “blue flame” (which was revealed to be a mystical ability passed down through the Thawne family) was disgusted at her son’s pathetic use of the gift to con people. Malcolm, on the other hand, possessed the passion required to make full use of the ability. His grandmother trained him in the secret of the flame. Fueled by Malcolm’s rage and jealousy at his twin for ‘stealing his life’, Malcolm fashioned a blue gem to contain the flame, which was capable of stealing Barry Allen’s superspeed. His first attempt ended in failure, and Malcolm was absorbed into the gem, only to re-emerge years later. By this time, Wally West had assumed the mantle of the Flash. Barry’s death during the Crisis appeared to have cheated Malcolm out of his dreams of revenge on his brother. Instead, Malcolm focused on Allen’s descendants traveling through time in a bid to exterminate them, starting with Wally West. Under the identity of Cobalt Blue, Malcolm ignited a family feud that endured for a millennium.
The feud came to a head in the late 30th century, where Barry Allen was living with his wife Iris. Wally West arrived to try to protect his uncle. Flashes of all eras between the 20th and 30th centuries arrived soon after, all under the control of Thawne’s spirit because they all were carrying a shard of the original Cobalt Blue gem. In the end, Wally West ended the menace of Cobalt Blue by running so fast that he skirted the edge of the Speed Force. Its power poured into the gem, and Thawne’s spirit (and the gem itself) overloaded from the excess energy.
Despite the fact that there are supposed to be many Cobalt Blues between now and the 30th century, neither Malcolm or Cobalt Blue have appeared since the “Chain Lightning” arc. It is unknown if these timelines even exist following the events of Infinite Crisis.

could Malcome be the true villain behind Flash: Rebirth? Let’s see: The Cobalt Blue of the 21st century wore a glass armor. Not much was seen of him, as he was defeated in about 30 seconds by a time travelling Jay Garrick and Iris West II. The Cobalt Blue of the 23rd century had brutally murdered the Flash of that era’s wife and had crippled his daughter, Sela. Eight months after this, the Flash killed Cobalt Blue. But his victory was shortlived as a child picked up the gem and, being consumed by its rage, killed the Flash. However, a time-travelling Max Mercury and Sela Allen, who was now healed, returned the boy to normal. n the 25th century, the roles of the Flash and Cobalt Blue were reversed. Now Chardaq Allen had taken the role of Cobalt Blue. Professor Zoom and Wally West defeated Chardaq and returned him to normal. This Cobalt Blue of the 28th century almost ended the Allen bloodline when she infected Jace Allen with a virus. However, Jace’s father Blaine, the then current Flash, sacrificed himself to save his son. Ten years later, Jace was now the Flash and he and a time-travelling Jesse Quick defeated Cobalt Blue. So, if you look at the time travel or how the blue crystal could steal the speed force. Malcome or any of the other Cobalt Blues could have broken free and then used their life force to bring Barry Allen back in an attempt to get final revenge against the entire Allen family. We’ll find out.

Ethan Van Sciver – Behind the Lanterns’ Looks

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As the artist on The Flash: Rebirth, Ethan Van Sciver has his hands full this summer, redefining the Flash universe with his frequent collaborator, writer Geoff Johns.

The project is the second “Rebirth” effort from the two creators, having previously resurrected Hal Jordan in Green Lantern: Rebirth. And it was that “rebirth” that also gave new birth to the ideas now spinning toward Blackest Night, the DC’s headline summer event.

Starting with Green Lantern: Rebirth, readers first saw the concept that fear was behind the “yellow impurity” that had hindered Green Lanterns for years. Then that idea led to the creation of a much broader concept – that emotions have energy that can be harnessed, and the energy of those emotions is represented by colors besides just green and yellow.

That idea became the driving force behind the 2007 Green Lantern storyline, Sinestro Corps War, which culminated with a prophesy that is now coming true.

In this second part of our two-part interview with Van Sciver, we talk more about his contribution to the concepts and visuals that are now coming into play in the Green Lantern universe. While we talked to Van Sciver Thursday about the symbols he created for the corps in the War of Light, today we get into a little more detail about the costumes, characters and weapons of the lanterns that are dominating the stories on the road to Blackest Night. Check the link above to read more.

Ethan Van Sciver on the Symbols of the Lanterns

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As the Green Lantern comics get closer to Blackest Night, the whole DC Universe is becoming further embroiled in the prophesized “War of Light.”

At the center of this war is the concept that emotions hold power, and that the energy of those emotions can be harnessed by ring-wearing “lanterns.” Each of these seven distinct emotions have a color associated with them, so when a “lantern” wields the energy of hate, that power manifests as red, or when a lantern wield the energy of hope, that power manifests as blue.

The concept came from the mind of Geoff Johns, the writer on Green Lantern since he relaunched the comic in 2005, soon after bringing Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps back to life in Green Lantern: Rebirth. As he developed this idea, his collaborator was then-Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver.

Along with the colors associated with emotions are the symbols – usually worn on the chest of those Lanterns who wield the emotion’s energy. Click on the link above to read more.

In the first of a two-part interview with Van Sciver about the origins of these concepts, we talked to the artist about how he designed these symbols that have become so popular that it’s hard to walk through a comic book convention without running into someone wearing it on his chest.


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With Flash month about to wind down, not only did I have to take a look at Max Mercury but also Bart’s cousin, XS. Despite being the granddaughter of Barry Allen (the Flash) and the daughter of Dawn Allen (one of the Tornado Twins), Jenni Ognats did not at first display any signs of super-speed. However, the Dominators, knowing her family heritage, captured her. At the sight of seeing her father tortured, her latent super-speed powers activated. She managed to escape with her father before stray fire from the Dominators caused their base to explode.
After this, she checked herself into a laboratory to help her learn to coordinate herself at super-speed. Once she learned control, she was drafted into the Legion of Super-Heroes. She eventually learned to overcome her initial fear and nervousness, while she developed crushes on Cosmic Boy and, later, M’Onel, and eventually dated Dyrk Magz.
During the Legion’s first trip to the 20th century, XS was separated from them. She met her cousin Bart Allen (Impulse), becoming a good friend. She revealed how she was participating in an archeological dig in the future. XS fought side by side with Impulse and other speedsters during the events of Dead Heat. Afterwards, the 27th century Flash fixed her grandfather’s cosmic treadmill, enabling her to go home. Unfortunately, she overshot, encountering two further future incarnations of the Legion before returning. Impulse left her a goodbye note in the building she was participating in excavating.
XS was one of the Legionnaires left behind after many of her teammates were lost, causing the team to be forcefully disbanded. She traveled to Xanthu with her teammate Star Boy, where she found herself caught in a war between Xanthu and Robotica. While the two Legionnaires managed to save millions of lives by distracting Robotica long enough for the surviving Xanthians to escape off-planet, the two remained trapped there for months thereafter, until rescued by their returned teammates.

XS and her version of the Legion were removed from mainstream DC continuity in the Teen Titans/Legion Special. In Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006), they were revealed to be alive on in the parallel universe containing “Earth-247”.
The Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds miniseries reveals that the Tornado Twins and their family members (including XS) originated on the same Earth as the post-Infinite Crisis version of the Legion (which was introduced in “The Lightning Saga”).[1] Thus, continuity revisions have been made: after Barry Allen’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Twins and their families became the target of Professor Zoom, who was attempting to sabotage Don Allen and Meloni Thawne’s marriage. Both families escaped to Earth-247 and the Twins died soon after in unknown circumstances. Both cousins were reunited with their grandmother Iris, and both also rapidly aged to teenagers within days. Presumably, XS’s rapid-aging stabilized under her own volition, as she never showed signs of it during her tenure with the Legion.

To the Max… Mercury

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Since I’ve been all over the place today, I wanted to do a quick look at Max Mercury. Bart Allen’s former mentor who has been in question of late. Even the possibility that he will be showing back up in Flash: Rebirth. Who is this time traveling hero? Let’s take a quick look: The young messenger for a fort in the American West discovered an ambush being set for the local Blackfoot clan. The shaman, with his last breath, used tribal magic to imbue the scout with superhuman speed. The scout found the Indians and the US Army detachment, and disarmed them all, preventing the massacre. From that day forth he became known as Ahwehota—“He who runs beyond the wind.”

Years later, Windrunner felt the call of what has since been called the speed force. He ran faster than he had ever run before, but hesitated at the last moment… and caromed off the edge of the field, landing several decades in the future. He periodically attempted to reach the field again, each time jumping forward to a new era, where he adapted and used a series of names, eventually becoming known in our era as Max Mercury.

In 1948, Max was seriously injured saving Manchester, Alabama from a toxic bomber. He was found by a local doctor, and taken to his remote home to convalesce. Dr. Claiborne was away much of the time, and Max developed a close relationship with his wife Laura—which culminated in a brief affair. When David discovered them together, Max ran, brushing up against the speed force again and time-jumping. Only decades later did he discover that they had a daughter.

Jay Garrick and Johnny Quick brought Max out of retirement to fight the false Barry Allen. Since then, Max became a mentor to Wally West as he began to discover his destiny, and then took over Bart Allen’s training as his guardian.

When last seen, Max had been possessed by the spirit of the Rival, who used a time sphere to depart for some unknown era. In Infinite Crisis #4, Max appears in the Speed Force, where his spirit was imprisoned after the Rival escaped from the very same peril by possessing Max’s body. Max assists Johnny Quick, Bart Allen and other speedsters in taking the murderous Superboy-Prime to another realm far past the Speed Force.

Is it truly Rival who has returned in Max’s body that is plaguing Barry Allen at current? We’ll find out soon.

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #5

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #5

Andrew, West, Ray, Mewzard and myself interview current Agent Orange Green Lantern artist, Philip Tan. We talk about how he got into the business. What it’s like working with various writers on his books. His dream projects and answering everyone’s questions. Also, Andrew breaks out his new game for Philip to play. It was a great time and we hope to have Philip on again later this year. Enjoy

GL Spotlight Album Art

GL Spotlight Album Art

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #5

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Andrew, West, Ray, Mewzard and myself interview current Agent Orange Green Lantern artist, Philip Tan. We talk about how he got into the business. What it’s like working with various writers on his books. His dream projects and answering everyone’s questions. Also, Andrew breaks out his new game for Philip to play. It was a great time and we hope to have Philip on again later this year. Enjoy.

DC Comics’ FULL July 2009 Solicitations

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DC Comics has released their previews for July 2009 as Blackest Night begins and Batman Reborn continues.

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